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Mikey looks ahead to Monday Night Football when the Patriots take on the Texans

Dec 8, 2012|

The eyes of the nation will be on the Monday night matchup which will decide who takes control of the AFC heading towards the postseason. Mikey examines the strengths of each team and gives his take on what will happen Monday night.

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Back at that age. And -- -- -- -- Sports Radio guys the voice over guys here but but some of the crap your stations. East football. Broke through York and everything have to securities house so gritty parts of talking about that sucks. Oh. I still. You could take anything. You'd do walker but don't -- bloggers. Big names out of it now okay air's -- and whatever departed with a guy. He's not here tonight anywhere -- -- -- -- to do it yet Google policy your expense frontier. Expressed for an yeah. And he's just -- and -- if -- Alia. Says after. That's a long sad saga. But you know the guy takes boisterous -- everything so cool you know he can be talking about you know my little pony to my little pony. Leg problems it doesn't matter what we start the -- because subtle balls. He's evolved obviously -- Toys 'R' Us stores lately tennis oh -- sure yet. Try and our dormitories or Christmas season between your world truck just try to Apple's -- And it's not expected to rid -- of this game we talked about that orbit tonight and they lost yeah and I guess if you were a few good about anything tonight basketball you know -- you arrest. So that's a good thing but just on different -- we talk about this big game like -- This is going to be. Already the power rankings aren't reflected the offensive dominance at the -- of -- -- -- -- jelly -- power to do it snowed out that's not that's not a power ranking that's just -- -- is out there as you know. -- better to do. While he was but baloney. Now he that he thought they would though that this this patriots team people -- table if three losses you know cut and Houston has won and all well but guess here's a fact or did people need to remember yes the patriots lost three games by a total of four points are being. They are back cardinals games. It's very -- but they're literally. Was -- four points being undefeated team again so that's a fact you know that's just the way it is so you could say well. All the defenses -- you know. Yes they as usual business as it did last year they would suitable. It let up a lot of yards between its points times they tier wage phillips' defense and right oh yeah and -- But it's no different players different things he added you know but. People put too much emphasis on on the yardage to the pages -- given up. At the bulk of it real note that if you look at how that preventing against the reds in the red zone inside points. At points against. You're thirtieth or something yards given up and they're like twelve to thirteen points -- so what that does is shows you that they. They prioritize stopping scoring what are what are what are real revolutionary period the NFL and sometimes they get -- for three -- there. On that level when their when their or touchdown with the way -- had. Its. -- backdoor cover yes. It happens to -- page at seven. Students. That was allowed to date they don't cover but there. There in control of the game. And the big matchup. -- -- this that's going to be difficult produces. You know dealing with the Patriots defense to their office. It's great defense. Of course they do but this is the first article it's great defense. The patriots in -- storied history. I don't technically lose at home this year I think the weak side. Of the week after and they played -- that's about to. I think that matters but the evidence that's where -- I is last week at they almost. Almost lost that we before but it would steal anything defense is solid and its new quarterback. Camp or it's difficult at Attica. He has a right it's difficult guide to -- because he can do a lot of different things he's certainly mobile and a how how we it is -- of Smith on countless I'd like to go listen to mr. -- -- you -- -- Smith if the jets there's. Marty will be that you put up let's go to Bob Rhode Island hello Bob. -- fellow Bob let's break are you do it. Elliott five trillion boxes -- is when my techniques. They tried it is behind their backs and because they have gone. Of course it's your opponent -- -- Lex. Because this is only your arms is your leg is what -- too closely. And enable you to withdraw its distance from your opponent right. That's very important is a lower body people don't. Even -- these robot doesn't. Throw jabs hooks. It is that it enables you to withdraw from distance or close distance. Right yeah of course majority. You know with the big guys punching range rocket take the edge off everything he's throwing -- at -- well there's no better mr. parks and -- that. Because he spent the first ten -- is accurate not getting it at all and nobody did get it later on in his career he was still able to withdraw Jews have Obama's legs. He received did that take that take the real power run that the about opponents punched. Yes dancing and -- Now. We got up. Gingerly walked right. Yes my patriots I'm open to a jaguar. But number twelve ankle and he's done for the year why would you want that to happen or don't listen to me listen to me. And you look Tom Brady. You don't realize that you got drafted by the jaguars. This map the successful for the bills even that show is not have the success. That he