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Steve Addazio, Boston College Football, calls Dennis and Callahan to discuss his plans to get the Eagles back on track

Dec 6, 2012|

Addazio explains his choice to accept the head coaching position at Boston College. He feels that he can build strong relationships coaching the Eagles and working with Athletic Director Brad Bates. Addazio acknowledges that there will be challenges as a result of the institution’s high academic standards but they will build a solid program based on honesty, integrity and commitment.

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All right joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the new head football coach at Boston College but I feel Steve good morning John Jerry here in Boston how aria. John I'm doing great in the appreciate haven't yet to be out here. You raised some eyebrows in a good way and grabbed everyone's attention with. The press conference yesterday what is the source of that enthusiasm and that energy Steve. A lot of what is the you know -- love football allow people in the you know I'm just so throw the time in I guess to come an intense guy and I got a lot of passion -- Energy is like to be yet humble that you know I think it. You know who want to be flat -- Well only god knows they could use that and BCB you've said you've told everybody this -- dream job. What why is this your dream job and not in Florida are or else hammer on Notre Dame or Tennessee what makes this that the perfect place for you. You know ever since I was young guys in college at central Connecticut -- -- to drive up the watch BC play all the cross at the end of the season. And I just know -- grown up in Connecticut you know is always a big time football at Boston College in. -- New England guy. Of Connecticut guy and you know I just I have also been kicked. I love the whole mission statement of Boston College. Myself my family are devout Catholics. You know this is the place were that friendly atmosphere of the family concept is so important and that means everything to me looked at this job watches job. Throughout my colonel we -- about have an opportunity to come here. My friends guys all over the country have been texting me for two days in -- that there is the detection is all -- like this. Being we're so happy for you we know how much you always loved Boston college and always wanted to be there at. We're just really thrilled for you that your dreams came true so. That that's why is that the honest answer for all and a world wannabe. At a place that I really wanted to be in an environment that really wanna be and -- -- think it's. What if what do you win what if it's a great five year run you go to bulls you win games you filled stadium. And Notre Dame called you worked there Florida calls -- you gonna say no I'm I'm a BC got through and through our all college football you work for Urban Meyer. Are all good college football coaches by nature vagabond that -- nomads at dale put an. Well I think you. You know I never really envisioned. Moving around you know not even that was back in the day when I was in high school coach Cheshire high school. A source general let them in my friends the thought of moving was overwhelming to me and then I got in the coaching carousel and of course there are started you know. Running in the college coaching secure solid link. I don't wanna do that anymore it's less about what that's not what and that moves me wanna be at a place where I can build a program -- program. And I wanted to -- strike and be around home great coaches slate jury. York and just. In an atmosphere who worked one brawl ball for one you know -- that also if things don't don't drive me. And you know like I said I mean. Like -- that -- me they know that this it is this is rob wanted to be this is -- wanna put my feet down this is world wanna. Establish a great program and great relationships I've met that stage in my career. Where the movement all that stuff done that in the now I just wanna be around great people Brad -- the athletic director here. I just -- it just so connected with him and you know he's one of the most respected athletic directors in the country. And it's all relationships. And it it's all out. You wanna be live where you wanna be around people you want Ambien and I know that's that's right here so. That's this is wrong one of the witnesses -- one. We're out of all of what we build and and -- -- interest. We're talking with Steve industrial Boston College football's a new head coach what are the three unbreakable rules in your program Steve. That your kids understand probably after your first time to sit down with the entire squad of the three unbreakable rules that that you just won't change. And honesty. Well integrity. Commitment. To your education treat people with respect. And respect the game it's a privilege it is not a right. Leader the head football coach clarification. Planned. And -- passion. Compassion. I think the ability to publish your players really hard in the local -- hard. The public chapter on the field and walk at all put your arm around a big hug him. And it in essentially treat people like they're -- are you gonna push every gonna drive them evil and a lawful. And a public -- create energy and passion within the alumni within the fan base connect with the faculty make people feel part of your program. And it's important that and that's at this program's going to be all about inflation a great tradition the great players sheer. And have confidence import trade that confidence. And an insurer didn't have -- in in in those things come easy when it's really wouldn't you for real as one thing you can't