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Mut announces he's having a baby boy!

Dec 6, 2012|

Mut announces that he and his wife are expecting their first child in the coming weeks and asks the listeners to call in and give him some "Daddy advice."

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Butler and ID three point seven. WEEI. Couple weeks off for Christmas 2012. My calendar correct. We are also a couple of weeks out. From hopefully. The birth of a healthy little -- What they're expecting our first child here will congratulate right around Christmas Day 2012. Christmas maybe. Yet you graduated you bad for you yes you hear that all the time that it gets born Marcus that's the whole present thing kind of screw it up and people here tell me that how bad it is. You more on what your time this thing out more -- that would sometimes you don't find things out a certain way sometimes you work in your work and you work every day and it Mayor Menino. We have finally could -- the -- this little -- Thank god it's going to be a boy. -- a beautiful little girls out there accuse me. No I can't deal with that you're kidding me the creeps like -- run and out there and have a daughter. I can't deal with that so we are protective -- in the rock in the background patriot Boyer with the -- work. We did some I was upside down for a -- and drank only hot water and I get to sleep now a young man. Obama not ready three weeks out just around christmastime relief effort. So the the problem having is that -- like a lot of things. I'm nervous as hell this is -- you're asking me I've got to be in charge of human being. I can't run the obvious as to football team correctly. -- going to be charges somebody's life yeah he's all I ask you had some humongous fake implants. -- -- advice. Joey let people give us advice 61777979837. On the ATP -- -- 379837. On in desperate need of help when it comes to what what looked like the one thing I need to know we have a lot of Europe bother. Joey at some point will be a father so he's out of your Dahlia what -- listen -- Are. I had right base is already bigger winners are people. Accidents them some advice in the recent call as Michael's -- advice rather. The ballots it brings to a poll question now it's time for the mud rolling poll question presented by pop keynotes. It is -- time by the way so the question is. With -- -- expecting their first child to the next couple weeks I was going to be until markets election. Yet. Text eight for six months or less next -- for one year or less seat for three years the Lester deeper. Never. They go to your question -- can be for markets -- six months one -- three years. Never can also pleasurable Lambert is in WB dot com slash my reloaded and my only polls that about opera gene knows. You -- just introduced there at nine new wing flavors a barbecue Bergen barbecue. Such as to polian more remembered present your -- Carter or more points for free food you can call order on line pop the GO dot com. It is indeed pop star and that's one of the four options again. Six months 81. Year last beat three years OS EK. Never -- he. Now never did you go to go. You are as a as a dad and this is partly -- answer the questions first every time you get to answer this question Perth based not based on your experience. What went -- my get back in the saddle here once that once the child is born. -- -- I. The brands you don't know there is evident go small what we deal with all these sections you know -- -- -- go over here again sick well in six months to a year and we'll see what happens. Not you should be okay goal date back end of day there are right the -- out. Does that again we knew that makes moves -- -- they give you instruction manual and leave the hospital they don't want mysterious things over experience when they see your -- taken home. And the two you walk article how. Have any right to do this I don't I'm capable of doing this is that there manual you'll divorces is this -- gonna come with me. -- go watch him all night long. It's pretty scary if you look at that. Any what's the one of -- you'd you'd give me to get some Texans and calls your second get some sleep now. Alternates a ball you're going crazy. I know he -- sleep great well that's their cell that's alternate bolt wick up -- first couple nights together but after that someone's got to get sleep. We both connectors scream at each other and -- -- Utley to get naughty and play or less -- in six months and a year after the child born according to Lou Greg in a car Greg good afternoon. What -- sic Gregg and pilot -- opt out -- you'll be all right all right I got two things are on the Leo -- aircraft that baby. It's not bad at all because -- your kid get all the not a large part led -- more expensive presents. Into a combo birthday Christmas saying and then there aren't always forget. You get back and the Christmas so you'll make up -- because you'll feel bad now. So try to do so I'm some basic -- gonna screw up at a time and just be prepared to screw up -- the Christmas presents for their presence. Well no -- early on automatic delete your -- imagine the chapel and a worker system and that your book and you know you'll compensate regardless you know what I mean etiquette app and that naturally because. They are better so perhaps than in the -- -- that Alberto. I like that Greg -- take that a consideration appreciate the point Christmas baby yeah. It's group -- says but still Tomas -- and Springfield Tom how are you. Mark congratulations. Thank you brought. -- don't do all right Tom. Asking you might ever hear that on optimistic there in two weeks -- more -- -- -- -- Who absolutely. Useless I don't know who I would or out of my skull. Don't -- -- -- more -- -- he -- that might keep an expert -- especially if you can there's nothing you can do much. It's going to be Norwalk. A golf -- it took -- a perspective. -- will go or go to -- -- -- full breast feed actually breastfeeding class tonight. Yeah opt out you're you're a lock up and do we have been doing. You a couple other. -- -- she's now beaten you can do. Asia's -- biggest keys in laws local. Very local parents well parents still live and pepper is that first us first grandchild for both it's their second. Put your private or not it's their second my brother had his burst early of what her parents. It's their first all you you're good. 24/7 got a kick out of the