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December 6th Hot Stove Show

Dec 6, 2012|

Kirk Minihane, Alex Speier and Ian Browne are in on this weeks Hot Stove show. they recap some of the winter meetings and talk with Red Sox Assistant GM Mike Hazen and Red Sox new outfielder Jonny Gomes.

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Another edition of the hot -- showed 937 WE -- we're here for an hour is Turkmen and again it is Alex -- again. And really I mean realistically the third man in this group Bradford out. Is out centimeter in the break Bradford useless but stick with the in the rest of the way so -- -- -- mlb.com. Anyway which -- aware of Bradford. That's true -- -- laws would be useful but we have we -- he told us last week. Swimming golfing. Country umbrella as he does that which I mean as -- -- -- granted he does that in Boston even in this studio -- And especially because the swimsuit also is not just limited is great. -- the guys were in Nashville past couple hours ago. When we got what's the overall what do we think when it's done went in with expectations here a week ago now we passed stuff does happen we think. Man they -- pretty aggressively you know to get god to get what they saw as a couple of primary needs addressed they really have. Put themselves in in a position where OK they've addressed most of their position on needs they can afford to maybe wait back a little bit on -- kind of rounding out the roster. But they need to get the starting pitching question addressed right now but. They've added a couple of guys on big deals three and 39 each it's very nice to have that as the template for -- both right now and we didn't we'll get those guys in the second -- and start today year. You know the most recent -- Red Sox I agree we -- -- pretty good. Yeah it was a nice. It -- the -- means watching the the Japanese paparazzi -- ventured out the Gaylord opryland hotel today. In a desperate for an answer for -- can confirm assigning credit. It is darn it we crushed it I just wanna point out we we've confirmed it and the pending a physical error there was a great way and the meets one of them because. -- heard all about Napoli you know you knew they were again after the -- victory you know our swisher when most guys. But you know we borrowed the -- guy inherited Cuba in him much about threats are separating the bullpen it is they have a lot of guys come back service has. Put a dominant numbers last series pitched in big games the last couple years army ruinous. Still mean almost you know you not to be you know you'll hyperbole here -- almost historic numbers when he pitches well boxing is the downside is the has been some injuries. Right he is when healthy he's one of the greatest strike out to cooperation guys in Major League history he has multiple seasons of having more than ten strikeouts per walk. He did it -- American League east when he was with the terrible Orioles team he was still just attack attack attack Star Search start six strike. And it worked and in fact the Red Sox a couple of years ago had interest in him. But they've rarely screaming I thought from the medical's. And so they they didn't get too involved when he ended up signing. Back with your -- which turned out to be a really good deal for them on a one year plus an option deal because then they were able to leverage that. Into trade value trade him to the Rangers get prospect back. They actually made a great deal the Orioles -- I think that's where they got Chris Davison Tommy Hunter but basically. You know a -- time guy. So the Red Sox get insurance and their bullpen which they need. If if he's healthy that is if he's healthy they also might have a surplus at some point which would permit them to flip him get more prospects. That's been known I mean it sounds like almost certainly he's coming here Napoli. Victories on legacy I don't -- -- continues sort of treat people around here you know when -- these goal line it always is is right the mystery team it -- three player and to play ministry radio host it not rob Bradford who's been you guys to continue to jump on RL's very. And Hamilton now it sounds like you've confirmed in the survey confirm church and on Monday I think left. Left the book the -- for two and a half hours now with a player. It was Hamilton. You're Seattle stop now how realistic is it -- you know one out of ten Josh Hamilton will be with you Red Sox next year. At this -- between 1015%. And in the Red Sox. Are real long shot here I'm I'm not one of those people gets worked up because they met face to face and it's almost beat. Things that fans get all excited when they see that headline -- Josh Hamilton -- in town he's in natural to meet with teams. With a Red -- we do on the job they didn't cartoon it's all they did -- cabinet met this -- if he is good replacement sabathia. At style that I in any real chance -- him the timing and I got to cover your bases right they've met with I think they met with Cliff Lee before they offered him seven years and a hundred million dollars which is kind of a joke contract -- Meant to put the Yankees and a bad position. I think the reality is that the Red Sox to my mind I don't see them extending beyond for years I see one of the other teams saying. We're gonna get this done we need to get Hamilton we've been shut out elsewhere in the marketplace we're going to step up for reports here that's my guess. And I had just you know my killing is that the Red