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ESPN's Chris Mortensen - Gun Ownership is a big issue around the NFL

Dec 7, 2012|

We go around the NFL with head ESPN NFL reporter Chris Mortensen and get his take on the issues raised by Tony Dungy on gun ownership by players in the NFL and he helps us preview Pats and Texans.

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-- accurately show blood -- what Michael all it's time for our weekly conversation and with more Chris -- have brought you by Sharon credit union. Dragon speech recognition and sound fair time. -- -- -- -- I. Don't. Probably a pretty good game appearance Monday night were terrible can intuit this week. We're into -- do it means. -- we're big Monday of last week -- -- come -- -- this one. It's this interest in either game it is you know when you look at the NFL landscape you're saying is it's an impact game I mean. Taxes and patriots and then you know I have to admit that. Like that but I like the -- I'd rather look at the next agreement the 49ers -- -- and -- you know you give us the chance to measure where these scenes here at right now we know that both teams have injury issues we know. That is that a good chance that the injuries will be exploited by the other team and just just and neither do it to the elite teams in the AFC. Yeah I have much respect for the Houston Texans what they've done been able to win on the road. Indoors outdoors and and been able to win convincingly to obviously this game playing out -- I don't know I accept. You know the Ted good to think that you know it's like located near to the -- that to the big lights so to speak I really believe. That. You know -- and they they did with TJ -- they almost beat the ravens in Baltimore. You know I think it did admit shop last year that they would then play and the patriots in the AFC title game and I'm not sure what I want in my head a bit the Texans. And I think that there. You know there there they're actually not you know defensively they're not quite as good as -- -- a year ago because they -- to -- a player by Christina early in the year and of course there's some other entries with Brooks reed and and that the second gave that a little bit banged up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet it is -- -- that's huge insult they get the thing about it do cycle back to. No one one of the coaching staff that had some success against the patriots during their run and has an incredible run that has been to Denver Broncos when Mike Shanahan was their right. But it's also one Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison and Enrico is that we go Rick. Is very good guy in charge of the running game and you know he's technically they're offensive coordinator now. So you know they kind of they kind of know. At least it's it's not an unfamiliar. Poland in the interview the patriots still ballots yet. This is a matter of you know getting out there. CNET if -- -- Texans they have -- pointed you know even with Julian cattlemen out and any gronkowski out. -- king he can you really. Stop Tom Brady would you be given about 350 yards per game passed in the last couple weeks. That's funny you -- actors Michael brought that up earlier -- a program to the Denver. Our connection I just looked it up you were on the ESPN dot count page. You've got Houston this week but I think he told us early in the season sometimes you're a dog it's -- an adverse selection or something to our returners and try to earn some guys. -- The guys picked up -- to the city you know I guess I turn a man. And then -- so like yeah you know it's like. Most of the guys did the patriots then. This split. You know you have to make excuses you got the best record of any of the guys on the board of looking at right let's look you don't. The bluster that somewhat. Is the thing about it is that that's that's the that's the big thing you know participants say the women's game in Foxborough. And in Texas secondary has given up a lot of yards. And you're you're facing the worst possible -- back when that happens in Tom Brady. Losses you know that there's two reasons says that -- second guessed that but I think is that for the game I think Gary Kubiak. They were on the program the right way they play hard -- football. Yet either damage or injuries is so New England. I mean that's it's been amazed that any that was at Logan Mankins who didn't play last week -- Now he's in practice this week so. And then you probably you know I guess we expect to see him Monday but -- -- that. All the -- that the work through these injury that I think the Texans are just that a very tough minded football team and obviously they play well on the road they certainly have this year. Would you expect a high scoring game especially with the injuries in the secondary and argues that seemed to be a lot staying easier with the pass earlier in the year they've had four more difficultly. As of late and we know what the patriots like -- inning with them up if you remember a couple weeks. Well. Yeah look and there are there's a couple weeks there were Aaron Rodgers and yet any just you know an -- -- -- and so. You know either don't know I mean you know Wade Phillips I think he had looked at these these two really good defensive coordinator. And you know they -- make some adjustments but. You know you personnel. It's been that many some with the some of the injuries and that's just the latest idea yeah I consider it I expect a lot of yards let me put it that way I do expect a lot of yards in the game. And I think they the key to it is is -- -- world war by the way and still is so amazing to me. That the level that Vince -- continues to play at. Whether or not does indeed detection popular on the ball against gets set. I was gonna ask you something else but you brought up before and it and I am just wondering