house. -- -- all the time yeah. Well and he lives a lot further away you gut -- everywhere. And everywhere up ask you like your in laws. Absolutely. And it just it's on a radio mother in -- ignite your fate now you're such a lot. She's a faithful listener or more from Israel and anybody realistic here it's nice to have sex with the -- can't wait to meet -- -- my enemy Lou parents local exits it's nice thing because the -- -- -- -- nothing better and all day long and a treat them that -- Much better than it ever treat you with us on parts of so far I've gotten it don't take time off you oppress the the kid's gonna score in the system and -- -- just on the kids off in the group -- really good device so far. Islets doctor -- it was a good neighborhood Robinson Robinson's wants -- at ski with the -- up. A guy. He just told myself -- with the in -- to one I was lucky out first source first grandchild on both sides. I don't think I saw like in the first month but anyway. If you're white they're gonna breast -- She's got a ultimately get sick of it you can pump -- -- -- on once you want yeah sometimes you gotta have a bottle to breast milk so. -- how it is no longer -- you're gonna have to get out to get those bottles. Don't buy a bottle warmer it's a total GAAP. Just -- our elderly. Microwave. -- -- -- But he does well against I don't know what to buy not to buy you guys are laughing I have this list of things like it. Do like get this too I really need that it seemed like a big scam that is out extra stuff you -- -- for this kid that's what it's that. Yeah it's a -- and don't do not buy up all the old woman -- they're gonna tell you all of microwave they saw the nutrient no I thought our kids. -- you could tell them odd. The first one we saw Little -- -- get out the second one we knew -- -- and everything else to balance like that. Don't worry about it Alec come out you appeared a -- hot dog food and I'd be eighteen hundreds. That's what I'm talking about -- -- Alan I'm getting pressure rates at this little by eight most honest stuff that a lot of our problems early and all and as well. Don't waste your money on needs newfangled hi tech bomb big keys whatever their call not pacifiers okay. Because that that that ugly little green thing that they give yourself at the hospital. Still live with that that that's the greatest pacifier meet higher world. -- I would have -- fires everywhere always cute little yeah you name it. And now he just wants the green thing in efforts on repairs at the same thing that the agreement they give you. I wanna know the name. We got a couple -- down a couple model is Jessica's you know Maloney it's like look at -- -- Keating Anthony as a candidate -- -- runner on everywhere you know -- -- you -- -- He can't go there now with -- What mocked you know it was somebody asked with an amazingly quick vote. -- mayor Richard -- In -- -- to certain names like Judd -- -- neighbor Richard but not a Ike gets there and you know. That doesn't work very well. Yeah that -- but it has you know so there's certain -- certain names that you sort of crossed off that dished. But don't go with mutton you know it's. We've heard that we're down to -- -- -- but still you know or not you know we're not known -- there's a tradition of ams in our family at the Brothers map these by -- were doing that. We have a couple were down a couple finalists but I -- -- -- -- crazy maybe guys picked out a name had a time. I would like to see the child first -- of a couple of options on the table see the child way when he's -- hopefully nice and healthy ready ago. -- please left because lefties he can pay a lot of the bullpen. I wanna make that decision then you guys -- -- the child see I don't wanna do that wants the child first that's what I want. -- three or four finalists that they were anywhere to -- ruling out ruling out the names Buick their. -- My wife as a couple names have not been a fan but OS -- names of listeners about those names and I mean -- buried them. But yet -- not beat that on got crossed up pretty -- they're pretty early I Jesse Connecticut Jessica had. Two extremely important pieces of advice the first I wish to god somebody would have told me no matter how much. The nurses. Try to pursuant to do that are -- to turn it into the net or don't you and to try to dying sister white convert a match or else you do not. Lot to lot. Gonna say do you wanna hear a baby coming out you're gonna say now. You're gonna keep cure. I -- ice data are made via -- do that there and what did you call that just. Sickle watermelon coming out of a fire it is just it's not not natural. So you're all gonna. And grab -- Regina. I'll repeat the it'll that you're going to be a little busy at that day jobs are so you're saying you're saying stay north of the border on the book that bush doesn't. Order a merger did. Make sure -- to -- the mayor because she will be justice freaked out you'll be and you now wanna look. Can't -- looked out earlier it. I think your your auto rating agency I think it's it's much. There and you cannot over rates. That -- now sticking your head turner. Did you -- two of the border north of the border house hang out a top. North of the border. This is true this is conflicting I describe Adidas tennis first kittens that I wasn't going to opinion upholding a leg. And as you see it -- can't look away I don't do like. -- you know like a good. -- north of the border good advice for their will continue on VH TT tech line at 37937. To mix in some of the advice that you have. You -- up AP couple question well as good football question out again as. But in -- his wife they're expecting their first drop -- along Olympian delegate selection again we -- eight for six months or less. -- a year or less -- three years the last. -- Break it down does oral sex announcement -- does oral sex count. Mean is account accurate action forgot that always counts oral sex. Yeah that -- I think we're talking more about the Mort. What she just went -- one a look at cubic and it went -- anything to do with you and grab a Regina. Nothing. -- disturb her. Brescia were bouncing and jiggling with students. Will make some of these and it's 61777979. -- to -- devices start. We'll get you up -- from John Chandler and by the way is we're talking about this and you guys help me out red -- support this and a pitcher don't go anywhere.

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