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Breaking down Texans/Patriots with Matt Jackson from the Big Show, Sportstalk 790 Houston

Dec 6, 2012|

Glenn and Pete (in for Michael) talk to Matt Jackson from Sportstalk 790 in Houston and do a little cross city dissection of Texans/Patriots for this Monday Night's showdown when 11-1 Houston comes to town. Plus, Pete still can't let go of the fact that Houston ran out of his favorite Vodka at the Superbowl in February, 2004.

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I'd care to make sure our number two earlier Thursday Michael Holley is off today he will be back here in the seat tomorrow Shepperd back -- a victim. Filling in here for a for mr. Ali we'll get into the OGO power deal little bit later I love 38 years old I love it. One year deal at a pitcher and take notes jotted down. He's up there in age no long term contract. But what price find out a couple of hours that you're thirteen million a year -- -- -- -- Then probably -- won't feel so good about its -- that. We're gonna get in the duke little but later he zoom out and make that stick to my stomach -- DEA found -- tonight and that makes him and your I guarantee you can't say a word about it today. And there are still some rumors out there Cleveland's offered two year deal sixteen but a one year deal for fifteen with the Yankees and he will -- For the Yankees because A-Rod is out for knows more by six months so he will start with the Yankees he's in town tonight. Has these big event going on tonight you probably can't say anything he can yeah. You don't wanna do it in your event where there a lot of Red Sox fans and then say hey. -- it. And play at third base Yankee Stadium. You are on the big show the big show in Houston losers and on sports talk 790 radio match acts as one of the most of the programming director for live right now we're used to. -- -- -- -- -- you get bill that was street this morning a longtime. At that he's got bad tactic reacted really well from all the people down -- Yep yep I understand people if you can imagine our our very territorial about their football especially -- end. And taxes and if you even that insinuate for a second that -- the chance -- might lose. That they're like fire -- and her ankles. Right now we're not like down here now I'm -- how did you make Ali shows usually in the Tennessee I think he's -- governor down there they'll government out of there. -- all right give us your your take on this one I think it's safe to say. -- been the best team in the National Football League so for the season they probably if you're looking at all of the contenders right now has the -- flaws you agree with that. I think what they they can win in the most different styles make it you saw -- had to struggle about whether -- Chicago what you saw when issued out. Against the Detroit -- you saw them dominate for three quarters against a pretty good. But Denver Broncos team they can run the football they can throw the football when they're healthy in the secondary they've got a great -- The -- They have a one man wrecking shop pass rusher in JK a lot they are. Dwarfing direct the National Football League in terms of about Pakistan and with the -- all the deflection they get in fact. He took JJ watt is sixteen deflection off for the Texans. They'd still be first the National Football League in the number passes they knocked out there kept incredibly well trained at that by bill Cole are there their defensive line coach. And if there's. If there's one weakness on the team it it might be in the kicking game a little bit. They their return game it just kind of those though it's been a little -- the last couple weeks because we got Brian -- back is kind of their. Special -- date -- that there'd been a little bit bet better in the coverage unit but if I look at. A huge difference between these -- means that Texans in the -- either with with that -- -- limping out I think the patriots probably have. Maybe get the light special teams that -- in terms of the coverage units and and it game I think it's going to be relatively close even up by the our differences starting field position but I think it could be a difference. I think it's going to be and we talked about some of the numbers today but would get into this. I think the -- third our conversion rate tops in the league and open near 52%. And then just the opposite with the Texans. Allowing on third down conversions only 28 point 4% of the time that is the number I have circle and I will be looking at and I think maybe the winner. Of that battle that statistic may when the football game. I I mean it's it's it's a great point and in both of these teams. Are. The patriot never got three and out and Texans you look at that stretch of football they have for a lot of games this year they'll go maybe. 