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Thursday, December 6th Whiner Line

Dec 6, 2012|

Mut's having a baby? And we're pretty sure Rondo didn't really go to Mexico. Plus Ed's back.

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Music music music pressed and pressed the point -- my these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. -- -- -- -- And Morris and now you know you want your line. -- Rico. And beer anymore -- base -- and any and now talking about. Mentioning bulls season bulls' season 37 starts. Thirty -- -- -- you're kidding why wouldn't he does it do the same thing the other day this is unbelievable. Don't even WEEI. -- your line and I'll always know. Does that give you some baseball discussion I have my opinions 61777935. -- -- they would not baby and so that. That's right and let's let me ask you wrap the -- line you have to do respect me they'll give me that crap I don't. And I think that now. And now yeah that happens -- Expect me I have my opinion I played golf that WEEI -- By the way and one of the all time greatest round -- all -- Qaeda -- we're here yeah ridiculously sick as a dog requirement consolidate cool the reactor that decor my answer is terrorism and it's. Now one of the all time great audience to see -- -- and the jealousy co -- Ricoh printers figured there with a baseball discussion at -- riders in the house because -- accuses them examine all the Afghan -- -- he has to pack up and has to get ready. What like tomorrow and he's deep analysis the Manny Pacquiao. Juan Manuel Marquez put forward fixing yet it is an -- it picked up quite yet time. You know it's part for producing some witnesses to these I -- that's ridiculous ridiculous so Mike is gonna that you're not going to let us know why don't -- -- you we have to show. -- I -- I guess my money's on like every other night why isn't money going to -- should these big fights in the sweet science I am as well down. That's right. Well Mikey some bigger than me but. So you don't get that got denied it really doesn't matter on Ayman -- -- and -- would never -- to. -- copy drinks yeah I -- -- and strippers it's powered by then I'm going. And they WE I live picture of and you have on your android Blackberry device brought to imply AT&T AT&T four GL TTE was -- Ten times faster three GAT. And T. Plus line and violence program. This -- it has built this. That. Seven point and a Pro -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did pretty good it can't help them apart these days. And then have a lot of reminds me -- -- them yet. And I thought I. -- pop pop up to the Arctic. It's regrettable that our. Well I -- that happen right now albeit. They had. I think -- -- I'm now. Back. -- I'm Leo great -- -- and the men under his everywhere Mexico instance to. Everybody could still criticized the Rajon Rondo because he beat Chris Kardashian. But I don't want to say. It's not like we have -- -- Give me a break it does not -- It was a passion play is a hard. He's at that point guard in the NBA and you wouldn't trade it for any other point guard in the NBA it would create -- particularly of the players in the NBA nothing about it but about -- Kevin Durant. And the Mikey. I'd like to pick -- at this point in the. Completely up -- hopefully. If you look at -- -- -- like an idiot boards and glad that you got up one stop do -- and headed up and maverick way. Can we do in Mexico. Ha yeah had a well believe -- -- idea pocket. And -- It was a message remains a possible that just are managing to -- -- -- like Kokomo is an idea and I'd still pick up the games that I wish list -- there. Yeah okay -- -- in that category aren't on. I don't -- -- -- the crude I don't agree it is okay. They hadn't really played the game. Great shot in Belgrade on. Ended -- Rondo would be active boxer as we mentioned this fight coming up. -- his speed and his reach -- no NBA player that bigger fighter now don't how to worse fighters and -- of the four majors tonight he he's right they'll fight you have that you CNN NBA court that come. -- what purpose about it but the but the companies that have. -- it could happen -- it caught it could that. Libya the to get -- and let the debate -- Because a lot of -- and yeah. But you what do not have a Monday morning talk -- talk. Bet on April out of out in the -- app called on the break. Boy that is. A good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the please let you know -- his pizza retirement age you know we went over so what's your duel in the morning tomorrow. That's solved yet it's on on -- an -- and DNC in the morning don't want you feel wanted to have already hired somebody that. Unlike Pete we just say the standard response just two were told. Hired Kevin usually that will be very good at Pittsburgh graduate students and this just keep my way. -- You're welcome back thanks hey I like that that is why they haven't watched -- game and not accommodate the golf when they have that. Aren't gonna come. Out -- yeah and I'm I'm Scott -- Missing Christmas Island what he's done turn turn SI for a great Australia she's made it can't sign out a great story of how my form there and now so you're not gonna challenge him. Because I think it was the holiday time and it was around Christmas it's easy to lose customers and -- athletes -- -- by the way Roger I appreciate -- call 100 you can leave 12 messages you messages saying the same exact thing -- Rogers Kevin legal. So I use a while Rodgers having withdrawal right now because of the NHL lockout the rough time. And I don't think. I don't and then you. And I've been back nine months so consumers around march 7. At the -- It's more controversy you golf clubs this is Jackson with a kid looks like this as -- what is. -- -- What you want to -- my pocket -- and other yeah well Barbara hit hired by. Why haven't sat -- the go to pick up real activated and at that point you know coming. I don't have a good. -- -- -- I -- midday code guys. In the ballot it is about giving if there's any way you could do it might correlate all -- and cut out. Bought that talk. I'll ever. And the message. Did radio for that problem was and WEEI dot com and grabbed it was a little uncomfortable. My good man here and I bit. And how you can hang it -- child and I don't. Similar to the one that he says the guy to do. He's our number one minutes I don't what it's the same concept. -- That -- -- have acted -- appropriate it would. Bob and Mike is. -- -- -- -- Can be found it dead what he. Older equipment out. And. -- -- -- It that the coach -- -- very. I I don't and that gave my PayPal. -- talked quietly. And that's why I like it's my last girl -- like a. I'll play -- speechless I got to do it because it was great just at a press conference was and I. It was inspirational time right. That blog and via Citibank really kind of Internet content Buick. Will be I don't know -- -- -- bank. And that -- your music like that it's collecting music gives you let that hang around. -- anyone else are the radio commercial. Pretty adamant. Big -- pat did yeah. I'm not exactly sure what kind of sex -- that big -- acted combo that book for -- my wife never bored at all. Surprises. May be. I am so -- that I can't wait to see you tonight. I'm so -- I haven't used my vibrator and weeks. That's what he says when you open up. First seven. On the spot. We will be. Boom. You. Said the problem the other yeah. And that. And originally you know writer's opinion. When you're to a -- yeah. And I thought about it that. Except with a couple. A couple who. Are it's. It's bad it's -- out -- it would. It's -- -- but I knew I had to cut back. I'm mr. Willie Mays after that I don't listen again. -- different show. -- Maxwell and -- -- have a -- up there are part and get toward the open up a bit but without the usual mob. And -- I didn't. Have a way and I don't talk about history the other day. And a gentleman came up and approached. Didn't that happen. But -- spot along and I said yes I. Stick to my my actual question I could hopefully. Does that -- -- -- signal calling formula involving the -- and aggravation and just humiliation -- getting. What I want this. Out of that it normally. And I -- -- the children. You know if there was one person with a rule in his mother's basement and I inspired him to be -- my territory. It's just not give up hope. It has become a bit on the way up it was worth it. And it said. I want you to know I happen to be one of those people that I had really been had. That -- Bad. And the good news. That -- and its. It's. I hadn't. And and. I -- I am I getting the problem is there because it was created and I was wearing not only that the music but there was that I set up for the -- -- spun and our. Thank you can quickly at the top five news is that and if you -- Greg Oden and and it's. Leisure why don't like Bloomberg -- AT&T AT&T board GLG -- so I was glad the. AT&T rethink possible. -- --

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