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Friday, December 7th Whiner Line

Dec 7, 2012|

This is America! Not Belize!

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My views excuse views expressed and expressed the white -- these aren't like -- community -- and -- That's his discretion advised. Morris. And now. -- -- line. -- going from north. Carolina I'm a better -- written. They're from -- Rhode Island. A great job. And -- a lot of -- and now what I want to say that I would definitely rather need hillbilly and I'm home. It's usually -- that I would rather -- hillbilly NN dot com and yes I want. That's very flattering and exactly WEEI. Whiner line you know just that. You do know is that what what you said. Our guys in the airline gold chain really hurt. -- and -- and yeah I'd be here rain and -- drive car that -- funny it's a big really. Dial 779. 3535. You -- crap kicked in -- -- that probably deserves everything that you and yet that's -- Linda and uncle -- town where -- blog what Carolina -- probably your culture for you would probably like the red lobster fishing line you're alive -- you're ignorant. Sounds like he probably married your brother go back go back and -- hey don't going to NASCAR races and now and women itself. Now that's nothing -- of it written piece of crap from Carolina probably I told. The height of -- -- have a big Mac. That's the highlight Carol of that WEEI while -- here. So I was stuffed -- -- phone -- was about the but -- request. And I think we lost red lobster claws and we've beaten him. On its. Offensive but mostly upwards errors or Blackberry -- but you know she's at court calls -- drive on the drive -- draft Tamara that was most of the parts of the -- -- surprise -- looks all right. The ultra liberals -- -- perpetually stereo ports of course but it's -- it's. On the apprentice Portuguese Irish Robertson -- -- -- -- thing here that it don't Wear yourself market -- fifteen minute and they you have to -- halftime of the I have the best halftime show already rate of noise that you have to -- I -- -- halftime shouldn't get posted. You -- the grand human -- Cuba 26. -- -- -- open so. Says that sixty minutes tonight you have six minutes -- I don't throw it right back secret it was all right I'll just I. I want circus about life since -- the smoke going through which which order to red lobster and finished. That -- -- -- right. We shut tightly side orbit back in time for you to decide the winner of the AT&T wanted to wait right now and played once. In the past week you decide the winner by texting devote to 37937. Years now comedy. -- And. I'm glad -- -- -- acted to make an appropriate it was. Standing straight up what that was found dead what you could. Put older equipment now. All the gentlemen that is yet there were difficult. Yeah I was nominee bitty no I don't caller I don't -- four -- birth certificate. Merry Christmas to all. -- -- -- And then you don't care. Follow those two years today so. That's possible. Okay. It's OK. To change that law. Don't know. I don't know it's news. Simple process since you never know what's gonna. I think it's awful boy that is tough on our -- Devote far up uncle Eddie from field to explore other way to 37937. And to vote for for all -- that I. A special -- feet. It's 37937. Him until we have little one -- to -- text your vote either a or -- -- -- receives -- 100 dollar. American Express gift card also eligible for the one of the year grand prize. That was one year AT&T service included a one of the weakest -- powered by AT&T is your big bluntly. Four GL TE was speeds up to -- Times faster. I'm not my favorite Christmas Carol to room and just grow -- and we think it's unbelievable now on the abuses at. Which you'll be seeing you all weekend right idea AT&T. -- -- -- Let's just under. Happy birthday. For the greater aptly the city of -- then that would go back. And they were great at basketball player the world has ever been Mary snow bird bird and magic pill liberated if so what did. And that message is gonna be very happy for you done well. -- get a little -- -- Earnings call audit report it below error. And Clinton murdered. Brothers JavaScript. Got -- -- -- -- rob Parker who did before rob Parker talking about it and believed him to -- what to Larry Bird. Respectively our -- so much was among the most ridiculous at least a lot of stupid things up there with you -- -- he was about a Kevin -- he couldn't believe -- -- watch fraction -- -- -- player and professional I have no idea that he believes that. Clinton might have before you do them well. -- man that don't draw biological. Clock. In the mark we. Very detailed -- The kitchen table -- more. Blunt. Human hand again. Many very curious. It's curious as he wants to leave his life to everybody -- nobody talks about his own. And I'll listen to. So he apparently wanted to find where it was -- -- question you don't have as much. You know typical. Night news -- that there is to answer. This one woman did. -- -- -- -- that will not talk to or or even worse of the in laws are the results -- elected she's accurate to October I'll get the feeling the last couple days listening to show that much way. I'm sure tonight on -- -- at all. And neighbors like you might -- the neighbors or she's in late in the Shaw's or something new jobs. -- -- -- They go what have we not oil that are who are gonna. Our. In the all of that other -- I'd pay cap goes a bit. So what about but. We go -- them props. National one he would assure people that could sit there talk about their sex life probably -- in the females are and we'd sit there today. This. Area this is good stuff but these -- my -- In hand you know it may be. I am so warning or you like him we're going to don't you know the -- to catch the radio off you know I think about -- doing it -- -- little part of a man's body that you people out there -- and now. It's too and he should be doing this. Mean. You know to beat off. Six haven't -- Okay. Now. -- put myself in your body on -- can't. Now that the Big -- -- the popular show but I went to. Both sides of the by the way and I have to take issue with company said yes nobody but more than I do nobody. Hope that -- kept. Nobody and more than I do. All of us are big differences you call you he wants twice a week -- -- Jessica calls placed among at least retired I didn't mean young man like that he's worked with a thirteen fourteen. -- nice guy commitment he's a lot more creative about it he gets cute little quips and in the fat Jessica any ticket. -- -- -- -- And I digest. But Burton who really knows that -- violently. Ill a wet dream. Mr. about a return. Time dancing like it