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Rajon Rondo Postgame Press Conference

Dec 6, 2012|

Rajon Rondo spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Timberwolves at the Garden, 104-94.

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Back up. You couldn't open. I was so that the team has little I didn't mean they're so excited to have you back. Feel -- How long did it take you to. Again vacuuming expert. How long did it take you find your rhythm after being up the last two games. It isn't. It's pretty quick. And it. Easier. Hope he wasn't. Yeah. They were. It. The third quarter were you guys were able -- really does take for granted a lot of these documents present. Take us through that -- please and we'll work things alone again just means. This stuff. There -- neighbors. And rebuilding that's something that's been talked about a lot this week plus -- -- Importance of really. Team to a very good team. -- -- -- -- only one game. And just do resounding consists -- room for parliament is notorious. I'm really gets in America. Please already seeing Kevin's game when he's playing against the timberwolves. In particular. -- Ladies and that is. -- For long stretches more positive. There's just one game. Harness that you -- Trying to run up you know colon cancer. It is so. It's kind of -- Texas. But that consistency. Far -- little bit about the game of the season about how. You with a lot of talent it would take a little while for that chemistry kind of come together you sense especially some that you guys. Start to get a flow together amongst themselves and then -- you know -- you in Europe it was. But I think everyone's pretty confident. Yes -- plan that night Natalee -- -- this is the best present -- so. We haven't covered group this is where there hasn't missed shots. And there's a pretty couldn't vote as a pretty familiar with the Philadelphia from us to be in the divisional playoffs last year. But it emulate their -- back to back this week. There are these big games because of -- so -- And for -- every industry. Where does not rely on these. Every game counts. Industry. Thank you can --

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