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Mikey has landed in Las Vegas for the Pacquiao-Marquez fight

Dec 8, 2012|

The planet comes to us live from Las Vegas before the Saturday night fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Mikey manages to find an old friend in the desert, his former producer JPod, and they break down the upcoming fight.

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Yea you're okay he goes back to -- like Las Vegas it's the planet Mikey show a late night version. And a special thanks to judge the writer for not being here to take his lumps. It's a week it's typical runner well -- you know -- good basketball guy he vows every game he watches every game region and all that stuff. So what are when he makes it a surprisingly bad judgment call like that was the best point -- -- BI just get a little bit shocked by that. That is the fact he loves to kiss the process. But that is great -- -- you guys ordered big -- last night access had no I was. Last night I I have laid off okay because I was gonna say -- -- -- -- and there's shall propose I was preferences as Manny Pacquiao Marquez for quite. Now you're you're here. Indeed the capital of the world capital for box. You know and I know wanted to all the big fights take place stories about it and they have for many many years. But it would about the state of boxing now I because I have a I have a problem with the with the overall support I had a problem for a long yet by and that that's because it's relatively is valid right for quite a period time and I'm trying to think of what it actually be -- it would be when it started that this is ridiculous. Maybe it was when. Tyson bit Holyfield's ear. Or or shortly thereafter when they had some -- champions they would fight anybody that's really I think the biggest part of the problem with boxing. Is that there's no centralized. Actual authority. They can control. The ins and outs of the the various alphabet soups WB OW BA you know it. And admitted he got somebody that could be linked aren't you will be as strong as he is in the boxing world yet disreputable. There's no compassion I think what that would the boxing -- Needs isn't worldwide commission but did start exactly well and better Davids are but. I've not quite as hard -- the NFL's. But. Somebody who could just say look no we're not gonna do this remarkable that this happens to control. What people have the most doubt about what's the credibility. Of the sport. At these two guys here are both credible lead for the three times already the problem is you -- the flights out people think did that Marquez won a couple of. Right in its you don't get it out of the hands of a couple of guys before does not comedy ever you know brush trees they have judges get. Maybe have some sort of statistical. I don't know but what about this the fact that there's no heavy -- it's it's you know welter weights. Light weights which a good bit. We miss the days of the big heavyweight boxers I think boxing's a sport has to be. -- by the big marquee thing attributed heavyweight division and is still there hasn't been it's been just so confusing it's go time. And the other pledged to -- to -- -- spot but you know it's a sport WWE feeling to be you know -- -- -- for type of stuff. As opposed to reality. And we don't know that they're great athletes great boxes out there but the problem is trying to get together so that everybody's the same page of the suites are it's what a great sports while -- to be brought back to a place. People still auditors they get make a lot of money these fights obviously right and they do well with a paper is because people still of the sport. I don't know that -- it was so worldwide. Popular so it -- which have that they heavyweight fights in the in the visible even go right up to Holyfield. Nice big tigers still had some credibility at least eighty. And a freak. That he was still a credible champion what do you think the numbers are people view. This and you know. Talk to people we are they excited and I don't you know I really don't know I know that here you know obviously you know you bring in. These two guys you get you know too diverse. Outfit basis for both of them. And the last we hear the same thing applied to -- I just he likes that Gilmore might have much more. Much but here he's pretty go to this whole trilogy but it IDC for what's four times trilogy a -- -- All of -- now I have to Robert I don't know the word is. This is the fourth parties really wanted to get settled it is a chance to spike goes -- -- listed where it's close tough call. Even he scored evenly matched. As series it was just a money grab. Or -- this -- -- chance for markets to -- -- look I actually -- couples -- snow looks good he supposedly bigger. This they both -- ID -- that is feather -- eight years ago so you know we're talking 22 pounds later. I -- they go again that prices tomorrow night. On paper view of Pacquiao has to prove. He's not not a lot of yes but you know he wants to prove -- Yeah well he's -- he's also you know he thinks that last fight he was as good as he should have been because used undergoing a lot of stressful situations loses domestic problems. You know it and it could be very valid. It is up Mayweather in his domestic if if I need to face jail time but I just like to see boxing come back to Hutus complete strength and -- the only way to do