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Rajon Rondo live from the locker room post-win

Dec 5, 2012|

Rajon Rondo spoke with Cedric Maxwell & Sean Grande live from the locker room after the Celtics beat the Timberwolves at the Garden 104-94

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I'd just accurate -- Boyle went the Celtics done over the timberwolves 10494. So let's go to ten and eight and -- -- gang is back together. Rhonda was seventeen points eleven assists and he's worked hard. He joins us from the celtics' locker room right now and watch you kind of it -- almost immediately. I was wondering how much time -- you have to this before it would be difficult for you to get rid of that. Two years. How I don't know me but only if that is. Later rhythm of things him. At a record. Is it more rhythm from the popular winner today probably -- You about -- -- -- and you know you we just talked about this pitches and obviously you'd you'd do it like it. Anything like -- that you did any that you learned front. -- learn anything from -- Like you think about how your key. Hot and watch it applies. You watch TV what you see that they did do when they were playing the Milwaukee. -- that relax you know when -- -- the I think -- the nature. You expect that a -- in the room. Now like and act defensively optical coverage network that the game went on. When what if -- -- The 48 minutes of the game though. We didn't do it down the -- Recorded in the column that came in and they just made -- up I think that was the 360. Degree move you made. Would give back to the best if you 361. OP candidate Judith cope with what out the out the blue. Yeah I mean out and retirement. That if emblem ailment. Separate but that in the first place you know it happened. You know when it hit it it was luck it but -- happen. A few weeks ago I asked doc about your comfort level. With all the new faces with the things that Jason -- with the things that -- and he faded away from my comfort level as barrage of comfort level that matters. How do you feel now vs a while ago. With your new teammates. The thing you know that would -- with everything according thoroughly so. Think back and I got in the room together like this that's the fourth and not try to vote came to those guys they were here early. And that's what it takes so and company wouldn't Tyler with those guys know -- -- like -- stats those -- accomplishing them the long range which you know summer so. I'm aware items such use of quoted in the -- we -- on the -- will mean again the percent though. This collective evidence team in you know with the progress of the grand that's the long season so jacket to reveal what we have a great -- and now star with -- home home with the sixers beginning on Friday night rise on Rondo I think you speak for everybody Celtics they usually say -- -- very glad to see you back welcome back full. -- --

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