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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, Week 14 in Fantasy Football

Dec 7, 2012|

Micahel Fabiano joins Mut and Kirk to answers callers' questions for week 14 in Fantasy Football. Players of interest include Andy Dalton, T.Y. Hilton, and Tom Brady.

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Tennessee football playoffs officially underway much every league. Not Lou 93 point seven WEEI Lou off for the weekend. -- -- hand is here Michael Fabiano of nfl.com the NFL network joins of course NFL fans who live weekdays. At two he is a Yankee fan as Michael's abbey on us why ask first time of the plate Kevin Youkilis pinstripes what do you do. Vomit off I can't. I can't stand the thought of it but I'll take Lester. I'll take -- -- or shot a lot pressure brought up. Excel at a lot jury and ally Youkilis either I just can't stand those guys man as a yankees vandals the two guys as Boston Red Sox -- could not even. Think about being -- pinstripes. And the -- you're so desperate they are British -- twelve million dollars. And he's just as Ryan I don't know what they're doing. I think it's funny that they can't spend money and they can spend wobbly -- out haven't got a heck you know what. Go after Josh yeah that if you're gonna spend money do something else and I you know as much as I love the Yankees and am a diehard fan had an affair that for over thirty years. Brian Cashman I'm just finished with him he has done less with more and it just makes me sick. -- hold -- to you would drop Brian Cashman this week I would cook I wouldn't draft Brian Cashman. Did did -- -- -- radar completely. Now it is a big week beside you -- -- through once signing players it's wobbly dollar contract in his playoff time and I'm just you focused ready to go because a lot of people. And waiting on hold since before the break to get your advice they can win money in their -- league cup you know Russia. No pressure I'll start with a text on the eight TT tech -- -- of probably 500 times today saying Romo or adult non indecisive. Big money on the line this week Michael now beyond which quarterback -- go with. You might be surprised to see it sir I'm going adult. Let that the Bengals have been really really tough. Against quarterbacks at home in fact the only quarterback to score more than fifteen fantasy points against them in their last seven games overall as Peyton Manning. And -- against the cowboys may look like a bad matchup on paper but accomplished pass defense has not been good lately dogs playing at home. This is close it is an absolute coin toss. But I'm going with Dalton based on the matchup to listen don't it's been pretty good lately to. And I like a better -- -- -- but it's real close. I'll get some of these phone calls and your jobs in Rhode Island talking to Michael Fabiano of NFL. Dot com John go ahead. Fact blogging you can even worse I think it's -- to forty enclave like. Where I hope he goes to play with Tito and Cleveland. Her -- and quick question on my wide receivers I got response. Quality play and Brandon Marshall and I -- four other guys -- meeting in Oregon in -- Alexander Malcom Floyd into O'Neal brown Albright outlined. Cool Ahmed Ali Antonio brown and am -- going Alexander. That's a tough matchup for the chargers and Alexander has at least been scoring more fantasy points. On a regular basis there. -- now complete he seems to have been the guy he's more like a Vincent Jackson type and we know the report that Philip Rivers had with him in the past. I don't trust Brian heartland enough to start him right now in the fantasy playoffs and matured a PP -- -- but. And the play of the niners and the numbers are coming off a loss and if you look at the the numbers their real tough coming off a loss. So I don't have a ton of faith in Antonio Bryant ordinarily it's an artistic space in the match -- Those of the guys that you're gonna play got a text that's missing and actually same question on FaceBook page. Matt Ryan went big is that Carolina this week yes Eli Manning was a really good matchup right home against the world this is an easy one for me it's Eli Manning the saints have given up most is -- -- quarterbacks of any team in the National Football League. Ryan in Charlotte lately I still like Ryan. Get a huge game against the Panthers earlier this year although that was at the Georgia Dome. Any time a good quarterback is facing the -- she got to play him. -- let's talk to Phil who's in Portland with -- now beyond -- -- They're sort of good itself. OK I a couple of questions I have skimmed over him or Andrew Luck. And I also have Pierre goes on in my wallet for Ben Roethlisberger terms repayable on monitors. Under martial which -- Russians are. You