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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on the Celtics

Dec 6, 2012|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the Celtics win last night, Rondo's suspension, and college athletics in Boston.

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He really go to Mexico -- be honest with us. I think guard bill that would go I don't object. In the grown man and -- -- you know locker room and -- I do they don't you want do what you want just keep working out more display did you build. I think he's just mess and what lessons to -- you know he doesn't. Doc Rivers earlier today with DNC Butler and at a three point seven WEEI every Thursday Celtics Thursday we talked to Jack McMullen -- Is brought to you by town fair tire and by HSA insurance. You know these sort of things Jackie did Rajon Rondo go to Mexico for a couple days during a suspension. We'll muddle it you can go a little. Old now. -- kind of low long -- -- just two days. I wouldn't put -- past and you know Rondo does what -- want. And as long as it's been within the parameters of keeping it from my contract I guess that's okay. And I felt like he'd there's no way he went but he wanted to say that to serve route to the NBA you know what. What I did wasn't wrong it doesn't affect me in any way I was sitting around saying I was in Mexico I. It was -- Have always a little defiance thereby were shot which he's always a bit like that last couple years -- Yeah that's you know listen the only thing I think it's too bad they. You know someone after my -- did you learn anything from it no I didn't and that's fine but the bravado that's part of the deal let. I certainly hope that is definitely true. Because what he should've learned by now that he's he's a bit of a marked guy and that's gonna happen going forward. Because of his you know his previous actions such as how it works you get a reputation there aren't there. And the referees are gonna be -- -- activity especially because. I'm not once but twice Q you've challenged the referee in a way that. Unacceptable so what do you like better not act of cowardice and and I would like to think -- was remorseful he should be. To gain -- two more games than that he can afford to have him on the sidelines and let -- injured. So he should take that seriously you can article police he can't -- the best point guard in the league. And you can't wanna be the leader of the Celtics. And then there was no big deal I have no remorse. Because I missed two games you should have. -- Jack Gifford who set this one I think elevenths the ball pep talk what that win last night against Minnesota and it was. It was a good win because the -- super you know natural effort from anybody particular debate sort of out there and did their job I mean. KG was outstanding and Rondo -- his game and -- was good and you get some things out of soldiers to all around -- -- game. It was in you know I think they were a little lucky I was Indiana Minnesota locker room actually after the game talking to Kevin Love and as you guys -- that he's coming off a broken hand that. And arms and tell me that he you know he doesn't feel right -- -- yeah actually locked delivered feeling in the answer when he's released in the Arctic doesn't feel excellent. And start a little bit and increase -- -- in street clothes and he's gonna start to work -- -- happen. It was him so these the kind of game that when you have. Those two situations you've got to take advantage of that and you're right they didn't listen I wish it Kevin Garnett they thought they were playing in the the silicon a little every. Because it would keep them out after the ball and that's that you wanted he wanted to be aggressive offensively and the matter how many years go by. Minnesota not gonna just be another team for him. He played very aggressively and really wanted to score make a point -- So you know it's just too bad that he can't that every team is minnesotans -- because that's the kind of nonsense since. Initiatives. They need to take it acknowledged not a favorite thing but they're much better team when -- And that's the fall how many guys Jackie think if there were at the same point KG is -- in his career would still still ought to winning a championship or Boston. The extra motivated when they play the role in the way he was last night. You know what I think there's more than you'd think but that's my guess. I think there's a lot of that they goes on quietly without anybody talking about I mean I would go back to Paul -- talking about. It seems that didn't draft in the when he left to play that he liked it when he scores in a basket against him when he came he was. You know pretend not up on -- I think go to the kind of thing artificial or otherwise. That motivate these athletes which is all -- all over a very very long and BAC to sell. You know my -- on -- Gulfport that's the -- movie and great. Bring it on. Any other good thing that comes out of me KG mean Paul Pierce at times give me some big minutes but to a doctor's doing pretty good job with KG minutes point 627 minutes yeah. Every single night. -- you've got to do that look at it's going to be a long year and and down the stretch. When it matters when they're in the play out he's gonna lean on those guys and he needs to have impression I think -- and extremely disciplined at the way he's handled them. And and you've got to continue to do that in. And of course the you know the -- in here is when the game start to go south on you to put your and to put Garnett and. Because you know what they can do I would. I would be like -- on those minutes -- because. The way he played he played so hard. And any you know he he throws by your round and it's he's not a he's not cute kid even though he wanted to think is when he got to sure up pretty flexes it muscle. And I do what is his minutes a little bit -- Jacqui give us an early progress report on what you think of Jared soldier in this first. This stretch against itself. You know Barbra and I are talking about the I love this kid I just I love the enthusiasm. I love the way he -- that actor on the boards I loved last night that little fake fake and got himself to the line. He got -- the lines that we talk about Ambien undersized. So pure besides you probably can't power legal work a lot of the power forward in the league until you know lack. Going to the line is the next best thing I I elected he reminds me a little bit of Jared Dudley. The kid from BC who everybody that you know I didn't have an NBA body he had demanded that many don't know this is -- The kitten has. I don't know what it always did. But he but he remind you Jared Dudley with the same enthusiasm in the same determination to approve our critics are -- the one thing I would say it. He can improve on that spot right he can change that body a little bit and I know it work and I was -- do the strength and conditioning back for the Celtics. I think you know exit -- byproduct of being a rookie coming into the league for the first time I like him are likely to bring a light. It is approach I like -- optimistic even -- he's probably not playing is -- if you like. He's a -- in mind. And it's that confidence right we I agree with you on a makes everything you said about sellinger including. It's the 181718. Footer and I thought would be good around the basketball last