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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, previews Pats-Texans and talks about the NFL changing the kicking game

Dec 7, 2012|

D&C look at Monday's matchup between two of the AFC's elite as well as how much a factor J.J. Watt will be in defending against Brady and the Pats offense. They also go into the Jovan Belcher incident and how it affected Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot I don't know I would never even thought about the starting a game without a kick off on the that would be radical -- almost you know. That would change the dynamics of the game has put the ball California Lotta guys would -- only -- that you need to carry special teams players that you don't have a cacophony that they get that they give a lot of thought to that they would be part of some guys losing jobs at all that. Other radical changes proposed by Schiavo case people are completely up to speed is that an after after a score instead of a kick off the team that scored would take the ball and its -- thirty. A centrally a fourth and fifteen situation they -- attempt to keep their offense on the field might try to pick up the fifteen yards at the risk of turning the ball over on downs. Or they could putt it seems to be in my it would only happen later in the game when you were trailing it would never happen in the first half -- correct. Yeah I would -- so I -- -- seven Augusta and this group and I have looked good news would be I just it was like somebody just and I'd rather big it was legitimately had a chance. I don't look at that. What would you if you could change a rule Mike and you love football you'll love the NFL as do we. But they're always looking at ways to improve the product what what would you do to make a better. Well I mean you know. I don't know income alone Google -- that this musicality of the game that it makes it hard routines. -- it's a tough question to be because. The with the pieces of the true of the game. I think there's got to -- -- -- incorporate into the couch and back into the game without the contact and concussions and -- -- -- -- questions -- the it and I mean I don't I would change the game but I think it's if it's. I like those that aren't so good with that part like what were they are. And I and I think the Libyans don't that would make that obviously you could squeeze you like I could he has. You know make the end of 1520. So now people could actually have the concede that decrease. -- open which means that. How do you look at Monday night's game in terms of the match ups and -- and plays itself out. While this is going to be a fascinating game for both sides of the proteins. The number one and -- between teams in the national -- to come to scores from the first quarter in the second quarter. Both teams are rushed and established a lead both teams like to play from the front. And I think it's going to be construct that would please you know contemporary creates an extra good -- -- would you watch instead Houston's about. Winning every doubt they get -- it's a positive yardage you can if we -- issues. The group that's that's ignite a better number. Protect the chance looking to converting those doubts about a percent you know you'd -- with eleven -- came Huckabee so well. Well we're not gonna prepare to protect consistently all the time like that stroke that you had a blue -- objective was to try to get the lead temperament -- which. The protections to have to try to block about protecting us from. And utilized there's -- security encryption or defense to try to put pressure on shops. I think it's going to be patient about it again I think it's the one who can set the pace. Could be the woman has the best advantage. What happened to the connections in the last month they you know they gave up 37 the Jacksonville at home and then. Went to overtime at Detroit gave up 31. Exit and we hear about Cushing all the time the loss of Cushing is it that simple. Or is this something Els gone wrong on the defense Mike. While they play a lot of man to man and and when you put a lot of meta man with a with a with just 12 with a three safety you break a tackle you're gonna make a big play and I think they've given up a lot of good plays an anchor. -- like fifth in the league allowing 25 yard pleasure -- the last -- good to -- and so they give up more big plays and if you -- protect against UH a lot they haven't been able to get the pressure from the upstart from. -- a bar when. Brooks reed who was hurt me now or he won't play in the game what -- resources command but you know and told -- and and did you want have been the impact players and -- if you block it you could handle the inside the pocket and not well -- Which attempts to sub in our membership guide to hit the most to pass -- any player on the -- to -- to cut fifteen I've never heard that before you know what the defense alignment. Which -- he's been expelled the team's twelfth. Just this is it. Making a lot this is sort of a weird NBA NFL. Analogy if you will Michael Jordan used to say back in the day he's got to get his points no matter what you do in a matter what you do to him defensively he's gonna get his appointees to let him get off for 55 or sixty. The same thing economy set about -- what he's gonna get Rick a certain amount of habit. So let completely take control the games at a fair comparison -- -- what -- or use it but you know where he has all the time. You know he knows the protections always been slowed in India understands that I -- -- -- to allow him. To make sure he doesn't BT you're gonna problem that it got to make sure you're careful. It controlled the football and actually get an -- world because what it's just gonna have pass broken up sixteen and have -- That's over a birdie opportunities to create turnovers that's really rare and out of Topeka and -- and so. -- you just can't let him get old tight well played so I think he's gonna make it tackles he's gonna play hard. It's got to try to minimize all of the impact for the game. What is your opinion a match. You wouldn't column in Lee would too much equity to the next level. Nobody put a pencil lead and -- -- two vehicles a great job of understanding that they are on offense and and part of what I was talking about establishing believe it's critical because. They are a run team their play action -- team they take shots opened shop I would be shocked at the port for the game to shut up the field Amanda got to try to make big chunks yards. And they they don't they need to run a bald area Foster but the gonna throw up because of this offense itself perfectly and indeed accurate. He has enough movement that he can kind of bottom so he could threaten the backside of the defense which. Keep them from being able which allows them the wonders don't stretch and keeps you gotta have a play the backside boot. So he fits what they -- he's Smart he's accurate -- -- -- -- know. If you mostly -- now but he divert productive player and utilizing the system extremely well that's a great job. How much this game mean if they meet again in the AFC championship game like. Well I think -- mean a lot I think it'll be you know -- -- -- -- how mutual once apply them I think that's going to be the judgment to the first quarter and then