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Peter King, SI, on the Texans-Patriots battle on Monday night

Dec 7, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Kirk to pick which team needs to win monday night’s game more: New England or Houston. Peter says he’s a Houston believer despite their precarious victories over Detroit and Jacksonville. The guys also comment on gun control and its relevance in the NFL, as well as the current proposal eliminating kickoffs.

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Every Friday at this time we go around the NFL for great -- -- Peter joins us he's brought to you by town fair tire biker vote attractive corporation. And by -- help -- over the huge game a couple of big games on tap putting Monday night patriots and Texans. Pay Peter it's -- -- in for Lou how are you. Am doing great guys -- you we started the show today with a pretty simple question who's at a bigger game for Monday night Texans or patriots were to come down and -- Peter. Well it probably a little bit bigger from New England because. You know I'm sure patriots. And even at even if the Texans lose its gains. They're still in line and it would still be crooked but it paper. To get at least one of the 21 round -- And you know part of you might say well. You know if they lose all it takes is one -- in the two games to. Indianapolis in the -- -- -- For new England and it's -- -- to win home field but it. I've always thought this. It's far more important to get one of the true. First her -- by. Then it is sellout and do everything he can't get that to get the first to get the first seat. Everybody wants the first -- But the most important thing that we salute in recent playoff history. Is that the home field is not her vomit in the way it used to be what most important. Is getting a week off so that you get from guys tell me. Are you buying into and Houston's let's -- their eleven and one obviously. -- struggle here a little bit in the -- -- up and down the field against them Thanksgiving was not a great spot for them. Are you buying Houston is having a legitimate seat at table signaling when I suppose Denver in the rest of the NFL hours. Yeah I don't know how you don't -- Houston right I mean you know you've seen such good things. Out of them this year particularly. You seem so much young talent grow into a great defensive team. Mean without any question. You know the general manager that -- Rick Smith did the right thing. What and he basically went out and he eats at about Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans are you guys have been great partner. Of a good team. But we don't think that your vital. To. Us being a great. And he let both of them go. And you know he's been proven right. In states. And it can only that he's made an awful lot of really good decisions. The owner property near me -- Smart decision and not firing. The whole lot of coaches may be in her ex met a couple of years ago. And it really paid off but I mean in my opinion. I you know I think it's I think it's it is OK to question this team. On defense after. Nearly gave up 37 to Jacksonville 31 to Detroit you can question that but. You know I I would make two points about that because that's I think that's probably the thing most people look at say. The. But I look at that I'd say okay Jacksonville that was just a weird weird football game. And you can't get up for every game you play so you kind of say okay we'll give the ball and then they go on the road. On you know what you know they like three days after playing 85 quarter game against Jacksonville. And they go on the road and play in which hurried into tree got -- connecting their technical make the playoffs. And they end up winning that game -- overtime and they pretend quarters in five days anyway and vote came so. I would I would look at that even though they didn't play well on beachfront -- with a look at that is more washed. In saying what a good team they are rather than a minus because. You know keep in mind I was looking at this the other day. You know three of the last five games. They've allowed ten points or less. -- on defense and so that this is I still think it's a good defense it's. That you're able to move on this defense no question about it I think Tom Brady will be something Monday but. I am I mainly Texans believer. In my questions about them Peter Moore on offense maybe about Gary Kubiak and a big spot than it is about the defense because. When JJ -- came out of Wisconsin around these parts the hope was that he might fall to seventeen. I know we talked a lot about watt he jumped up the draft board he goes to eleven. As of today he's got sixteen and a half sacks after being given one this week he's got fifteen. Passes defended passes -- at that position. Is he in the conversation now with guys like Patrick Willis and others as the most disruptive defense of force in the National Football League. Well the new guy is so worried that discussion right now in my opinion our our or Von Miller and JJ watt. All didn't hit it close but I think. I look at all -- -- editors. At -- is -- great cap structure. And I look at Von Miller and and JJ watt it's great all around. Defensive players and you know I shouldn't demean the greatness so all and Smith who. He's you know he's probably gonna break the all time single season sack record this year he's going up. You know against John and mark -- -- rookie playing its first game at left tackle in the NFL Sunday so. And he's probably gonna add to that on Sunday against Miami. But I think JJ watt right now I mean I had to pick it. You'd be very close race I'd probably pick water -- dollar but I don't think you can go -- -- I don't think he'd go over. You know coming off obviously you know last week's tragedy in Kansas City with academics at all costs -- things haven't -- it's. But spoke about your ad nauseam but I would just say they have -- the cover of time magazine coming up here this week called enforcer. At the same time I'm looking at -- David -- story this morning USA today recess. You know people tell him three quarters of the league. Have guns players owned guns I guess and askew was the subject Adele is quick to look at its -- I understand because the legal. Right if people do what is it they'll do about the situation. I don't know that you're much pandering what what do you mean it's legal in the United -- own guns. The players in the NFL are American citizens. I'm sure. That to a lot of money that there were some meetings that the NFL this week. To ask any question that I have been asking some people around the league at what it anything can't you do. But at this point. I think the only thing that really -- Ian do. It is emphasized to players. They're gonna be very very top. If you're found to have used the gun illegally. In the commissioner any sort of incident whether so you know an illegal act and obviously. It would be duly elected you're disciplined guy. But. Look Tony Dungy told me the other day -- -- -- polling error Eric -- with our -- about it today you know. We had. We had meeting beat war. See in every year the start screen came here the -- sit out there. And one of the things I always went over -- gun laws in the state of Indiana when he coached