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CSNNE's Tom E Curran previews Texans @ Patriots with the Big Show

Dec 7, 2012|

We talk Patriots with Quick Slants own Tom E Curran.

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-- back here at the back shelf or why and how it's done for our weekly get together with some -- car at -- all brought you by Tom at west Walker's here doctor. Doctor Robert clinical want he's under it yet here. -- or Saturday. -- You -- doing well today. Yeah great Friday or or well just you know I just wanna make sure you feel good today that's. Or. What's your take a Monday night well how are you looking at this game. I think that it a couple of different areas that are absolutely key in the first one is essential -- -- -- split. -- Patriots defense. Coming up stretch you don't blocking you have to have probably the best game of Brandon Spikes played all year. Has to be Monday night he has to be extremely disappointed in the -- flows fiesta it'll be careful when he attacks. Different gaps and to -- the -- in the middle against Chris Myers talked to Ted Johnson last I had a quick flexible system. He's always talked about this whether it was with the Denver Broncos when he was playing or -- Everything is predicated on stopping. The so the kind of an offense once stretched way. And that starts rumblings about it with the middle of the defense to line in the middle of the offense on defense can win. Which I would presuppose that he can. Then you're gonna come out -- You know I'd say it's -- very bitter very few people talk about their lines I mean -- I want the defensive line but they really just talking by JJ watt. And don't talk like anybody else in an offensive line doesn't get a lot of attention. From what you seen what would your analysis of this Houston offensive line. Well it be left Apple's excellent plain brown Belichick has. Talk about animal we keep seeing deaths -- seven degrees here -- the global last year -- Chris Myers is this second best outside deployment and -- just two Myers right. He's probably a little more susceptible. Than anybody else maligned so its it's going to be title of and Vince Wilfork -- to to make plays in the -- to -- all. But that's a really good -- applied -- mobile will you remember I'll get for used to do it they would have app that -- that the climate we get out. And field remove and block is struck mail was saying earlier that we are talking about that basically -- grass. If -- -- -- first game prairie -- cut it -- we can't afford to the machine. You have to string it out from the sidelines want to cancel the other aspect comes in its campaign. And with -- which don't likely back in the lineup if you have Rob Ninkovich -- Are those to be good game to Jermaine Cunningham to be in the mix -- a bigger guys in Ninkovich more -- To be on that but but it -- be so it's gonna happen so. There right at this may be the evolution of sports training working out -- the resources that are available now but. You mentioned Denver the Denver connection with the Texans and it's clear is there with the head coach and the effort to coordinator. But it's amazing to meet Tom as you look at these guys they're offered to live in Denver used to have these small guys who can get out and do -- -- -- 2752 -- maybe. This -- at 300 it's the big this Texans up at the line is big and mobile. So I think they aren't there a bit to -- it really. That's the thing like at the great point because you don't take the field Chris -- and not. Bill was -- Foxboro they want it although that's smaller and more -- he's got a 300 commendable. So you're right the evolution of the game that's what. Grew -- couldn't. Aussie -- Jolie's. Daughter even start wow it's really look at the -- Russell coming got me but then you start attacking Oscar Robertson in and Julie's serve I really does hurt me so. Think the worst in the could ever happen to those guys were hardwood classics. NBA television. If she thought Robertson just back and people that was right in adult April built into the market okay -- got a lot starting at. Anyway. Their greatest players in the history let me ask you about the -- I thought -- -- -- -- Let me -- let me ask -- about the offense obviously -- is going to be really. Not like you don't miss him every week when he's not playing by -- in the game like this not only for is catching ability but it's blocking ability as well. Hope picks up the slack and let's get right to Brandon Lloyd does he not have to give them more in a game like this down specially with the settlement out -- injury. Well in the book the slot senses. It's here who think the the Texans defense which is the Broncos defense the chargers defense and every defense the patriots have -- that. Included Wade Phillips. It attacks -- -- one gap I don't want to be mr. chalk talk here as well the patriots reform which is an accepting defense forces and attack and defense. So the premiere on the outside. They're gonna try to attack