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Taking a closer look at Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino

Dec 5, 2012|

Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas and Jerry Crasnick from ESPN join Mut and Merloni to help break down the two newest members of the Red Sox.

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Our -- it's not -- not a three point seven WEB -- we've jumped. Right into the deep and a Major League Baseball to start the show. Pastoral we will join us later on this hour to get us a better take on a couple of free agents. The Red Sox this time we're gonna go respectively to Dallas and Philadelphia -- start medallist Richard direct of ESPN Dallas nice -- -- the join the program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It good appreciate the time and I'll start with even going back before Mike Napoli signed this deal with the Boston Red Sox was a curious to you and people on the beat that beat the Texas Rangers spots old little. A Mike Napoli than ever extended him that one year off for the win guaranteed okay if he's not less next year we're gonna get a draft pick. I didn't think it was not but their reasoning innate sense that that was that they didn't know whether he picked -- -- and at the market. They weren't ready to allocate those kind of resources that early in the RC. Because of all the -- at the real liking CNET. But I also think they were probably a little bit start that the market ended up being thirteen million a year could obviously would have turned down. But all are operating at least I pick up that they know looking back on and how that -- -- but in both. At that time it was not an easy call the bay Cuba right there. Coming up the great -- and 2011 what exactly was it last year knows some injuries with his Claude but. You know not the same place are a year ago. No he was banged up. Didn't help ultimately the latest in home -- 44 homers but in private that many runs at the 17 batting average. Battle that opened street just didn't you ever are it is written and concern apartment 411 that aren't as Brittany didn't quite. It hit our -- very well first snapped the Internet. A legendary market up 4011 it would have been a World Series MVP at a record 1866. The cardinals. So he didn't. Yet in the alliance what what what they pick up where you left off obviously but we're still there -- -- still -- -- good epic and what are gonna play well one. But it just didn't come together last year. I think we all agree that they you know they'll painful -- thirteen million for three years seemed perfect arena but. The Red Sox with freeing up cash at the money to spend. Do you like the like this deal you look at rip Mike Napoli here at Boston. I think America might have -- it well off -- I know it but it's a small sample size but making gains we're talking about a couple were. Seventeen RBIs and a guy that clearly. Or that kind of setting. I I'll be honest with you -- -- three years there's a risk to pay to get hurt me the dollar the thirteen 1000003 year is that the rest. But this guy I'd seen what -- yet know. And here I mean -- the lineup that -- eleven. But they needed that what they're in the little slack spot but he order from Napoli and he was tremendous -- back. They'll have other things can correct the pre three guys back here. It can be beat 300 height hitter which you can. This would be huge corporate -- in terms on production aware of the need. All right so the rumors of Mike Napoli using two boxing gloves over first base overrated because -- some people what -- he is a terrible. Defensive first base -- Richard set set us straight here Heidi your rank him over their play and opposition defensively. I have -- too -- -- but a conspiracy. That played it on the and I think if the thinking is going to be primarily but I think it's important that he comes in the spring training knowing. He's gonna spend the time worker hope that we got to do to do that. But you -- splitting time when you're not sure that you got all the guys it's spring training all the bullpen everybody's -- the -- up. I'd bet a lot block forgot to try to pupil I think they got sort of hold him and let it really work out for speaker Ali thinks first -- For his body. He got no Uga has the right footwork got a where you gotta be. -- -- it totally different angle and catching the ball at their network screwball the dirt. Where he can position yourself there's a lot all over there and -- the kind of spring training the coaches who work -- I think he'll improve a lot he's got a lot of work to do they're -- guy. I think he can do. Are you you've covered him Joseph man calls a man's man and good guy in the clubhouse I've played with now what was your take on discovering his players a guy. Tremendous diet or else it really fit in well with the reader called out Coulter if they lose steam. A lot of Washington elect is veterans one back up alphabet its stock helped. And then -- really fit -- well that is locker was you know Michael Young -- or other three of them were together a lot. It just he got along with everybody everybody liked him funny guy kept everything loose. Evil things or don't want well for -- -- it stayed out along a terrific guy that you want your wealth -- -- their -- they couldn't get a better. It's always you Mike Napoli walked away from the Rangers and I expected the Rangers be first in line -- to resign Josh Hamilton he read today Richard that. They've told Hamilton back burner for now maybe talking about Zack Greinke you surprised there's not been more communication so far with Hamilton in this Texas ranger team. No because the plan all along with the -- who would go out and surveyed the market and then come back at them. With what they felt the market was and then there was a deal that could be dark. I think they're still exploring the market. So far -- -- an indication that it opens the way up for -- -- which will keep record right in the thick of it. But but we're going to Rangers operate is -- -- -- down multiple avenues multiple -- And they can do that the what you they have financial resources but they have the prospects. But he can go out avenue of the talking and discussing -- once you and talking to an agent about pouring money into Pickering you on another front. And both are possible. Event if one domino also allow them to switch to the other fairly quickly and they elect be -- progress. -- not starting from scratch not everything you do that you've got ample sources dispute that. And the Rangers spewed so I'm not surprised that this -- have a later handling it. If if if one player whether it be great you're able with -- OK okay I'm ready to get the deal done. And they talked hurt you to come down with something the rangers' ability -- correction I don't think it -- back. It bring you aren't they with the doctors and it would agree to get them back in the greater export try to get it on the trade market and piper felt. Back the other either picking at it that bit of bowling game right now it by -- I think they try to figure out which one of those two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Richard