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Alex Speier, WEEI.com, on the Rule 5 draft

Dec 6, 2012|

Alex Speier joins Mut and Merloni to discuss which players the Red Sox acquired in the MLB Rule 5 draft and gives a recap of the Winter Meetings.

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Our Jim little and ID three point seven WEEI -- McMullen or join us later on this hour Paul Pierce and a Celtics Thursday will join us at 1215. Celtics tickets for in the 1 o'clock hour and I'll also check in in Houston with the voice -- the Texans. On all things patriots and Texans Monday night the Monday night game of the year to date giants Redskins was good but won both teams might not make the playoffs -- all but -- The two teams have played Monday Texans and patriots will be in the playoffs and I think it's tied for last time I checked the best record combined record. Of any two teams in -- night game this late in the year will check in there later on start with. All things baseball because the hot still boiled over these last couple of days and Alex -- rob Bradford. A WEEI dot com been all over and Alex joins us from Nashville. I Alex let's start real quickly rule five draft anything interesting for Red Sox perspective come out of that last hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They did lose a guy it was pretty talented and Josh you'll. A former first round draft pick of of the Mariners in the got New -- Bedard trade they were very much expecting to lose field. Because you were pretty dominant in AAA -- -- their roster kind of over slow it where where. Believers or even a guy -- touched 96 at a certain amount curve ball. What some and they can protect so I almost hope there's command all apart a little bit so they can get them back from the -- has been your first pick them. There's a real interest in local component. -- the Red Sox the Red Sox got in the might only part of it but kid named Jack security went to -- -- Latin. It was a former first round draft pick up by the national. Brother to -- her yet -- on talent but -- it let them attend Stanford as -- student Emily really pitched. A little bit. Eight as a professional. So he's going to join the Red Sox but you kind of an interesting story. Aside from that they they've made its mobile for about four a minor league utilities back -- -- Named in Justin had -- but he's either not roster Qaeda and not political. Arts and more interesting stuff I guess is pushing Victor Reno signing. Gaining some momentum or his people were just talking about the possibility of venture to trading Jacoby Ellsbury now. Much like you know with denying rumors of Leicester and the -- bring us explaining -- They don't want anything to get get out there these players are on their control they play with this team a painting is going to be quietly and be done quickly. Do you still think there's a chance they could move one of those two players. Of course because of -- you know very very. They have no illusion about what they were in 2012 in the regular pretty -- -- A pretty dramatically different teams and thirteen that's I'd you have a highly highly unlikely that they. That don't move either -- on I think have been greater trade value by a lot would come from last serve -- outlook -- the difficulty replacing. Of adding certain rotation would just be so great for a team that in -- ballot look like. At a at a piece here Barrett and has decent shot get into the -- Of an elite that are kind of a -- division in many respects are so I don't moving Lester and then. Elwood Debian open mr. moving -- are of course but it is true about your -- if -- -- low and so because it could be motivated to put up monster year it really. Our intent on contending this coming season. Then nodded I think your best opportunity is by having excellent outfield defense which was mount -- weakness of the 2012 -- -- you have old -- victory on the outfield. I'd bet you have you have that extra set of puberty -- really good defensive outfield that that's going to be really helpful for that pitching staff it was so atrocious last year. A follow up on L Sperry talk what does value being low Alex do you expect a big wanted this year he does have. A return to form and you get to that point there at the all star break. And there are let's say they're not contending with the be open -- trading and then recognizing that you know he's probably gone it's got -- -- and test the market the end of the year. Yes of course they would be open -- trading him in the middle you have -- -- -- -- team acquired him would have to exceed it is. The value of the drastic the birds are hypothetically would get return or am I if you were going to appreciate it. But I actually put up monster number -- -- director out of contention by the all star break him. Frankly I think the likelihood of them being blown out of the water by the all star break is pretty low. I've -- yes certainly direct talks could export trading -- them and I think there's a decent chance that if it happened that you played well and they were out of it that he would have greater trade value then Benny just now. Bench Eric in -- met with Josh Hamilton and it seems that the Texas Rangers are waiting to see this Greinke thing plays out. If they sign Greinke make a move and Hamilton's not in Texas. Is Red Sox give back in the