that. I have it in my. Is to have a central. Unifying. Authorities. In every other sport can do you know -- tax. And let's -- international sport you know players from all over. Golf -- another -- mean they they can do that so why not this at the Olympics can do it certainly you'd think that the world but enough I don't know how they do it I don't know if you look at -- may mean they they seem like they know exactly right. Try to do in the -- box silly. Yeah maybe it's. And a hanging out with us because we're here tonight and we have our good buddy George K I -- George George try. How are you doing to help you but just sign -- here and have very very high energy city. Yes we are it's the energy level is so high there that I can understand why. Professional teams. You know the best they can do it and they get very well used to say in millions screen in the background that it's our -- team competing with. -- gains 24 hours. You know and that's that's thinking that's the big game. Now George -- that's the biggest. Conversation out here everybody wants protein something hockey basketball they wanna basketball Los Angeles says that and -- LT right. But I think you know. You know that person they could find a way you know I mean did the right now it's a hockey locker do you think of Florida Panthers are gonna come back and you know sell out. These schemes also may be teams like that. They have to move and the last thing is does and the care. -- -- -- You know what -- -- you're you're deep thinker and I have. I have all kinds of reconstructive thoughts about every sport I mean I've gone through the hockey ones. You know where you first take for you constrict hockey instead of expansion. You have -- contract. -- -- and we make sure there's no games played in the National Hockey League where they don't have snow at least once a year. Did you drop to parks that one parked -- all the office and -- double you know they wanna fix again they got to come talk debate. Well what about the bigger goals was another thing you had so many different rules couple years ago about disguise in overtime the goaltender skates naked. What does senator for ending -- quickly you know ball it's I would start up his growth created in and the rest of these radio shows mechanical problem that now my. I got news here George Romero breaking news ought to hold on George thank god don't go anywhere. Alex beer. Is reporting. That CSN Philly dot com is reporting. That someone else reported to them at the Phillies rejected a proposed Jacoby Ellsbury for -- trade. Poll and here we aren't. Vegas who -- on army units. For both teams. Rejected. For the I think for the Phillies turn that that's a little more surprising and the Red Sox well it too is the outfielders and Cliff Lee is he worth 25 million dollars a year for three more years. Anyway George OK I digress what's up. I imagine George out here in Vegas. Break your point about your point about this elderly I think it's time you know they just got to go all the way at times they're you know they're together there's an energy is very -- I think back off and so I think that's going to be to -- -- discarded. The problem you know kind of borders and bluntly are you -- they take their foot off the accelerator at the wrong time -- it seems to be that -- -- -- was this. High -- they've seen them come together really strong and and they kind of this can be used to back off. -- always seem a little bit of that but you know what it is here's the thing once they get into -- that we had -- called it is I think it's very valid and I think they start winning know a lot more games they lose another about 500. -- went Avery Bradley Effect basic defense has a lot of the office. Can come off the defense of play at the other -- we -- other play good defense tonight the problems are offensive plant was at I was kind of stupid late in the game. And it and they had also -- -- look at a jet Jason Terry. What was the last we saw him go one for twelve. You know he missed threes he missed short jumpers he missed floaters he missed layup that happening -- -- -- so they -- -- wondered -- A couple of bad calls but I'm not here when asked how many people asking him anything -- -- nothing he did nothing. And you know which got a good game from -- Jeff Green tonight that's encouraging you had good totals. For Rondo. -- two point totals from Garnett pierce. It was a question of not getting it down late on some key issues and I mean -- let's just sort of the last shot Rondo slipped on the floor of the floor was wet -- are you -- -- what. -- You know these the -- here a lot of they. Yeah I talk. Supporting yeah in the treaty to pick it up. And you know Josh yeah I think Josh Beckett get him. -- Hamilton and you know. It's just such -- power -- ball and as you know he just wouldn't surprise on the competitive intensity of Boston -- And -- besides just ours is that this is concerned you know Cambridge look at -- that greatest. You know what I think that says he has Georgia but -- sells out -- if if Josh able to terrorism Red Sox I personally drive today and it buys -- -- six jars have a good night we're gonna go to Roscoe implement next on the planet -- show live at Vegas. Roscoe. I do it. Everybody does what itself -- -- in that last night. Of course she -- I love. -- so much you. It is. Able sharp job and I would not AG the low post. -- Iran and a jump hook maybe