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Jason Terry Postgame Press Conference

Dec 6, 2012|

Jason Terry spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Timberwolves at the Garden, 104-94.

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OK Casey has -- ever again it is looking to do anything extra. I mean that's just KG and nowhere -- at this point of our season. There's a sense of urgency and that's what everyone. Played with tonight and we have to continue that as an awful. What just one of our keys are keys is always to go inside -- out. And OK these are our low post threat. He's our god not only can he score in him when he's also facilitate these -- this -- we have signed on them so. Got it got established at first. Great it was great to have him back to me he was pushing the ball you have fresh legs since he was at a good pace out there and I this -- you know he's our leader. And that felt good to have him back. The particular things the second half missing second half tonight. You guys were able to influence -- games -- played through different -- for companies that things in maintaining. -- -- when you have that. Being together. No longer time zone. What they're just going you know what I mean again this on -- on the right combinations and he's going I'm most frustrating for him at times. This is part of UT you know that is what we have here and so. We have to continue to grow it and not get frustrated with it would maintain an even keel. -- or it becomes a problem which took him. First. There what study shows youth resiliency and and we talked about that also you know when some not all right for you. Can you look. Outside yourself and think about the team yet early foul trouble obviously inflated minutes said he wanted in the first half but second gap became backe was focused into the game. You know that's we have you know resolved. There. Well we've we've built up some good chemistry he and I -- It took awhile but we've gotten there now because we have both can handle the ball both give us into our office early. And we both like to fly out in transition so and you don't lose my defense of these documents that. But you know so you know his shots gonna come around but right now it's all about defense of intensity and -- -- Ukraine early office in ball movement. --

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