Sox won't extend beyond the comfort point which is three years from. Any Ellsbury thing is interesting it got briefings at -- strange story so many ways it is tough if you if you keep right now you know you risky losing effort to pick. If you get her right now you're selling low does the porous factor did you get the senate -- market is starting to dry up. You know Ellsbury is just tricky situation soup to nuts you know you don't know what to do the clip sleeping offices up the -- now with the trade today but what is the future of Ellsbury here in this. They want him to play has. But off and to be an awesome player. The ads don't just say you only get the pick because you get a 2013 season when you get a potentially really good dynamic impact player who can help you. On both offense and defense you know -- prevention and run and run scoring. And so if he's healthy if he's motivated which he obviously is to be really really good that you have a very good player who can impact your team in a lot of ways and then you get the panic but. They they would need if he were to move elsewhere have been told they would only do it if it upgraded their rotation right now they've only heard from teams willing to offer prospects. They they aren't anywhere near anything that would move -- there. Prospects say he is as good as this prostitute like who's as good is that potentially what to do. Well I got to look at it this way -- and make your team better. E*Trade of green and you have victory you know examiner. You have -- were they like Cody Ross and right. As I gonna be better off power but I only question I would ask -- some -- -- -- in the World Series amounted to goodness you're so if I'm looking at is a poignant perspective by Sandra to get rigid a -- here I've I've -- this year. It -- get the best deal you can for Ellsbury if you are short that you're going to lose him. Adjust to at least at the very least seriously explore that option I think you're making a mistake though to dismiss the possibility of contending Grassley as we sit at this point -- he's in the Al east is not a division that has. That it has monsters and I don't think. I think the Red Sox have a very reasonable chance of competing if they can find ways. Of making the pitching staff better and part of that is better outfield defense. Which you can get through victory -- -- -- and if the Oakland -- in Baltimore and you last year evidence that but I mean that's those computers are those those -- years and happened all of and I understand Tampa Bay in 2000 you know I think things can happen. Idea of the Red Sox right now Anderson it's it's not November and December 6 December said -- -- days ago it is. The Yankees in his in his Tampa is is Toronto may be immune to -- a third best team. I honestly I've said this before and I stand by that I have no idea right I can I am I can see a case for basically. Went through for any team except for the Orioles and I'm selling them short I do and underscored the -- the notion that they were one year wonders is a little bit exaggerated but. I think that I think any team I think it's wide open yeah I think the Red Sox were so bad last year. Cart that you forget what could happen at some of these guys play after the level this year of Jon Lester pitches like Jon Lester clay buckles. You know gives you -- clear David Ortiz up stays healthy for for those does not -- But you know to see everyone sees that 6993. Record. And that just sticks in my forget -- you know what the upside for the symbolic and again I do think -- more realistic if you'd be fair measure of what this team might be is that 500 or so team. The chemical that he's -- into a look at it fairly. They're not they're not sixteen but they wait and they were trending up at the time that he -- they were beating contending team right -- is in the White Sox -- back to back series they were looking pretty strong bad. You know if you think about it at what position don't they have someone who's at least average if not above average. On the -- On this team right now -- Maybe you are yeah I was gonna -- left field -- -- -- is well above average -- a hitter you know best on the models because Saltalamacchia fan but I mean you know I understand what I don't know is there they're going to get average opens production pressure with Ross being a very good -- they had right. Occasionally happily there yeah I guess. I know I mean I think that's fair but I mean it comes down to what we started tuchman in which he said first in it's it's cliche we do it all the time. The only position the only part of this team -- yet to a drastic change -- manager. They have a great bullpen today obvious Atlantis changed one thing is really paralyze ST from September 2011 drive right now. Is the one thing that affects them I think they won't do what they never touched it starting -- -- -- -- -- Doubt they have time to do it I totally agree -- made the point that they're stacking up about a potential trade chips would be able to address it. While also having financial flexibility to protect the free agent market. And they have made some upgrades to their defense which you know shouldn't go overlooked you know especially especially the right field. Right now I'm -- my actual. Pitching the actual pitcher's -- -- exhibit -- and you know I realize what it's terrible if they're believers that they that they have a pretty talented. Group of -- safe to say before making a feel better defensively yeah