WEEI>On Demand>>Jack Edwards: What my dog does on my neighbor's lawn is what the NHL Lockout is doing to me!

Jack Edwards: What my dog does on my neighbor's lawn is what the NHL Lockout is doing to me!

Dec 5, 2012|

This lockout is killing NESN's Jack Edwards. But Jack says there may be some reason to be optimistic.

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A picnic. And a microphone percent. Going to go when he America I think this is unbelievable. I just got down a hallway again -- -- must be right I know the way I look at is that there's a maintenance guy doing windows down as it. A lot like Jack what that does -- the jugular like jacket I looked as it is our last jacket towards. Danica when that don't wind up jacket is fifty an hour -- like you know it's I've been hit better but yet now. Are crazy so that's a lockout is gonna end because. First of all we hear we hear he bird come out this report. And then out of nowhere here's Jack Edwards and the signed -- hockey rhythms are starting to come back here. So it's going to be over this week. Precision fitness equipment is what brings me in -- always as an inability -- object in more than 850 an hour and a half. And god bless and they are good citizen -- -- and how could you go longer. Yeah yeah I can I can only. You know I walked the dog I talked to the dog in the dog's name of course is Stanley -- Dark dark backdrop -- in the dark hark back. And in -- -- learned a lot from him today in fact you know what doesn't my neighbor's lawns is when the -- been doing me a half. Somebody when he when he goes on and it -- -- RD -- Batman Batman Batman I've bag and I take it away. So do you do you view of any any insight into into any of this two week. Because we're really at the twelfth our -- can't and that's where Burton might be onto something and that. I know there's been some optimism out there I've talked to a couple people would tell me. There's a little bit of optimism but the reason is optimism is there and the the the last hour here at this is it if they can't get it done now and again. I'm not gonna go to January 11 this year in -- line and I think dollars a day. The drop dead date gain 2005. I'm not positive about that that are sometime around. Because everybody knew at that point it was just a formality. There are so many. Variables that exist that are much more important now with. Concert dates being able to be slid into those open dates for hockey games in. I mean you know like received at the 121212 thing going on Madison Square Garden which was mostly Rangers game itself. You know the rescheduling as fast as they can they want as much sleep times again if there isn't going to be a season so yeah I think this is it. This is the time you know border governors meeting I think it's so going on it is and you know work were gonna help we're gonna know very soon I think we're gonna know before Christmas then. Now it's too bad it's just too bad they can all right you have you had this juggernaut. 333. Point three billion I think that they actually just that it operative 3.4 billion dollars gross from last season and they -- crawl their way out of its peaceably by going. 55% of the share 53% of the share 51% of the share and then say three years at 50%. So you set a table for the next collective bargaining agreement and let the growth of the league. Keep the cap world was so the players wouldn't actually. Have direct suffering immediately but now -- division. Acceptable to the player. But you -- -- is you've got tremendous egos involved. The owners are looking at saying we royally screwed up we misjudged the whole business model back in 05 so. And then you know he kept I'll figure who's been good for baseball and he's done -- -- -- so he's gonna stick to his guns. And I do believe that the fact that your stars are playing overseas right now. Apparently having a good time making 60% of their money is no reason they're playing the sport that they lobbed at doing that every single day. -- you know it's it's something we've. That we all missed. The significance of Marvin Miller -- when he died at. Us you could make you could make the argument. That saints player movement is the -- that makes sports talk radio ago that without Marvin Miller. There is this. You can you agree yeah. Witnesses witnesses you could make you could make -- argue this is -- this is like a wonderful and slightly. Below what. Religion be doing Michael thanks to deal if if Marvin Miller never ever existed I'd be picking up their neighbors on -- The -- development now for 600. Dollars you hear it in 1969600. Dollars. A year in 1969. Before Mark Miller. The reserve clause the fall so that's you know thanks mark and somewhere up there in the firmament. Injured body cabinet or did it well. -- -- and what happens -- I say let's say Burton's right. And they come to an agreement today. Wins game 1 evening. What we got today is the fifth or. Definitely before -- -- I. Yet two weeks so you have a light a rushed around yeah -- rushed training camp and then you're actually. On your on the ice before Christmas yet again take the over on groin injuries. I was -- -- that's that's getting a lot of guys who have not been playing up to speed. In real hurry and that's an excellent games beat you guys especially stars coming back from Europe. You got young guns coming up from the page he'll have been warehouse. Because sitting at three years -- and got these guys in the middle were. Trying to stay in shape there's not likely. Yeah you're gonna have the stars who have been playing will be -- the young kids are going to be fine it's that middle class says that a government lawyers put up those guys are gonna fourth liner where the double runners for the first couple excuse that is going to be. It's going to be difficult you know there's no question about it so if they do. The hockey will be shaky for awhile but like anything else Jack I think what you into the playoffs. People will forget about it but I do believe and shortened season you tell me. You could have some real good teams that suddenly don't make the play -- Every single point albeit a super premium because in percentage terms I mean it's it's what makes the NFL so great. The you're playing six and a half percent of the season every Sunday. You know you can't slip because the difference between. Eleven in five and 106 could be the difference between making the playoffs have patriots missed with a eleven to five record one year. One of those two years that in win the division in the last twelve right right Philadelphia two years are when they elbows engines. They came roaring back at the end Los Angeles you know the same thing came roaring back when you're not gonna have that time to make it up -- and so with each game being a larger percentage of the season. Every single day you know will be like the only CAC was in hockey before hockey east where there were seventeen teams. The IDs were limited. By a there their covenant between the schools. Of how many games or how few games that you play so they did the whole thing on winning percentage hockey or there or there were ties they did -- -- winning percentage. You could go from home ice in the first round out of the playoffs in one night that's outside once and and we might see some scenario like that unit to especially because. -- they shortened season it's probably going to be an Eastern Conference and Western Conference. I wouldn't be surprised that they went to the kind of schedule where you do -- play teams outside your own conference in order to save money on travel. To consolidate. The schedules so you could you could have quick turnaround in game. When asked -- when they came back the last time you know in 2005. I believe. We all thought that the Bruins had some inside information may be Jerry Jacobs and his buddy Gary Bettman was getting some stuff and so in an hour -- -- fallout -- a great position contract wise in the got screwed. The Bruins made some moves before the lockout. Where did they have tremendous foresight or will this come back to bite them again when this deal is done your -- The lesson they learned. In that 2004. Giveaway of contracts. Was -- you've got to go. With the majority you've got to go with the consensus because there were two teams that completely emptied their rosters the Bruins and the Washington caps and they both went straight to the seller. And that's because at the last minute the NHL PA gave back 24% of existing contract salaries and that brought everybody down. Underneath the cap and the two teams that thought it was going to be wide open free agency. Were the only two teams on the outside who was to going one way 28 going the other this time the drones -- gone with the flaw I don't think they'll be at a competitive disadvantage. If the cap comes down radically next season if there is -- season this year -- are gonna have some interesting math the fit in especially with expiring contracts guys like -- To make quick decisions Jack it's great to us to agree to hear your voice and it's he can -- walrus that. I think Jack told me that and it's okay when he comes -- they start playing hockey and he'll be a regular here -- -- -- Got a 146 -- liquids and he's right that he's already written. They're not too he's already ready to -- to break from Ryan Dunn Jack could sing -- -- -- we'll see you real soon hopefully. Jack Edwards right here Asia and ritualistic as quick break a promise you'll be right back to devote calls. Give back into some of the things we are talking about six point 77797937.

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