plays at them Seattle schools would have been and how far the rats are willing ago. You really get to stand you know based on the contracts abroad talk about most are and what you bring you here kind of talking to team officials prepare. There would be relative comfort going up to her because in for Josh Hamilton you know. Opportunities like that don't come on -- opera yet you're getting a guy like it just am not a year deal as. I mean unbelievable considering what are the ages so. So much in -- they're addressed short but they're comfortable to -- them. Once you start pushing it out up to four years been. You know I think -- -- greater unpredictability about. About how well he's going to be able to hold up over you know over a number of years. Although I do you think that the Red Sox and other chart mariner. Maybe maybe the brewers would get back into it. You just never know there's a little bit of a crapshoot and -- the Dodgers were decides that they were. I get back into the derby if they lose out on Greinke and you know then figure a way to -- trade -- eat here or something. But I would still pay the likelihood of the Red Sox. -- the winning team at the end. As being maybe fifteen to 20% so fairly low on that section but that's actually represents a slight increase argued it. And turned orderly in but evidently Seattle really really wants them it's by the government the first. And Seattle seems to be the other major player here are you surprised there wasn't a more Josh Hamilton market developed during these last couple days at the winter meetings Alex. Not necessarily because he's still a huge contract amber considerable risk in there aren't that many teams that have -- our. In that and have that kind of money to -- so. Now I am not -- surprise that surprised that the animal market. Is going to be limited to just keep hitters because you know you need to have the position opening you need to have the money you need to have you need to be able to answer -- put the chips on the table. And so there needs to be you know you need to have an aggressive Yemen in the cases are there are only. In the case of Seattle burned since. They need to start -- hello Jack current secure in their for awhile and so. Believe I'd yet you're marshalling their reserves for future project -- -- may or may not be. You know in position to -- extradited -- you know that starts to weigh into it. Another note you would think it's pitching goes to acquire in May be starting pitcher but the scenes at the pitching markets moving a lot slower. That and the hitters especially Satterfield market but. When I look at some of the guys out there -- you wanna go long term with Sanchez is is Dempster in the mix. Nick alliger georgians is a -- -- I think ceiling wise has potential to be. With a guy like Dan -- -- healthy where you see them going net. Yeah about about there although I think that you know in my mind you need to have a a pretty good like pretty pretty you have -- some kind of recent performance certainty that number five processor for that number -- regulation but because. They're coming out over a year where they had no real performance certainty with. Four guys who are planning on bringing back so -- electric car like Turkey but more as a as a step option in the kind of six starter option. Who are maybe global sport until a guy like ruby Doris says -- you -- to step up in the rotation. You know the market is something of a mystery to me I mean it certainly checked in on Dempster. They have -- Fit -- very or quality year of available streams agents. Has been questionable I didn't think that Sanchez someone. They're -- to explore. If the bidding is going to be let's take four years or less because he's really got his 28 years old you can really buried it -- last three years. -- -- terrific stop certain ability to compete in a pretty intense. Circumstance in the post season. But whether or not whether or not. Pretty he would be available at a low enough rest. For the Red Sox to tolerate is another question and that does tiger and rotation for the long term so. Quite honestly. The pitching part of all over the place and I'm dispatcher where there -- go. You can probably an -- I mean what your twelve million dollars for the chance to be what it. Have that many more shots to contend that he loved the opportunity and so you're -- at you Cleveland in the Yankees -- Front -- Cleveland because. It would be an opportunity it's comfortable not a apartment a home. I've even though you know like -- on the West Coast now I would -- the opportunity to compete Oprah Oprah one more ring what you have to think would be. Pretty appealing especially when you're getting it's a really sizeable contract offer like that. Are so long -- comfortable playing time to -- for the Yankees. Alex great stuff the coverage all week he's been out of this world a WEE got to Kabul you and rob we appreciate the time the -- talking needs him. Not one of the best if not the best in the business Alex beard joining us on the eighteenth the hotline -- PP four GLT he. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible. -- pastoral only. Picks the a couple of trade possibilities in Major League Baseball -- and guys that we've talked about. And -- the Boston Red Sox at some of those ninety seconds.

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