the ball and wanna show you know issued a bigger role on bill. I mean that's what we got a global -- -- disagree with the way coming -- was old. What -- -- statistic to sharp he's been made shots there. Hey there's no time left -- to -- squeeze it off Toronto -- those thoughts on the floor but. To be there went twice to run nose at the regulation and the overtime. When I don't know. To me at one point -- whatever you do you could drive in there and beat their pitchers that try to stop the easy shot by following you or they can -- you take the easy shot right. Yep I think you need to go to -- there in mid Maybin always you know one shot you know maybe particular note feet. Is this the -- they hate each ticket they'll sure I agree I agree that. Well I think you should have taken that shot heard round on this brought credit losses in years yet that -- on the low block. And it does. Announced he would be commended the job or maybe -- fall cubicles he wants to adapt. To our. I can occur you know because as much as Iran as a group shrewd this year. I don't believe wanna stick you with the -- additional pressure of having to be the guy taking a close shot. You know in the game into the overtime when you've got. Three other two of their hall of famers out there you know I tedium prediction for this year's team Gibson bizarre prediction no I didn't go off the deep red you know like I have in the past I think when Atlantis that was. 6660. Out of but I -- you know was obviously. -- -- aware that that. That the draft says tonight jet was gonna go one for twelve -- pat pat pat. So I don't know bit source thanks to the court you read of the money. -- our next caller only wanna go to a list you know what. Good idea patio as he -- me inaudible. British in this guys don't have you know the man he really has learned a lot of top itself. It lets us know what doc had to say about something that had to do something about the game. And we drew huge heavenly I don't know German and down those back room the wanted to have in the gulf war. Mean but he's over on the cutting actually at a huge so I don't know what really happened -- like. It didn't look like cabinet -- I mean we got him -- where we wanted to. He knows about it last two plays in each game. In the one you know retirement are we didn't. For a time -- Iran to drive it and I thought happened because -- -- really a good matchup Mormon. Let you know he took a step back and I delivered that I thought that was one where we could have probably done the best. The Germans can't go -- this -- probably always -- but if you go to Italy and made the right decision. Tough loss on W and we played hard all day and the nurses orders early play well -- we played hard -- take that. -- -- you -- different terrific you know especially. Put a metaphor you know even when they went big we stayed small and they give us -- lead back -- on the big. Stress wars and I don't what Jeff did was stuck his nose in there and rebound and a couple times and that was good. -- -- Yeah yeah yeah we thought we did we -- a -- disadvantage so we took it for around. Pace in the first quarter it was really. Fast yeah I was were Rondo you know -- has done an incredible. You know quarter yeah and after that it slowdown may -- -- I've been -- and slow down for both teams out of there -- we're running and then it slowed down and turn into what he's accomplished -- You know little slugfest. We wanna play at temple as well. We'll lose it's -- then yeah he had great looks at home. It was just so -- it every night we're probably don't want a lot of day so we just have one of those nights where I could make shots. No. Unless we have some more I don't just that was stretched through. It's a legislative. Obviously just went with the loss look at the you know like you just tell us once you've got a movie that. Our express it to the right guys know but they were in -- and no that's -- always gonna make miss game you know and when you make open shots you probably went a lot of guys when you miss -- -- you're probably lose a lot of them soon. The fact you know what a total brought in overtime -- she doesn't miss more shots. We haven't played great and yet we're Bridget to go to overtime. Had a lead there and you know they got a couple rebounds as they make you may -- breaks mean Paul. Blocked seven turner shot falls back in his hand he makes the lay up. -- makes it tough shot on the go up so you don't really came down to make mistake made to an unbelievable shot some internal memo. And now we missed pretty much good shots so that's a little bit got some judgement hurt -- loved our effort a lot more competitive we work. Well overall -- keep doing that we're gonna we're gonna make a run yourself. -- -- this year were the Doc Rivers sounds from the game and that he made some good points there that did have a couple of that Evan Turner's shot after the it's a way by leaders was key because. You know again that's a that's a a suite of really potentially four points. Earlier on who within the Jeff Green blocking foul. Which is clearly charge on replay. It was actually perfect defensive maneuver by Jeff greeting backed out of your -- and -- -- -- -- four point swing. For sure. That situation as well so you know there -- a lot of legacies you'd call excuses. Yeah I think some tough shots taken late Celtics fought hard they lost to these 76ers in overtime tonight. On