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Chad Johnson on First Take defends his time with the Patriots

Dec 5, 2012|

Mut and Merloni listen to a very candid Chad Johnson while on ESPN's First Take with Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith as he discusses his time with the Patriots and being cut by the Dolphins.

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Well -- -- to 37 WEEI Tom. Get some thoughts from him on heavier -- -- settlement in this offense -- other patriots Texan thought 617. 7797937. A guy's not a patriot or. -- -- But in the NFL anymore but somehow showed up on the first take that's the program I wanna give credit to on ESPN today. Chad Ochocinco. He was on their long time and there are two major issues he talked about -- style with the dolphins found the page the wanna start this time with the dolphins. That's the most -- thing to us most recent thing. He talked about out of the gate. What happened to him in Miami and losing everything. When I think about it. I lost everything. Right. Perspective. All the something and they're really didn't mean. Nothing at all -- -- on the media and an assistant meaning not and I'm listening to me don't listen to what I say I lost everything you know football my wife. The -- lie ahead over something. That didn't really mean anything I do I have to describe what -- something you're looking just put it together. I'll be OK I get us into this Coca come out there and now. Did he drop -- Jesus yeah -- man there on. Skip is skip playing dumb or a skip really not know what that something again on again it's it's the something that. When you get married you hope to get a couple times a month that something -- OK and yes that would have put through its departure from the. Orphans my deficit that's sung to is. How in the world can you be wrong -- -- -- can -- be wrong in India confronted. In beat you -- man. And I miss them. That's not -- mice and that's always been my issue how am I in the loan. I was still remember though the thing. If I said you know what. Baby girl I'm sorry. I apologize there's no reason this didn't happen. You think you would still -- -- flippant at all it's if you got -- -- -- -- -- they witnessed my state which you if go I nipped it in the -- and apologized instead of being her get mad. And allow my anger and escalate to that point it would be issue is what I'm saying. You know -- -- -- -- I'll stay with that I'm just I am I heard that Paula I guess not they can alone why would not be there if I would have went to jail. What takes a step further he goes on to say that the hard -- shall we all like with Joseph Philbin. That's the reason he got cut. I guess a meeting along the lines of even in the aftermath of at all. Had you showed the level of contrition Denton that you're showing now as a pollster saying. You know it was an accidental head but whatever the case may be added -- been you know that you had never been in -- -- in an issue before maybe you did here it would've been going into that care about that. They care about that thinking about that best TV. It was more about this silly when we're about wins I can help you regardless of what to seem regardless of what I've done. From my my what I understand and someone just get arrested for the dolphins last week week before last. Sure for sure someone who just got arrested for the dolphins look for whatever reason that matter. But he still -- My first time get in trouble I'm -- I'm not complain and I'm not you know again made a bit I'm Alina but I'm just saying. I messed up. That was Jonathan Amaya. Who want. To pick after -- Assault the -- and Joseph Philbin exodus it was his -- -- despite a little bit. -- farcical I don't think that I think he realized he wasn't getting the type player that he thought it was gonna get anything headache on top element and keep this -- -- first year coach. And a lot of pressure to commander went right away can be -- -- -- Aaron Rodgers run out offense I chose here. -- example out of whether it's TV or not you were proved to be a headache they decided to move on. OK but on -- in -- saying he was just grandstanding for I don't know what films I don't I don't really care assistance which is over you know. I thank them for the opportunity you gave me and I just think you said that was just TV what what do you mean by that it just seemed like well you you know they're gone on the camera -- well within their cameras are rolling now. But someone just got arrested but he still had the job. That's funny. Well that's on what you did say you Chad Johnson too -- -- -- president yeah. My whole life with and publicly as a result a lot of you want my I'm no special I put my pants on just like any other NFL player I've gotten in trouble. Just like any other way to figure this out after. And Rembrandt career. People are gonna get in trouble after me. It's gonna keep happening because we're all human we all want to make mistakes there or. Now you need to listen because I wasn't going -- -- jobless want to cover other facts down no problem