pitchers but -- not a fair point actually that brings us quickly before we have Hayes Mike -- -- sucks -- in terminology here a couple of minutes that breezing to victory -- about this week. I don't see. You know I I just I I don't see the Napoli thing is fine with me like the upside potential Napoli but I look at victory you know you know. 2012 to 201996333. Against rice. Knows that's not a mirage for him he struggles against right handed pitching and you know -- he's not been able to play against lefties gonna play thirteen million. Every single day opinion thirteen million dollars forty million dollars almost for three years to be. In his right -- -- That's a -- criticism I do wonder about the platoon splits that there are you know starting -- -- was Richard Lester he -- exclusively. -- -- prepared well there was I think there was a hand injury that might have played in yeah so you know I think to the Red Sox are probably done their background not but they're pretty confident that he can be. That he can be good player who's. You know there's enough impact and other areas of the game that even -- the struggles persist. If he can get competitive at bats let's say -- 330 kind of league average on base percentage right again side right against right handed pitching. Then he's an above average player -- prime number seven -- in the. -- thirteen and a thirteen million a year for seven the -- -- when I was yet the opposite ID you know I don't I have LB no doubt. The -- Tebow and all of them American League batters had a 7310 yes last. Victory there was a career 7310 yes that's right handers he's now. -- but he's he's making him I'm just -- -- couple minutes with some fifteen weapon now. And I across. -- -- wondering if he gets a victim at eighty -- of years ago five years seventy million. How much of that was because of the defense plays in right field they said Fenway Park you need to have an elite defender of allied troops in Ohio BP drew actually liked it today I was -- the one that J. D. Drew was a free agent today. 130 known -- But don't discount you know the fact that he his impact grows when you start to add in the stolen bases and stuff like that. But Torii Hunter was a thirteen million dollar a year guy to this result is horrible joint where are out. Quick break here Red Sox assistant general manager Mike easily join Alex -- and myself we get back the hot stove show in 90% of the -- not so showed 937 WEEI. -- hand Alex beer. Ian -- it is raiders Broncos in the AFC west battle. Al pitcher in Q that's appointment by the way that's spread. Mean what's that was out of and that was your pick in your -- The spread a point. Joining us now in the AT&T hotline is the assistant manager of the Boston Red Sox Mike is that Mike it's -- Alex and -- in Boston how are you -- There are you and you escaped from the opryland hotel you've gone you know long and other. We have exited the bios here I'm -- pretty fresh airing in the first and 72 hours down the Fort Myers now. This is -- Mike is perfect the show as you well know is sponsored Al Speyer who delete county border bureau of tourism so you tell you looking around right now give us this picture. Blu sushi right my. It's beautiful yet blu sushi standing outside it's actually starting to rain on. Regret my decision to actually do the interview not my -- so girls are thought let's let's there. Yes I'm gonna run for cover probably at some point to deconstruct or in any moment. But yes no -- our dowdy and take it brought I think tomorrow. Doug -- told me about that some got a tent city that's set up that -- -- part -- we believe that's actually you know tomorrow. They go so you say you're down there obviously here in Nashville all this past week at least you know talk to us is as much as you campus mosquitoes you can hear. But the three players as he might you have added to the team here. At the winter meetings. Yeah I mean look obviously nothing's done yet everything still pending physical. You know but we. -- -- -- -- -- Off. Into the offseason we certainly had number -- -- -- evidenced by the end of the 2000 policies and most notably amber. And another. You know we -- sort of looked at the creator landscape and trading landscape and -- talk to you know leading thinker to start to get to start to -- That we we wanted to natural -- -- a lot quicker on some fronts you know I think are some of the free agent goes position players. You know we targeted some guys that we felt really -- our ballclub. We targeted two guys from a make a point popular import from a still import on based guilt -- cases defense -- ability flexibility. Versatility in some cases. You know we we don't started though. Starting to come together now there's still other areas of the club the other areas of the market that I haven't moved as quickly -- -- pitching. The pitching side saying still haven't really emerged as the scene could be you know from our perspective but things are always very complicated. Because you know you need other participants were free agency you know really not a participant. -- -- And end and frequent street I think pitcher and really seemed to move all that much yet not at all. Note into waiting for some of the -- this -- or before they get in -- -- -- gotten. Or the other at all from together and move for you know the over. Sort of a consensus around here I think with people like Napoli. Some people myself included are not sold on victory no you look at thirteen million a year