do you just can't think leadership. From an -- says that -- standpoint on the field Steve what -- Steven does you'll football team look like. I just promote all of you. When you press play on the clicker. I want to see it -- that pop. Physical they play with passion -- -- on energy on the sidelines they -- and unbreakable will at some overall philosophical view. From our offense defense special teams. I wanna have a defense that. It's 46 seconds are relentless effort that the duration of the plate -- -- have a defense that has little publicity to. I think you have to attack offenses you have to attack protections you got to create issues for offenses you can't let them lining -- and target chip. You don't utilize your personnel on the strengths you have we have to take a look at our personnel and it's what we can or can't do best on offense. Number one I think gives you you need to -- that would be balanced. And -- really important. -- that's the multiplicity but starting up front. You have an offensive line -- Iraq off the ball and got a couple around the football. -- you can't he can't win if you can't run it in balance. I think you wanna double the spread the field. And put stress on defenses and make them -- 53 and a third. On special teams come directly involved and I don't want the best players involved and that that's how you control field position. You know it here -- but if you have the ball on your own -- your opponent has the ball on the pretend. You can imagine the 90% opportunity that they won't score touchdowns sort of field position game. If you block upon there's a 90% chance you're gonna win the -- special teams can control you'll positioning dictate the momentum of the football game. So wannabe couple from both sides of the line of scrimmage and that some of my views on offense defense and special teams. Steve when you were recruited for Florida in New England. Against Boston College did you tell kids that BC's just too hard you're gonna have to do homework and study. You don't want that come the Florida is that how it worked. You don't know. No I mean you'll be competitive world of recruiting you're looking. You know talk about every advantage you'd think -- app where you are. And -- -- but I never know that but that never came up that means. Honestly you have you know not really respect. The fact here that you know. Guys that are coming here really respect -- academics. And and I think that's so important fact that's one of the real appealing things to me is just truly a place for student athletes. And and that's really important to me. But. But you're gonna have guys that you can't you can't get past admissions right I mean you've heard it you know even have guys that are gonna go somewhere else to your arrival. It may be an ACC rival in Rome gonna go to Florida State or ignored North Carolina State because you couldn't get the best emissions that's part of life and BC right. Yes it is. -- I -- yeah I mean come. You know obviously you there are plenty -- Talented student athletes that the -- really looking for a powerful degree wanna play high energy passionate great brand of football and wanna -- -- How do you like Boston have -- a beautiful campus like Boston College that the group result parent and a you know I'm really looking forward to attack it. When you when you got Aaron Hernandez to go to Florida was in a tough sell. Did you have to be got a bunch of New England teams or was he ready to move self and play for the gators. And the -- mountain you know he was committed at that time to Connecticut brother on the football team that at Connecticut. And you know I talked -- emerged about. You know the opportunity to be an offense the opportunity for him. -- come down to a marquee program to be featured in in in in our offense where he would have a great chance to touch the football. All the things we talked about in the -- true for him and you know -- and had a great relationship with him. You know I had -- trust factor obviously being from the state of Connecticut going into Connecticut. And I think all the factors you get a great feel for urban and and in and all the things down there are so I thought that ended up being terrific fit for him and certainly social proud. All the things that he's accomplished he's a great guy with a great work ethic and a great talent and it's all true proved to be true. We're talking with -- Boston College football coach Steve dolls UST all coaches say they took a little something for their coaching you know acumen. Everybody they worked for over the years but the one guy the biggest contributor to the way you coach based on people you work with in the past. That's a really tough question to say one guy -- I feel like a cop and out funny and say oh you're going to get to the standard answer but. Really took a lot from each guy and means -- at school only contention at the tail his intensity his learning how to be a teacher. You know -- going to go to Atlanta with with Bob -- just show. Probably so right in Seoul had great into -- and spots and I really love you know him he's a guy that I always go to ask opinions Jerry and RO I just what Jerry -- was all pro guy. Really right really really. Attention to detail and learned -- awful lot from Jerry -- and of course. Gone with with urban I mean urban is just a phenomenal head football coach he has a unique ability -- great recruiter we had a great energy together on the road recruiting. Just his attention to detail his management of the staff is working with the players the whole concept be a part of their lives to make -- a family place. And just. Just you know -- has just been a guy that's had a great influence on me so byproduct of