I was going to a different point. You talked about how you live your life in public always so what I'm saying the -- is the mere fact that she wore a cool uncle public figure not just an NFL player but a public figure because of how you live Joseph life. The fact is you might have been cut so they could send a message to you that would resonate everybody else. That's where I was -- you know stand up -- About right I think I think you're right I think. It might have been film and also establishing an atmosphere. Of no tolerance. Of any nature regards to who you are you've got to go everybody's expendable when you tell you that to start no I mean there's just the message what was the and you heard from media I'm not asking you I'm telling you. LS par I agree with doubles got a free agent in here big name high profile guy. Not live and up not living up to it not live up to what they expected to see. And and decide to come loose. That part I agree with what -- pre season with the dolphins. We'll get to that but what about skip Bayless Joey could skip Bayless has some comments about. Chad Johnson's import. If you were that valuable to Philbin. He would let you get away without the thanks so well I think so are you really -- are you this way I NFL works. May. Are you serious I just said I think so that's my my view which years I doubt it it wouldn't happen out of regards to where I was maybe if Alice. Among younger yeah a kind of via plus on saint if you were that valuable. If if you're in the midst of six straight pro bowls from all three through 07. I I think you can get away with one. Big mistake -- that was a big mistake but I think you would have gotten away with it the did you get in the exhibition game and you immediately dropped a couple of big balls because you're putting so much pressure on yourself that you couldn't live up to -- to bet that. Mountainous image that you can -- Well you drop all this would drop the ball away. And drops the ball the last of those that date on this thing I if he was like oh your receiver would you drop it drop them in that. And making your first at -- happens say they're gonna first -- resume speaks for itself on this group it's a first -- -- there -- government will resume -- what's up I. I can drop a ball game I -- it gets what however it might drop the ball there. Don't think. -- skips a big ball on the scene skip. It's a -- child please. Stephen -- -- -- that -- -- but I'm now based argued it to a little beat it to exist are talking about. Ted Ted Johnson's skill set right now are the skills that he still has union that. Funny thing I love about -- when you talk about people skills to go ahead. Everyone heads. Their perception and the only thing -- had the wolf was number I can't control numbers I can't McCain at all the people that have to deal with mean. I would have to say in practice the coaches. Told the people need to talk to. If there's something OS feels about to ask him first of all -- all due respect that would well appreciated if you stop assuming we did it because. I helped elect -- Finland and Dillon on them you say -- school I liked when I have the elect nominee -- get an accusation. About. Let -- do -- I thought and -- here this I don't. -- red numbers after numbers yet I have to went about it all we hear it -- -- all we do what we do as we sit -- we look at you we -- we go about what we -- we're looking good you -- every night and you would know I can still -- we've got the platform I'm glad to speak all of CU is not only do you look at the numbers if you look at people you talk to people who play with you -- -- do you talk to and I felt aficionados analyst who ever played -- and these are the things that people have said the the city can't act like to buy -- it's looking at a piece of paper and numbers a scene that we thank -- are -- -- I'm asking him. Of course not I believe you -- not to let knew it was -- Mo -- that's all I believe you can play but there are people watching it had to wait what's the that's not true is there anybody that stays the same when they were in their twenties at -- -- did you chat with. Barry Bonds achieved they're stuck him. That's pretty good stuff there in talking about his days that the dolphins. Quoted text -- the stuff with the patriots is even better. We come back you'll hear Chad Ochocinco trying to defend his days with the patriots that's next. I can play the game Michael BMI still the same that was another want what is I would think and I know I'm talking about from a few years ago because I haven't played that much over the last few years thinking did you lose a step what did it you do you still ball that's what a nasty things about. As he became -- okay. The game of football -- but somewhere along the line I lost my way. Where at what point did happen I don't know. Chad Ochocinco earlier today first take with skip Bayless Stephen a Smith not -- and 37. WEEI somewhere Boise losses way. Was what the patriots didn't have you believe that his style of play got taken away. By bill adult check in the patriots. Public