night the only field goal in -- Rondo drive kicks it out. He's 1718 feet no hesitation hits and only one of three shots he talked there's a confidence level what that jump shot than. Paul rookies have for that position. Yeah he's -- you know he wants to be your key US because I was asking him you know the same thing about peer assisted you keep track of all the teams. That pakistanis said I don't have time to do that I too many things are gonna do for this seem like any don't worry about that what a great answer you know. They're dockers they talk of what Avery Bradley C and the -- close Nagano the definition of close but -- here kind of a couple of weeks maybe before it gets in the practice what you hear. Yeah we've been here enough for awhile and you know they say well he's not practiced yet but in my mind Vietnamese every time those curtains open up -- we we get a glimpse of the last five or ten minutes of practice. He didn't work out -- and he's shooting shots in the taking shots not exceed what they mean by that is contact I understand that. But it's not like a group rarely been seen on the sidelines watching he's been working really hard for a long time. A long time now. No contact obviously an up and down play that's so that's the final piece to that. But that people get the wrong impression sometimes that. You know he's just an awesome jump up and put his work out here on in and try to get in shape and and try to you know get into the -- he's been doing that -- he's been working really really hard I don't think he's the fire -- doc might wanna be due to believe. Kobe Bryant last night scores as thirty of 30000 point in the NBA. -- point it's a lot of points he did a really short I'm not a time it. Look at -- at the end of his career Jackie how we can have you Kobe -- we got to put have a -- group a with players of Michael Jordan's -- in the top a leak a leak in the NBA. Well armed again another discussion in my tell Ryan and I were having today Bob Bryant you know it in the top ten absolutely. Without question. It in the top five boy at heart you know he's right around there is -- Jordan not really. And you know if you ask me who's the greatest Laker of all time I'm still -- Magic Johnson. I think we're but we're gonna remember Kobe is one of the most the most pure scorers. One of the most fearless. Competitors. Ever and definitely one of the top ten great players of all time. And but also the guy that controversial are guys that aren't even though he is a great player. You know had a very interest in art. In terms of becoming in a leader a leader in the NBA early on certainly not. -- tried too hard with -- veteran teammates you know he came off his. You know not genuine at all. Later on. It didn't have the right touch in terms of helping young players you know couldn't really quite find that balance of helping young guys and also kicking him in the rear end when they needed that I think as a much much better job of that now as he. Elder statesman. You know now he says positive equity is big boy pants on it actually completed actually means something. You know few years ago he and check are so busy trying to one up each other than either one of them really glad that we should -- You know in the NFL who wants a while you you look at a game and you say any given Sunday and think it happened but looks -- -- should just left everybody home the other night. Miami go to Washington with everybody healthy in this decade. Well you know it's funny if you look at the box score it was the guys off the bench -- Washington you know guys that you don't think about -- Eric and Jordan Crawford goes with a guy that came through public. The -- did and you know that's really does happen. In the NBA and people work. Taking issue with LeBron -- you know what you have to do what is this what this -- and he has not and we lost the game he thought I was him on that some night. It just happens I will tell you that effectively. Miami and I'm only talking in terms of you know contenders here to win the championship. I think they had to tighten up their defense a little bit I really do. And I think that's a little bit -- game but really let's not make too much of it. -- your former colleagues said the Bob Bryan imagine Dan Johnson and wrestle back and forth last week or so about college sports Shaughnessy says it's it is are relevant BC was number 20. -- never be a factor in Bob's rebuttal I thought as a college sports -- was tremendous where do you fall on this where do you fall on Boston. As being a college sports town on the heels of Steve -- does -- -- hired yesterday -- BC. Right well you know I cut my teeth turn the cards or the first few years with the globe that's what I did. And and I would say it would probably during the glory days of of -- here mean Jack -- bill was a football coach at Boston college and -- had the basketball coach is that the EU Rick Pitino at northeastern. Duke Calhoun. Gary Williams and Tom Davis. At BC frank the great frank and often at Harvard so I grew up. At a journalist in that town covering parts -- loved it would start to leave it when they ended up being a columnist -- you know you tend to focus on the approach. Idyllic on the card game that Bob that I was that they the Harvard women's games -- Tuesday night watching them beat Providence college and I think it's a shame -- think what happened -- because of newspapers and the cutbacks and -- the situation that the print newspapers -- and it on the body anymore and people out there and covers sports and so when you don't cover it in writing about the players did it. In effort to get the girl at EU right now on tell offered you an unbelievable year. It was back in the eighties we had a -- after the globe someone have already written the story about her. You know you'd be right about the Harvard I've seen -- -- headlines that they beat Boston College. But because of what's going on in our industry they don't have the numbers to do it and that and the biggest people that have they have been suffered -- Without question is colleges because we always took over the high schools right all the all the all the newspapers here. It's the colleges that have suffered the most and I think it's a shame that it nothing more fun Nagorno great college. Game announcer let's put it in you know Derrick Clark Kellogg at UMass is get really seventeen Chad's. It's you know his star player -- there I mean there's just there's so many great stories. And Flickr is not enough body right now to tell you about if you don't know about him you're not you're not motivated to go out he's. -- and I attic TV sports TV news locally is expected that to our grew up on the well and -- and Levant Sheehan and Diop and Dino. And it was 45 minutes maybe six minutes of sports now they got thirty seconds if they're lucky so those local features just don't happen anymore. Like at some women on -- side and that's what -- -- I'm with you -- hi -- great stuff is always enjoy the week double talk you next week. Right on our I Jackie McMullen joining us every single Thursday Celtics Thursday on the AT&T hotline eighteenth -- four GL TT. With speed that the ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible Celtics -- there will roll on Paul Pierce will join us at 1215. We have Celtics tickets. In the 1 o'clock hour the local one hour.

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