Mike for a guy who. You know you look at the numbers against. Right handed pitching his his is career on base percentage is 330 is a slugging his. Or to the last threes have been even worse I guess my question do you look at victory no offensively. -- guys were thirteen million dollars a year. -- look I think you know you can look at most of these situations where that you know. You know it's it's. You know -- kinda. You know -- hold some of those things. You're looking and look we we can we can debate that. Everyone has direct their opinion and teaching to a differently I think when you get engaged in a free agent contact. Winning the winning bidder is is the markets that are if you -- -- the market in in particular. That particular area. You know -- you know get the player. And granted look. Everyone of us or does it set out on some of these endeavors to stock agents. And get the below market deal now you know those are Smart choice and you know no brainer. That the that'll -- that does -- present itself. I think sometimes you know nobody -- quicker on the move slower. I think one of the situation where we find ourselves today. And in this particular offseason is you know we have a lot of things to do. We have a lot of holes so as evidenced by 93 losses. And yet you all those things one day. And sometimes the market move quicker on some guys some dug a little slower and other areas retreats haven't really developed. And you you know look the markets the market sort by the belt to where you know the range that you're gonna have to go in on certain guys. And you're short you want -- guy you know. And then. And then all actually if you you know -- as saying our -- -- -- do that. Is that you're starting to having another option going to be okay what are other options now you're gonna get to acquire. We're gonna do to fill that hole where you gonna go and you're gonna start to shrink the freeagent all the the -- a lot of street gone. And you start to shrink to create a -- These are aligning what trade are relying on that now -- free agent pool. Your choices start to become not a clear for for the direction you wanted to and so you know. Somebody make that choice and I think you try to stir the soul core values and what you're trying to do. In creating context. You know if that from a year import from from. I'm not a lot but he and in and where we wanna be you don't -- thirteen and then 201516. And beyond. According excellent choices you don't look well what would happen we think you know. Like I said no deal have been done what went on victory helped by a player like that. You know we like we like the ability to bounce back you know we think there's some upside coming to our ballpark. Scouted players at the player heavily. You know so we like a lot of things to -- the table certainly there's a lot of strength that are brought the table and you know other areas of the game. So we'll -- Mike I am curious about the the profile of the guys who you're nearing deals with the of with the caveat that of course none of these deals -- official. Obviously you know you and -- are are at at your heart kind of player development people who like to see you know young talented cores. You know with these signings you have you these signings or three guys who were all in their thirties is there any concern. Combined with like adding the Ortiz is and the bonuses that. You know -- age might be an issue for the roster is being constructed perhaps you know whether with the weather from the performance side or from the injury side. Well I mean look that's that's that's a liar just two to accumulate debt. And and that more often than not is not their mid thirties. Sometimes it is. You know the -- not complete by any stretch that initial local worked a little Lotta pieces that need to be added to the roster but will interest a little question. Secondarily. You know that area depth that we out. That's going to be on the future of the of the of the franchise so to speak the everyday players the guys that are in the upper minor league now that are. That are just getting to be a minor league some that have been -- but some that are just getting there. Not gonna take. And our in a year from now you know we're going to be staring at a completely different landscape somebody younger players. It's a little players are starting integrating on the distinct those players could be here all next year and beyond. I think the second piece Stewart is when young players it's apparently they don't just out there and do it. Bryce Harper in my -- -- war for that matter will -- The other -- in -- you know apple -- It didn't happen with -- It is now or your credit. You know it it it it is apple held a little bit in that first year when you first start out toward. It that you can't always rely on the guys is good players -- there are. To jump in and be able to perform at the level that they're gonna sustain throughout their career. Right away. So and so they naturally become -- at the beginning while they're going to that transitional. And then they move onto the club the everyday player and they're still gonna be a little window there where. You know we're looking at 2013. Putting a really good team and that answer is a little players that we're targeting -- -- -- that question. And then by the time. You start making that transition 1415. Here -- those other guys that are -- -- system on the got a required last summer applause we got well gotten -- after