great insight a -- those guys appreciate the time and out all the -- talking on the road. -- Richard direct ESPN Dallas joining us the Red Sox jump right back in last night. I'm signing chain victory know to a three year 39 million dollar deal Jerry crass nick is -- Nashville wedding for espn.com. One of the reporters today Jerry had a quote is being you know when the -- with a new star at the circle there at the hotel in Nashville. There was three and 39 that people were calling it the silliest move. Other free agent signings so far did you hear that same response from baseball people victory in on the Red Sox. Well I didn't think the credit really Obama got that yet you know. I regard to a product that does the other day in -- -- -- what you're seeing him. You know -- certainly think he probably a two year fifteen million dollar guy and and out the other -- -- -- when the deal was done yesterday. You said that he won't work. What's the problem but the one shocked. I'm. We'll play at the reaction of the world but it you know yet let me. I should concede -- -- getting. Rid Wagner present parent would not let me out you know when Oprah got started it and -- with more than people thought but. Germans still pretty sure -- what people put the guys there is yet one down year. I. Hopefully it -- more than a lot further problem -- I'll turn the mean. Yeah that would demand okay that you looked at experiments over the -- I don't think it was quite -- -- it will be an open -- Well listen the Red Sox situation is at saint -- Napoli and victory depression and that eight to nine million it's fair. But the Red Sox targeted these guys do you look at is overpaying 65 million dollars a year for each of these guys. A mistake by the Red Sox and just throwing money away let me see in the past. Yeah who were killed. There and you colored cut corners and maybe try to get these guys. That it would -- -- letting you know Abu. He tried Turkish side. And you double Lotta money. That and the problem all the okay. I would you know that was one trucker Bob Bennett and the -- dark dog we have a lot of money up the -- you know we'll lose some of the other deal they have. They've got guys that they like who they would have to walk let I think I'd get up. -- all of a sudden they -- the people complain because -- go to Perry. Well that's going to look at the -- don't even have an outfielder there last year basically. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- Yeah I mean maybe -- -- what it might keep pace a little bit more parity got a guy who complex -- -- a good car. I don't people's tragedy. I the issue people have a victory OC that bad year last year -- lot of Red Sox fans RD calling our show today. And pointing out the batting average a year ago the reports the bat speed. -- was it just a bad year Jerry or is this going to be the beginning. Of a downward trend for guy has been a pretty good outfield over the course of his career. Wall like take them that maybe a little bit of some people's you know I think a lot of people look at the skills -- look at the year. The ratchet victory not for several years in Philadelphia and I personally think Lorillard. Eagle birdie emotional guy and he's great at a club I'll keep wondering guidance. All the -- and talked a lot you know he'll be a guy. The wreckage on the game ignore would be available to Reuters them and their community will be great you know we don't aboard Corbin told -- -- yeah you bet because it all the Eric vacant senate became evident that he would never say. I think -- outweighed autumn but I personally think shape with the kind of guy who went that it created here this is my big chance to get out. Well I'd like card contract. I think you put what you -- and welcome Dane watts you know. -- directory well. Appropriate here a guy so I don't think he reacted well I think. Literally put pressure on all the that he tried too hard are they understand and I think he had a hand injury. It really affect their ability to hit especially. On the left side. And I think what you get in the that a whole -- Chad Morton didn't subplot. Let me get traded. You know many thought he was going to be our way and they get -- Crawford who would like -- -- really what regular guy. And I had neither side we have the seminoles oral yet -- this year what they divide that. That year that you know. You know he's not there they're pretty well let. I think he still pretty people whether he went to the big market in Philadelphia. You know what he knows how to handle that pressure. I think -- can have a -- that you have a huge. I think even better player than it showed last year. Your switch carried them I'd rather have be be better from the left side right to face more right handers. He struggled to appoint you mentioned a hand injury. And struggled from the left side is that reason why he'd had a few at bats in the year right handed against right handers or is that -- ball situation you know details on that. I give every detail brought it up but I can't say that -- -- -- some troubles on the path toward Jews slaughtered all solar. Excludes loans because we're here but the road I mean I would call -- -- and many side you could say that about usually return. Regardless what you ordered. From the left side they get don't worry being paid to become better hitter and more productive guys what are what. You -- let -- be brought up the mall but. Again that. You know I think people piled on him a little bit yesterday. Get a chance you know he doesn't then -- The verdict ultimately got a good. Armed you know he's -- blatant insult. Opening up that -- can do you have an optical I -- the -- -- energy -- the achievement. When you have guys like -- and dome it kind of reminiscent of federal. You know beauty culture with more our -- and those guys you guys this political web towards goal. You mention the Phillies having not one but three outfield spots to fill the Red Sox came calling and start sniffing around a Cliff -- Jacoby Ellsbury deal with a Red Sox pick up some -- salary what team blinks first year. I've never had this led to the older super thank you move hopefully. You know why they -- toward they can take another shot at a -- will Halladay and -- and -- -- you know what we're saying when they signed him old. It would sort of predicated on you're gonna get pitched with these two whether god that they actually are who they certainly have the mother saying. This is well so really. It's fortunate project situation or Nicole Lee and a lot of money -- -- very good guy. You know badly injured got one year -- -- Ruben Amaro -- -- probably heard about the tribe. Folks go up to a lot of bad leg and Leavitt saying data another day what I. Jumping in heavy on a scrub or -- a one year. I just don't forget the great jet personally. Gerri appreciate it great stuff in the winter meetings as always good and set a chain -- -- look for -- talk and zero. -- odd Jerry crass that espn.com. Joining us here along with Richard direct -- inside. I'll -- these signings here are on the ATT hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible.

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