456 series of three and out the meaning they're just dominant they don't force the turnover. Quite to the level that that the patriots have this season. But they displayed the dominant football related suffocate people and they that don't let him get get ride going date given up some big plays because they are. Fairly aggressive and in what they give mcedwards there at covered standpoint very little zone a lot of man to man press coverage. And if they're they're tied up at the mercy of -- help -- their football team now they did get some good news today Johnathan Joseph did practice. And he reported absolutely I had no issues whatsoever. We'd with a hamstring -- -- growing so he looks like he's gonna go he's going to be good to go the only -- that didn't go to day of noted Alan ball's probably would be there. Dime corner but if you probably have heard it signed -- for rout of previously starred with Kansas City -- Oakland. And while he's not certainly not gonna remind anybody Deion Sanders as a third or fourth guy. He is the guy didn't cover the slot he's got good speed. He can rob with guys his biggest issue -- if you run the bottom sometimes doesn't look back for the football he'll occasionally get a pass interference call. But from a depth standpoint there about it helping is that they could possibly be especially I think. Because how much state the patriots spread people out where the Texans are lacking right now it. They're totally -- depth at linebacker. We had obviously Brian picking up the year -- three with a torn groin muscle Tim Dobbins who little banged up but will play. If they were playing a team that may be like to run the football like catch it based defense a little more. I think it might be have a little more issue at linebacker but I consider the fact they're like Libyan nickel and dime the majority of the game I think they're going to be pretty good shape. I think Johnathan Joseph would make a big upgrade if if he came back in his game. When what it Green Bay what what they do what the F Packers do with with Jared Foster would he do and I can't you remember. But the problem they had in it in the Green Bay game is there they are right tackle got absolutely abused by Clay Matthews maybe if they. They've kind of been rotating a couple of the guys out there they just brought in a. A better in three weeks ago named Ryan Harris. The beginning you rapped out there and actually started last week for the injured. Derek Newton and they didn't leave in a tight end or back much to ship on Clay Matthews David -- -- let let -- out there on an island. They got down so quickly -- game by two -- it kind of took the running game. Out of that a little bit and that was just one of those nights where I don't really think it mattered what defense is out there Aaron Rodgers is just -- -- I mean he was he was hitting everything. They they. They ought to leave that until they got to -- -- be able scramble out of trouble and get the hit later -- all over the place I mean. I would tell you that well it was not their best performance by any means. I think it has a whole lot more to do it Aaron Rodgers than it would them. Well it's interesting that we talked about this is sworn but the Texas blitzer league high 43 point 7% of the time. I I just can't imagine them doing that are averaging that number against Tom Brady in the -- rock or -- Barack I mean maybe they well. -- of those so something that the patriots haven't seen before but. Most teams have -- out often against Brady. The outcome doesn't usually go their way. Yeah I don't think they well I really don't I think -- look at a fairly conservative game plan. Aware that they did -- the patriots make the mistake in and settled for field goals. I think there are ideal game plan would be -- Foster carved out about twenty to thirty carries. They have -- long drives and they try to win a game may -- to more than neighborhood at 23 to twenty you're 23 to seventeen. I think that would be their strategy yet think they're gonna try to rush for what they may try to do it and what they have had some. Think that is what they'll do it built. To a four man rush. But bill do a lot of it from the interior I think they'll light up with -- listened to pass rushing situations he's their first round draft pick and it Illinois what they do it. They -- up JJ. JJ watt light on the general market like at almost like a nose. And they lot with the -- was almost immediately right next to him and they'll either runner dot or they'll have. While Merck was tried it slip right through right on the map to either get right back there because it basically forces the guard off with a double Piedmont lot. And it had a lot of success getting pressure up the middle in those situations what they haven't had a lot this year is an outside pass rush is that it's. Extremely down here for -- bar when in a contract year for him and the Brooks -- out with the with the growing -- they really haven't had that pass rush. On the on the outside this year a lot of it comes from Antonio Smith and from. JK -- up the middle flat pick up the middle is if on the patriots -- that's what I'm concerned about that's where they've had the most success. I think they feel like that's where they can make you may be getting Tom -- kitchen and. Now it seems to me in watching them that when they're in sub packages that's when they will move JJ watt inside the adjusting on immovable right now. An awful lot you know a lot of times in the player of that statute need to keep on one side they don't -- them. And that -- -- -- because some of the problems with with him batting down somebody balls is that sometimes you get some of these quarterbacks -- -- of lose an idea of worry is it'll be -- -- -- because I think the patriots got to come out. Addict got to go. They got a quick up the pace to gonna go no huddle quick up the pace and not let Houston's defense settlement. But -- right it's a matter Brady identifying. Where water is an all time he's pretty good. Why is this thing -- that's the guy that was the Titanic college he with a tight end. And -- he didn't even become a defensive obviously transfer to Wisconsin that was at the -- kind of walked on to -- -- to put on. 25 pounds so he's the naturally good -- Is that the whole idea of the play that kind of put them on the map with that incredible match of the year in the playoff game against Cincinnati last year. But he's every bit of something he does every single day of practice he will sit there. With a jug machine you don't just trying to knock the ball down he's literally trying to make a play on every football he feels like any place he gets his hands on. He should pick the -- -- and and he just got these are really good hand and it's kind of become a competition. Between him and -- guys on defense that they that kind of feel like every ball in the air shouldn't even get to the secondary that that that that all belonged to them. But eight he's you get a monster I don't know what to do with a guy he's just. With with a blanket it seemed like he he could play power forward in the NBA. And they're just that. Teams have not had any success whatsoever doing any doing anything with and they had to go away from him. A but the problem is they do wait -- that such a good job of kind of moving and it all for defense of line slot whether they're in their. The other three man front letting other form and try to play all over the place so it becomes a little bit difficult to -- against. It's -- of those jugs -- it's a different -- not a front -- -- it to -- that -- -- -- -- -- a group requested but I you know being at the simple back in Houston at -- 20030304. Season the -- -- -- it's possible the great -- they're great people want to -- wonderful city but -- myself but I still have the pictures and one of my phone somewhere I could not believe. I'm prepared to restaurants and bars -- of that completely ran out of food and -- the entire time I've felt. Horrible for the employees they were not a fairly Jacksonville was much worse by Houston I was surprised that that -- what does that. That is he's blind I'm not in my view yeah. Didn't feel bad for anybody whose sudden I felt bad for himself can he couldn't drank it is an alcohol someone that's voted. Play with the issue is if it is the issue accused and it's it's somewhat similar law singles is well. If -- brought out. In the population uses over five million people men did not like it would not fully centralized city like it like a New York City or Atlanta or Detroit or something like that I mean bit. It's the city is still parked right out. There's there's that there's. Different pockets of the downtown so. That certain concentration probably expecting all all all of the action I thought that maybe that was an issue but it but to be fair I mean that this. City that they -- Republican Convention before it take out of bed like that final fours that type of thing. Whether or not they were prepared for that I mean traffic wise I think we have the worst traffic in America. So perhaps it. No talk about your sometimes thread here. -- with no real public transportation -- a total fiasco when you're adding an additional. 10050000. People and into the area but I don't know they're trying to get it again for 2017. Well we'll see whether or not it happens to not put that. My apology he's ever interactive experience. And are trying to break -- -- -- and you're trying to -- people drink I mean literally paid -- ran out the shelves were empty -- made up for the drinking shortly after the we have backed off. Now now -- really. They -- everybody apparently thinks the patriots are gonna. Most of most people are realistic about this in the not necessarily. Because the patriots are. A better team and the Texans I think it's just the situation -- -- mean to me honestly that the Texans don't need this game. They -- -- I think they're gonna for the colts next week they'll beat Minnesota at home and not have home field advantage wrapped up so. While it is kind of gravy if they get this one maybe they send a message if they if they witnessed one. Kind of one of those -- money tied the game. I you know -- date while Johnathan Joseph practice today. Well wolf see whether or not he actually end up playing on Monday night there's still breaking bent it back in the lineup. I think this is the game last week -- not only did -- Foster fourteen carries. I think that start to take his workload. Off a little bit to prepare for the playoffs so what -- while I definitely think -- Texans are capable of winning the game I think situationally. Might -- football on the road potential foul weather that match up that hectic generally perform. A particularly well and I think it's a good situation for the patriots I think they win probably get. Three to six point game but I don't think it has very much bearing on a potential. Second matchup in in January keeping that still think win or lose detect and to gonna wrap up the number one seed in the couple weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At 790 AM down here in Austin, Texas. We get back to your phone calls it 61777979. 37 we'll get back into what we were talking about we'll get into some new stuff for yet. Next.

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