recently. And that's gonna become the core of the team moving. I'm with regard one thing that -- -- fascinated me you know with the with the you know with a near with the agreements not final deal with Victorino. -- how much did you view outfield defense as kind of a way in which you could make a considerable impact in improving. From what you had in 2012 to helping the pitching staff and when he thirteen. We're we're always looked at right she'll short art is as a as an extremely difficult position plot probably the most typical right field and all of baseball -- always talked about the concept of having. You know center fielder playing right field. Some level under so much ground between low left center in the in the right field foul line. That that we need guys out there that can really defend and play. You know it's that doesn't -- spent. On not having -- the players if you wanna do that will go to the best minor league defender you happened about right field as I'm in law. Without changed my mind you would have been great out there. Yes he can go figure your best -- -- are not ready to hit but there and the answer is an advanced center and you'll stick them out there and and you know look we saw that scene in the September 2012 -- a -- there. You know I think adding quality Major League players albeit understand that there's going to be some you know -- question on. You know what it takes to get that player and and what particular are there I will say that -- you know the market is not wash list. All the players and saying you know if you don't sign them on the free agent. In the creating context it is you know out you don't talk of the lobby for an upset or -- these are relying on trade the goal. Good luck because what see if the actual price become exorbitant you know academic -- because things start getting it to or not just -- -- dollars you're not involved laying. Players and those players again -- the future of the underneath -- and you know when you have players of the upper -- -- -- -- -- for the players at the lower moderately after the players the upper moderately. Because those players that they want. Clearly a closer look at least they're gonna happen. The start relying -- -- when you have a lot of talent the -- minor league level could look at all over the last seven years. Some thought that the lower sometimes -- They go to the upper level player initiative -- wanted to deal for you know a lot tougher choices. Mike while things that strikes you mentioned trades as you know I feel that some of the moves -- -- -- some of the potential moves he made it. Not go to start to build some surplus and certain areas and a team that might. Makes you more flexible the same make it treated to address the starting pitching all that you guys you know you guys are recording another starting -- you feel it. Eventually to build enough ships were and where might make it easier trade for a pitcher. Yeah I mean Obama part decision that is like from a from a promote any specific one position airport the port -- you know we're. Target guys are targeting guys that we like we're trying to go to those guys are about our ability certainly -- opens up avenues in the future to look at things because injured now arguing from positions of strength as for the position of weakness. Not only to those positions to witness but. You know that week if that we're talking about it is you know your depth consists of the -- and out fast earlier the guy that maybe in the thirties -- the Major League level he hurt. Relying on the guys they're playing it's become and in and use ago. A towel on the roster can help you make the playoffs. Not that simple. So what we're tradition in certain areas that we do I. Nothing nothing it's certainly imminent on on any foreign right now we'll see how those sort of things emerge. I think the other thing you can look at the roster and -- areas of deserves it and flexibility within certain position right now and that sort. In the cases that we're talking about so not relying on the minor league guys in the early tomorrow if somebody were hurt I think. You know if if something were to happen you know first base DH what you'll. Now we're a lot more covered guys -- probably take over a little role -- we knew the importance that we still a lot of positions and they team. But that's an area of what -- culture plot -- -- you'll. There's an area up. Red Sox -- chairman for Mike hazing joins us here in the highest social Mike were you part of that -- now not to -- a meeting with Josh Hamilton Monday it was just Farrell and -- I would not part of I was not a part of -- idea -- any meeting I got to. I get it back in the in the room and received text messages from the media. Some of our beat writers there -- None named brown horse year. Why reported back what I ate for lunch what I had -- the everything that he repeatedly checked in on what was going on. What you digest well it was -- work with Hamilton I guess or you know -- Hamilton type. You know obviously you read these reports now and I understand philosophically you're trying to move away from 56 and your -- agree with that. Is it when you look at Hamilton now for just for instance a guy who played second that you would go three years in a go really really -- -- and the guys are still looking. I can't talk about an -- typically at the relate to I guess it's. I -- I think look I think I think -- -- that have already been reported. Should give a fairly clear. In