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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Dec 6, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with the media after the Celtics beat the Timberwolves at the Garden, 104-94.

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It. When you've. Got to get a little. Bit. I -- term -- you know athleticism and I love how aggressive he was offensively. Need to she's looking to score. Which is always nice for us to his instincts -- -- capacity you're. So that was -- gave us. As such have great low post presence start today. And I thought that kind of set the tone force are. You know we're ran a lot tonight at our pace was great we ran to the polls. And played into our basketball -- That. Oh. -- -- -- I -- do or that you preaches but. You know it is everybody we got to look there we got to get stops and run the floor disturbance. The best part of this post that mr. speed noted that run be people to -- And that's that was unbelievable position then. I don't around the beginning of the game -- advanced past its first three or four times on the floor there was a pass to a pass to -- There's no help for the -- and so -- and we have to keep doing what you have to get stops to do that in first quarter of their home mortgages stops and in. That second quarter was that one of our. Better quarters but the second half defensive mister -- street. Yeah I was over Beirut pretty good to me that's a -- team to rebounded jets and and we held our own. Yeah you know. I don't know what I'm looking for in that regard you know I'll take either one I don't mind of almost fifty. -- -- -- but it is nice when. Just seem like he was a whole team effort everyone had their moments there Ra I was involved chip was great part of stretched Jeff had a stretch. Kevin had a stretch Rondo and that's that's pretty good basketball and play that way. Yeah that would put -- entire stretch -- you know I think we've been doing that lately honestly I thought the Portland game was good until the Milwaukee game was good stretches this game it's Neil -- and you can feel it start to come. That here but just coming -- you feel that he's gonna push through it's got to be great month Boris. -- the pace is great you know we got early baskets and but Rondo got in his hands -- Ronald got -- a chance to you know I think that's just as important to both things -- -- He controlled the team. And still made advance passes. Arm and that's -- we have deployed. Yeah. Yeah. You know who is this you know Bernadette too early for it's got a guy on the -- a little bit in the second half -- thought it came around and you know until our guys every day in and spun it just. Some of sellers in the purchase. Yes. And some are corps and he's somebody giving yourself to detain and -- -- maintenance. But I've been preaching for the last when you do that it's made so many good things happened just going to play your game and play hard and kind of get lost in our execution. Good things happen and I thought that was Brendan the second half. The he I think you know who I assume reporter game the one thing that. Around -- -- since it was you know the Courtney. -- combination together and you know. They've been together but it's almost like neither one of them really wanted to run the position. And when they are forced to they realize they're sets we can run -- don't have to be the point can be very effective now they're doing it. And so I thought they did that today and it was it was simple form. Yeah yeah. Bill without support mentioned this when Jim was off those two guards ran. And then good things up. So it was great tonight are you sick. I think -- I think it's going around the each player -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But anyway you came -- completely -- -- now I don't know we'll cut to the next two days but he's not feeling great and and -- that that makes it more impressed. Now it. The girl's body era. Harming them these got it in -- use it and he's doormat. And I just like historically what I -- motors higher and is is is a cure is already out. So you put that with high motor good things to option. It no because I didn't know until just now so. Maybe -- -- but I'm not a know that that's good. You went to a particular team has figured out that they can score when they're down. I think the next that we have to figure out that we get stops or down and indeed that because the more stuff we get -- lax score more. And I think that's where -- at Toledo. I like to pace I like to temple. Yeah I didn't know what was gonna happen but I like where we're at how we're playing in just so we kept playing that way. Then we had a very -- Well I might just be -- -- -- you know because they've. They've they've handled it like to be humbled -- but they're they're playing well against us and we have to deal with that that they must have great confidence against us. Settles -- -- games I do like it -- in this stretch -- coming into it and we're starting to play a little with better. We struggled mine in Chile and so on low -- -- Bad stuff now that that's good the way I look at and in my demented way. I think those are all good things I think it's good challenge force. So to be a lot of fun. -- -- -- That mini last year probably more deterrence. The long ago but I like whom I think it's good I think it makes things very competitive the the first one because he knows you're gonna see you tomorrow to. I'm always like jokes like many playoff. In the in the middle of the season. Always like to start things. -- Well no that was some of them -- -- to call legal difference. Therefore -- a -- -- -- pep talk. The only thing I kept on just hang in there but detail on the -- partisan world. Thanks. To a service that.

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