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Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Dec 7, 2012|

We preview Texans at Patriots with Patriots LB Jerod Mayo, who is a good friend of Houston's All-Pro running back Arian Foster.

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I'd back era on the big show let's get right to our body Jerod Mayo -- conversation with drugs brought to your bike and franks and sausages. Sam Adams Boston blogger and Boston. Laser -- I don't honestly remember and doing -- just band to stand big game coming up on on Monday night. I take it that you've spent a lot of time looking at a lot of video this past week. Ellison actually. I'm looking at video now I was so firmly. You know -- I'm not knowing the -- I don't know doesn't count on you to be on top of the -- -- relate -- -- -- -- -- say this right now okay. If you're not there aren't done. During the show that they're joking and now these people are gonna start screaming and calling in and instead leaving in droves OK I can't do is just can't do. -- so if you look at it. Com what's the thing that no worries you the most about them. I know that's something new weapons and also it's not -- this destruction -- -- but there's no -- that -- on the outside. And how they felt Greg were to try to and so you're on the quarterback mobile can't hear about is that you know total total package them desirable. I was very interested reading the story this morning in the Boston Herald about. Are your relationship with the -- Foster used in all sorts of nice things about you you guys with the Tennessee together and he he said you had it all figured out an eighteen to tell about the progression. A bureau of your relationship with Darian Foster in college and and down approach. I'm sure didn't have it all figured out you know -- saying that you know through the -- younger it was our work. No I'll work in your opponents not -- my grandfather who in the military so. No I was trying to do you a lot of work a lot of action things can -- that's how -- you know we can't. No cost because that would somehow connections I'm the facility would always be there you know we didn't we can command you know it is now. Friends and myself but we just -- to become friends because we'll look like political. We were where you were you surprised when when most of the NFL missed the boat on him at least in the scouting process and you're first round pick a new. What what Jerod Mayo was they do most NFL didn't know. Erin Foster until Houston got to where you surprised that he was ignored during the draft process. Well obviously a no he no longer has merit but doing -- you know not like it was it was an anomaly. The door and out for -- for multiple years so -- surprised that sent them on the back in the you know possibly. Ultimately -- -- back again just. Public a public does that play in the Monday again they're they're very balanced offense as you just said. If he can be contained. Does it change what they can do. You know what could be complicated you know no matter what order they -- pretty much say -- you know what the market work and at this point eleven -- want. And I allowed to change now it pretty much status and the -- or. -- do you do they remind you of anybody I mean we we've talked about their their offense. Is it. Similar to any other offenses you've seen. I'm not really knows but I mean who will be -- well I'm just think in Denver. -- what Denver used to be under. Obviously though you know Kubiak comes from that that system are resolved and it came back like that it. No I'm not sure they had the same equipment this year. That's I agree I said that earlier people jumped all over me is that I think it's like that. Like a Denver a year an average member team on steroids you know let that you know you know. Start on the outside markets don't work your way and maybe I'm not ultra alignment got athletic you've got. No credit the second level you know there's a lot different and yet Roger -- outside. You know and with big play capability of a lot of players who move -- the political. They shouldn't have them watching them long drives today where defense is out because they. They can't control the ball for such a long drive. I think so you know I think. -- that probably number one and have or -- suggesting that some in the government shows it every time a much under control while long -- That's where that's where he does happen in the social order company is absolutely over. So but you can look up so this is drilled -- you guys this week. You know it's an accurate that -- you just try to throw Ord where a bone here. I'll do what you do some research. Doesn't it doesn't work. And I just looked it up you're right he'd been added. To your port and airport -- a -- game and the answer is don't look at. In a separate -- hey it is what it is right. Exactly I'll rein on money -- has ever play and he wanted to it would warm weather apparently close to sixty degrees certainly in the fifty's on Monday night. Does all the effect you specially now. Be on some natural turf but it turf like this is even -- that you know affecting -- suppliers at all. -- obviously yet because just sort of knock in the that they were not part of the weather is not just. For mobile plant disease detection and they're there are essential that we so you know can you excuse you look at make sure if you currently. Have a solid base without foundation and Mexico. -- -- know including get a chance to ask you this we talked events of Monday Britain and get you on Friday so we didn't even get your take on. Winning the AFC east now are out today that is as patriots fans we look at it and it's. I think fans take it for granted now of course you're gonna win and sees that. You want it and you wanted to live in a pretty convincing way in and that you -- office was they would assault with a clock in the defense. Forcing turnovers. What what would how would you describe winning the AFC championship and so -- AFC east on Sunday. Exciting -- that's one of the goals that we have received in time you reach a milestone. You know they'll very on how he would downturn camp and things like that it's a martyr if -- built. Over the -- in north always it's always exciting and the you know it's just the other. Look you know it never gets so excited about it but we we also the big picture right now partial. Yes I want to ask you how long do you do you celebrate that is that a plane is that a plane ride celebration is that is it over by the time he resupply because you're still playing games and it's not the ultimate goal yet. It is a it is a. -- our support for our thing. As our partner yet on the page that. I'd sure it -- -- and good luck on the money by the way. Jerod and Michael will be at -- tailored to -- -- -- -- next to the -- Sometime. After six what kind of supplies that you bring keeps saying while supplies last autograph while supplies last you must be bringing some -- I'm Margaret -- But why -- -- -- better you better check and that you better brings up -- 888 it was a favorite let let holly signed a few autographs it's good for yourself staying out and support from the yeah -- here for well. Or that would try to get the support of the war threats -- Democratic emigrate game on Monday we'll see where you actually feel that it's Jerod -- right direction again to -- -- Michael will be people who wouldn't. Balls -- -- you're gonna get there obviously. After the show he will be thereafter -- one expert quarters of 7 o'clock on the event starts at 6 o'clock. -- -- yourself that starts at six of which you won't be virtually I won't be there and you know the I was three says ago. Prince digital of that quickly. -- has has a Prius. Have a Prius ever gotten a police force. If -- -- your belief that scored in the history of previous films. Announcement. I was never an already strange views -- police escort for -- On the -- and on and on budget epic Erica. I don't even think you can put those magnetic lights on top of a -- and what fuels that. How we take a -- and we get back to your phone calls and such wants 777 -- Obama ID 370 republic yeah.

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