some cases fairly clear messages to which direction we're moving I think you know they were staying engaged with with options at all the other free agents. All your -- don't you don't know how the market you're gonna develop don't know you know. And god you have a clear understanding of what order for sometime ago and we just being gays and all those things that are as the markets sort of mood and present itself. You know you'll have your choice your choice to get any -- out. Arctic we believe heavily strongly that that would enable players that's coming up. Over the next two or three years. Starting next year living in the next two or three year is is the core of the -- moving forward. You know we ought to at impact channel anyway we can because 2013. -- important any other year. You know we like bench I mean he said it -- -- a little bit more disciplined intelligent about how where extra -- on that strategy making sure that. You know we're we're where we're not sacrificing either short -- long term. As the -- Operating. He is or are you survived he did it Mike thanks for your time you got earthquakes -- -- our. That's Mike is -- Red Sox since general manager assistant. If it's. Quick break than Jonny Gomes he Red Sox hope you join us on the -- The hot stove show Turkmen and Alex -- Ian Brown in for rob Bradford and joining us now in the AT&T hotline. Is is the new Red Sox outfielder Jonny Gomes Johnny good evening how are you. -- I'm not too bad I guess some of the start off with a question that I -- askew was. Expo what is is greasing what is this you're you're you're you're you're -- you -- Greece for team does that mean. He's. You're. Start. Eric uploaded Mort are elected. Look -- like yeah you know you know. You know peace always I mean you know you have got to look you are every time we thought that it now you know the eight ball is not mean. We're talking you know I mean how -- -- -- machine -- well -- machine runs you know with a lot of batteries and a lot thicker. You know and market have you ready to find yourself a lot of energy battery to buy yourself a machine greeted by yourself as agreed you know that is it. Keep it moving parts going -- the in the park so. And -- can look into it you know all right away but -- is you know consider myself. England down and dirty baseball player he appeared on my uniform considered honor and that's dirty dirty. I guess we talk about this -- the cows come home. Stuff yeah not all doctors are doctor Bolton thing I certainly -- Very slightly more you lot so when -- it's asking -- this offer you know two years. And I guess my question would be a while other teams were in the mix are closer to go somewhere else and B why did you ultimately decide not to come the boss. Our -- We're desperate -- -- -- often aren't there there's so much accountability and bought into me. I'm probably starting you know from the ownership down the operational ventured into the managers and players. And now -- When they approached you mean so much accountability there they're not just signing a bill based obviously with the -- facing -- in. We're -- gains -- national gains the Indians. I mean you're you're you're an article in the air you know you're not trying to you know ignore these. So. Would that be so -- it's somewhat of an honor you know absolutely murdered you know organizational ought to approach you can't -- You know what to -- that interest -- -- -- time he got ready and accountability. Of your act passed -- be greatly in the Arctic. So long you know I came up in the elite elite obviously. Strategy doesn't want and let 2008 -- Point eight heated battle you know intently and then again there are so familiar with the we are familiar with the law. You know excited for the opportunity. And a lot of them are comic guy who plays with chip on my shoulder you know -- -- -- your retreat sixty. Is that the year where. I hear are truly being you know that kind of media mentality at the Red Sox coming out. And summer. There -- excited to be part of it. So that's kind of a fascinating thing in richer -- compared -- do do these Red Sox to the 201213. Red Sox as you as you imagine them. Kind of compare with. You know with a surprising contenders that you've been on before and her career whether the rays or whether. Whether the reds or the athletics because it's it's kind of unusual to think of the Red Sox in those terms. Given the given the different market size that you know they did in the different atmosphere surrounding those teams. Yeah you know OK you know started you know from the you know how -- something -- wrecked our economy -- the Red Sox. Are you know -- first place in June at the red boxer and her attacker really don't. -- -- Where you know the history rich of that organization. The champions that are away you know back in the -- 2004. You know now return in the organization around. -- our market sneak up on anybody. But I think what that means that acting you know some people might think there's going to be a little gray area -- -- -- -- that area. And you know I'm I'm I'm a believer that you know the target now you know that. You know there's no rebuilding. When -- Wear uniforms there's no gray area anyway. You know that China now winning today. And move forward this year. Jump in China which you look at Florida getting more acquainted with that that monster 37 foot monster. Standing behind you there and he might reach out to Carly strokes here Jim Rice or guys who have. You know