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Wednesday, December 5th Whiner Line

Dec 5, 2012|

If you are a religious person, you might want to skip the end of this one. Non-Secular Christmas songs might never be the same after LT gets his hands on one.

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My view -- an excuse views expressed and pressed the -- like these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. This -- discretion advised. -- And now you know you -- airlines. This guy here all right never seen a machine operate like that in person. To see video game numbers and while dropping off factor OK and now you're not a fan all right. You're not someone who's on another team or watching TV you're not an analyst -- part of it WEEI. Warning airlines they want you to be a part of it. So get get with the program because obviously -- not get -- and -- -- because you're do we -- Hussein -- it was amazing to see it's amazing to see because you don't understand it to dial 6177793535. You still don't understand it and it's amazing to you because you can't get it whiner line stopped -- and get your playbook if -- just -- -- now I don't know when this was six minutes ago or something like that just -- bed and get to the stadium and watch some -- -- if you still think it's amazing and now -- -- -- and you know what should -- and you execute out -- you don't think it's amazing you know why because -- what you're supposed to do. You are still and talk to be a member of the new England Patriots offense to join the system but we don't need no I didn't want airlines. His fifteen minutes role in the mountains. But just like fifteen minutes of our armed. Birdies just. He and I don't know what we -- excellent. On TV I -- But he went on national TV. And I think they do. Do last year. What are you still have strong -- -- -- he's going to be a member of the it's going to be a member of the media may be -- now. What you say while we be surprised. And a couple weeks the experiences like -- Yet another -- as we head toward the playoffs. Chad a thing or checked out you know people to elect a science fiction -- whatever month here. Stories to be more fitting for that. He'll -- veteran media. And he will be I think football or is that it's. That the excuses and asked -- at least -- directed -- the right thing today that he wanted to give back -- Surely you don't like. -- You know does. It mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All -- this. I covered -- team. That that that would. Comfortable with that act like. A -- getting there should it was at one -- -- any Amazon. She's dated Antwaun. She had a little something back in the -- -- -- There. Was this just good. -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't tell. It can't express at the right where you're right you're right so we know what's your -- it is that Coleman -- Antoine. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brought to you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to 1010 different ten to ten times faster -- and then three GE AT&T rethink possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm back. Bill basis. Schools and I. Mike Adams. Did it but why -- how. And -- aren't they talked about probably. -- And I corrected later news show I'm almost Italian meal from me and. My mind red they're dumping fuel. I've been like that concept phone -- they had not been. They're. But what is going -- -- Well maybe it could be dead what but not about god about. He's -- says the really nice -- and dispels all our names like every year. Publishers -- sent to cheap cars in bistro and that's still an issue with the with notes in. My defense. Practice in the cards -- people this year guard as well. -- -- militia would mark I heard that there was a problem I heard the other -- and is dominating on the -- a lot I heard that I heard I heard a question has ordered Carla open. He's ordered the logical. Knowledge of which he has none except maybe you're talking about pelicans are enormous organs are going to be now. He said there there that support on the cover of the of the cereal to kids here. Who can and it's it's two Kansas and that you can't vote for you personally that's not that the pelicans -- loaded Giles would finish -- -- are in the one shot. I'm -- course -- an apology perform like Charlie partner with them. How many years of -- -- -- seven full time have you ever called anybody to correct them about a sports issue and no I ride. -- Yeah but you know look at it you know what -- -- -- and I came across being -- And I got a picture it can't demonstrate here if -- every time I'd come over video caught one reminded -- -- have not -- a -- and do you compare it and got 75 dollar statement I don't know. -- passes. I've got sick of it. It doesn't please don't go others. The whole thing that he is he is the stuff he -- Looked -- people he doesn't just. It's like and the new reason that I ideas that I Wear socks -- -- from -- -- that he says that. -- -- one time. -- All -- good group today called on. Ought to cut off my back get. Back. Our hearts are better. And an -- how. Why do -- -- Yeah. It's. -- Well. And that message. John John just try to get a little culture or try to impress somebody else -- -- prep school Steve's argument I don't think Joe's prep school -- Paid big know what the problem -- But now I don't wanna -- and beau Norton and say that they don't expect that could -- -- -- that would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My -- do they what