know what I'm going with Cam Newton although both quarterbacks are extremely good starts this week -- has got a great matchup at home against the titans but. -- has been on fire in earlier this year he had a really good game against the Atlanta Falcons and. And terms your second question. I know Roethlisberger is back. I just can't trust Mike Wallace even -- Roethlisberger was playing. He hadn't done much anyways and yes it's an advantage and made you feel a little bit safer about plane Wallace but. Look at the numbers Mike Wallace has been one of the bigger disappointments and fantasy football this season. I I play here alternative I can't trust Mike Wallace. I'm running back question mark Dexter. What pick one of these Frank Gore Michael shore or Steven Ridley. Just one I'm going with gore that Ridley is a guy who's been fantastic this year I actually interviewed him last week critical finish you live in what are really nice great guy who who. Doesn't play fantasy but it's totally into the fact that fans above it. Gore has been so consistent this year and for a guy who's in his later twenties at the running back position and considering how many carries he said. He's been really really get a known as a tough match -- Ridley playing against the Texans who have given up I believe only two rushing touchdowns running backs all season long. I prefer gore this week override the although on and won a league where I'm playing both of them. I just liked gore better. I Johns in a car with a question for this week -- Michael Fabiano grad John. Hey guys -- the big Michael -- Hey all I actually asked the question that -- to get out of there when I need all. John John identity three questions Guinea -- Just make one big what's your big one this week got a million people want talk to Michael Fabio. Aren't too quick one and a spot. And that -- loyal employees met Michael Turner Ian PD well. I tell you I think if you've got to start to those guys I'm going with. Torrey Smith and Michael Turner but watch danger or return because a little bit banged up. He's had a lot of success against the Carolina papers early -- at his best game against them they're -- -- is absolutely terrible Smith. I don't like Flacco but I like the matchup for Smith because the Redskins given a lot of their sports writers humorous Hilton's good play too I just like -- -- a little bit more. And Philadelphia they have sucked in any replay as a job because I have that look McCoy came and is one of the use of these in the first round pick Bryce Brown. What he has done down the stretch is there are a long term look with -- like you're gonna keeper league in the rule as they can pick a guy happened trains and keep him. Just think about keeping him even if -- in the quarter bowl back in Philadelphia. You know I think it's morbid dynasty -- selection is to keep release election and if you could only keep. You know three of five players you -- to embrace product unit that is illegal that's a completely different story it has been unbelievable what he's done I mean. I can't get over the fact that LeSean McCoy was good this year but he wasn't great. And then Bryce Brown comes in this guy we've never really heard of a guy who was bouncing around from college to college. And all the sudden he is -- he best running back and physical ball over the last two weeks it's almost like seeing -- got a few years back but even better. Right now even though he's playing in the box who have given up the fewest rushing yards to running backs this year. I think you have to play -- proud unless you're loaded you have you know Adrian Peterson and then Doug -- for example but. Price -- come out of nowhere and he's gonna help a lot of people go to a championship because I don't know from the course coming back anytime soon. I'll -- in Gloucester Mike your Michael's abbey -- -- don't think that they Michael Jordan I got a core course and -- -- -- -- What between three what -- Our people are employed remember. Man I can't type I can't trust rainbow what it was pretty quick during the football and Joseph Haden all over this weekend. I just don't trust him. You know what did the best play here is kinda get heavier roll the dice either way -- brits actually started to play a little bit better lately he's got a couple touchdowns. In his last two games. Floyd has been really -- down -- -- -- go with -- I will roll the dice would -- I don't love the matchup for Floyd the colts defense hasn't been good. I think -- is a guy that you roll the dice with this week based on your other options again. I don't think he can play doing -- this week against Hayden with -- thrown on the ball I mean that's just double trouble. Probably really low level tied in question in the final weight Brandon Pettigrew