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David Ortiz, Red Sox DH, on the Red Sox recent signing

Dec 7, 2012|

Big Papi joins Mut and Kirk to talk about the Red Sox recent signings coming off the winter meetings. He also comments on reports that Youkilis could end up in a Yankees uniform.

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Not able to get some of phone calls your -- big event coming up this weekend in the Dominican at the fifth annual David Ortiz liberty golf classic. And my vitamin water David Ortiz ice at the join us from the Dominican just had a day or so away. From the event say about the great auction items David Mike can knock Kirk your Boston howry you. Here you don't how's the weather for this thing this weekend we get picture perfect golf weather what. Well the day. It's supposed to rain later but the more attributable to resigning. Like usual. It's always sunny in those parts is a sunny for you as a Red Sox player after some aside -- your -- made the last couple days. Since the right thing bloody. We've put in. Wining and dining and the players and and and in. That you. Good to start winning games. Have you talked to Jerry dinner Fowler and these guys how realistic is this conversation. And with Josh him figured anything about this. No doesn't do them in a little that can make that I've been dealing with the that period that we get going on about it and now. The here and stuff well. What happened last week about. I mean. The two players. But our fanatic in a movie well. One of the players people asked us about David is Mike Napoli guy who hit a ton of home runs for Texas up good bat from the right side it seems like. He's gonna protect UN in the line up in the order how important is that -- -- in the middle Wheeler to have a respected hitter behind you so that you do get some pitches to hit. It did it do them in this division every year and it doesn't. If you -- from the other guys that we did that plane who. -- players and investment in his -- and a. Out what was it what would -- your feelings be if you heard it sounds like it might happen if Kevin Youkilis to -- with a New York Yankees. -- terrible that that night you know. There's -- boy this assists while other guys that I always. Here for them in and you know this this this is our careers and I get the point where. There's not all of located between the ball move viewed opportunity in the chances that. And it seemed Lleyton Hewitt is the one now right now was -- in war being an you could play for them so. I was switching to love and a bit of an -- Would you have ever could you have seen yourself at this point ago she Asians have the Red Sox had gone producing yourself sign with the Yankees or is a is a guy you play the Red Sox forever that the real tough to do. And anymore. It's. Then another two years and having him for a while also. Wanna keep it that way. But if let's say if you didn't sign the deal with the Yankees been part of the conversation David. That because they would -- -- -- -- so important experience. And -- the opportunity. The results. -- premiere contract and I don't have to think about that haven't think about in I don't know what to tell you right now but. -- -- -- -- -- -- You what the other guy that your team's acquired your last day or so as many guys faced in Koji or -- horror he pitched up for Texas pitched in Baltimore. I remember facing him he's been a -- pretty effective out of the bullpen the American League. But what you wanted to sit -- so we'll. Not Koji or horror -- our bullpen. Guy you guys just signed what are your bullpen area you face before the American League. -- Well he's the guy that he's acting and I continued -- people you know you don't something special. They -- -- and be pride we have way he know how to keep theater at the Bob. Which which is the reason why you get a lot of your. And that's sort of reduced to a report right because they get hitters out. He's one of the wrong. What time David is Bobby Valentine's like getting down there Padilla term this weekend and I thought I'd rather be playing and -- yeah. -- -- -- awareness. You know you know all you there's no hard and there's been giving myself on kinda. My -- -- I'd like to turn the occasion and keep the linemen so. We. Right now. Going to reveal we got a new manager. Again that it. I mean here we. The rest. -- and he did nothing to do. While he was quite a bit of a decision. And I'm pretty sure that. You know very much what we need to do to. Have a better team cement here without insert in into. Hopefully everything goes well with him. Fabulous. Physically David how are you right now with the utilities. Get a better they're very very I'm improving some of the doctors down here. Home less. We. And they -- me that I am -- moving forward the way it'd take me to do and just keep -- working. It -- report that rob Bradford is covering of the event down there is eaten all right he's -- and -- -- the others are. There's a report David he's eaten all the shellfish. At the event you had to send -- -- can you confirm or deny that -- today. Hey you got it you guys didn't have really really out there and -- -- it doesn't report. I thought that we figured that. Not you're event this week -- a star studded. There -- a ton of a celebrities that are going to be a part of this and then on top of that the people get involved with here. Out locally is the auction items obscene batting practice with you I'm seeing a launch date with Heidi watney MLB network analyst I got Celtics package year. What -- to -- -- most of the -- is a batting practice the what does that entail some once batting practice with you David what do they win. If it if it. That yet as their vehicles because it could that. There's no way it. Yeah we have we you get to come to spring training in. And they have the right -- a lot of the guys that very much like to be ready to look to get to know my teammates and everyone. And you know they had gotten. Up getting comfortable. Around me in a run everyone's so. There's a lot of good things in mind. People click on the Lugo Lugo -- dark event back -- last -- -- in. You can you can see all the stuff that we got going on the management. And very there's been I think. People we have on. Put in the thought that we haven't had been and always remember that it -- well suited. And well we've we've let the people. Combing through him in and help -- And hopefully. People get with a group -- tournament. I'd say it's a great event and a great cause your Childrens fund and -- played this week and the auction itself. I'll tell you wore out that game we appreciate taken a few minutes go block hockey the -- away from Bradford will talk you talked at spring training. I guess thanks to David Ortiz joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he was speed that the ten times faster than three G. It state TT rethink possible batting practice with Ortiz. Launched eight. With Heidi watney -- MLB network analyst yeah. Well are you kidding me an analyst -- yeah. Host what would you consider I would not I would not wondered why can't please sack analysts right Heidi watney solstice it's -- to have such issues as a six what's the -- a tough spot in this. Behind the scenes tour of fox NFL studios and Howie Long nice. Boston Celtic VIP ticket package. Ran a wicks up what's it like that experience at Fenway including a chance to throw the first pitch in a game. Audience on Cole played get away now the dollar shopping spree. Five narrow slot plane tickets to local play concert their Mohegan stay overnight as well. Other website is events dot org slash Ortiz auction that is events dot org slash Ortiz auction. I closes December 8 which is tomorrow at I knew he got about a day left to bid on the stuff. It's a very cool stuff but to bid on as part of that are here this week would get a break come back to you what's on -- big -- 2 o'clock 937 WE yeah.

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