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Patrick Chung, Patriots Safety, on the Houston-Pats matchup on Monday

Dec 7, 2012|

Patrick Chung joins Mut and Kirk to talk about the Patriots victory last Sunday versus the Dolphins, and how they hope to ride that momentum into Monday night’s battle versus the Texans. He also comments on teammate Wes Welker’s dominance as of late.

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With speed that the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible Patrick turned joins us on patriots Fridays he's brought to you by quickly tire and auto center. Patrick Mike and Kirk Dario. Did you enjoy getting out of the a cold weather play in the warm weather Miami last weekend. Yeah I'll take hay days. In the other night society and there are you -- you know Arnold servers are lieutenant yes. You played -- late -- game he also played on special teams how did it feel to get back into the rhythm again back to back weeks trying to get back coming off the injury. I've spoken to her -- give it up there in this world. I'm. In the field of you know -- -- -- -- Had a cowboy you're you know do you expect the snaps -- the role to increase here now even back for a week when you play your Monday night at any indication or idea that. Not all that's left of where coach what you know -- automatic. We talked to west earlier in the year I -- the positions are different but he's he said that you know leading up to there was game to. It -- much the wide receiver spot Patrick -- I saw some things in practice that may be I wouldn't be involved as much is that the same thing. At the safety position can you get an idea as the practice week goes on how much he'll be able. None are really as we all we ought to moderately after apparently optional or not sure what goes so. America really expect -- we -- get where softness in this matter who's well and other environmental lobby legislators are. -- -- we have to not go there. What jumps out when you look at the the film -- watched the Texans over the last couple of days. -- -- -- -- They're really good -- live there America though this is also get charges -- -- -- We're talking earlier about Andre Johnson and just the -- the county he brings he's not a Wes Welker he's not a a small receiver this a big physical guy and at that your position Patrick. Does is there are harder got to cover in terms of the type receiver whether it's a bigger receiver like -- Andre Johnson -- smaller faster guy. Are a millionaire and it is. He's not he's big -- fast and quick install I can't. Either immediately had a longer that's that's what I can I ask my award work for him and he's just so it is -- -- -- You never know what you're gonna hear what ordinary -- past you -- anybody -- -- -- -- Portland series -- you never know. Is -- the best wide receiver football. It'll mean a lot of good receivers but I yet at court that more than -- -- -- -- -- -- or you know covered. I think the thunderbird yet that court that. Couple questions here pad number one can you even put yourself in the mind is is a player of what the chiefs were able. -- had to go through that those 72 hours and 48 hours there last week is a player can you even intellectual lies what what happened with them. I mean there. -- effects are there Americans you know monologue without all the leaders. There's there's definitely it's a situation where I mean. North senator. Barack Obama -- a little differently or. -- -- -- I think it and then Lisa sort of a larger issues you probably know Bob Costas talked about Sunday night now for all week is a sort of this talk about gun culture with players in that August my question would be. You own a gun in their do you mean -- the guys and your team. Have guns. It. That you do do you don't have a view doctor answer given garner not. I'm not I don't know -- more moderate political. The position the chiefs ran Patrick and AC couldn't have put yourself there would you want to play that game. On Sunday or. Earlier it was going to be -- what you I mean Europe -- -- on -- This rapper spokesman here is sure to have universe -- there's -- So you get if you if you apply your bend with the chief you said yet we got to play this game. I mean in listeners are there any particular player. Roger Goodell the commissioner is in time magazine this week and wrenching on all the coaches Tampa Bay has his purple from the get ready kickoffs out of football ought to be read about this all quickly explain it to you that they would take out. All kick also altogether after touchdowns and change present argued that touchdown scores and a quarter eccentric instead of a kick off. You would have the opposing team had the ball the -- thirty yard line. Fourth and fifteen. They can punt the ball away on that fourth down situation Patrick or they can go for sort like an onside kick in the idea is. The kick offs are dangerous and -- wanna take those out of the game all together as a player who plays this game for a living. Can you imagine that scenario were kickoffs -- replaced by what I just explained. I don't know I think very acute very exciting partners but I. In this effort after the -- also the rules or whatever that whatever the bill on I mean. It is what it is we can't we can't worry about that