in the -- because each day. I just want to make sure that everybody knew they had that they're currently -- registered but he said it would it would upset means no land why would ask. There's the crowd and players how many how many guys in -- Monica. And he -- I would bet -- battle each year on average about 65 guys agreed here -- And second shark. You know when he grew up there never -- his house and senate would have a gun in my house now. And the proliferation of guns troubled him tremendously. But. This country we live in and people can own guns. And until we have what I think we should have at some point in this country intelligent discussion. On the proliferation. Of weapons and especially automatic weapons. I don't I don't know really what he had a token do. I mean I guess I would ask you just did you ever had a conversation the player -- felt compelled to ask you guys you know. If he says yes why he won't 468. On my equipment what what is the. Yes I mean yeah it's a question that I -- I am going to start asking. Because you know why is Cuba Belcher at eight on right -- -- them. I mean I -- it's it's mystifying to me it's. He you know it it reminds me a little bit I remember. Was covering this in the real old days back in the late eighties early ninety's and at the Houston Oilers. We're really -- keen. And they had all these great receivers Haywood Jeffries and Ernest givens -- drew hill and I remember one day being with a wood -- trees and uncle Eddie Carter and I don't even. I think we drew hill worried competition if he got a car I would go out and get a car so one I'd buy another one and I. They have like eight. Very expensive car. Get -- it's insane but you know I'll be back in and you know what people can do whatever they want an error. -- we actually do and I think one thing. That. That I would bet. In future rookie symposiums. Is that they're going to be a lot there's going to be more emphasis on both good education. And done. Ownership. From the -- commandant of the players I act I don't think -- can stop that put I would I would hope that you beat the tree community. Appear the other thing that came out of the -- piece in time was the idea that at least it's been. Talked about between a gallon Rich McKay Greg Xian l.'s proposal about kick -- -- kickoffs and take the ball the 34 and fifteen he can punt it away or Gulfport. Any clue. As to how substantial those talks have been is that something that is not is more than talks would be my question. It's not substantial. It heard this last spring. Roger Goodell had dinner -- about this was a bit. This happens more than a year ago. We should win Ciara was still the -- directors. And good go at -- -- waited. -- Urban Meyer great piano and a bunch of guys and yet the ball. Any ideas they had -- game better make games safer or whatever. And people around the idea that happened to be wanna. You know. I think that expected that it came out that story. Is -- -- but it's not in any way. A proposal that. That the NFL is. Is. You think is going to happen next year or even the year after or that they even think it's exit right the ship that. Roger Goodell -- sit with people on staff and people currently bring your ideas let's talk about. And you know. So amazing the Twitter -- blew up yesterday. We peoples saying that it has collapsed or are we idiotic. In late this is a proposal that the NFL want to adopt heated. It's just an idea to keep talking about things to try to make became speaker and to see how much he'd be losing without kicked -- you know one other. Bill Belichick it's that there are a couple of occasions that the extra point is totally useless part of the game of football which it is it's idiotic you know what should be eliminated it should be changed. I couldn't agree with Belichick more on this EP. You know all over the last I think three years 99 point six all extra point and they've been successful so. In essence what 299. Out of 300 place. Are going to be. 45 seconds of wasted time in a football game why do. And so I think that it's much more light. In the next couple of years that we see a legitimate proposal. Subscribe to either eliminate. The extra point. Or change it to be something like let's say for the sake of argument. You either. -- coach at right after touchdown do you want seven points or do you want six point and the opportunity to. And that's it that's one of the things right now one of the entire point people in the league I've discussed it with him. He's not ready to go -- read it yet. But there's some sentiment right now you know on the record. But he there's some sentiment right now that people are actually in a skirt seriously -- Whether the extra point needs to be eliminated because of the Kuwait -- You think John burdens and be coaching next year would be back -- -- He'll be back -- XP and I think. Yeah I. It was on pardon the interruption the other patient and I. It's that first of all I 88 that thing that people need to understand about gruden is that. You know. -- TN. You know just nine months ago. Handed him. Basically the the title czar of Monday night football league runs the meetings he'd run -- sessions -- Producers directors everything like Eddie. Any run the whole thing. They they took Ron Jaworski out of the boot to give -- an even bigger platform. And I think if he came to on and says. I wanna go -- should the San Diego Chargers or whatever. I think they'd be they'd be furiously beats -- Whatever they would say publicly they would be really upset at this and I think. He knows that they have. That -- You know. Basically put a lot they've invested a lot in him. And you know the other thing has he got one son at home right now and eight school. I don't know what sort promise he's made we Stanley -- you know everything I hear it city's oldest and the hang around until. This sudden out of high school who knows what will happen I don't know. I don't think anybody really knows. But I also think that the only way he'd go back is if he Shelby that he had a quarterback he could win the Super Bowl. -- a quick coach follow up that is Chip Kelly in the same -- Chip Kelly coached in the NFL next year Peter. Are these coaching in the NFL next here open. On that saying all along I mean you know he. The only reason he didn't coached in the NFL this year. Is that or hurt and what not guarantees it is offensive coordinator which she gonna feel left. Oregon now has all but guaranteed that the offensive coordinator will succeed. -- can take the best -- you can get out there. Peter great stuff is always look forward to read your Friday column later on today and -- Monday Morning Quarterback obviously and we'll talk next week. Agree we one of the best Peter King joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTZ. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. Like recent ESP embossed Toyota's bottom of the hour 1230 gives his thoughts on patriots Texans we come back I wanna do two things -- a look at. The schedule this week the other marquee games the NFL. -- -- were talking football one of the most unique. Football players athletes of all time have a huge documentary on tomorrow night -- get your thoughts and Bo Jackson that's next.

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