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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, Talks Red Sox Offseason and the David Ortiz Charity Event Live from the Domincan Rebuplic

Dec 8, 2012|

Mustard and Johnson look back at what Ben Cherington and the Red Sox got done at the Winter Meetings with the Herald's Scott Lauber. They analyze the acquisitions of Napoli and Victorino and look at what other options the Red Sox have out there.

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. 617779. Seven and 937. Is the telephone number to get back to your calls in a bad but I'll tell you what I need my Scott Auburn effects it's been at least three weeks since we last checked in with the Boston Herald baseball reporter extraordinaire. And now live from the Dominican Republic is the aforementioned mr. Robert. Good morning Scott. Good morning guys how are you pretty what's happened down there. You know little little -- that you know you asked me a few weeks ago we talked -- Bradford and I were hanging out at the pool in Palm Springs in the GM meetings that -- kind of jokingly that he you know whatever. Well I actually got a glimpse of Bradford by the pool this morning and I got an idea I think I'm scarred for quite right and it was not something I needed every -- Aren't that -- -- -- -- to get that image I am I can't figure out what's more disturbing that visual or that Bernie -- is our interview a couple of days ago on Sports Radio while. So what have got I got to ask him that offers quick question is since his David Ortiz has golf tournament how is David Ortiz moving around. Well you know much better than he was what we saw him at the end of the season but. That dead. I talked to yesterday a little bit about his -- and he said it's still not entirely. Right yet moon and -- you know he's still kind of working on written. Trying to get it to where it's hundred -- bed now he hadn't started his work -- in full force yet. He certainly has started swinging a bat yet. But before we all leap off a bridge and say what's going on with David Ortiz he said he doesn't typically DR until January anyway so. When he -- the spring training in February that he expects to be. Medically cleared a 100% ready to go it's still early December so. It's better it's still not there yet and that he expected to continue its gonna continue to get better as we get through the rest of the month. Apparently. Someone conspicuous by his absence that this year is tournaments got much to my chagrin is the former manager of the -- -- -- socks up there. Invited what a lot. Like -- -- -- him for the reds couldn't find Terry Francona -- address a couple of years ago maybe this problem was a Margaret are a -- rounds I injected three apple might have. I've always -- those envelopes -- exactly the. You know over the -- -- -- felt a little bit here but remember Dallas. Your little hold JR got shot -- -- and they they went back and it never really happened that's kind of what the -- the year was like just like several with a Red Sox to light blink their eyes. And -- like it never really happened it was all a dream. If you remember Bobby Ewing had a issues in the shower and he had a dream in the shower and he woke up or something like that I don't right. What is your. Reaction. Or in our opinion on the signings that did that Carrington did come away with meaning. Victor Reno Napoli David Ross. And also very fascinated. I'll let you say the guy's name that -- this relief pitcher from Texas but I'm very -- -- breast posts -- is from Japan and a that we are. No I'm very impressed with his staff thought. -- that would be Cody who are I believe is that -- and I love how are right yet that either practicing. On. You know I think it -- obviously had a very active week we all went to Nashville wondering what they -- gonna do you and they came back with three players all of whom are Major League players who can contribute to the roster. In a big way if there. Performing at their and he can. Which the Red Sox hope -- well three years 39 million -- Napoli and victory though. Probably. As far as average annual value of those contracts go probably a little bit of an overpayment in both situations but. We knew going into the offseason that they had money to spend. That what they were really allergic to -- long term deals and per year deals qualified more needy in that medium range. I know the word bridge and bridge year are dirty words around the Red Sox but that's really what we're talking about here is a bridge too. The prospect which did the ones getting -- gonna take them into the next era Jackie Bradley junior right brand. Matt Barnes the pitcher and that's certainly Victorino is -- guy I covered him for forty years in Philadelphia. Is the guy who if last year was a total aberration and -- he is better than that that's his guilt or not in decline. He'd certainly -- could be a three year bridge. He can also. You've been flexibility in the event that Jacoby Ellsbury. Is in here either beyond next year or before that. He can play right field and then -- he didn't sort of bridge that gap to Jackie Bradley which is what they're hoping he'll do. These dark you can see the logic behind these signings you can see the thought process. If there is a complaint if there is a criticism -- that look they're overpaying but they have the money to overpay in the short term. As -- that they don't get too tied down in the long term. A lot of people talk about victory -- contribution also in the clubhouse you saw him up close and personal is he one of those character