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Kevin Garnett Postgame Press Conference

Dec 6, 2012|

Kevin Garnett spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Timberwolves at the Garden, 104-94.

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No opinion is this is does very eager to play tonight. No put it to Philly tonight before there was an upset about the back -- Very good team. I think a lot of us have been restored betacast over there. And it was it was by no means easy anymore so. Also. If you. Who's aggressive and in the -- were aggressive -- hospitals. We was aggressive off felt like but he early part of the -- was steps to post up on earlier on. But the defense we -- with a lot of it was you me to go to a second or third options which is something I don't like to do. So we do decent job of Kevin's. What we have you know she double drove it. For the most won't slow him down a bit and just controlled temple. Have a -- -- that was big for us not to -- a lot of good energy. We -- he was back and play fed off that. A more important enough so we establish something in -- -- would. He. This team. It's good to be business. It's eleven straight. But until you tell me that I do not know. We don't we keep players don't play to those stats and stuff like that. Her own but I -- keep and keeps us so we're not aware of statistic at least I read you prepare for each team to these team very seriously. And we just perfect in my cumulative. When you hit it. You talked earlier about stamps and locals you -- it would that part of your game tonight. On the duke postgame interview he told me that I hit was something or whatever and I believe him. When he was conscious of the nose. No -- a prominent areas you know to come -- each -- -- whatsoever. So stole the best post player now my focus is defense first. Officially not that I was in decent rhythm also. Good to me. But for a moment. When -- though from an anomaly console when it comes to defense. And my energy needs to be him a primary and Amaro. You know the same time and efficient. Through them boom arm the same time try to be aggressive and mean to be. -- at best and so that was that was about that particular. But it's still. -- -- -- -- -- I think what you see here is we as a team is trying to be better rebounding. You know talks and on my -- about. We've given up or for some rebounds played tougher steps of some homes via going to be called soft just assume that you want. -- be -- and still lose in the back above irons. So we know it's working congressman. Well. That. The episode unfolded so -- normal respect insists his appeal was an obvious question mark. Who's always put ourselves we have about -- -- -- the set the system can be victims. -- these guys have. That sort of thing you know he. You probably know William created.

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