do you think -- -- it like Wilfork. Who is. Is an impact is clearly an impact defensive lineman who doesn't register a lot of -- you think -- guy like that. Will ever be in contention for defensive player of the year. No I don't. It's a shame I mean this is the equipment JJ watt and I think Geno Atkins at Cincinnati and deservedly so should be in and mentioned that. Now it's up -- media to really identified as an independent. Its second readiness says it's would we need to have our video guys we'll discuss a cup of -- -- -- highlight because. It's it's pretty it's per. It pretty impressive and I think it is about time you know let's face that he gave you watch the missile and so many different levels -- mean that this that this fact that against the Iran. Would get involved interceptions. And in the and you couldn't get quite eighty watt is that progress preferred defensive player of the year impact of that -- I you know I I have one of those boats. -- what happens in the next game. Could determine my heavy people. Not that we have Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and JJ watt. There Ryan obviously -- that list but it JJ watt pretty much destroyed the brothels. And if he should not eldest sister after the impact plays in the Texans let this game. You know I'm gonna have to. You know he's not be right here is that right here enters my consideration in the but I guess that -- -- people not just that it does defensive player of the year vote but the MVP vote. Let's interest and because how often do you really consider a defensive part usually it is that quarter best quarterback right. There are any -- that you understand why because it did the toughest position. The play at -- and and you know the thing about it is that their -- -- not always the quarterback wasn't in the court is. Quarterbacks to have his position the plant football. It is generally the most viable position I mean even when Dion branch you know deputy pianist Super Bowl winning -- Philadelphia I thought that Brady was. Should have been in the peak of it another just certain things -- get. Everything and it didn't Johnson Eagles are thrown to the patriots and talk to -- the guys in the right protections and do it all those things can eat it dongle soap on paper. So he knows yet quarterback there's a reason why there're there are generally the MVP but when you have an extraordinary year. At another position mica like JJ watt it's better to to running back like hey Adrian Peterson is having you know those guys get to contend for. Take you back to -- twelve workers you were talking about JJ -- is no question what he does the Houston racquet racquetball -- this week -- know. It did 22 -- so he's unorthodox he he defends a lot he'd he'd block stuff down. He he registered sex he does. And it's all stuff that you see on TV you see on sports center at nine -- highlights the -- something about Vince Wilfork I could almost understand it. When they won't play in the 34 keys to -- peace in the middle piece setting it up so that the linebackers. Can get all of the statistics. People just don't register if they don't hear the name cold. On television you know works more in 043 -- where now he's virtually playing every single down he wasn't before. Every single down and you watched two weeks ago. When they go what love is they figure that's the week's bottom line they're running at him and suddenly Vince. Is correcting now picking up and making tackles on the opposite side. To many he's one of those impact -- players on defense that you see in the league in the rolling again for those guys. I agree that he were elated jumped out of me that I I think it turned that somebody is the next severe behind me and are rumors that I think that slope -- the amazing. And you think about -- -- -- communities -- and you know event is got a belly out of Mike so like I got a belly -- -- that. He sees that this thing but look -- -- he plays this guy -- the well conditions. Intent. Athletic. Impact both player there's no question about it in the it JJ -- I mean I don't -- he would never get a chance to meet navy ever gets it immediately lock that site. He's a candidate got his hands in -- -- the right -- eleven. I mean he's a freak aptly. You're such a cartoon character you know she isn't and they also know. And I think he's -- how athletic -- whether you look at his background in terms of the other sports and other positions he's played. It's that -- semantic out with the eleventh pick in the draft and it happens like that but that's what sports. You know I -- -- You know he is he's he's a great player is that here's a quick news. Day who's going to be the defensive player of the year candidates. He should be on that list of the guys that you consider it does happen -- JJ -- -- seven. You know as good -- year is. Anybody and on the opposite side. We've got to ask you this before we get you out of here -- -- the commissioner floating the idea at least. Of taking way to kickoffs some version of the kickoff. But it's just as in the first service to vote that I mean it was voted to be. In 2002 and McClain has given them. And out they were gonna crack the greatest and as a senior vice president of football operations and that the league. And out -- going to be cracking down on these hits. The other helmet to helmet hit since. Covered stationary knowing that -- everything's on the table terms of what we do going forward and I have sources that include. Kick boxing and yes since it eliminating get gussy it yes that that was two years ago and then last year in New Orleans at the it was meetings the discussion -- -- took place. And I think relative I walked out without alcohol. Yeah that it didn't happen. But. I believe I I mean you know I might be overstating -- -- sometime in the next two to four years. We will not have kick -- in the NFL. And it