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Rob Ninkovich on Monday Night Football, NFL rule changes and Brady's baby

Dec 7, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with the Pats defensive end about Monday's matchup against the Texans and what kind of challenges and elite team of their calibur bring to the table. They also discuss whether or not the zone blocking scheme is dirty and whether or not penalties perpetually benefit the defense in football.

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Our conversation with Rob Ninkovich has brought you buy lunch dates and by -- making Angel or rob joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning rob aria. -- reader all apply -- -- -- Texans the best team you have seen so far this year and -- only see them on film but -- do they look like the most formidable opponent you have yet to encounter this year rob. Gregory obviously there are there of -- is wrong. That -- our. Eleven games so you know -- country you have earlier -- is pretty solid but I think it's. -- up from below where now come under normal. You know they're bigger game. What do they do best I -- they do a lot of things well what do they do best. You know they do have a reducing your own words you know. Current -- alerts are sent distract. Your orders. They can move off both -- -- or -- outlook or so on observable. As what they do best. And Teddy Bruschi said you know they they do the zone blocking which I guess Kubiak brought over from Denver. Which at times is it you know it's it's now right there on the edge of dirty a lot of cut blocking a lot of low block and does it feel from a guy news you know in the trenches does it feel dirty when a guy -- it down even though it's legal to inside the tackle box. Does it feel like over the line. You know or. Is it defrauding her you know it's that you're in your vision or apartment you can -- Photography either are or where you -- the -- -- aren't aren't so. -- -- open -- your -- you know what -- just let the affordable and years. Where are you brought that back you're like you don't he would ordinary get hurt so. -- -- -- it's poker so you know you don't see sort of a salute afford. Do you want to the NFL to outlaw that there's word that they may outlaw all low blocking. Are you not to get the part of its gain error isn't the norm for so long now that -- home. -- take it away -- -- obviously something that they used a lot of it looked. Not a bill like. Is it that -- narration. I don't know targets that are talked about -- -- Big part of the game -- you know you can't see it I think that's the only from orbit that aren't just a little to deter the -- -- -- In your mind -- every rule change benefit the off 21 of those defense of guys who's sick of it feels like. About time that did some help the defense. -- -- -- -- ruled out there and or orange political aren't so -- You know that's sort of -- also a reporter will be our side. -- got to do call. Face masking on the office. You never do -- you know Erin Foster grabbed you probably could grab your face mask to push your head around like like -- girl on texas'. And there's no call you touch his face mask its fifteen yard personal well. Are we we got to do -- -- -- -- lower multiples fear that you. They have thought you were making a game time decision to -- one of the Texans down. Either Audrey Johnson or area Foster which one would you prefer to be sitting on the sidelines all day as opposed out there on the field. There. I grew over a -- rather think that. You know wanna take out is that. You know Randy -- stronger so obviously if sponsors are dirt but it looks good backup running back. And you know there. -- of their receivers earlier pretty good receiving corps so they stopped see the big targets -- so there are. Think. You know there was so it is so well to. Lose the -- years or so repressed. How would you describe jobs -- jobs game rob. Apparently he does make all the pros and you're able to. We don't control law as well policy he. You know -- suspect they're in the aren't strong. And not the overall economic posts posted at quarterback. And are they borders Serbia are not from here. You think you'll play him again. After this after Monday that you -- again in January. For a while also. Around Vermont. I think they're hurting your career playing. Erupt I know human nature doesn't apply to this game because obviously it's kind of a playoff preview type of thing I know coaches rail against this and guys not getting up for certain opponents but how well can you describe or or rationalize. How they can give up 38 to Jacksonville or -- you guys to lose to Arizona or what the jets take it over time I understand you know the the company line is say this is the National Football League wins are hard to come by. But it's human nature does it from time to time if you try not to let it happen. Have you take opponents a little less likely a lightly that you would let's say the Houston Texans the San Francisco 49ers the week after that. Thought you know I think that. You know with the European orders and you know. -- our readers are secure. You know people that. Arc in the gamer playing on the gators realize that you know -- week's series like ours if he can't let her funeral -- -- It's pretty good stroke he earned your body. -- through a lot of things so I think that it also arms. -- -- it could be the theater has you know. He armored in order certain offense or defense heard earlier Coke or injuries here there -- everybody's playing -- though. Are you are not everybody's out there played our our sense so. There are saying that. Insists the political policy goes here -- your computers down. Errors and some aren't there in southern -- that's so arm. You know again you can. You say that they the only game last -- Early gave a couple -- -- communities for a third bat well. You know obviously they're good football -- they've made a lot of weapons. On the road which is her -- that you're so also. You're just seeing her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how late Monday Night Football appearances have you made rob. Here -- anti. Before the report does it feel different. You know. Architecture today it is a little bit different but you know one thing is you know if you're always important there you know you're the only to find and everybody watching so. There. -- -- -- more more motivation to make sure overseas. Arm alerted or whatever particular kind. 'cause -- to Brady pass out after the birth of -- on Wednesday. Out of your cigar didn't go our -- was he was the jump -- happy it was -- year of the talk much about it. -- -- heard -- say Kumar go home. There are certain. There are ecstatic that he had a baby girl was there it and he did uses stable -- -- business news here. Well not cigars will probably be odds and probably be better for the last longer. I don't worry your -- -- server are all right good body and I talked the next week rob. Our record our conversation -- Rob Ninkovich has brought you buy lunch dates and by Bart making -- he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TT we -- back project. We just involved you know what that with Britney to bitch he's free in the mornings usually he could have been -- -- -- Think that we're aware of the meeting start before then yes I'm Kevin oyster. And that's the sport slash I mean I like winter but I'm thinking now I mean it always happens that way when you buy a current and you see -- -- -- -- there's. We higher winter and I think. Which could -- Boson has a job.

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