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LB: WAAF's Rise Up for Against Hunger

Dec 5, 2012|

LB joins Mut and Merloni from high above I93 to talk about WAAF's fundraiser to help food banks across New England feed the homeless. LB also discusses the NHL lockout.

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-- of the effect of bits and bought the team that we in the -- will give it to a book he'll bring it back they should yeah it's. I'm not sure what I am you know at about under the pelican may miss him up -- -- That's Republican makes it again at pelican. Sounds -- that. The Hill Man Morning Show that's. The -- -- -- -- locked. We are not LB is joining us because LB is part of a tremendous. Campaign here rise up against hunger and he has risen above where are you officially under high rise today -- I am Democrats from -- some across the water from UMass I am. You ought to know 500 yards or three days blow fields away from the national period -- and -- three north -- and -- split there. But okay -- this they'll be -- to help me out now gaffe you know what -- what are we have going on here don't you just. You sleep and up there to tell us what you are exactly what you do. I wide between the -- sheriff's and I came outside Imani I'm on a -- site gas 6570. Feet in the air. We did have come down a couple of like five. -- so because it was so windy last night but. What we're basically doing -- were ordered Tuesday Wednesday Thursday its. It's -- -- it -- my living spaces probably three feet to an 82 and a half feet by seven feet. Spaz he's down on route nine and in now premium I'm up here. I'm -- appliance electorate Kraft by 983 -- -- a and I got everybody coming in many three hadn't south to the split. Down here I think it's sad -- yes yeah. -- but others think that that the -- wonderful morning for seven kids as we're here we. We Laura bucket down for any -- assessing -- they -- -- to -- Many Puerto body and I you know to be honest -- but I have to be in your guys is kind of shape to actually give tours myself into. The little tiny ball of human being -- actually. You know drop reduced so. My I promised myself and -- in San mode that I will not go there it's number one only for three days. Yes okay listen let's be honest that night bright lights are out. I don't double eagle double and over the yet judges not let them out and -- Not not that I I would if they put me like you know in some park somewhere but I met a match in the park audio appliance ought to -- I wish I wouldn't do them they're great people but I it's an awesome thing it's you know Hillman answered this about twenty years ago when he tried to sit and every seat in Fenway Park. It was a great acre -- a great deal to the Greater Boston food bank gives it dollars -- -- sat like -- is -- -- about when he 8000 seats. Before he -- out his legs to became paralyzed. And any evidence in the hospital with some cold virus. But I I you know I sort of watched with snowman I think the first semi watch with whom I was I -- -- played with the sharks came home and now we've been pressed on time and I've done it every year since since I've we. No work today after the department Greater Boston food bank which funnels funds into. The Worcester and around food banks and it's an amazing thing for every for. For every dollar it supplies to and about 2.3 six meals. You know for the Greater Boston food bank and you don't have numbers are staggering and I don't I don't know if you've ever done and I don't mean to ramble but. You -- during my career always. Before Christmas I would I would race and go and donate some doe -- -- -- -- that rate of my teammates. And out using humor -- -- -- -- granted I would buy food and Motorola. A shelter to serve Christmas dinner and everybody. Think -- homeless people are are crazy net job bombs that lay on the sidewalk to an end date for money and they do need they'd need they'd need of food to -- it. When you watch a mother and a father -- through the door with street kids and -- You know. It's baseman -- there's tears up to say that the first couple times I did it. So why it's it's huge and I really appreciate your guys' support a lot of pressure EI I am. The big boys let's take the ticket -- this thing -- just three days or. Yeah how we. I'm not sure they set it at school number we've raised between on and on a 50000 dollars a year army and Hill Man Morning Show. Snowman and and everybody we've raised I think we've we've talked to one point five million dollar mark well and now were they they tell us that this. -- the -- you know the wac for change now the rise rise up BA's Conger. Is is biggest event in the biggest fundraisers for them all year so. It's really huge and if your listeners. Just what -- WA AF dot com to get all the information or. If -- way to the attached to a rise rise up -- -- you know me I. I'm I'm -- -- I'm you know I'm the detriment to the -- fundraising. You know. -- -- that's not true because I'm glad I had not your guy -- on Twitter during this in the pictures up there have been. Tremendous LB the question is -- what what time you come down tomorrow night correct will be NHL lockout field by tomorrow night. Why according to Steve Burton airplane Saturday I got a I -- after my body and I you know I got a couple insiders and I think there's a few people that spoke out before they should have -- -- really really. A little overzealous and excited when they came out of a meeting. And that anybody that had an inside scoop. With an athlete that's involved in the locked out I think maybe you know he's not the only gathered -- almost jumped -- so. We'll find out I think guys in the next couple days you know the players to meet yours -- -- and if if if if -- -- me if you meet with the beds to things and you don't get it down. So I I've I got to believe that it's going to be history you know filming your decision by Friday -- -- seasonally. You are out there giving up their tomorrow night you mentioned -- website obvious people can check it out to be checked out the rise against hunger hash tag or. If they wanna donate help -- what is an awesome awesome cause they can do so at WA AF dot com or. If you have your phone handy -- -- WA AF 222 to two and they gave ten dollar donation yeah and -- to get down off that highrise. Yeah that's awesome that's really the easiest way to do you know we know it's tough times for everybody. But a quick ten dollar donation would the tax to 022 suits. It suits are really -- really easy way to donate ten bucks and -- like -- we say the united people burning ten bucks we used you know be pretty crazy so. We're here we do it every year they did they get some goofy crazy to do that that no one else to do -- and I'm not afraid of heights and in. So I said you know let's do this and snazzy. -- you provided that you promised a free meal and some. At some clothes and some and it and it -- factor. And he'll do anything just suck it up. There are a guest at the very idea let's see every weekend at the Maryann long war with that -- a close and doctor. OK I asked why I without. -- should share. I'll -- mess up at three nights I don't -- while they are tailor its and I you know it's it's been -- maybe it's been crazy windy but it. Today's -- is getting it down below below there you know below thirties. And -- and it's going to be chilly it's Chilean one of the things you know the reason wherever we don't come down. Is it you know you wanna I wanna -- people challenged him homeless people out each and every day and how creative they -- I have to beat -- not only. I get a meal. But to stay alive and and you know I mean hey you wanna hear just a staggering not the Greater Boston food bank serves 90000. Meals a day. That day -- in the -- we live in America Bravo. And in Ohio and in my body held out goes off and has sought time. Some happens around the world where the first people's you know jump off our wallets and donate donate donate -- Send money you know everywhere else in the world and and I'm with him it's there if we have 90000 Americans it. -- you know at wake up. Hungry and another staggering stat one out of four those 90000. Are children. And that's disgusting to me so that's why we do look at her passion it's awesome I knew you guys are passionate. You know the -- Jimmy Fund raisers. One of the most amazing amazing narrative the -- I'd never ever ever. Witnessed and if so thanks guys and you guys you guys got a tough shot show and by the way can have my it might take on the pelicans they'll let. Did you have imagined that it didn't answer the pelicans. A -- -- did that my job Canadians out of -- where the next night next season going. We'd like to go back to our maroon name of the early twenties -- Montreal my rounds. Wacko wacko on -- on the -- some things that you know if there's something that shouldn't happen. Will be no big great stuff text W lay -- to -- doing that attitude to highs against Sandra thanks elevate I don't or is guys are big fast as I give -- my -- on my news.

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