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Danny Ainge: I didn't go to Mexico with Rondo, but I did go to Qdoba

Dec 6, 2012|

We talk to Danny Ainge on a Celtics Thursday. Topics include Rajon Rondo, his suspension and return, and the Celts improved play over the last three games.

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-- -- -- -- -- Michael Holley has today off he'll be back at tomorrow shepherd filling -- Time for our weekly get together with Danny Ainge brought to you by Lexus of watered them mr. -- yesterday. Yeah it in -- you you want. To I know basketball yet. A after the season we may be asking you the -- -- -- Why did you happen to go to Mexico did you would you point guard. That that is like that I -- -- anyway what -- in the Mexican restaurant in downtown along more. Taking into his comments that he made. Yesterday about the fact that he went to Mexico the fact that. Well he's not there doesn't seem to be contrite not gonna sit there and and and apologized. As he acted differently too because I got the feeling from listening to doc this morning that he. After a little bit differently to teammates and baby to management did you. -- -- a different. Version from Rhonda. -- -- Treat the world the same as they're pretty epic the I thought that was. All they're -- -- You know all that he has -- It really excited at where -- or. Open record. A -- yeah. Or. Other. So it just doesn't want to give in to the public he doesn't wanna give in like. He did anything wrong and maybe he -- like some of the stuff that was written or said about them about his judgment on the court may mean. That's why answer is that there. You know I don't earlier that that -- -- -- -- is all of you know that you are. Thrilled about how it all in their -- how big bad. I don't think he'll like it as -- as. It is hard to believe he's got so bad that -- it would also this user. Very -- here and separate. Itself. Although you know -- for those -- Danny I think -- McMullen was on the -- -- today and should suggest -- last night if you've learned anything from the suspension and he said no and autumn opens his penis -- Alec about which you probably was but. Do you think he's -- from this and does he have at least. Nor residue of humility and understand that this team cannot afford to lose him. And he's gonna have a target on his back now we have an already that's the part I'm worried about. I thought. That the vehicle that doesn't back that are here. Go -- sit -- suspend their own or should he knows the rules are. And order in the is gonna -- a perfect perfect behavior. Here but I think you hear. That sharing. We -- surprised that the league fine Gregg Popovich showed the San Antonio's first 250000. Dollars. Because he took four of his players and sent him back home instead deploying a game in Miami. They're more of the story that we got. So -- reserve judgment on ballot in all respects it. And certain point. -- that ballot all the sales. I think that you have seen their fair or that are. In the world there's a little bit bigger picture here in -- When you walk a responsibility of the league you're all players in the third or they're coming but -- -- without partners in the yeah. I think there's a lot -- considered infect healthy girl orders. You're in that answer. Is -- what it is. About all the answers. That you guys. It held two guys back from a road game last year correct. -- What are you want to give the partners' network there. Edit it play out there with a slate sure. They were saying go out there and well -- there. Yeah but look at the schedule if you look at San Antonio -- -- with the commissioners say the issue I have it I really believe it comes down to the TNT game. Now. I picked the lead the league and end the commissioners -- that you've got to be protective of your partners that of paying you know hundreds of millions of dollars for. Those rights for the game so. Why didn't he establish a rule this -- -- for you for years I never back in the eighties in the you remember. But alma later plane had to send I think chief and Larry Bird to a game because you know Casey kept them home. All whatever in the league forced -- why don't they just have a rule. That you can't do it or you can't do it on nationally televised games. You know I don't know art in the last. It would in the in the -- -- so. There he is probably. And that other players that -- I don't know what I don't know what the criteria that are on the war if you earned the right leader here. -- I -- -- -- what -- good. Listeners. Are there. I mean met Popovich might have been trying to to tweak -- commissioner as well who knows I I don't know. I think whether it happens earlier in the season or later in the season you guys always talk about it's a marathon. And you have to look at it that way of 82 and get your team in the best position for the playoffs. And I thought he was trying to do with the if you look at his schedule the schedule was like Caroline they played six in nine days out on the road. I I don't think Miami played for the last five days before the gold back home for two games they going out onto the road again. San Antonio so I'd be looking and it's -- I need to rest my guys right now. Because it made you know the cost me dearly -- we get to a problematic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got to believe though if this happened to later in the season rather than earlier I do think that made a difference and I do think they're -- there are so many -- just really. There are not many marquee matchups in the NBA that certainly is one of them. I ever feel again if that was after you know games 65 that nobody would have said much per game whatever was twelve or thirteen I think that had a lot -- with -- There could be they're here I'd like they're. -- that it's -- what the exterior. Over the firing and a bit better. You know we all got to be careful with that there's integrity is about to -- their their partners in the well. -- were you impressed with what you saw last night a terrific rebounding team -- they played the night before in Philadelphia but your team controlled the boards last night and because of that control the game. Yet there it let of that orbit. Another important reflect what better there it is not a big effort could very easily. -- -- at all. I think that. Helped out of it -- Are at it. It frustrating but from the we got a better. Beat up on an acting basis. Got it yet to be happy with the aggressiveness to start with KG in and the great post play that citing a lot of hands around here wanna see more of that urban asking for more that. Here we'll -- you -- as well -- the last five years. When he has to blow. There's a lot of if all -- -- always heard about them out. Well let her in her attempts. Or either want to jump shot. Well short. Not only here but I think -- back in the air that we adequate as well. At the first ordered they've made that -- and -- occurred just. All that and we had a bad felt in the third order that either they're a pretty good about our current altar where -- wrote it. In the first. Air except in the game. You know you look at soldiers a box where we watch the game we -- say you know not doesn't look you know outstanding but I -- -- -- that's why numbers can -- I love this kid I thought it was going to be the steal of the draft if he stayed reasonably healthy and I loved what he had -- late in the game last night he just seems like a very. Culture -- rookie. Yet in -- -- there but isn't that he's got a lot part of our game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Since apparently the court -- identical -- of a -- -- at three point. Template -- once before yeah before it aired yet had a major impact on certain. Is that there at the theater. -- an expert in by air jet stream. Since floor as if a doctor in that -- but it is out of here. And it will step. And they're picked up -- with them or quarterly you know. -- that all year. Our balance out there but rather saw yeah. It was not there -- -- reporter art. Art -- the Altria will. Erica well for the sector it is it is offensive without it and I didn't -- that it. Do you have a timetable in mind for Avery Bradley. Yeah I think there are. Able figured that probably after the West Coast trip. I mean that. Hope bought it there aren't able what we are the closer you look here. And that would let you in fact there we're -- -- of the possibility of all of in the absence in Portland -- water through May be -- but. Will be really carefully -- You feel bad for the lakers and -- seem like that don't try to coach that team I mean what a mess. It's just so it is it our border they expect it at -- and our. They got in the and the other early. In the light -- -- -- surgery. -- Certainly adequate for. All our. Air and like what -- -- quote. -- that you're here. No obvious Smart -- but it's just for the -- arm and caught up in the moment and I laugh when they lose and that's mechanically. To it really is it's -- it's so difficult than to have. Figure these teams out to you start to get probably -- little star Julia. A better feel that's why I estimate Avery Bradley because I. Your team probably is gonna look a lot different once you get Avery Bradley up to speed I would think. Well. Bring adults are here are your -- last. -- -- -- -- you don't get as much of the a very concerned. President if it is here. A lot of I mean. There's an. Error that inspired and there's fires out there that everybody else follows. More papers on the court as either here. Are there. I did it without -- actually give a good with. New Zealand at any -- of the Celtics writer of the picture.

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