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Jonny Gomes talks about what he expects as a member of the Red Sox

Dec 6, 2012|

Jonny talks with Kirk, Alex and Ian on the Hot Stove Show. He talks about how he considers himself a “down and dirty” player, keeps his head down and works hard. He says he understands what it is like to play in Fenway in front of Red Sox fans. He’s excited to get to spring training and get to work with his new teammates.

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It's hot stove show Turkmen and Alex -- Ian -- in for rob Bradford and joining us now in the AT&T outline. Is is the new Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes Johnny good evening -- you. It. I'm not too bad I guess some of the start off with a question that I won askew was. Expo what is is greasing what business you're your your your your -- you -- Greece for a team does that mean. -- -- -- Start with a couple of -- are elected. Well at all like yeah well you know good. You know -- all -- I mean you know you don't got to look you are every time we've thought of it now you know the eight ball is you know I mean. We're talking you know I mean how to debate machine run -- -- machine runs you know what a lot of batteries and a lot of very. You know and have you ready to find yourself a lot of energy battery to buy yourself a machine -- it by yourself but degrees you know it is it. Keep the movie -- going or even in the park so. And Agassi can look into it you know all right away but you know it is you know consider myself. You know it down and dirty baseball player you appeared on my uniform considered an honor and that's dirty -- dirty. I guess we talk about it so that kept him home to. Stuff about not doctors saw John Travolta. If there. -- slightly more you -- so when the Red Sox came with this offer you know two years. -- I guess my question would be a in a while other teams were in the mix are closer to go somewhere else and B why did you ultimately decide not to come the boss. Our own. We're desperate or more often -- there there's so much accountability and bought into me. I'm probably starting you know from ownership down the operational ventured into the -- players. And down. When they approach you mean so much accountability there -- not just signing you to they'll face. Obviously with the bad facing off -- what he's chi gained national gains the Indians. I mean you're you're you're an article in the air you know you're not trying to you know -- decent -- So. Would that -- sort of -- it is somewhat of an honor you know absolutely hurt you know organizational ought to approach you can't come. You know what's in the best interest in you at this time you got your record -- Your act they're greatly in the Arctic. So long you know I came up in the elite -- obviously. Strategy doesn't want to let 2008 pat -- heated battle you know and then -- and into Tampa so familiar with the Lee. Our -- with the law. Now you know excited for the opportunity. And like that I'm a guy who plays with -- chip on my shoulder you know -- you and your street sixty. Is that the year where now I -- I truly being you know Paxton at media mentality -- the Red Sox -- -- out. And our armor. Definitely excited to be apart. So that's kind of a fascinating thing in which your your. Compare -- do do these Red Sox to the 201213. Red Sox as you as you imagine them kind of compare with. You know with a surprising contenders that you've been on before and their career whether the rays or whether. Whether the reds or the athletics because it's it's kind of one usually think of the Red Sox in those terms given the given the different market size that you know. They did in the different atmosphere surrounding this team's. Yet you know OK you know started you know from the innings out there some movie or Red -- Mean it's a Red Sox are you know -- first place in June at the Red Sox are in first place it never really don't. -- we're you know -- history rich of that organization. The champion -- it away you know back in the starting 2004. You know now return in the organization around. -- -- aren't sneak up on anybody. But I think without being sent acting you know some people might think there's going to be a little gray area you know maybe we'll bounce back area. It and now you know I'm I'm I'm a believer that in all the time right now. You know that you know there's no rebuilding. When you're wearing uniforms there's no gray area anyway. You know -- times now winning today. And moving forward this year. Just in China which you look at Florida getting more acquainted with that that monster 37 foot monster. Standing behind you there and -- he reached out to Carly strokes here Jim Rice or guys who have. You know play that wall so well throughout their careers can ask them for for some pointers -- how how to play. Yeah I mean absolutely I mean you know you. And of the game stories game aren't the degree in law we are so there were our personnel. But I'm ironically. You know coming up and the -- -- positions. And -- -- system you know very quick note nagging. And now. That Durham Bulls district labor camp in that -- -- -- exact. Dimensions. Green -- at their field. Obviously blue Durham -- But on I mean I I got a bunch of games underneath outlaw. I'm just saying you know probably not but you know diminishing in line in you know ankles and not a geometry major out exactly get but I'm opening day. But are there are some angle to worry about and down. -- I -- you know. The -- that scared me. OK without law I've studied out walk them enough. Play into that ball in the big leagues and I'm excited Q. You know become one with the monsters and how -- Marjorie yeah. Just remind me is in Durham -- -- that -- -- new park from the when that was featured bull Durham but they still have like they hit a ball when a state type deal. It'll always. Date yet -- you know skiing and that -- no mistakes you -- Well I consider myself pretty good pops a couple of mutton and went over the ball in but don't count. But I -- I think I got a couple hit on it. It's interesting to think about your career path a little bit because I I believe that this is the first multi year deal of your career you know when you when you talk about dating back to the minor leagues you didn't have a huge prospect profile and you enter pro ball. You've kind of been this guy who's been known as a grinder. What is it is it different to you know was it just kind of a landmark in your career to have a team say -- we've you know based on what you've done in your career. We want to make that multi year you know. Investment in new it's that's going to you know set up pretty well in a way that I think will be double in your career earnings have been to this point. Right you know. I -- you know the money -- played -- well you know you're lucky enough to play in the game and I don't play this game for the money. I always save money makes you more -- a person and he walked. I consider myself -- caring person and that person and where and in trouble. I'm not really worried about that you know part of it on yet are you deal you know we're really excited me. It did this crazy game I mean you know. We don't want anyone Arafat who don't want you know anyone there. You know work cut us off to feel much but I mean you know packing up and we go to spring training act -- -- ball into the sea and leave in the -- and -- had to see it live Nat boxes you know. Three year old daughter she -- you know 456. Different bed and -- bouncing around. We're just really nice to be honest. You know mark family set up myself in Boston. And our depth in that you know are pretty exciting thing that -- -- countless on and you know it can be a part of this is. Johnny you know you sit around this week and the rats are our national and make it something's happened in our -- is after you see them. In a close and an agreement to the Mike Napoli Shane Victorino. Doing -- -- a really ruptured familiar with in how much is that the fire captain to get to spring training. What does you know absolutely you know but. But that can definitely been around this game you know walking out you know not been able lead there -- -- Barca. Well below market big market that -- -- gene chip in. And you know just that you're free agent you know it doesn't mean you know you're getting you know I mean look I mean you know it ain't pretty. Doesn't really mean much notes and meet. Personally. Goal and actually I banner going actor I mean our I couldn't be more happy about his signing so far. On the on the firm believer in you know clubs out out. And you know who's who's back you have first your coworker or your best friends. Well you can compare those two -- the -- you know your outlook on the work -- at each other's back. Mike Napoli who know victory -- on the great guy you know. And when it's all been done you know you can look yourself in the near it or not -- -- other trainers out there. Did it -- the stat probably not but you can promised you know 100% of their efforts and that he went into the immediately but guys doing that. You know he can he can be long he can being in it for the long out there and. Which I appreciate it thanks for your time in good luck in the offseason. Our -- appreciate Marshall hasn't yet been. Sounds great thanks -- appreciate it. That's Jonny Gomes and Red Sox felt really joining us in the AT&T --

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