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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Texans-Patriots AFC matchup

Dec 7, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Kirk to update them on the Patriots injury report, including Mankins and Jones. He comments on the Texans-Patriots AFC matchup and their battle for the first seed in the playoffs. He also comments on how the Edelman injury will effect Brady’s connection with Lloyd.

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Butler -- -- three point seven WEEI. Patriots and Texans game of the week in the National Football League Mike grace covers the patriots for ES PM boston.com. Does this -- week at this time he's brought to you by K and the official Franken sausage. Other England patriots. Mike it's much and -- Kirk and for little Dario. Well -- -- in my we are doing good we doesn't look good for Rob Gronkowski back but a lot of people text in the show and wondering about the help of Logan Mankins and Chandler Jones any insight of the games on a Monday night here Mike but will those guys. B -- -- for the patriots against a very good Texans team. My I think they have had a good chance to better chance than they did that the last couple weeks and -- -- kick you in more of this that field defense. From being around the team and in the locker room the last couple of days. When you see Chandler Jones you know literally just walk through the room as a reporter it opens your eyes a little bit because he was nowhere to be found. The last couple weeks -- you see his routine has been maybe changed a little bit which to me is a sign that he has a good chance of being back Mankins. Not so much we haven't seen him except for out in the field you know in the walked from before practice which obviously this kind of progress. So I think he he also has a chance but I I'd feel stronger approaching in the -- -- -- if you ask me which one of the two do you think might have a better chance. And let me add one more to the -- as you wrote about earlier this week Sebastian Vollmer is his back. And his injuries a concern long term for the steam. I think it is not now he told me that that he actually feels good I think part of that was that patriot injury code you know you don't wanna be. Talking about injuries and you also don't want to use them as an excuse. I'd sort of say trust your eyes in a week saw him. Before that game down in Miami. Above the -- that yet two hours before kickoff come out into the field. With -- Beckett said defensive end and actually have to test himself I would and it's not just the back he's wearing. We need -- well put that back in the knee and he had approved. The team doctor Thomas gill went and head athletic trainer Jim Whelan. And in line coach Dante Scarnecchia that he'd be good to go in that -- so he was a game time decision which tells me he's certainly managing something that needs to be watched. On a week to week thing. What Mike role if any do you see stall -- here Monday night going forward is his role going to be here in this office. So Kirk did dissident to meet with stalwart is that he just allows you to maintain like a package. In your playbook for your -- as soon as they are at receiver where you know in that Miami game they just really. Three -- receivers and if you want to include Matthew Slater that's the fourth. When you've lost at home it and you can you all of a sudden you have this crap out -- you plant your head for a four receiver package. And then -- three receiver package. All the sudden you have to put Matthew Slater in there who well a top special teams player in the NFL. I think Kim he would also -- probably limited as the receivers so I think -- -- it just gives you flexibility to say hey we don't have that definitely takes it. Out of our plan if we wanna use it and that sort maintains some flexibility going into the game. You talked about the patriots injury code we talked to these guys like -- feel like there's almost a game code to like no game is big in the next next week is next week doesn't really matter who the opponent is. Andre Johnson said in Houston is that this is the biggest game in the franchise's history. I don't know once and that New England but other players admitting. That this is a bigger game -- say just a Arab run of the mill Monday night game against a good team. I thought Tom Brady's remarks from earlier in the week we're we're pretty strong when he said there's something about playing Monday night that maybe separated. From other teams now that was probably more specific. To the actual atmosphere of a Monday night game being the only game that week in the NFL but these guys know my you know there this is a bigger game. Then you know last week skating even though they clinch the AFC east they know what's at stake and that they want a shot at the number one seed. In the AFC playoffs they need to have this game. You know lots been made here Brandon Lloyd -- just wants -- the very into the game last week is not you know say the past. 56 weeks just as -- as active in the office he was saying leading up and through maybe Seattle and I read you know Greg Bedard the speaks as morbid game plan thing. Put guys targeted just wants -- think it raises some eyebrows Mike and -- would you characterize -- to this point is a is a major disappointments like disappoint winner but what you expected. -- -- but what I expected -- and I sort of file this one in the same category as. Some of the talk -- earlier this year boat you know Josh Boyer the quarterbacks coach and some of the people questioning you know is this guy qualified to coach. Quarterbacks based on the performance that we -- And we see how that's quieted down. Because they played better and I think this is sort of maybe next in line we maybe we need something to complain about we need something to criticize now. That is not to let him off the hook I think. There is an element of if you're 88 top -- receiver you're gonna find your way into any game plan you're gonna run may be crisper routes on a more consistent basis to make yourself. More available to the quarterback I think that's probably an element of that with -- but I also think. In the -- since when you have a Welker and you have -- Hernandez and gronkowski is healthy. This might be a case where the expectations that people really thought. He's gonna come in and be Randy Moss and maybe we did a bad job you know as reporters and and those who who somewhat set the agenda what we talk about it. What was the realistic expectation for the player. Why does a middle ground though Mike -- notre saying but I mean he was targeted just once and -- image gronkowski was not playing that game so I think when you as a fan with a fan is looking at the same way -- Evil expected this guy to be pretty good he's targeted he's not part of all the first 5556. Minutes of football game. Yet an end so why would that the case so all right can you might feel on that Africans no question I'm not let them off the hook things up but SharePoint. I think part of that game. The dolphins did a good job pressuring Tom Brady they couldn't get the running game going. And I felt like Brady sordid defaulted to his security blanket in Wes Welker and -- -- similar to what we've seen in past years when they couldn't get the running game going I think Brady would admit there were times. When he could get the ball -- and I think Lloyd would probably admit you know what. There were times when I could run a better route that -- instead -- sinker going into that game I really felt like they have the plan of we have a mismatch with Welker on the inside part of the field -- -- -- think going in the that was part of their mindset but I think it may be traded in that direction a little too sharply and Lloyd should have been more involved and part of that's on him. And part of that's probably -- Brady is well. Mike -- Wes Welker is way too much a part of the offense right now to be returning -- understand the guy's gonna play specialties but. I think what he does for this offense nobody else can do especially if gronkowski down do you expect west returning -- on Monday night. I do and might and I guess the question is if not hit a man who so. You know you look at their punt return this year it's at -- in -- seventeen. Welker with nine and then and so no one else has done -- so here's the concern your Bill Belichick. And you're getting into December elements could be a factor in this game you -- precipitation in the forecast. You wanna make sure you get a guy catch the ball first and foremost thanks so if it Aaron Hernandez and indeed and that's the same question right but if you're welcome it's important to -- often turn and this. Just this much I -- do you want. Brandon Bolden your rookie running back back there can be. I'm thinking less about the return and more approach -- simply securing the football and catching the punt. That's a big issue in and it's going to be interesting to me to see what Bill Belichick does if it's me. I'm gonna put Wes Welker there only because I'm concerned about ball security at this time a year and where the margin for error in these games is that much better. And what I would say here I agree that that he we saw abuses with Kevin -- it low and kept -- Kevin fox career on returns that might have been inside the fifteen the ten. He got Kevin go back to make sure that the fair catch. -- west is back there -- my hope is that he's in their -- Eric can't -- where somebody went Scotty O'Brien or bill says just go back fair catch catch a cleanly. Don't worry about the return -- that the -- worried about -- him get hurt in the return itself. No question and you see the forfeit those players are coming down feel when their -- he men and going to tackle and so I mean that's. That's the issue I guess you you got to make the decision in my comfortable let's say it's Donte' Stallworth let's just throw that -- in the mix are you comfortable. Coming out of the game thing you know what -- I was trying to protect Welker. But I I lost to gain because Donte' Stallworth -- returned a punt this year. -- much better fumbled it and I think he would but I think he's left and assure him that option than someone like Welker. How confident internally I guess is your understanding in this stuff to be fair -- unfair but I look at from the patriots -- with the concerns some moron there. Is the idea third down. Three points or their or whatever and wait situation playoff game you are not convinced right now I ask how is he -- 4344. Yard field on that spot. How worried right now do you feel the patriots are with the -- I missed that kick bad elastic like it will better after that is there concern. Well -- -- I think there have to be you look at the league average and and I think gusto he's about 80% on its. Field goals this year which is below the league average I guess you could look at it in two different ways and you have the Houston Texans come in here and their kicker Shayne Graham. Who was on the street a couple of years ago on the patriots find -- that's as he got hurt so. You know -- I guess that's one way to look at it the other is he you'd like to feel a little more confident that has been in my opinion but does he shaky if you're the dig in terms of field -- So I do think that's -- concern I still go back to you know the second year of his career when they were in the Super Bowl they had that fourth and thirteen and I know that's -- sensitive subject. But you wonder if that comes up again you know do they kick it to they go for it I think that's certainly got to be on their minds based on what they've seen this season for him. Mike is -- the patriots 3127. You can check out his pick in Tedy Bruschi spic and Mike wrote Bakken field it's the entire crew. At ES PM boston.com they've got a tremendous breakdown this game including. The way to attack this team with a game playing guess the game planning great features. Israel may in my field gates is that Israel that it. It appears I that's a great name. At this stage it. Might think that I'll author -- we all agree that we get better name's Mike that's sure appreciate Mike as always we'll talk to you next week I have a great weekend. -- like every -- PM boston.com on the eighteenth the outline AT&T for just a great name isn't. Which read that the ten times faster three G its eighteenth reading pos. That's a good great name field seats. It's likely pick that name that's like. Get a guy you know Little League at the Kennedy compound where and how long that's a great game at 30 yea it's great car -- hand -- -- -- third chip. You guys have matching yachts and the yacht club. Your -- and column are loaded our -- sweaters are terrific. 61777979837. As the -- several continue with your phone calls a reminder. At 1 o'clock the fantasy playoffs really officially start for everybody this week the most part if -- any sort of realistic league. The playoffs start and it is so good get a bye week but most of us are playing. At 1 o'clock Michael -- beyond the NFL network joins the show we clear the lines we get your -- -- we do that one when Michael Fabio.

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