and the public Chad Ochocinco was also a six time Pro Bowl who's been in the NFL eleven years I've been -- discriminate with skip -- the previous that led -- years rather that knowing that you led to -- studio would you do you work. You wouldn't understand what you go to certain places you have to setup. You have to let -- have a choice but to change what was -- be in that atmosphere -- -- it to game is always think you know it did because that played once back out my entire career when you take that style away whatever it might be regardless of what people might say how successful doing it. One way. Period when you take that away and all of a sudden -- some of -- won't mean physically right I can play the game. Com home in the burial of I that. So that was that it just the title of your way well I mean. The playbook Jack mean that you know what the hell you were doing -- know the playbook. When you went in the -- yeah. This was the ultimate indictment against -- not even about those in the -- They said that the system to Cincinnati was relatively simplistic. Whereas in New England it was significantly more complicated. And as a result. You -- whether it's unwillingness or inability to grasp the system. Contributed. To your demise and it also pointed out. I don't care what Conner received the you walk if you've got any kind of skill sets a guilt but. You understand again a full pool. You should be able to play with Tom. Right now -- things I think you what do you say to that really just instilled -- me no I haven't -- whoever. OK let me say something yes. Chad Johnson is being extremely. Good at what he does for a long time if you have. I played -- Cincinnati. Too much success but I -- playing with Tom Brady. To use assistance. Regardless the verb is really doesn't change that much the concept are the same no matter where you want all 32 teams really. I'm asking that concepts of an offense are the same regardless to where you go. The verb is might change a little bit but it's not that different and why would -- you will at the minute you -- you're asking that you actually got -- should get ahead there's nothing I can do it I can play the game. -- It's a period playbook except her what about the humbling experience. I'm watching you do within -- -- during the super ball and try to weaken the suitable. You with -- a talker -- what prompts on -- six. And you acknowledged how hold. You had gotten. Because you were receiving the plant Thomas certainly wasn't getting the touches based on what you just said. What was that conversation what I'm totally not what did you want what with -- possible to say -- -- thrown anybody. Under the bus over there one -- anything negative about anybody over there I'm just. Talking I cannot you can either but I would bet I put -- -- dollar idea what -- oppose -- -- Like I did entire season so you so you would be PC why would I mean look at why would that. You -- just hoping that I can play. And they nothing wrong with so I'd either like oh -- -- Chad Johnson a bowl in Miami and LA and I've never went anywhere. Out of humble -- but it probably should be -- year yet. -- not we get to the question what went wrong with the patriots Jan. -- then I need an answer about what went wrong in New England because let me say before you answer I let let me I don't know OK let me answer I don't know. I made me know what wait a second you may not look like. Listen you made me look like a fool on this show day after they did on -- support Chad Johnson look at that point you were Ochocinco. And I saw you the previous march and I told you if you get a shot to go play with gradient telecheck. Leave Ochocinco behind in Cincinnati your Alter ego because they don't play that game. Mean Stephen -- immediately to his credit piped up and said no that's who we is that he's driving force that's his life blood is Ochocinco. And I said no -- figured out this will be did deep threat that Tom Brady does not have a New England. What went wrong that's all Arnold give me an answer out of you you know what went wrong -- I don't know. Other receivers and -- this year pretty good. Up pretty great we're serious about our receivers everything's good yeah I ran -- doing great a a school obviously better and you are of course why wouldn't be what you say you can still. All we all got -- recently I have like a personal social thought that's what he's doing a little we don't we -- heed -- -- given the speed that OJ EC. Not restrict the sales Brenda Floyd though there have been a great year where an 85 in the same this -- mimic so that means he's better than me. Or does this mean he picked up the offense quicker you can even in the same offense you know while saying that we brought them even -- my lazy not answered the question we'll let him off to slow -- go ahead and -- what happens with a look at what went wrong in doing what you want. No not Clinton -- run off him. Equipment that is -- You. Given up. Doesn't know are wrong and win and neighbors you have an idea about what -- and advocate an idea that you know what. Had