guys. Without question he was sort of eight. One of the one of the glue guys in that clubhouse and Philadelphia at a time when the Phillies were. Far and away the best team in the National League their stars were Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. And and and the pitchers obviously Hamels and at that -- Cliff Lee. But. But Victorino was one of those glue guys to sort of kept the clubhouse together he is energetic he is. And he's got personality. He kind of goes a mile a minute. You know people have a hard time. When you have a conversation within that you have a hard time keeping up sometimes because he's always sort of going going going he's the guy I think that personality wise. The Red Sox -- delight now. If you played like he did last year they're not a licensed and but. You know he's he's sort of a a guy who at 32 should not be in steep declines. I was talking to a lot of people this week in Nashville who saw him play all year long felt like. The fact that he was going into his free -- year. And was putting a little bit of pressure on himself to have a big year to get a big contract. And the trade rumors and get even with the Dodgers came up he ultimately got traded and the free agents -- -- in again that maybe put some undue pressure on himself last year. And knowing seeing. I can sort of -- that is being plausible but. He's got to prove he's got to go out there and he's got to play. If he doesn't hit. What he's gonna do defensively in right field. Really won't make up the difference I think they need him to do more than just play good defense in right field they needed to be on base guy who doesn't beings can create some. And Havoc on the bases and making things happen in order for this to be to deal. A lot of Red Sox fans obviously Scott hold the Red Sox are not done even move the meetings are over. CS and out of Philadelphia. Claims at the Sox offered. -- very soon the Phillies for -- knew anything about that. Yeah I mean I have no reason to believe that's an accurate. In fact there was talk listen to these people -- -- I guess it was Tuesday night. After the victory no news broke and I threw that out there because they think we're all sort of wondering well does that give them flexibility now to move bills -- Do we need better fielder obsolete cabinet. And I had one -- person told me flat out. We're not -- -- very Cliff -- I think they would have done something more along the lines of what they ended up doing for Ben -- Which was Vance Worley Trevor made. So there. Quote unquote pitching prospects or lesser pitchers the -- -- we're on interest within that they want a guide for -- buried his commitment. The factor on there. Roster right now who's more of the top of the rotation guy and I doubted all along that they were ever gonna get that return because -- -- -- to be created. Represented by Scott Boras and coming off. He can't please -- an all time low as it was lower after twenty and -- played only eight games but it's close to it. He missed the majority to the last three seasons and so I don't know that there's a team out there even contending team that needs one piece it over the top. That's gonna -- over. You know the top of the rotation starter for Jacoby Ellsbury not right now not at this point. Where do you see Ellsbury in two years. Wherever. That he is willing to pay him the most I mean he's Scott Boras client and I don't think there's any question he's gonna test the market so you don't see him here than. Well I mean it depends if the Red Sox are willing to hit it to pay. I still believe -- the financial flexibility to do it it's just a question of will that and are they willing to. And I think a lot of it depends on what kind of eerie. Two very important year for Jacoby because. You know -- yet another. You know injury riddled here or sub par year 111 -- -- -- a long time ago for him he's gonna have a hard time telling himself as an MVP candidate. I think it's been two years since he's been so. It's the big year for him he needs to put up the numbers and if he does that and the Red Sox are willing to sign and they'll have every bit the financial wherewithal to do it as anybody else. Me ask you about Josh Hamilton obviously still the biggest gift on that tough freeagent Christmas tree. The chances that he could come to the Red Sox at this point. I don't know it if I can put a percentage on it right now I think you know they. Look you know one of the weirdest things outside the winter meetings this week was at about 1130 in the afternoon you know in the morning on Monday. John -- and been hearing and essentially running for the exit. I kind of notorious around and we didn't see when they came back it took two and a half hours -- They came back kind of in in this as almost as much of Iraq as they left. And clearly that that's where they went they went -- -- Josh Hamilton who was in town. They are obviously monitoring his situation because. I think it would be responsible for them if they didn't. It's if the market for him just -- out to the bottom falls out and it might. And he's down to taking a three year deal let's say they'd be foolish to not -- begin to talk about it but I think if it's anything longer than three. Especially for him some of the patent issues with obviously drug and alcohol. Addiction. Is you know Carl Crawford wasn't good in Boston -- the judge Hilton. You know I think Josh Hamilton could be exponentially worse hit than Carl Crawford was but he's an extraordinary talent if the market falls out. And he had to go first medal for. And shorter term deal I think they'll