was always -- every couple hours late but I'm really gonna like it was almost there. -- Check Edward. The way and it helped Angela. Pick back have somebody check out the window -- the -- Quick sharp objects back packets are right act. And now a part of project that has just adult -- an -- -- be right. A mortgage. Lots yeah. Its quiet. I don't talk about. Situation when you compare that -- that kids. It could recap all of my belt tournament people you are trying to break it out in the nation that bad. The first -- -- -- in my mind was sort of way I would imagine North Korea elementary school would not by everybody. And sardonic I think or away it was a guy had a lot of people around him and we just finished all the food on there and it plays well right. -- -- little glimpses. Into music overall probably had a lot of -- launched in most people so they wanted to come over and done at a feast on my -- So -- complains that the kept -- should he. All this has her. I dictated -- -- don't. And why what -- -- don't go on. I don't blanket bingo is going back you know the -- What you say flat. We had to trade back to attract and still -- -- because that's who dat and it -- You get a basically get their act and got sick just like big problem that you should check the Atlantic threat level. How. Ali. I know the all. I don't think -- things like -- -- and I just how award spousal the end of the movie. Okay and Michael gives you credit -- like right on -- credit director actor gives credits and then all I know is the dapper and -- or take Iraq. Just don't -- -- -- -- for regular Bavarian exactly. We still going here going home. -- -- -- Bring coincides Cleveland -- vehicle -- and every single call planet -- show that's. Into. The idea resembles a are close. Something -- -- I'm trying to these children are raised at these kind of makes you look good in the -- are trying to pump hose trying to they're trying to protect and Lagarde -- good argument at all what does that in this segment and he's a regular with -- -- -- -- -- Father -- -- brand new baby girl and you're looking at forward on commercial break. But I don't want economic crap and it. Richard thank you very much in sports show. Exactly is about the about the show was being searched. And personable and judgment -- -- that industry. Industry. Judgment. In this that is a tough economy -- people deployment jobs did the job market. But I guess everybody and what their -- very calls -- -- incoherent. And possibly drop and stop it. But good interview but they don't want that he would rather have more of our daughter maybe it'll work but that's sensitive. And that message. To see the dollars two weeks. All my goodness today coma now all I'll have forever effect on that is you brought up this Wednesday at a stop. It's -- -- -- your system after it's over him. Customers so I don't I -- the lighter yeah he's -- I'm just you know as a messenger. I have a small that you follow it and follow her on Twitter. Pacman Jones make -- After her and say that I looked him and -- the united -- just looked on -- site news it is beyond nasty kiss. -- And look at them and tell him what I want it. -- Welcome back into and it can't be I haven't. And I don't think I shot. And now we're not red baseball. Your friends are guys who. Are calling a creator has been giving. Escort. Under Nevada or California that -- and that is pretty doubt that got back. Artifacts include Peyton and forgot it was a wise that's right and. Ever and -- at the development and -- out. There. Good bit. Haven't. Yeah. Without and I thought -- -- the -- -- Have a bit I don't know if that's good. And if that decision that ideologues on the posters are back on board. To make good it's gonna -- for Boston got I like I like eleven. I like him. You know corn. -- and it copies of this today it was a lot of let's call -- was very impressed when he. We had. Pete what a lot of simple but well here we. Went up four. And that change of what you said I don't know what he did it right accomplish and I know he's a good attempted in the northeast which is really -- about you know one -- a lot of people assume. Because they don't like college football that nobody else in the area you apparently went well overall I love temple games are on the issue one as strange as -- -- -- -- -- football game a couple of -- and that's that that's -- did you know that he would not that old -- -- -- This is this is all need to put on his -- I was successful at temple Macs that did that boy now. Felt like kept pretty pretty excited over the bar conveniently Brady. Competitive application to be debated what they're. And then -- what a name that was sabathia and -- -- you know at least -- I don't have to birth Wednesday night. Big congratulations commandeer themselves into what little girl they don't go well about it but maybe a lot of crap I'm on Iraq talking about do. Nice work to occur in the week that I -- the easiest way in the pregame skate before. You are -- she got it right. And cut. You know should it affect the game plan a little bit you know when they depict NFL QB that is affected press conference. -- pulled off Obama is the game on Sunday. The game is a month so Wednesday is your Tuesday. The court but for quarterbacks to -- off day east. Well I want to have his -- at the baby. And -- the baby at this thing that's. Yeah and hold my head. And that message. And. -- pay. Tom Brady had a big deal. Are just let him play abroad that did they have -- about public yet. -- does -- what you know equated. All over the world right now eroded. -- -- debated about. You know you've -- public again I don't -- lady. -- -- -- That that they quote the wake up because there's there's. Oh. The rabbit got real little battle that we have we go back -- the great but my. Okay April and have a baby and about -- football negative about what it. We can't expect pop up adds up babies that have pat -- -- I have -- -- call -- not cause actual. What -- and I -- -- -- okay it'll be out in this country we have the these at all. And that message turtles. -- turtles have babies on -- beach. And what exactly at the votes go live to get the water was what one might well Michael Phelps was of one of the -- Pretoria. -- -- are grown over the boldly enough. I don't want one of the week this week four host tonight takes it to borrow 69%. -- -- well I would be close. -- great receives a 100 dollar American Express card from AT&T. Eligible for the one of the year grand -- claim your prize in the email to one that we W dot com there's one line. By AT&T forgy LTE was. Times faster than three GT NT rethink possible.

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