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Paul Pierce, Celtics captain, on Rondo and the team

Dec 6, 2012|

Paul Pierce joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Rondo's maturity, the team's slow start, and which teammate he picked for secret santa.

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Yourself makes that three of the team owners' right to -- move on Cunningham Kessler of the store rather it was all the fault because made that. -- who went to the it's. Celtics shooting 54%. Is that over sixty tenacity of the NBA the second best defense team bond Oklahoma City in the Western Conference. Grandy on the call Celtics over the T wolves last night at the guard Motley united three point seven WEP I'd say Celtics Thursday all of Celtics tickets for yet. Just over an hour from now on joining us on the ATP hotline -- Celtics player of the week Paul Pierce. On the program Paul -- Lou how are you. Mary were so those are not doing a very -- off. You talked about it after the game last night the consistency. You're looking for from your team here early in the year was last night the most complete most consisting game. You guys have played this year Paul. Well I think so you know are very you know throughout the season we've we've done things for stretches where we -- down the stretch as -- play defense mistress. And you know other than the turnovers -- the very -- For the most part -- -- the ball well he's he's fast break we rebounded the ball which the party of principles. And we got resolved in August 1 of the better redundancies in the Lee is one of the better because to me recently. -- -- Kevin -- We've liked the way. Directional. All doctors talk -- buddy you talked about a difference you in this offense and now things may get the change will be at the adjust your game. How is that can't -- how is it different. Well you know we -- is a lot office this year. From an awful lot of downed trees lot of movement off the ball there have been adjustment for me you know tomorrow while Google was senators -- -- -- -- -- be but I think of the year goes along home. A lawmaker mr. adjustment we're not going approval and it would be more more comfortable week in week out you know we. A lot of things you to a Volvo around Rondo was penetration is. In a pack in the past you is this pushing the ball in transition that is not a typical response world in transition and they come -- -- that. As a fan watching the game the game seems faster at a different speed when ray and Rondo is playing in when he missed a couple games with the suspension do you. Feel that as a player Paul the when he's in their chests. It's a different level the games a little bit quicker the offense will -- faster. Oh definitely hear them and you go out just point guard in the league and they and at least put pressure on the defense. Pushing the ball put the pressure on very that -- current opportunities for the rest of us and then -- -- -- place. You know last year -- -- -- -- you fight you know last year when you got started off started off so slow and obviously things ended up Lester -- the Eastern Conference finals you have to fight that -- this year just. Kind of understanding a gimmick and -- -- -- -- it's no big deal they -- get caught accidentally -- wrapping -- -- kind of basketball you want at this point. Well it appears not to get too frustrated -- -- What the end of the -- -- you know right now we're ability and you got on the -- ability affairs might have some of the folks here and there. And you've got to feel that there would you can't get too frustrated you can get there you can -- of confidence waiver. And the -- years you know pain that you see in practice. The things that we're seeing -- -- -- poster children you know and understand what we're capable we put it altogether. Those folks on the coast rather than others so. This is real and we definitely pension. We're a record largely where we wanna be you know at this point what we -- that in the long world we're gonna get better better here as a result is always in Mexico. -- Paul Pierce joining us in here from. Idiots like me on the radio say -- new players to at a team that takes time you guys have a bunch of new players in this roster Paul. Is their a legitimate timeframe that it takes to figure out what doc wants to do both offensively and defensively. It's hard to put a number on that and you look at it we've had injuries we you know Ronald this -- We -- the party line vote. It also. -- felt the full time to vote sort comic chemistry and you want when. Do you try to get things together so you know really hard to really put -- -- but on the however since we put certain period on the him Rondo Kevin. Record. I've been pretty pretty good so we can just you know keep god help you. Continue to play. The way we've been clear and I think. That's harmonica lawlessness along way. It's he's a -- Terry sort of fit right in and we talked him earlier in the year it seems like a pretty energetic guy. Positive guy kind of affect -- he had in that locker. Always great veteran leadership you know he's currently. Fourteen years now he's won the championship. He others everything about children about -- and he's been a lot of -- things. And he's a great black secretaries -- -- -- coach one day this way. This presidency as a black woman I talked to god you -- confidences is confident that the -- What about. Doc Rivers a week ago called his team's soft we asked Kevin about that when he joined us and he. He seemed taken aback by he would not agree with doc that this is a soft team right now what did you think when doc said that. After the game last week -- do you agree that you guys are playing like a soft team at that point. Grew -- that way -- you know sometimes coaches got to do that. Means calling it insult or whatever. If -- Oprah's got flattened. Which are particularly did you are the way Kevin responded to it. Some of these other guards on the -- -- -- to be called off you know also. You know coaches always