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The Patriots should look to the Green Bay Packers game plan on how to beat the Texans

Dec 5, 2012|

Glenn and Michael discuss the upcoming Patriots/Texans Monday Night tilt and point to the Texans one loss, a blowout to the Green Bay Packers, as a means on how to hand them their second loss this Monday Night.

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We're -- whole career this opening here right now depending on what happens with the -- each. So are slaves and open it stayed put himself out there but you know and I think. Who doesn't like Ebert telling you -- a I think people are rooting for him now or somebody else. Another reporter who put it out there hey this lockout is gonna end this week you be rooting for him fail. It as much you love hockey you'd say guys went to the vector be wrong. But Matt Burton would beg you talk. A lot of thought. Well these are friends I have a I say -- That's how it'll be viewed here in Boston are hoping that you -- Italy reference either up or down 3% job. Better news that we may see Logan Mankins on Monday night better news that we see Chandler Jones which one of those two which would be the more important element in its game. Logan Mankins I'd agree. Totally -- -- -- facing they're facing. The best team in the AFC. Houston Texans are the better -- better than the Broncos. Are better in the ravens they're better than the patriots. Does that mean the pitchers can't be don't know but if you look at a team. That has. The fewest issues. -- there's strengths and weaknesses they have their their strengths. They have more strength and everybody else and have fewer weaknesses and everybody else. And I say that knowing. That the patriots have better quarterback in a better head coach obviously if you just if he gets analyzed games based on the head coach and the quarterback the patriots would be undefeated forever but I don't -- -- Now works what matchups and there are few match -- that I like with the patriots over the Texans and I do like the patriots in this game. Not sure I would say the same thing if they were playing on the on the road it really is one of those three point swings. But I would feel a lot more confident if gronkowski were playing in this game not only as they receiver. Well as they block the way they used JJ watt and winning more move him around. They move them in the inside sub packages he's a guy you constantly have to know where -- is at all time he can be extremely disruptive now. Have a simple all of that Brady is the master. Of understanding where everybody is on the other side of the ball. I would not be surprised to see a few of his passes battered down during the course of the game. By JJ watt he's just he's got sorted out against these -- legislate that he's all over the place and they always seems to heaven knows for exactly. Where the weaknesses. On the in the in the quarterback's arrange. Brady is so good at this and he's done this over the years and we've seen -- -- greatest guys are great guys up the middle and certain teams that scheme and Pittsburgh did what -- from different angles. The jets over the years in Baltimore. I just think. That you give them enough time but the film is going to start to figure some of the sting out and the other thing. Where I liked the patriots in this game is the secondary specially with the Johnathan Joseph interim before that the the crushing injury. Their secondary is a little bit beat up when you've seen over the last few weeks right now Detroit threw the ball on and you saw Jackson they'll chat. Ending threw the ball and if those guys are having success against that secondary I got to believe Brady's gonna have that success but it brings is that. Yeah to Brandon Lloyd is -- a little more gonna do something Michael. Again just yesterday at a pretty average. Every season from from -- Virginia went without -- -- you need somebody else. Or raise up your game a little Hernandez Welker well I yeah lovely bloke or you can ask him the reason why we're -- -- -- -- yeah. But I I think with the Texans. You look at -- Foster out. Our efforts -- silk she is I'm -- running backs coach Ivan fears has has an idea of who he wants his backs. To -- mirror and -- watched and learned some things. I gotta think that that fosters up on the list if you just watch him. Talked yesterday about his patience. Just waits and waits for his block and is there he takes an if is that there are welcome back to get them the next time he also doesn't advocate job. A slipping off of his guards and you'll see their shoulders -- shoulders you just we have does. Is dip into an area you think it got for this one yard gain and it would be a three -- before our game is really -- master that big a passing did you vegetable -- of the back so yeah it's big autumn. They're there load the deal would they really are. It starts there though I think if you can contain fart start Foster in -- -- in that your. Completely shut him down but if you can contain him and -- this defense is from pretty good against the run an actor 98 or ninth against the run this year. If they can contain it and you put the game. In two -- -- I feel a lot better about this even though. Still not totally sold on the secondary last two weeks the numbers were way down they did a much better job of let's look at who they were facing. The jets and Miami not too offensive juggernaut the this team is an offensive machine they can put a lot of points up and abort it did little different than they -- the patriots. The patriots put up points very quickly. Where Houston does is they drag it out. They have long drives. They sustain. Their offense from warm periods of time they're geared -- different of the way the patriots do it. But that's why I like pick up the -- if you look at Green Bay and look we're Green Bay did when they blew them out down there in Houston these guys are six in -- wrote. But Green Bay bull Bob mark early in that game right spread it out. They know -- a little bit they picked up the pace on them they didn't allow them the kind of shift an awful lot of fraught with with JJ -- And that's when they were health -- in the secondary. And Aaron Rodgers great quarterback like he has pick it up to them apart. Pick them up but it was pace and they were quick because I just more methodical and everything they do. Where the patriots have shown great success this year in that no huddle the court -- up that pace they used much more as few weeks. I would achieve anything they do it again on Monday to make great match up to great matchup there are good for the patriots to remain the patriots when this game. And you got to look at it. I think Baltimore's go to -- this week to Baltimore's go to Washington. I don't know. I don't know about that when. And I think either Baltimore's tools to Washington's way I can see Baltimore lose in the Denver. An analyst at Denver to us that this is what most would they went again and Denver's -- at a given -- -- by his -- got to win this -- -- Denver. I don't believe is gonna lose any of these games the rest of the season so you really have to win and then of course if you get into a two way tie with Denver you hold. The tiebreaker if you both end up with three losses all the average that's the one game they might lose that Baltimore game for Denver is not an easy -- and I'm not sold right now. On the ravens defense -- of T sizzle. Is in trouble again because he got hurt in his game on on on Sunday -- -- it that this area problem for the game time decision for now. But -- just look at this and this is supposed to be a game that the patriots. -- no matter no matter who the opponent December football. Monday Night Football. At home this is supposed to be a game at the patriots just take this off the table not a problem got we got this. Well there's a problem -- -- the -- and -- yeah the promises fit it's the it's the best team in the conference no question and it's it's a great matchup. And it's if -- -- this many times this year and I agree with you it's the most well rounded team maybe in the league if you're looking for flaws. There are certain things that you can kind of look at and say okay. You know even San Francisco right now quarterback is a problem with. Okay and that's why they went to the back up quarterback they go to the the young kid right now. Jeopardy because they did not feeling to know Alex Smith got -- they did not feel. That he was capable of giving them enough points on the board but cabinet is still a great question and he's gonna be coming here a week from from Sunday. This is a tough environment for him against the team. It's gonna probably put some points up the board even against a good forty noted defense he's gonna have to score so they got holes Denver's got some holes certainly. Especially with the running back up and and we know the pitcher accessible. So I don't know how it really Houston yet Houston is probably the most. Complete. Get ready bumper stickers will be out the flags will be out everything the patriots win this game. All you got me here is is New Orleans and Super Bowl and we can't be -- no one can stop and so on and on and too -- yourself. Legacy let's get it done by Sunday all that.

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