play that wall so well throughout their careers can ask them for for some pointers on how how to plan. Yeah I mean absolutely I mean I'm you know you. And of the game -- -- game are -- Korean law itself there were are we're well. But I'm ironically. You know coming up an -- -- irrigation. And look -- system you know very quick other nagging and down. That term polls this Tripoli for example in the terrible -- exact. Dimensions. Greenlaw at their deal. Obviously -- terrible. But on I mean I got I got a bunch of games underneath outlaw. I'm just saying you know probably not but you know -- in line didn't you know ankles and not let geometry major out exactly get but I'm opening day. But are there are some angle to worry about and down. I -- you know. The wall that is scared me. OK without flaw I've. Studied outlaw common -- played an outlaw in the big leagues stand. I'm excited Q. You know become one with the monsters and a monster the. Just remind me in -- -- -- that -- -- new park from the when that was featured in bull Durham but they still have like I hit a ball when a state tech deal. -- -- Date yet you know ability you know seeing -- that it knows mistakes -- Well I consider myself that is pretty eager pops a couple months and went over the ball in but don't count. But exactly happened I got a couple it. It's interesting to think about your career path a little bit because I believe that this is the first multiyear deal of your career you know when you when you talk about dating back to the minor leagues. You didn't have a huge prospect profiling you -- pro ball. You've kind of been this guy who's been known as a grinder. What it is it is it different you know was it just kind of a landmark in your career to have a team say Johnny we've you know based on what you've done in your career. We want to make that multi year you know. Investment in new bits than it's going to you know set up pretty well in a way that I think will be double your career earnings have been to this point. Right you know. I get you know the money in play so well you know you're lucky enough to play this game and -- it for the money. On the pilot saved money makes you more a person law. I consider myself a caring person in the family person. They're been in trouble. I'm not really worried about that you know part that aren't yet are you feel you -- really excited me. It did this crazy game I mean you know. We don't want anyone Arafat who don't want you know anyone. You know where others are still too much but I mean you know packing up family go to spring training act -- not going to see -- -- in the CNN. Living out of a suitcase -- Nat boxes you know three year old daughter she had you know 456. Different bed and here pal around. Look it's really nice to be honest. Set up in my family set them myself in Boston. And now what that means that you are pretty and that Boston Red Sox have -- -- on. And you know it can be a part of this history. Johnny you know you sit around this week at the rats are our national and make it something's happened -- -- is after you see them. In a close and an agreement to the Mike Napoli Shane Victorino. Doing -- a really -- familiar with in how much is that the fire -- to get to spring training. What -- you know absolutely you know but. But -- -- definitely been around the game you know longer -- on you know have been involved lead there and there are. In low market big market that -- checking gene chip gains. And you know just -- your region you know doesn't mean you know -- -- you know -- -- -- I mean you know it ain't pretty. Doesn't really mean much you know -- -- Personally. On the goal and actually I banner going actor I mean are I can be more happy about it -- so far. On the on the firm believer in the other clubs out out and you know who's who's back you have first your coworker or your best friend. Well you can compare those two in the one you know your outlook on -- figured out each other's back. Mike Napoli will know victory you know on the great guys. You know. And what -- all been done you know you can look yourself in the near -- play or not the desert warriors update. Promised that probably not been promised you know -- senator actors and that he went into the immediately but guys that. You know he can he can be long he can being a little on the other -- Which I appreciate it thanks your time in good luck in the offseason. Our country appreciate not shall answer yes so. Sounds great thanks John appreciate it as Jonny Gomes in red socks off really drawing us in the AT&T hotline guys couple minutes here before we give weight to NFL football. You're at 8 o'clock Broncos. And raiders any job I guess first and he's interview freedom when he guys that that stands out. Well I think they -- they candor about the fact that yes they aren't they remain engaged with Hamilton I think -- obviously the one -- tightening because that has a lot of implications for. For the though. -- different directions that their roster building. I can still take. -- Soviet that certainly stands out along with the underscoring of you know of how much they value -- core I really think. They they're in this there in this weird place where they feel like they've built a team that's so close to maybe being able to contend but not one to push too hard. Because of what they can have beyond -- when he thirteen season. With regards to their prospect -- it's it's a really interesting in delicate balancing act if they've got going