a profound respect the Teddy Bruschi don't shoot multiple champions all Tedy Bruschi. And knowing what did not stop. If he'd just act like he did not know who Tedy Bruschi was accused him that he just -- Lewis look on a -- -- where Ortiz had a by -- did have a nice package that was true -- it was a big show last year right. He actually asked to Tedy Bruschi was c'mon all right and so -- Alex right -- you don't -- -- -- I do now OK yes you do okay. I asked him what I said. It's something in the ten. -- -- And the New England culture. Under Bob Kraft. -- asked you to she read who you all. In order to perform. Says the -- -- he said just don't get troubled embarrassing organization like that don't get in trouble he's other. Whatever it takes beautiful full. Don't -- so why not sit did not think you you'll always know what's taken away from you you say what was I supposed to do. You understand that -- the complete antithesis. Public people who have an annoying the patriots so -- a plot say -- that's not true is if you can ball and stay out of trouble. Which you wore at the -- did you do any trouble -- you laughed. Okay Nancy -- actually nothing about me about it right now. Yeah it doesn't matter on skis -- -- them out of -- -- -- and I don't with -- while Miami attempted a debate that's what I wanna double Olympic -- let me say this. Let me say this because he is within the day comes it. To get New England wing to give Miami but that is what people are using to say. You ought not what you used to be what do you have to say to those people who feel that way based until last to stick to the NFL. That's a fair question. Nancy quest actually nothing about me running right now. Yeah it doesn't matter on skis he served them out of one -- -- and a little while Miami I could have been a debate. But he really give us. One argued that these guys get more as far as like what really went wrong I was looking for -- and continue to try I don't. Why -- -- mentally that I know OK you know what Chad why did only what they usually -- you asking me Ali's -- says like. I don't know why I went the way did we got out all I know there's a thought in the back of your head up the -- -- We're safe here that would all due respect I must say this -- a -- television singles -- one of those people man. I believe your personal life you -- to the damn about a personal life problem glad I wish you well I was the best -- you but what you do as a football play is everybody's business and how. How would appreciated if you stand appeal for the senate and let the world know what you are. Would you walk as a football player you have a right to speak on net and we have a right you tell us it was dressing me as a player you're telling me to tell you. Who I am as Obama you know what I am of the football player I know that you you don't have the -- and what we want what you want to do the pet. It didn't work got in the way in which wanted to go on CN when he wanted to know it didn't work in early when he wanted to say. You have a football -- you want to meet again but I'm not. They don't tell us why the football player not what you have to look to what team right now to -- I did not receive the play any team does that help right now I think I couldn't -- Canadian working going on after eating -- course I can't would you think I can get into Urban League. No -- -- yes I do maybe but I finally did not believe they -- maybe this isn't good fit for me. -- into the -- maybe. Ellen thought -- -- educate us I must hold -- a lot. Yeah. Yeah what you don't want don't want to I don't know why. -- you that's what you're seeing here not to not do. -- -- and it didn't work and when it worked for ten years and I get tingling and it didn't work. Maybe as a system I don't know why I can't put my finger on it but it didn't work -- them when makes Indian matter worse it didn't work when the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. It would not mega do I wouldn't complain. A well -- excuse not my language that one -- say -- they'll do anything to the -- be a distraction and when I went to practice. I work hard I did everything else -- to do. I think that -- I want to. I was upset -- Lima -- and I'm playing one of the best teams let alone quarterbacks they'll have a play. Period case goes out and. That's why editorial cuckoo clock he's out of his mind it didn't work in Miami either that's -- -- to get the -- -- -- He's crazy person right that's my take from that he is not willing to admit certain things can't explain what didn't work in new England and if hard not cause us the -- says Joseph -- -- kept him around just convince them. The is that is that a lot like a manager telling a baseball player the book that you today. I guess so that medical records it. All labeled a similar yes but I mean it play with the same sort of problem that was the system's fault not the playbook ball. Great stuff from Tokyo today on ESPN. -- top of the -- suit -- -- hobby your phone call 6177797937. Back to these phones back.

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