both teams that they meet again in the play elsewhere have an adjustment to what they didn't at a local government match -- reporters I think this is a game what coaching is going to be very good on both sides of the ball. It'll come down to the match up and held a cult of each team is that we won't have enough receivers on the outside. Just to create some problems. Confused and Campbell these receivers with the lack recorders. Outsource a lot of issues that I think you're gonna work through it true identity that we get the playoffs. Where those are our response back other natural to -- trounced in a playoff game where they're gonna gamble on Hernandez what state can cover him. You know how to they have all these opens in virtually. You know how New England handles Andre Johnson Alan -- or better in the public almost have to go play in the truck. Mike when you we we know we obviously know that Scott Pioli and Romeo Cornell went through the worst nightmare many NFL coach or executive. When you're in a front office. How much did you worry about something like that happening how much did the gun culture of the the obsession with guns a lot of these guys have. How much did that concern you guys. Who worked in the from a. You know I think that the you have to know about the players and I think you have to understand the culture about the cute kid that you get to become older and -- certain ways to keep you have to understand about the use. Yes Thursday about the Pope your recruiting and you've got to make sure you do as much reading of as much understanding that -- and you're dealing with the because you can't react to what you would react to the problem it. I -- is this something else in the terms of my environment how I grew up that's not gonna help is a football team you've got to really analyzes in terms of that player how he grew up look at issues for rock. And understand that I think that truly critical I think you really have to live in the footsteps of the persons. Before you get him in your building and understand who they are because because it is not that we would worry about you -- -- about you don't know. Right well Kostis relays the story from Tony Dungy would dungy. Had this whole team before -- cut -- -- eighty guys. And said how many because -- a gun he said sixty guys said they had a -- sixty out of eighty. Did you ever have a moment like that where you said -- this this this is pretty prevalent this is not like you said not like it in your circle of friends this is different world. I'm not. Other room with a player that had. IPod semiautomatic guns yeah and I mean that there -- mr. right you don't let me and he said he was a harder -- I'd you know look I'm not -- this is a gun control conversation about. I didn't understand you -- up with semiautomatic guns I had to go through the animals but he's good. And you know it was -- creating a problem on our football team so I had to handle itself. Yeah I mean I've been taught by some of the things that have been some of the -- an and an advocate I understand how they get there you know I think that's part of what you do when you're dealing with a bunch of diverse people depressed characters and people from different parts of the country from different environment and other ways. I think it's important to try to understand all that about it and it's correct but obviously it's important understand. In my did you anticipate chiefs rallied around that and fighting to prove you know that lack of focus in and getting a win and and because I certainly didn't. I did -- and I don't know how they handle that those remarkable that they were able players won't regret concentrate for the three hours especially in light of events that happened in the parking lot I mean I don't know how they did it. I think it's gonna objectives for the rest of -- life is gonna -- in the Cleveland this week yeah I think it would I think it's going to be adjusting. In terms of watching that game and how the structure and how it goes forward but I know it's gonna have a profound effect of Romeo and Scott -- large. Did -- do the right thing by going back to Sanchez. Quarterback -- And they all practiced well don't forget Michael -- We go practice had a great week of practice this week on the net virtual as a middle Mark Sanchez -- eight point 25 million guaranteed. If he gets paid to whether he goes whether they're just coming out I think this -- this seventy million. And then if they kind of the only way to probably within thirty days of the contract so. I mean Rex had no role options I mean this is the quarterback that they that they admitted to -- to go -- and I think still. Let's see if I cannot anticipate what your up purely watch one game we're not we're leaving the patriots out of this thing. Our ravens Redskins would that -- -- on the fascination. That's the one that's like -- told them I don't know why you're Gupta when I came I I didn't understand that quality RG treatable with a look at all the mortal tough for the most people think. Another ball ball bounce back this week -- going to be good game and I wanna see our complete reformers like these seven yards last week. And he's going up that particular at the pro ball better this game to be able to beat the ravens so I think the ravens will make plays and investigate the rest of people coming up the local last week. You know especially consider that they were able to get the giants up until the fourth quarter of their rope for two on third down the fort portal which really -- game -- This is a non sequitur summing up a lot of -- watching football last week and a city in need to ask Mike this. What happened to Philip Rivers. Well I -- probably was like the boxer that's been hit too much -- -- and anytime a quarterback it's a bit too much it's not good form. And that they could -- -- and I think he's seen things he'd react -- the into the pressures gotten to a he's not you know that they can has you know people are about his receivers but they they offered to blind faith is a problem for a I think he's been that way too much and I think it's gonna take a rehabilitation project to get him back he's not nearly the only player that he wants was. And we leave you with us but we think can have you midweek only had a list from the in the the American Kennel Club the American veterinary association. The top ten names for dogs do you look at number one name parade female dog is for the last six years running including this year my. -- it is bella. All you know and it looks he don't Twitter page he's big time death I was so he's all right in line with that I mean. Keep the supporter I believe that I'll just wanted to Hewitt and if you think the type of garbage. I'm sure that -- couldn't barking in the back. All right now hearted is from -- when she gets goes to school the public free of what DiFelice gets -- -- and class. There are no doubt about it you don't -- -- -- a unique character pollution can make a presence don't trust if you beat the heck are you about. All right Mike enjoy that we get we'll talk to -- -- Mike Lombardi with the Ellison telling our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and buy HSA insurance and as always he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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