talk faraway motivated and pushed -- button that definitely can keep -- you -- but round here. Who do that this is while while we've been bill -- and Ron. These commodities. Like he's physical. One home is -- the vehicles well. I push Kevin's buttons to push your buttons a little bit when he heard docs say that personal. On the one side and on the phone person. That her. There where he was coming from when he -- on Saturday and you know coaches got a beautiful arms. It was a rumor he's -- -- The all of these so motivation. Problem motivating each and -- slow abusive. You know you -- maturity when it comes to garlic or genre on donor but he points out that you know he is the leader of this team and -- less than after the game and civil. He's the best player on the court -- -- we hear that a lot. What serving at two game suspension. You know was their discussions with them but was it -- value -- to lose your war. We guys look at it more and stick it up four team. It was a combination of product uses they're gonna afford teammate. Figures and how valuable he is. But there he didn't have a variant of the most of the goal line is sometimes you know -- he's an emotional -- player. And you know these something maybe shouldn't. Maybe it will cost of the way in Arctic in the long run of these arms. You know. You're not the way America on these -- -- play well in the playoffs. It's not a soften that a rookie kind of comes in here and -- playing time under Doc Rivers and wanted to I was -- soldier to sort of meshed in iriki big games and hustle points last night's offensive rebounds and -- issues you don't see that the Doc Rivers. If you believe. -- report you know he's he's so mature for. A rookie you know -- you know the reason doctors. Because these particular things so quickly you know practice he's understanding. Offices asking is that because the -- an -- -- there will be counseled him have a high basketball IQ. You're almost refuses to become don't have that help our Q especially. At the big position in a lot of pick a little more -- -- Gains of office because but he picked the most. Quite where police and that's what they would execute a plan common desire. These KG said last week about the slow starts he feels the team has had slow start the heated senate twice these did dumb rules the NBA has put in an -- league is put. Caller strict you know what you can do before game now the starting -- it's just here's a -- up boom you're gonna play. It sounded like -- was talent a status -- affect the energy early do you feel that's the case that the the -- clamping down a pregame stuff is has slowed your team down. Out of the gate in any games this year. Don't know. -- -- -- we've gotten off to a great start resist that after that first five minutes as Luis -- you know when we kept it goes out to. You know now we're Dorsey is a lot faster and in the timeout you call plays. Before we run out. Before in the locker room before we go laughter because. We do have time restrictions. You know obviously ambulances. We just slowdown after about the first five minutes we got to do a better job to maintain that. You guys season goes though would take that Doc Rivers kind of watch in the minutes for you guys for you and KG then you see what happens. Down at San Antonio and knows a bit earlier in a year. You -- your guys thoughts in that locker room when seed David Stern find disbursed 250 grand. Percent of those guys. About -- unbelievable because no problem this has done that in the past you know this isn't the first time these. He said the key players throughout the reason not to influence the magnitude of the game. -- on national TV and against Miami. The what is would. -- You commission. Is rules. Just got to live with. Doc told you to get on the plane enough play the heat. But he gets some fight back from you. Video I have definitely -- definitely deserves to go for the he's accomplished Arnold that always we'll play you. -- -- Pakistan if I had an injury or -- create cooler he had on the way or something like that there are more understandable. Is unhealthy elements -- -- off a wanna be out there. I says Paul you're 35 years old you're an old man get on the plane up plan he. Realized. That's one -- like here actually agree with children. Get on the plane if there was a lot of we'll figure though give here a little bit we live on display. We had this story here we asked are you here on Twitter to -- from they were social media we asked our friends on FaceBook. To leave questions for this interview but before we do a we're gonna bring back her question for -- KG Kevin join us last Thursday. Here's the question we asked him on our FaceBook page that he questions for you Brian just wanted to know. It being the Christmas season what you plan on get Ray Allen for Christmas. -- -- It's no but we have to -- -- -- -- focused almost 2% to. I'm not it's not surprised about the first dance the second one got Lisa here's your question today. What you get ready for Christmas ball and he could tell us which what are your teammates. You have for secret Santa. All right and make my Christmas list this year and four months because. I've got a program and so we've gotten -- her shoulders. But now does. -- -- it -- -- for him get back in the -- I gotta keep government must go with a gift is still -- OK a big deal doesn't he get a new pair shoulders those are expensive though shoulders. -- I'll always appreciate the time it's always good luck this week -- -- the back to back with Philadelphia and Della -- talking on the road. -- -- -- great talking to Paul Pierce here. On the AT&T hotline eight PP forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G-8 AT&T. Rethink possible. It looked on eBay for shoulders. -- In the old expanse. 61777979. Victory seven your phone -- can text us. On the AT&T text line at 37937. And stay -- Celtics fans because at one. Twenty today we got a Celtics -- -- give away just for you it's only a month.

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