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Winter is coming ... to the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show

Dec 7, 2012|

Dennis and Callahan announce WEEI's hiring of ESPN Radio anchor Kevin Winter to replace Jon Meterparel as flash boy now that Meter's gone on to pursue play-by-play.

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The auditions are over. -- -- -- You just programs are yeah he was -- and it today -- -- and you bring it he was really thought he was gonna make a late move here he was he -- we -- a flashpoint yeah John sorry to break it to you this way. The other fine I didn't even know I was in the running -- -- with Mikey at night yeah as he didn't make the committee that yeah I think he was more maybe interested in myself. I need to ride. No it's not yet. Not -- Not -- -- jerk. Not Kirk it's not important not Orton not up. Not a lot from Texas now now not -- a lot. It is it's. Our new flashpoint Kevin winter joins us on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Congratulations Kevin and Richard you're worthy grant sweepstakes winner to the Dennis and Callahan. Last boy for the foreseeable future. It is your boys beat me like -- great start -- like children as studio and I. Ought to let it cool or who are only. -- -- So what did you think they -- the -- what did you think -- performance was pretty impressed with your two days here. I enjoyed it I thought. I I thought we we get it up pretty well but page it was a lot more comfortable economic they're scared to death be Decision Day one. I would not alive but they do a great. And I looked facility that's done exceptionally well debate filling out -- anxiously waiting I think -- Specter actually we're gonna go out. Items did you know that you were going to be paid in Milton gift cards it was a surprise tonight at. I ought to be open it was lucky so reluctant to. The government and you're right I'll I'll I'll look at it -- you -- -- parties -- capital editors. Our -- Twitter account regional campaign. -- -- -- I left that to my partner here DDoS get a relationship yeah see -- yeah. When I don't think you would sound a lot like -- coast or if that your daughter Kevin. So lol yeah I mean now they -- a short -- public record -- and I got was slept like yesterday. I put it up -- I'm kind of on the -- writers is that a writer and a couple of they would you know I. I know you've got a lot of different jobs and industry you're one of those typical you know radio nomads but. This is a different deal Kevin you're gonna set the alarm for whatever time and leave it there every day. Every week every year the one thing this job requires above all else is get not and show enough. The -- Probably you exceeding moderate or they drank. So that your tour de -- to shell out amateur red bullet electorate bullet shell credit guys -- what you -- -- -- both people stop. And there were a lot of good candidates but I will say this I think one of the things that Kevin Winter Park was the energy in the morning yep -- else on this energetic this -- election Cologne so. Slap on the high karate that little lighter India hiker on. -- -- Particularly that remark that a lot of thought that the right oppress us they want right they want money like that we could -- in this state. To -- 07 coal pit -- undefeated and we. While that's a long time ago and that was a pretty memorable season around here. Well that's a good data stuck. That is a very good -- start -- well let's talk radio what are you what are you worried about Kevin what is your biggest concern -- other. Then you know I haven't wolf he'd tell you you know you do know that you also have to. And clean in the men's room part of the deal. I'll worry that you ignored or -- I've known at all I didn't I didn't oldest guys. The minute that you better that was the -- years I would and it might Haiti eaten alive by YouTube but five years ago. I don't think I ever -- on the side. If saying there were gone soft you know -- resent. -- -- -- -- -- -- US thicker -- five years later that the point. Pat responsibility it's what I doubt it I think it picker in I know -- in my life and yeah you know it's like that -- it would have. I would try to. Piece of advice that your close out the night before. Digital economies demo around the dark look at form. -- sure. You're on TV on TV. If you don't have a -- you got to get it's again just hit a button and copies in your system suited to wake up and do not use the snooze button. All I only -- -- the alarm rings immediately within five seconds my feet have to be on the floor. I I actually still have one of those old school Erica occasionally break out the old school double bell large. You're up pretty well connected in the industry you've worked in other places what are people told you. Above us and they told you they wonder about how insane my partner here is -- You know do you know trend for. But I don't and is sorely short there at least in the interests but that's where like I'm assuming will be nice till after Christmas I think ticker this weather really look at it what about holiday's over -- -- -- -- Well we can't pick a running. It's when you see it appears they get the pain in the activated so we get to grind. And it's all -- -- literally -- -- and John Farrell that got beat this guy edible org particularly. No I was more -- spring training when Dino suits let's go to dinner and you end up would Dino and all the spots and a drive and Myers what does that race. -- -- Lou as you could favorite place blue yeah when he -- would Dina and and his cigar bar around the corner. Then. I got a couple look at what is it's and -- -- it big article but I. Vote just look at Buick -- packet cigar. All right congratulations -- -- to carry out we are now in the turns -- three years and 39 million dollars for Kevin winter yet and it starts. I bet that it -- effort to -- the last couple it and. Yet close three years and 39000. -- enjoy your weekend rest up we'll see you bright and early Monday morning Kevin. -- and Dennis and Callahan last talked to Scott in Ohio very briefly before we take breaks got to undermine today I. First of all enjoyed watching -- show like it here thank you can't just aren't they trying to give as much -- into perspective to some of the things that -- Hussein. -- understand obviously a peep out 41 for people my age and and older in a lot of ways we looked up Ernie because obviously is one of the few players that only player that actually rigged the system. The plane Cleveland and back close but didn't get the job and what he was talking about. Is that again their travels show that what side and markets -- In what actually happened during that show is there was soldier who had died. In it was either -- and I think Keyon -- In this huge huge Bernie's thing and so -- did come -- at. It was assigned framed picture of the border when he was. Dressed up -- browns uniform so that sort of started the emotional roller coaster that you heard from Bernie. Some lists you know all the rumors are. Take -- Fort Worth does not so much alcohol I think it's pain medication does that displease you guys know a lot hits in his career. So it seems to me at least unfortunately I handle I was listening to them that way home from work. Seems to me might have been mixed and some some probably an alcoholic and was pain medication sound like. And you know it's it's it's bad for us in country I saw the movie hoosiers in some ways probably our shooter. He got it close but he never got the job done. In in your right needs help and hopefully get healthy yet but it's got to understand he's from the Cleveland perspective and he's. He's one of our own and and there's nothing that can't compete on or -- You know -- -- a position where we're reaching -- just hope somebody's. Is Scott is Alexi silver is Alexi -- were known she enclave. I mean it's it will -- to own -- You see historic and being Alec has been through a lot like Garrett said and and to have that mean. Look that you mansion that was your daughter. No I don't know I couldn't I would sound worst then Bernie. And I. And you check out luckily the bigger mess -- what are their people who care enough about Bernie and -- in his life to. Wellness check and I'm guess in this -- -- -- bunch of people missed by the cable group wellness -- whose goal is wallet -- and took off in -- is is ex wife is -- daughters to a porn I'm not sure how many people closed them. Look I'll look it up best interest but I think it's been a while they -- and a struggled via the struggle for quite awhile Rob Ninkovich on this patriot Friday Mike Lombardi as well your phone calls -- with Dennis Kelly.

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