on that I find really interest -- down -- No question for me. You know take away from that was -- -- animal kingdom obviously engaged is could mean you know one thing it could mean the other thing he said they're still talking to me if you can get a camera. For three years or whatever the prices mean that is a legitimate obvious -- Any package Ellsbury and whoever else and now all of a sudden. Yeah different you know you gave yourself a big time pitchers arms I just think there are a lot of options right now. And I think that it Josh Hamilton idol because I think that eventually is gonna wind up somewhere else. Summers and -- before you Iberia questions the fact that there are pursuing a -- it's just at the being so aggressive you know of him he could look at this is the bridge here at the same time. They're trying to make it in a competitive team and I wanna just you know good again the bridge here as it is a term that we do used loosely but. It does the point when it was defined originally by Theo at the point of the bridge there was not that they it was a year where they were giving up. But instead one where they were trying to build a contender. It didn't just strip them of their prospects which is you know the real danger zone which is what they kind of did. The hybrids here was what they did entering 2011 when they gave up. The prospects for Adrian Gonzales yeah right we're really kind of pushing in that direction by. Yeah it's it's an interesting roster construction that there in the middle of him to. You know I I do think that that the -- take away from from some of what he's saying is look we were deficient in a ton of areas in 2012. James clearly it was miserable for those people on the front office to what September of 2012. And so you know kind of steadily they're moving to address them. In different ways and by his own admission though they still haven't moved on the pitching front at least the starting to. I was gonna ask as I do wonder you know how do they get -- missile system they keep Ellsbury for argument sake they don't trade him. How did he bring any guy forget. Forget these fringe guys does that does doing Gretzky they need the guy who. -- -- you out before the show when you look at him in the season ends of his daddy you're stunned that he saw you want a guy you think you can leave alone -- -- three starter. Where to start how -- get. Tough question I mean there there are a couple of options there remain on the free agent market it'll be interesting to see how interest in how interested they get in Anibal Sanchez if if they don't sign Hamilton because I don't see those two guys -- I don't see how you can afford both of them -- -- if Hamilton if by Sanchez's available but safer for years a twenty to 31 year old then that becomes kind of interesting given his stuff and that he's been pretty healthy over the last few years. Damn star you know he's still gonna be out there are and he has a reasonably consistent performance track yeah Brandon McCarthy. Yeah that's a good one you know back and look at the system with with Alex earlier I mean anyone -- -- -- -- view aren't in the bullpen now you know -- -- as a starter at that they're trying to make a trade for right now. -- somebody we -- last year we didn't see -- -- moving the week after the winner meetings but then he moved it was a huge haul for the Padres that it took a widowed -- have that -- in direct contrast to use document organizationally for the -- here's the difference with a guy like a -- toast then it's a long -- if you see right if you have a young cheap. They just wasn't even ready for arbitration yet -- got four years of control of basically an -- You know for that you start to pay you know a premium if you have teams willing to go below that top top surface at some -- you -- to give up. Some of the prospects you like and for the Red Sox the good thing for them. Is that they have some starting pitchers have taken part with. Whoever pretty good amount of value because they have other really good starting pitching prospects to deal in -- -- back here a week from today in points in the in the years after I just keep popping out. -- you know there's no chance Bradford passport worked on the way back -- seems like been expressed to I guess my question would be is Josh Hamilton beside. Yes he will I think you know. I think he will be either Texas or Seattle I think what's number going to be years and dollars. We want to back in Texas for your -- Over -- -- Yeah I'd say I'd say the 100 shop plateau would be Goodwin and it was obvious to me here on Tuesday Texas is the Specter. -- waiting around for the land north of the repaid with cranky. This exhaust dotted with them beef before -- -- that's the other guy Greg talked on because it's seems obvious he's not going to be here now wears is again sign this week Dodgers. I think he's gonna because I think that you know I had no. That the thing is Texas I think that there's such a good fit for him and he cares about the shape of the organization he'd like an organization with Nolan Ryan at the top of it. They don't thank you Alex Ian is always going to be -- -- next week like gays in Red Sox assistant general manager and Jonny Gomes Red Sox -- were kind enough to join us. Hot stove show in 93 several back a week from tonight at 7 o'clock now we give way you AFC west -- auction Peyton Manning in the Broncos against the oak generators.

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