the TV screen down here at the -- -- grant radio row as I sit here with a patio furniture and predicted that -- and these guys it'll last forever. Watch the Laker game -- down big. And of course they've got. The guy that looks like Tom Petty with the existing cash yep but no I but Steve EST national -- up his fourteenth. Erica. But he got them but Lama. August's all boots and sit there and it has -- -- wouldn't say they're watching the Laker team get taken down tonight it. He hit nine points Gasol hit not but Doris Burke. You know she -- like llamas. So get the heck away from her you creep me out both Padilla and he's -- note. I don't know what it you know we all courts here -- the lakers lose every game here on out which would be nice. And then that. Kobe if frozen under an old -- -- -- that -- it being like that been granted it could be because of it it -- kids there that proves. 6177797. Named -- 37. At Chelsea's in the cart Chelsea how're you. -- Kelsey Etsy that makes more sense to me because I always thought -- was what is David Kelsey is a guy's name. All that not only now by mistake. That. I'll I'll -- you vote bought that yes dot the city. The city -- the team no. Auction. I -- said Boston's that a hard time here. Maybe I should have that girl that walked by me with a soft taco teacher -- -- my years out with one of those ear wax vacuums. But that's OK Chelsea let's start again boxing. You go brother. I think that yeah I was gonna wait just because. -- be used to and Mayweather beat me when -- gonna happen you do. You get begun. My hoping not compact you know a lot lot yeah -- -- -- like Arnold saw the -- it would wages. Well listen I -- our crew and I thought he got skewed it then trust me I am I do agree with Cuba so many people stressed over and over and over again. That they they they said Timothy Bradley -- and you know I mean so people in boxing -- that you have probably Bradley is he does have a big following he's not. Casey with these spicier talk about here it's all about money meets money right they try to find somebody who's undefeated a rising star. And even if he's not legitimately there you know they've they've pumped his record up or whatever to create this big money paid off. Attack has had a whole lot of but the biggest one -- -- -- Mayweather and I don't know I mean you'd think I hope it happens. At the end it is time passing these this despite I think you're talking about. I just thought that you ought not -- -- -- dirty I like packets -- quite an iPad and be Bradley wanted to round that bouts. Right and I thought like. Big that big in Munich -- courses that you know he ain't taking that money. Right was he does a great offsetting factor in any of these sites is the scoring. Creator rematch on its own at -- told the legitimate boxing fans see it that way or not it is if the if the if the scores do you're gonna have a rematch. You know we can't because there's gonna be outraged oh we got -- And over here you know all you out of it paid topic we'll have another rematch on that's the fourth one -- these guys and you know most people. -- -- It started and it is that we have quite the guy who bought off or items when shouldn't that be a rematch were proud. OK you got to be if you go screw. It in Munich yet what it would look behind yet. But our kids is an apology is just a good appointed by the way there happens there hasn't been clear -- -- in this matchup before that three fights that are you know that would debatable. -- would you really wanna watch that Timothy Bradley tried again. Well. I want to get into that Waco that they debate like that I'm. An innocent right. Yeah -- you might be right bossi and he certainly favored but. You know that again you know at least and maybe their butt beat either -- -- knock out here to pointed to clarify because. It again the reason there is a fourth is because the first so close of the ways and it would be. We think that light. The right. Market and not so. Okay well what. My hope or bought it. But -- -- -- what a lot of seen it all around you think and if you really. Renovated box he's thirty what are you rates. That's. And it will be just the way to bring more -- than what. Well if that's ever gonna happen I would have thought it would happen you know. Right now -- don't expect that it has to one I don't want it to be like Jones com. Right it -- -- Oscar verses -- Roy Jones yeah. Well plus you know -- guys that -- Grudge against him they would vote comments he made as well which borderline racist -- it's. It and they would usage market already knows that you know guys guys did chip he just goes to jail. Because it does have good bottled water and pleased to work out systems judge I wanna be released a he went idiot if you if you will be released don't have to wait for these kids. You know don't do that he won't be -- first but. -- double different scales -- you have won this who doesn't like -- out and may. Perfect bill via via sound the money team back. We're live -- grant -- as -- -- data. So right Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada. I got -- up on that I said about a four people gave the finger. What it would take your phone calls on it to a went to -- midnight our time six point 77797937. Along jackpot -- proper -- the favorites job of Reading Massachusetts. And patio furniture like days --

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