or Colby -- This week like boy you know I guess you go Pettigrew -- -- -- -- either guy leaders got the better match up. But he's coming off a good game but he's been sort of inconsistent. At least what pedigree has gone form is the fact that title shot is on injured reserve. -- right roses on injured reserve that the lions are side of the board of options right now the match -- not kid. Against the Packers and it is never -- history against the Packers. I just which are some a little bit more than a Kobe cleaner because it's almost like the situation in Denver is going to be George recent errors are going to be Jacob generally well is it going to be. Dewey Allen or will be Kobe cleaner and you've also got -- I don't think Donnie Avery Reggie -- there's a lot of options there. I'm Michael Fabiano taking your fancy questions -- a big week fourteen atoms in a car. Adam go had again -- it could. I've had a couple open but Larry FitzGerald. Michael Williams or -- -- blacks and their staff Robert Ball. Stafford at the quarterback position I liked all -- don't like this much is Alex Stafford and believe it or not you. I don't know how you prepare for children now I note John Skelton coming back is a positive but it's John Skelton. Skelton was so bad that he lost the job to Brian Lilly who has led the worst court -- seen all year. As so Fister can I just can't trust right now. Mike Williams I actually think he's a decent play this week. Any game where the Buccaneers are going to be able to throw -- football. FitzGerald I I can't give faith played start -- it's not FitzGerald it's the quarterback it's the offensive line. And I know that runners up this -- that because of suspension -- Richard Sherman is still in there and you would think he's going to be shadowing. Larry FitzGerald so if you want to roll the dice at the Gerald. The matchup is not good and the quarterback situation still market is there a scenario where you concede playing Brandon Lloyd here at this point after last week one target. -- -- a year Gradkowski is out. Look at detection it would be a roll the dice honestly I mean he would be deep -- three at this point reflects. Because he isn't getting targeted. The fact that element is down helps -- value in. If you look at protections and we talk about a good defense isn't JJ watt now this kind of thing well. Aaron Rodgers with this team up for six touchdowns Matt Stafford lit him up on Thanksgiving Day and Chad Henne. With this team up are actually getting a lot of questions for people asking me should I -- Tom Brady this week. And I'm like listen ambush you have Robert Griffin the third heck -- bench Tom Brady is Tom Brady and the touches. They're not the best defense in this league against the -- there's been some really good performances against and statistically. But back to Lloyd it's -- roll the dice it's a risk reward I don't have to ranked as more than a 45 this week but a lot of people don't have the depth at wide receiver. Where they go -- pick somebody up I will tell you this if Chris givens is available and Danny Amendola is how this week I think he's a better play than bring -- -- Terms of the Texans offense what do you have ranked higher Michael their respective position is and Adrian Foster. In the running back ranking is weaker Andre Johnson the letters -- rankings. Yeah listen. I like -- in Foster as the guy he's always in my top three because he Syrian Foster I -- the patriots have been good against the run. And I think -- Johnson is a phenomenal player obviously. Despite his early season shortly he's back now on the patriots are not good against the pass but. Calvin Johnson's out there AG greens out there I mean you've got a lot of good -- receivers at the top tier so Eric Foster to me is a better play. Because of what you have going on at the running back position there there's a premium. At at the featured back position in the National Football League where she have. A few more good number one wide receivers in the league football these guys are must and must starts in my opinion. I'm pleased to -- our guy Michael Fabio tell how great Kevin Youkilis is going to look no uniform allowing him right now at a Michael underscore. -- I'll tell you heard him here on WEP I'd tell fox vehicles with a need to watch of NFL fantasy live weekdays at Q and at midnight. Nfl.com slash -- line Michael as always appreciate it good luck. In your playoff match -- we'll talk to you soon thank you take care reference Michael Fabiano joining us here on the program we talk fancy every single week 1 o'clock. Get your set for the weekend 61777979837. Your phone number 61777979237. -- the show. A 37983790. Seconds we give you all -- 130. David Ortiz.

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