scenes and in the capsule -- so that it's operated and have to get rid of the ball quickly. Additionally with their -- more on that and that's why they're gonna get up they're gonna get their hands so it's important it's somebody wins on the perimeter. -- and it will it would be your perimeter -- What he struggled with some you know seven -- more. Targets. In six of the first seven games since then he's only been targeted seven times or more want. So he's clearly the patriots have moved on from him as being a core part of their profits. He doesn't win at the line of scrimmage. He doesn't in the -- slight. To shake up press coverage and not exactly quick enough to vote step which were brought Wes Welker kept. So that's what -- limitations are that can make that I think catch on the sidelines. -- could anybody in the NFL here. That what percentage stroke but -- -- and I need the key to Houston's job and you're -- He is all about importantly at this point if you can't wait and perhaps more opportunities. Picnic outside the liquid record to -- -- Sounds like sounds like they're trying to get him to play but you wonder whether he's a 100% -- then Danny -- had based on your description and I agree with everything you just said. Does Danny -- did not become a big part of that did that game. He would he would get does especially because I believe they're got a goal warp speed up that's that's the best power to JJ watt toreros met. It had thought and all the other guys who are so good on this. Houston's defense to get into the quarterback getting up field. -- -- -- -- -- It comes with it it comes written here comes during okay we're running an actual. That's what the patriots are gonna have to make. Those high percentage throws incompletion circular. So Brady's gonna have to listen to -- -- start of -- to go to winningest. They might have better game especially against that can be guy I totally agree. That there will be in a hurry up up -- type of offense and it's to their benefit. When did he would have to admit that I think he's been correct me from what which are -- I think it would -- it's been their best hurry up back. Yes. But not Tommy said Lloyd hasn't been winning at the line of scrimmage. Right Gerri you're -- Brandon Lloyd Wright yes. -- -- and I'm confused as to but I agree he hasn't. But why not mean he you look at his career. And I think we had this discussion before he signed with the patriots in the book that -- look at the look at some numbers this guy has put up you know down field. He's a threat what happened and an even in places where he wasn't. Great to get his yards per catch and it's impressive this year. It's not what happened. Bullet point 20 yeah it was the best statistically what it would have pro football focus. Or any of the break out stats we could find. Doubt he'll targets Hewitt the most pro receiver over the last three years down field I'm not. And I think what happened is. In the Patriots offense. -- -- -- -- But did he try. To make him an outside weapon by Josh McDaniels hasn't been forced. While we're -- the pretty low rate of return. On these sort of there. -- well Gregg I think that he really into an awful lot I don't know maybe tilt it up Marcos doubles you know. Check it down some of these guys that went. Brit awards numbers went up if it's Kyle Orton -- near Denver. It's it's Sam Bradford or apartments nerves and Louis. In a referendum was that your best options are you gonna -- on the ball a little bit more. But I think that you know in terms of Tom Brady not to spend a lot of time staring number in the lord. We're here as well for broke -- I think that apple what to do it. You know -- jets gave to me. Doesn't take a lot. For Tom Brady to decide okay party's over this is what I get over there a move off and we saw that 2000 emigrating -- -- In new York and that's that's kind of what happened with the New York Jets and bring them what they tried to feature -- and that surpasses sixty yards beyond him downfield because he was working so hard. Get off the line coming to a complete stop trying to restart it was the diminishing returns are -- wins Monday. I detector well I think you're out that's right now it -- it -- Turbo at eight guys and and the speed things up. And I think that. -- not quite sure. I mean -- this -- -- -- -- but I think the patriots still went 3120311. -- I think that you know Houston it's. Maybe not necessarily ready for the type of I. Impression they're encountering you know a bit so Andre Johnson that this is the game history reference I. I think it's huge hit 11 factor that could -- muddled Wade Phillips. He would always had success with his attacking defense against the patriot. The report or its Bill Belichick coached teams get -- they're gonna make a slated for the patriots -- cents. Regardless of Johnathan Joseph and there are -- I tell me we'll talk and coming up a good on. I got a originally -- how many regular debate --

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