will be. And I think. It looked like -- grandfathered in because you're gonna -- just -- rosters mean they'll walk to the best players. That it is because. You probably give teams that -- just Iraq is because sometimes you go to Iraq is about. Around some of that. You know it it's very convenient to say we've had lots of textures started. Thrown out there today that these people were coming up at these rules -- never played the game and understanding game now we know. At least one owner. Richardson from Carolina played in the league -- a lot of these guys in the league office are former players but in general from which you -- garner from your reporting. Mort do you think players. Former players are on board with this on the home. Well -- W mixed simulate and some of these guys who are now seen the impact of you know are suffering from dementia. Or other. Other injuries. You know and some of the most days -- but there's no question the kickoff is the most. And tactful. Play and go -- for the most part and football. Mr. anywhere eliminated about 50% of the returned to that is now. I mean and other Marvin -- remember the competition committee to get to that that the -- that we. What we did last year is is doing what was it was designed is it to reduce injuries. And there will be an argument very good competition committee for the most part. Our football people. So you know I think they'll have a really good debate but the administer the powerful as a powerful and he's -- one is seen these lawsuits. And even the older players veteran players some of those guys. You know they they don't. They'll be some protests in at least some understanding. I certainly. -- -- Thrilled about C auto suggestion. Of that I think -- be a lot of discussion in the eventually we will have Picasa. Let me ask you one more -- it's been a huge story over the last week Jovan Belcher. Murder suicide originally people jumped on the possibility. Of concussion -- and people were looking. For reason and we might of ended up with something that happens in society unfortunately. Every single day in the person who committed it just happen to be a football player than Tony Dungy goes on. Dan Patrick show the other day and says that when he asked. How many of his players that were eighty at the time in camp -- the summer are carried out guns 65 the baby. Said that now there's a story in USA today saying that could be seventy or 80%. Is this going to be an issue going forward here. Well we need in the norm -- of his second Mehmet. And the Second Amendment. I understand that what is the it is this going to be something because it's eight as you know it's a very emotional. Political issue. On both sides. Our area understand that and that you know our others say this to mean. No maybe it's close cases anywhere -- goes -- the scene. If he'd been getting counseling his side he would dot. You know assistance for is some of the problems which were good financial. And end of the other things. And so you know maybe maybe and that process when you identify players who are going to troubles. You'd sit here and say look completely -- just says just says marijuana now legal in the state of Washington. And Colorado. Maybe you say that the we want it to turning your guns even -- you legally. They'll -- I -- may -- its ability to have a blanket. A blanket rules that you can't own and that's legal. -- I would want anybody tell me that I can't have my -- I just think the image you carry guns. I don't carry them you want you to -- but I own guns yeah. Yeah I'm just wondering. That that. Whether the image doesn't change here. With football players 'cause -- correct and you know your your license you went to the proper channels to get that license for -- for the guns. But the -- the image out there on the public as you probably now. There are some people that really have difficulty with a senator -- for its conduct and are the only artist and. I have been we don't have enough time to go to the whole topic is my mind -- -- I'm a firm believer in the Second Amendment but also. I've served in the military. I'm also not one. -- it is known for in his semi automatic weapons or whatever you know some of the stuff they're. That are out there about four have been in this case these are these illegal handguns he owned them. You know tragic event. And then. You know also so it toward the debate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It absolutely is I know we're -- -- it will sound like we have -- -- just just curious what was your did you have a reason for have of them are you a hunter or is it -- something that you. I am not a big country have -- little bit have a bit -- no I had I haven't for -- self defense. I don't carry a mommy it's not about the wild west. Apparently somebody. You know course I have secured. You know I know where they are. So somebody could threaten our all of mean it never know what though this state of chaos that we mania. In count one day I -- Fabio to defend my family it's infected every game that. Or not -- martial art could talk that he has always hear more -- -- game Syria they get easy. Gonna see some funny not screenwriters Gregory got sick on I think that was that was fantastic because that that took an unexpected turn a didn't expect in this I'm glad he did. I'm glad he USA today and -- -- in his position -- did you believe those statistics seventy to 80% of the unifil plus I do yep I believe that. I've talked to enough of them that do have guns and carry him and for that exact same reason that that which is addressed. That there are people out there than fearful of the atlas that they think. The people want something that they now are an issue I would take this break as you said there will be ripe apple Apple's phone lines and talk to you right here on the bench.

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