get more involved I think right now I think they're still just in that. Let's wait and the stage the now -- during the Yankees might be on the periphery so that kind of perk the Red -- -- up even more. So they'll remain involved in this. But I don't think the percentage is really got -- not yet that they're gonna actually make an offer or sign them. With the team beat births are to be better or worse this year and defensively. Well yeah. You know it's a great question because they've obviously sacrifice defense the two positions left field with Jonny Gomes and first base with Mike Napoli they're going to be below average there. Assuming those two guys play the majority. Of the games -- those two positions but. Victory knows it and strengthen them in right field he's. You know local clubs that are fielder and I saw him play right field in 2006 with the Phillies and he's got the -- to play right without a doubt. So he'll be an upgrade over Cody Ross in right field defensively. And if they decide to enter the season with Jose great he's secured. They which you want about his offense which is nonexistent but he to better defensive shortstop in almost anybody you can find so. They'll be that strong defensively shortstop publicly he has over the US and in right field with a victory over -- I think they're trying to. Put a premium on defense at those key positions. I think they feel like they can take a little bit of -- hit defensively. You know they can hide Johnny Gomes a little in left field especially at Fenway Park begin. You know get away with Mike Napoli being obviously far below Adrian Gonzales and even James Loney defensively. But they feel like it's shortstop in the right field and -- center -- Pillsbury and behind the plate they feel like -- will be an upgrade defensively those are key premium defense defense positions and so I think that. They're mindful of wanting to be strong in those areas and they think that they can maybe get by with a little bit below average defense and some other less high profile area. So they better today than they were at the end of the season. Yeah I think they are I think they are -- Napoli hit in the -- middle line up that little bit more fearsome. David Ortiz for that matter give them about the middle lineup that they didn't have -- September. So. You know I I do I think that they're better but again and we knew that we we've all talked about this before on the show that. -- only go as far as their pitching takes them and so far they have not upgraded their rotation at all so. That's the next step that's what kind of on their front burner right now how do we improve rotation that was I think third worst in the majors last year. When we add to the four guys were bringing back and that he is gonna tell the tale of whether or not they're gonna compete you know I remember last year being president down here with David Ortiz and Bobby Valentine's showed happened. Couldn't have been you know used to date on the job and couldn't have been more optimistic about their chances felt like he was taking over a team that. You don't September -- -- eleven was an aberration in had a chance to contend with. And I remember thinking and writing at the time yet but what about the pitching -- the pitching. Shoot some holes. Late in the season in 2011 and had not been improved and it turned out the pitching was still the big weakness. And reports are that the Red Sox made an offer one year deal -- Dempster that he turned out. Yeah not surprising either you know -- -- -- -- Nashville and he told me that their interest was sort of medium that was his word. That they attempt there was looking for a three year deal so he's thirty she's doing is right right offer. Yeah yeah exactly maybe it was a low ball offer and maybe they'll come back with something better but I think a one or two year deal for -- was something that they knew he was gonna probably turned out. All right good stuff you know he's got a quick -- god as the leader of the show last week Craig otherwise noted that enemy is where we get through spending some time with Farrell. Craig said wow you almost make 31 of the Red Sox fan again just and I know personality. Doesn't win games. We just briefly compare. To the good thing you're here that balance value in just a few weeks -- Farrell. Yeah I mean I have a word that comes to mind where the phrase that comes to mind for me is a return to normalcy. The you know I mean there was nothing from day one that was. Quite normal about the Bobby B Rashean. From from even like I -- from from the date he flew down here to meet with David Ortiz his first real active as manager. It never seemed that there always seemed like there was something off and you know David that something interesting yesterday he hit it seems like everybody in the world knew. What -- was an attorney to accept I accept the red dot -- and we should've known. But hey everyone makes mistakes and looking back at it now they talked to people and they're like yeah I could apology it was gonna -- You don't tell -- -- lyric or hurts him. You could do was pay a little bit of attention to what happened the last couple years in New York with the Mets and you could've seen this coming but. That's for different time and that's all rearview mirror stuff good stuff is always got we appreciate the info. Sure I'm all right enjoy your time I started everything off -- crap down -- -- a big poppies golf term it's got clobbered the official. Baseball reporter on the mustard and Johnson's you know.

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