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The latest Red Sox news and rumors from the Winter Meetings with WEEI.com's Alex Speier

Dec 5, 2012|

Alex joins us live from Nashville to discuss the signings of Napoli and Victorino and the rumors involving a trade of Jacoby Ellsbury for Cliff Lee.

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I expect there to show it's time for us to check in once again with the Nashville good news Alex and Robert both there and neither one of them have got lost. At the opry land hotel which if you're there for three or four days Alex -- joins us live on the phone running right now. That's a great accomplishment Alex and congratulations for that. I wish that I could say that that was true but there was one point where it was just desperate for fresh air that out there was taking -- A five minute five minute stroll to get there and ended up probably circumnavigate the entire premise -- -- about forty minutes -- Just thought of that in a follow that story yet and if you follow that strain that's what I heard you fall as streaming always gets back you -- pretty. There are water. And -- only gym I was much -- today and said that the Red Sox were listening in and offers for Jacoby Ellsbury Jon Lester what year. Well of course there was may not -- scourge could be a great job Muster that's what they've been doing all out you can and that's what venture -- -- what they -- do you said. In -- kind of got to be open mind that there are no untouchables are coming -- a year when they lost what felt like 930. Games and so. Their you know you have to consider. Ever been picking -- what you're you're better position. Are going forward I I don't think that there's anything terribly active. Active on either front -- couple reasons I think that they've rebuilt -- and took place where. You know if they make slight upgrade to their pitching staff and in their run prevention over all -- them -- pretty good -- And felt very straight value is going to be essentially at an all time low right now. In the trade market center -- to combat valuables so. I can get right now if there -- in the market materialized either of those guys. I think it would be a little bit later with a guy like Lester maybe after Greinke after seeing -- show about signing. With a guy like -- very media would happen late Yost see that the team got panicked about it it's -- fuel situation but right now I don't think they're great markets rather. Two part question for you and I promise I make them quick so you were memorable parts of them. One of the Red Sox overpay for victory you know and for. Napoli and do you like the signings. In answer to the first part by definition there's no such thing you don't payment there's what one pays but they weren't -- me up. 88 behind the eight dollar novel but that deal done and I don't think they're shut up. They didn't get guys who represented discounts. They didn't pick guys who work. You know quote unquote for below market rates -- -- heavy price for both of and in terms of whether or not I like some. I like so both those guilt defend that vote of those guys did. He buried it appeared. Interpret it for crops are not one of them prevent them from doing anything else that they -- want to accomplish. Thought -- did you know for other teams I think -- you might be back contracts. But the Red Sox I think that they're perfectly fine because they have so much financial flexibility. -- getting guys on a a couple guys on thirteen million dollar deal. It give them a great dual protection and kind of versatility throughout their roster. Is actually a pretty strong play. -- it means that kind of by diversifying your assets so that you -- let's screw this year if you kind of find yourself. In at one position if someone gets injured but failed very gets injured Al Victorino and slide over -- -- and you aren't scrambling to find marlin bird which. Is Pete is the horror show that the reds are -- with the past year. I think not a good way of putting it for the Red Sox. They can afford to do that because they opened up all of this of flexibility for themselves with a deal with the Dodgers now that's the case. What do they get the -- That part of it is the really interesting part of secret I've been curious as to how aggressively they pursue a guy like -- -- Sanchez. Help keep that for years and didn't really consistently very good for the last per year but. You know there are going to be a little bit reluctant. On his shoulder that sent back to become an opportunity for the Red Sox beat that it could mean. That the bidding starts at let's say for years for a guy who's twenty years old. Rather than extending the 567. Or who knows what it's going to be breaking like 32 years as -- But young that the trade market really has yet to materialize. On the pitching front because they're really using it. You know you have to kind of wait and see whether or not you have to see where -- egos. And may be work and of those men in -- OK now what's available out there in terms of starting pitching in the Red Sox wouldn't really be position. To deal so what was the one team that is -- an -- pitching out there which