stuff -- electoral. -- want from the Monday night game how does it change the preparation in terms this week is it knocked the schedule. Off base heady pace set -- Monday night. I mean that actually that you're ready to certain you know scenes is the so again there -- lots -- listening -- what. Patrick is always appreciate the time good luck Monday night in a big game everyone's gonna watch we'll talk decent. Patrick I don't joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster three GAT and T rethink possible. Right it is that was with brought Cuba. And in terms of the question the US and -- -- baseball before but since you brought up -- Patrick mean that is. We'll -- speaking about it in less than an hour from now feel like that's the next sort of thing for the league is the culture. I'm guns in the NFL the Javon but if you Bob Belcher well this story. From a league perspective is gonna -- do two things one it puts a a a focus back on domestic abuse domestic violence that's one. Two ways if you believe Kostis -- dungy in those conversations. That maybe it is prevalent in locker rooms and that whether or not -- like it. It will be a top cover -- lot. Yeah I heard the guys this morning talk about it and I don't understand. I just don't understand the first thought I support the second time and I feel like you should you want on the going to look on the -- actually believe that protector family. That's fine I think Kostis came across ago ago. We go we'd like a liberal -- and trying to impress people cocktail parties and the speech I would just say that you know. I feel that you public don't -- twelve guns you probably don't -- sixteen guns you probably don't need 22 guns don't need to be like Hank Johnson and I I just. Meet you so -- call explain it. I just honesty in the need for that I think the NHL read the NFL is gonna look at this. -- -- -- those moments for the crackdown yet have to thinkable talk to Peter about it in in my crease again short that's going to be one of those line in the sand moment have to think. If if you believe Kostis. Then is that something that people in the league this story's got them talking about. They're text each other that they are saying the same thing yet. This goes on in my locker most text messages that Javon Belcher sent back and forth about the guns that he -- and all these guns and he had. That this is now becoming. I guess in some way not again aggregate I'm not sure why it is. But some sort of status symbol like I have X amount of guns what -- out -- -- don't mean. That's why asks pat about I mean much to prices pages -- -- answer questions like that but I do wonder you know okayed this pact on told me -- license that carried them because want to protect himself. That's fine. I would know why you have -- Mean I've been against a player like him or somebody else I just don't understand -- -- twelve under fourteen guns I just don't get what the point of it is maybe going a Turkey -- -- you'd talk to someone who grew up in a household where my father on -- against -- difference yet he had. It was a service for sport but that was something he did I -- house where guns are cleaning gone there was as a normal thing. But to. To hear some of the 5891020. Automatic weapon and -- not a hunter these sort of things I have to protect myself. I IKEA to the question that's why I guarantee relic Patrick Chung is not the only patriot. Going to be asked that question this week now they may not an -- interest and we heated -- -- -- -- tonight question but they're going to be asked. They'll be -- down their retired due to where where we give me it's giving invites might SL I or Friday. And he asked about this week BC record anywhere until right then and they ask about the I don't think the cost the stuff of Riley was as prevalent earlier in the week right but. You know and I understand people testing -- a football question that's fair but I think it's an NFL question question and hopefully help. I understand people want to have a sky on and they wanna talk football I completely understand that that perspective. But you know I think that the conversation here is going to change it's going to become a big story and I disagree with -- in this. He said that the bush whitlock wrote that that fortunately percent to Perkins is that that you would be alive or not. I just you know I believe a look at -- at the slaughter rates going up because the Joker can chopped banker -- -- -- on the I think that's the tough part about one I had a problem with the idea of giving some sort of gun control going on in the week -- -- -- on the you have to look at. 6177797937. To phone every can text us and you are on the eighteenth -- text line 37937. Speaker of the patriots this weekend. Patriots brush up as everything you need for the patriots fan on your list used in the widest selection authentic jerseys hats tees. -- AFC east championship year autograph memorabilia and much much more than patriots pro shop. Located next to Gillette Stadium is open Monday through Saturday 9 AM to 10 PM and Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM or can shop online 24/7. And patriots pro shop dot com. Up Peter King will join us -- will continue with you guys next.

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