all of my thing give up very grateful for the great people that I had a chance to be under. Do your friends and your colleagues and your other coaches have a nickname for you and if so what is. -- used to call me parliament by the minute. I was that was not admire and you know -- attracted -- and you don't know before you know before we played in motivational talking. And so you know we got a lot of fun with that in you know so that was that was one -- those -- right there. You know coined by urban and so he's a beauty. -- because there is is preaching kind of and I mean in a positive way aspect to you what abouts especially since is Boston College meet up with the -- this morning. -- that the revenue. You know I think a lot of things so you know -- everything that's some good with it. What was the theme of your best motivational speech -- whether halftime pregame. Was it and dying relative anarchy in the hospital what was the theme that got the guys most Florida. I mean. Yeah. And on the you have one don't tell that tell us yeah I know there hasn't been a lot of credit Roosevelt concept. You know the man in the arena not the critic -- -- and I just think it's all about the warriors on the field -- when you look online in your restaurant with little guarantees and you know and in -- natural competitors and that's what winners do and I just really feel strong compassionate about that you know because. That's what is in college football you know you're going to that's immediately going to the arena. And the -- -- people on the line for a worthy cause and you know it's not the critic that counts -- not it's not the man in the stands at. -- blame blame the media and other work that's us and that's they blame the media. I want competitors -- want guys. I want guys that are are wont play all out there and and in the enough worried about criticism then and I just think when you buckle your helmet you know snap that thing -- man and it. And you put your Boston College all the time you have great pride in your institution and -- in in -- have a great passion for your teammates and you go compete in the you know I I think there's nothing better than that you know to come and Iraq are missing the fight song and understanding your part of the team the team a team. And that's what that's what -- forces all the -- about embracing and so what are concepts we talk about a lot in the just you know really. Really what makes college football special. You know Lola. As this people we want to celebrate wanna piece together we wanna ensure great times in victories to get there. And that's what makes -- excellent you know really. Count on the guy you're right come on the guy you're left him in joined hands in in in in and really be accountable trust. We have money on this we made about not new but John and I made a bit this morning com. I'm guessing your favorite song is boys of fall like Kenny -- and that we're not sure but your favorite football movie we have money on this. I don't what that song right there again here's a -- I do you would affect -- movies that he remembered like. Yeah that's. Just one breakfast I'd I'd -- Brokeback Mountain I Obama. Exit on gold market. Steve welcome to -- Boston and I suppose of energy and -- count for anything -- in Boston College got the right guy at the right time congratulations on the appointment to and a look forward to watching him work with legal port. And in we just as you head football coach Boston College joining us on the ATU hotline for my helmet if you -- -- -- helmets. Man in the arena. I love that Teddy rose a lot of though where who's gonna go with that but it does sound like. If you were in locker room that you would just yet frothing at yeah yeah and I know that's not the only part of the job and let's not even the most important part of that he's got to recruit. Athletes like from Florida and pin them down sultan Al west he's got to get. Speedster as he's got to get. Skill position players it's always been the big challenge for BC. But on game day do you think they gonna be ready to play I think -- ago it petrol and I'll ski esque. As a true and I don't know what else I mean we could estimate the questions but I think he'll do this bring back players bring back -- -- obviously yeah moralists the Osce. I mean is going to be and I hope he is here. To get along all five years sure you know -- BC official that's salon -- -- fired five years would be good. And I think it I think I'd be surprised put that way if they're not. Competitive winning in 08 games Kona. Some bowl I don't know what bowl not certain obvious obvious PC as apple but some bowl and they've known -- bang it out but you know for Notre Dame Florida State -- back to Boise. Friends for an honorable you know that's okay ended December since I'm I'm you know on the Bob Bryan school here at those moments under the Ryan Shaughnessy debate and I think if they win. I meant to come watch every game com and on going to a game every year if they win. If there like they were last year -- he's right nobody cares. That's the beauty I'd like the the fact that you have -- -- the Red Sox don't have to earn it they just have to show up people show and mean but the BC football has to earn your support. I textures to the AT&T Tex lines seem to be on board in no particular order are rated -- buy season tickets to BC great interview I feel like I know what makes this guy tick. I'm going to dominate at work today it's the self -- the 617. While the -- BC coach has me wanting to run to the green monster. About Dennis Kelly and your phone calls next 617779793. Says oh good BC -- Sargent slaughter a path back.

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