they're training camp big Bob -- how -- -- it. Because it -- have a plan now that you would be a very good going in the press box. And they won't make. -- -- -- -- Yeah for a bit Harry said he'd probably get this can't they had every adult table. I -- the background I left the. So god go I absolutely. And that hate it every now. The red dot really outlive it up it said quote we. I know I did. Put it up that credit -- scenario. And that message. Oh really get Cliff Lee and Josh Hamilton you guys being broken understanding that. I have an -- our -- I don't know contractor. June period down. The group W. It can't -- Barring a lot of all I want but I have long term Obama what could very attractive one up by the double. And you know it is Joseph O'Donnell disclosing -- I was gonna stick at it this is what those things you just keep saying it I think out McDonough said first. And for when he took over a ten years ago. And then it's -- -- every year since other America and I hear from long term writer for the long term constantly like how how long can you say it. I mean Elena. That's right it's not just the Ron Borges theory and I keep saying that the patriots like eventually that does not it actually is gonna be right right. We'll sit here and praises. Wow. -- was. Robin bond right now and not much complaining about how about -- -- a bit of power -- hey Al yeah. Well I think the elegant. I think probably you know about -- group Howard K yeah my mask off. And I think -- he might think about for a lot. Africa. I think that assessment just my. Now hold on before the motivation now what's ahead. -- now but is this. It's. Very very bad. Unbelievable. The hard drive about one bonus. And food that was considered big thing. Yeah. Brilliant opportunity legs on it well. Yeah Ali and I'm -- way. Combatant wanna for an aggregate. Pictured with -- all of our war and accurately inherited a war period you know and the dollars that have been -- -- read again recovered patted -- on track record by. And analysts are not happy as a -- -- Few pitchers that had earned run average of the force apps on an upgrade on our favorite crucial moments. -- you telling Andy to set -- -- Do you tell somebody -- guess is it -- -- -- this is -- more outreach here tomorrow. Don't let them the civil war to let them put speed Iraqis live arm. While it's quick it's just spectacular crater which is nothing happens. We cited for three years and 39 dollars. Okay. Not even have it -- Polity and the big goal I'm really don't like these other years. Strike yeah it's it's it's that's. That's miss reports we've never liked accent and thank god but god and thank you -- been we have an on the record everybody knows. -- Take days off anymore and I've taken anymore it is a fun. I'll be here tomorrow all of take. Him -- -- -- you and my vacation and -- much let's. Talk about left handers Jason -- here tomorrow maxis tomorrow. Am good I'm sure you watched what your keys will have publicly traded here closely traded yeah by 5 o'clock. Michael is good news -- on TV show on his -- He's done for that's happened before -- did Patrick show. Good cookbook. One advantage goal did put -- Norton did more. How much -- all the -- -- this thing. -- -- -- figured actually born very honorable duty bound to be vibrant book not a big -- out on every bowl. -- did they get rid of off. I liked his comment. This past him -- ball game but we only have the wide. This is to. It. It's just it's too much information I know what you want to do so. Because they show them on the screen together you can't do what you wanted to do and we don't even though. -- you wanna I wanna do. Give Jeff -- is on the screen bars up. Plus business and as you want to do odd he told you so shocked if your -- get and the less jobs in no way am glad you similar he would. I am. Well. It can't -- that they think and they didn't intrigue -- -- -- And it didn't want to ride it the battery. Let it come -- -- -- -- hand then culminating probation. However we've developed a lot. As -- -- can't go over the we. But I'm not I'm. Benjamin. And not. Good to do in the that you may bring -- I haven't -- included. It didn't happen. I. Had Benjamin -- why didn't talk at all. Mercury and for -- you know they had robbers -- needs to be allied to. A stroke or explain what do what you mean I'm. Certain item 66. Cents. I. Health blog on the hunt but you don't want Mikey knows that is used Google -- support us and I am sorry -- I just I don't. According to touch a hundred dollar -- -- -- -- minority dang but tomorrow. -- -- Because then the other brother didn't I'd give a debate. Could we have to have some sort of microphones controlled measures they should all be thrown away. Because it brought -- didn't prevent bad microphones. That -- and their defense. Would not be okay. Have a good towards. And -- -- Killian and the tax wise I. Mikey did you -- vacation from not being on the radio -- -- you -- -- -- excuse to -- -- -- Action. In that no I don't card I don't don't actually four -- -- it it. Merry Christmas to all even Lawrence Taylor. Pool polls that. That law -- today in this. Do you know we don't care left after. -- so horror. Yeah okay. And I. I had no I don't call. It to change that law. I don't know arms it is -- That is the. Plus since I mean need you never know what you're gonna get a whole whole whole multi. -- -- -- -- -- -- AT&T AT&T forgy LTE -- top ten times faster than three -- AT&T rethink possible I don't get down like that.

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