is the -- that the Red Sox are checked in on Ryan Dempster. I -- a pretty consistent good track record. Performance consistent the last five years but -- -- or anyone for years itself. You know that's that that becomes a bad -- become hard decision about where to draw the line. As its December Alex are a lot of moves to be made we haven't even seen. A full squad workout in in Florida but with that said this as you look at it now as you analyze these moves. Do you think the Red Sox have have put themselves in position. To be out of last place. In the AL east Matt how to how to they -- community. Just yet handicap the field. -- -- they rank compared to the competition in the division. I think that the competition in the division it is chaos I think that it almost impossible to handicap. Any of the team in the division at this point because they're weird that's associate with all. The Red Sox were terrible last year by they're healthy they're soft which is the vastly different -- they -- you know entering the 2000 and the government well. So in therapy they -- -- and a number of areas already pitcher brought them into being up my thirteen. And even a different when they haven't their starting pitching questioned the Yankees have taken a step back with a question about -- -- about Jeter's long term help. Although they've done a nice job of split fighting buying some areas with one year deal and they'll be better because our partner's back but I don't know. At some point eight catches up with them as well. The Orioles they were that there was something twenty about the ability if that's pretty accurate to some degree but I don't think that you put your hat on them. Being a perennial contender in the rays are interpret our over great -- -- -- -- the world. Even though you know what -- -- a chance to be -- -- acquisition for the at a pretty low cost thus far and they will of course have their pitching so. I honestly think that the division as a -- right now and you could make a taper to about you know you could throw -- -- one can fire them. You know you could make a case for any of them finishing in any in any position. What do you what do you expect from the guys that the Red Sox country with the Dodgers de La Rosa Webster and expect these guys to do and where they gonna do -- -- -- the measures. -- start your AAA I think until I wrote that has a legitimate chance help in the Major League this year because he had the amount of experience with the Dodgers in 2011. Before underwent -- John surgery you know great electric. Our -- my a guy with I would say about all that and touched triple digits of the starter really good breaking ball but we -- Mike Gilbert changeup. But because he's coming back from Tommy John many young Red Sox were large scale and in kind of controlled fashion which means that's why you gonna start the year in triple. What are going to do the same party he is also a guy who has a really high octane Armey is former. Our minor league pitching coach describing to me is being like Derek Lowe would still be your secondary thought. Relatively -- pitching which mean it. That great sinker but you don't really know how to end it quite yet. Which you know that's kind of a big concern. But yet it's a ground ball no one has to run against him and get but he gets -- we demonstrate. I think it will be brought along more slowly -- dollar Roosevelt. So he wouldn't be a consideration until later in the year the Red -- they'll meet their starter they are running on either of those guys to break camp. Your -- more optimistic about the division and I am but the one thing that I will agree with you on. Is that. The Yankees probably have some work to do here in the offseason apparently don't wanna spend money is concerned about the luxury tax next year but. Is it not going to be more difficult. To make the policies he'd even though we have an extra team. In the American League east because the Houston Astros will play this year. In the American League last let me seventeen or eighteen games for each one of those games. Against the team that's gonna be challenged to wind sixty to 65 games this year. That's that's a great point there is definitely going to be a axiom that AL west division I mean put it this way. The Astros are probably the only team in all of baseball -- announced already that it planned to take to rule five castoff. From another organization and try to keep them on their Major League quadruple the yeah the Astros have a lot of what it. I already at Yale last last year was a better division in the AL east top to bottom and I think that's you know he affected -- work out. A number of strong. With an easy mark now for -- to just kind of feet on their marrow. Going to be yeah -- executing -- that the state that is becoming more more physical. To make it a wild card out of sight out of the elite to a degree too because. And equality that match what -- last embarrassed and mark. You can tomorrow -- that feast and then marrow or Alex -- And cannibalism. Great talking with you have a good flight back right. -- thought that it steal Alex Alex is there at the opera.

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