has OK okay. The best that applied any quarterback if they get drafted by a crappy team is not gonna -- -- we don't always turn on the jaguars around. -- wouldn't know what he is a quarterback is a quote Shia. Some of that stroke but not all but not you can't throw at all on that. You can't look at it's numbers. You know take a look at stuff all that saved us while there are. Well you know they try to take credit away from Brady based on the fact he's he is playing underneath the greatest coach that ever lived that's key. Great organization. But -- and the Belichick -- personnel moves it around this team have made him a -- every single year for eleven years like get that but so is Brady. So has Brady made this team the winners of these this guy that we just talked to has to -- think look at the all time passing numbers are for Brady it's stack them up with anybody and then call me back as Jim Calhoun said get your facts and they called me. -- -- -- Oh Oreo hello John what kind of car you drive it. I didn't get equal or a Chevrolet equinox but I mean he's a crap that is. Doc I don't if you paid sport that it's it's great. I got a hot Hyundai and Kia. Kia sorrento. I. Are now I'm just break it -- -- act doesn't anybody uses the racquet no but it is Malia. Apparently. Twelve rounds without Butler is back that's -- So I got head butted a few times Jack if you -- there's not a whole lot of and it -- teams it would sell I don't want I would -- have Brady does this make any sense. Every single one of them maybe not the -- about a couple repeat 23 in the in the Packers. Who are OK with who they have but otherwise -- make the most insane -- I. NFL NHL luck go to the Michael yeah please is that is the worst thing ever hysterical and this is killing me we've spoken before you know -- on -- -- -- I didn't think it was possible for anybody to make the owners look like a breakdown and Donald -- that it. I told anybody that looked. The local -- be careful of Donald -- he's up -- he asked for a little podium it's a corner I thought it would. But he did it online and -- -- -- I'm really dark but essentially ninety certainly quietly bought that team. Property had been noble want a number Cho -- number three on his mind. He had wavered from that level once said. Anything other than that he's averaging just told -- I can't post response to that what I can get it out in the -- that all other owners that want a hockey. Cannot get him out of that well and meet with the players union represented at that will not be. He's not the only way he's the only owners know well that's right and and you know the one thing you should they can learn from Jerry Jacobs of these other owners is that profit is key for having a successful NHL franchise dip wad. And by the way discovered they should take six teams out that aren't profitable -- played a place where cocky not eating or even close there's movement. Back to the great white north put a statement that -- -- -- schedule. Want -- -- Florida directly through. Are at least for a each other items you couldn't shoot didn't ultimate weight -- -- It Eric bolt of them are struggling it's right now what they do -- that it was it took it to fifty billion dollar franchise -- as a league. And they did the big money grab what it would distort that's for expansion or we have -- -- pocketed partner officer or what what -- the coyotes are there. All the people -- love hockey. They play hockey 24/7. 365. At Phoenix 'cause it's icy cold. You know to be up right at -- -- -- -- -- stupidly for so long it takes the first thing you do is get Smart. Go with their audiences. You know treatment in. In Wisconsin. You know absolutely important game in Fargo, North Dakota. Seattle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right out of line is Mike it's that we're a sport in the world when it's running at them as. And you go. Boston New York really. Detroit Chicago elegant woman -- up Vancouver Toronto would have sold everything you you have read all I know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a sport that really had it's it's blossoming in Canada and and eked its way into the northern part of the United States where there's still hockey puppets like Boston. And I can Minnesota but you know they gotta do is -- accurate this idea. That oh what we need thirty teams because there's thirty big cities and they got to bring it all these people's names but it didn't for a sweetened needle playing different style architecture is everything. Nobody knows the players names. That is just teams are starlets the Columbus Blue Jackets these are already on earth even Columbus who gives a rat's ass. Mean he's the moral of the story might yet Belichick go is. The problem I'm having is. And like Gary Bettman as Paul walked out on hand in less than twenty years. Right that the betterment of the league stampede and some might somebody at the -- and who. That all right across there you have it all just want to -- a -- you want hockey it's. -- 280 million dollars upon local Y ears. And you have thirty teams and you have six players -- you're -- -- number outlook by yes. You got -- it's important -- -- time somebody had to get together at once. Hockey doesn't seem right so. He wind -- playing. -- Okay what can we work with what's gonna happen this year. I gonna happen to somebody with a brain good call thanks for the call to take a break come right back where it lied just iPod Jason -- -- -- right here. And -- you'll -- -- live days.

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