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Tom E. Curran, CSNNE, on if the Patriots should have given Welker the money he initially asked for

Dec 5, 2012|

Tom E. joins Mut and Lou to debate whether or not Wes Welker should have been paid more when his contract extension was under negotiation at the beginning of the season. He also gets into how the Patriots will matchup against the Texans on Sunday, and what the WR situation is given the Edelman and Gronkowski injuries.

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Boom boom boom and actor then. But. Canyon -- I'm dying to -- and no bugs no and no bugs no handle bugs. I can -- not buying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert letter call 1800 get -- Thomas what. Lou how are you are micro foot are you don't buddy. Every girl murdered daughter if it -- has gone good here were talking about Julian -- in the loss of feminine needs to step up -- In the case of -- Loney looked at the first six games in compared to the last six games hasn't been much of a factor. That somewhere -- got the step up or is something that just. The patriots just not thrown outside the numbers period. Well I think it is a couple of things at play at one is you know. I do think the last week's game was based on matchups. And we -- not a high rate of return. Receiver. You know if he runs well civic groups but by his own desire by the patriots survived outside the numbers. And he doesn't really fight for the ball like you would see some wide receivers 200 yards and was one of the best in the league so maybe that's an unfair comparison but you being one of them. But that was not a big one of his biggest skills. By the -- year. I thought it was -- but it turns out that fighting for the ball. Fighting for the ball here's one thing fighting to get open is another and I think it -- that it became a jet you're in which yet just one reception. It would start at eight times and he was unable to get freaked them. Press coverage because it's just that electrical contact initially we've all seen during games so quickly goes down. After it's usable even in the colts game before the -- -- when he was on one leader seep out. But it still can actually -- Is it different player than than most people anticipated in the way the patriots are a ball control offense. -- wrote to the easiest most open receiver. Printed -- is an off of the beauties or most open receiver but I don't think that he's been an abject disappointment. -- we -- became a topic conversation because are trying to figure out who replaces two and cattlemen almost 33% of the offensive snaps he's been in there. On -- Tom current scale of zero to 100 being no impact and being they can't win a playoff game how big is the settlement injuring in your mind -- Four point three like it. A people at a certain point -- for the next couple weeks. Until up until well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now they can reconfigure expectation. It didn't think you know the next two weeks really alters the patriots beating the court you know. Space in the AFC race may need him. If you rhetoric about that just assuming that their Archos you know combat so well I think there. You know it's significant over the next two weeks against two very good defense because so horrible. The patriots six thankfully at least the other most versatile that they -- thought that we are in the and that is. So I think that that -- the upset probably to most personal those two guys who make the most difficult to send them. But not the best players although in this close to a well there's a better player that would -- you know what Chris couldn't do. He just doesn't -- a -- -- real good. Just ask this question. Coming now that we know to an -- I thought that was a role for him and of the way the year started thought it could be have an impact in this offense needs. This contract's up in those can be free agent year. This surprise you that we you know how they felt about him that maybe they didn't -- like a little extension of that thought is going to be so important -- off at some point during the year. Yes and that's not to say that they may not did they do have to have political players. -- force either the same page you know. We'll -- refer three years four million dollars of that -- And that would -- do we have a ministry bet on himself and to not amuck and do that especially providing the fact that. He -- that was what was entry fees as a franchise I think that. I would be surprised or don't know categorically that the patriots approach that would contract offer but I would think it would likely additionally. I wouldn't think Julian gentlemen we've come to pass that up because patriots. We're in a position where you would presume. That they were gonna create a bigger role for him and he's going to be able to operate. Don't ask a question because Wes -- obviously now with the impact he's -- he's leading the league in receptions like talk you know what you do with the sky next year and you know that price tag that number to be able eleven point five to franchise him again. Help me explain the whole roll over here now -- salary -- as I understand the patriots are 67 million dollars under this year does that roll over and go on top. Of what their cap could be next year. It's harder I can tell -- there's nothing that allowance. That prevent them from rolling them money over that something that. All was put an -- PDA if you have money left you -- roll over the next hour -- patriot all the over. It'll be about seven billion dollars this year. What the reason being used to it you're not -- the exponential growth of the salary cap. Under the -- deviate because the way it was giving up so in order for players to continue to have the opportunity. To maximize. There. -- Now you're allowed to all the money forward sort -- -- you know patriot if you pointed out well. 600. Depending a pop you. Between now and the embassies in general some of -- -- -- but it will be kind of not a huge amount. Six million dollars isn't. I mean could you would meet but -- -- -- secure our players. Move it in and out of the book called. Does that make it does that justify a bit more maybe to give him now eleven point five next year. I put the second will I really would I only makes it is no downside to. There's no doubt back. Obama and -- quality give leaving the downside a catch off the downside would be the patriots. Media. Saying out allowance for the patriots to hear is an organization boarded they screw up. Not giving in the contract two years ago and then instead paying him a guaranteed. -- -- million bucks or two years with the two different franchise tags and if they'd been Smart. They could've -- for by a little bit cheaper correct. -- true that there patriots -- -- that which you number your self select group. Absolutely I look back -- and -- wonder why not -- and it hurt that our money. You can't be up -- -- you good at what difference does it make. He wanted to -- one million dollar guarantee you he got -- first you're not guaranteed. Without being on the hook for the second year in and get the second year guarantee. That Obama's survey is different. A couple of short of the feeling -- of -- Unaware about his feelings -- more the patriots as an organization might have the eagle GB we wanna pay and that money we -- it. We could assign him to a more team friendly deal a couple of years ago I hope every -- eleven and a are you a little. Oil is still much point. I mean you think the people it yourself recordable got a problem and you twenty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little limited and articulately thing you do you think that the -- -- include -- an issue with the patriots and no Wes Welker 21 million dollars over two years and giving it to a halt wants. This would know this will be the situation Tom OK if -- -- to a three year deal guaranteed twenty you could lower your salary cap hit. Last year this past -- season rather next season would that make a difference. That got a better way of putting it but I I don't think that you want a -- I think 32. Year old slot receiver. Despite the fact that it produces that way. The way yes because to a three year. When you look at the couple games that are coming up obviously be a big game here on Monday the following weeks. Sunday against -- Cisco. The importance of the conference game I think makes Houston a lot more important but we look at those two team votes -- that's the protest for the pats. Who know what are the stiffer test the Houston Texans the San Francisco. -- -- I think I think the patriots should be favorite Baldwin and patriots got massive vote I think when you looked at -- -- If you detect a book of the line and Kuwait Iran. Thereof that everything is predicated on the senate so that we'll -- could wind up. Against Ben Jones. You know you're gonna have an opportunity that it. Really create Havoc and I think that will happen. For the victory positioning -- defense which is there out of injuries in the back. The backside I think the picture in a hurry up. I think it in the time neutralizes that's sort of the also about -- he's not ready for ethical ticket into the sector. On the office of light Tom we saw Dan Connolly go down any early word as to the impact long term of baton and that would that keep about a we're looking at Donald Thomas nick McDonald potentially. Against Houston Monday night. Could be I would anticipate. I mean Mankins is getting closer but I'm not sure if that means. This week or next. Nick McDonald was a little bit of a liability the other day that's -- some -- cannon that was in the game. Put through the college -- look back yet to be concerned because it is that it's a packed situations so. So distraught predictable. But I want to circle back to look to the local conversation in the morning conversation. That was until the Red Sox could. Pick up to -- would Wes Welker performs well. I get out of -- say campaign campaign campaign campaign by the patriot stay in the sky. And what the Red Sox officially live at the signing of the people concerned about how much money is being spent. I don't understand. I don't feel like people get I had the speed of light that component of the conversation. When a guy get a lot of money we don't get a lot of it -- to poker. But the arm flapping all over how much was slow getting scrutiny is feeling -- -- because they're point 8000002 of the last few years. -- somebody not concerned about what Joseph blow. You know. He's become slump straight people get so fired up about it they'll have a guy -- -- years point one million dollars which is a favorite that would have idol I I don't get field. I don't beat myself -- wouldn't dare speak for football fans but I when I want to Wes Welker there's not at another guy that team output ahead of him of that guy deserves to get paid whatever that value ways whether it's the franchise tag with a long term deal. He plays every freaking game as -- misses another stretch here Hernandez goes down look at the games played for Welker and lot when I get frustrated is that that's a guy. I wanna see -- your team you root for investing and and the fact that he might walk away at the end of the year they might let him walk. It was it myself but saying that would (%expletive) me off because he had so he's been why everyone else this -- games he's gonna play another sixty this year. It and it's a shame reporter who you're aware of the ongoing situations works. Unfolding in part I sit here although rare players and I do agree with you to be paid. Prior performance. Anyone. But I just don't get -- and cry over I mean maybe it's. We get older but I just shrug when a guy I don't get paid. And over fist -- market value or whatever else. Because you see an -- whether people so Shaun Ellis somebody else look -- this is a million sides of the court. But just to. Meet you. When you look at situations with the located stupid the guys are under pain in terms the local epidemics -- sometimes but. I don't know -- people link there which would -- and marching in the streets about a football player -- -- respectable third label don't get. -- -- quick go -- from me and -- about patriots football they don't have like a fifteen day DL right but is that exactly what Deion Branch is on right now pretty much when that Miami is right. If it is right he's on this team. He thinks he's right now he thinks that he is he's in the position where he could look it right now those guys. That thought export. Came back to what. What -- fifty he just. We just expect that to be the case -- -- debt so. He's -- ago I wouldn't rule it out because -- still think if you ask me that might still be a little like a wide receiver. Considering. The fact they don't have settlement and you know they're not getting as much. Oh look towards and I still think that he might wanna ask somebody what struck out -- -- to change the shape in the book bureau the process. Eight can you confirm that official that this more than two sides to coined before a tweet that out. Thousand there are several vote you know it's good because I hear people say stuff like that when I'm. -- consumer media. At all so very happy that I caught myself this to say something absolutely ridiculous. -- -- But it quick let's tomorrow. Yes -- Guess reluctant yards and on this week he's do a lot of these immediate sort of commitment fees or taxes. Thank you double -- next week. Tommy current Comcast brought to you by Tom and Wes Welker haired doctor doctor Robert lender or call 1800 get -- when he joins us. It's on the AT&T hotline with beads at the ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible our quick break come back. -- we have an NBA name change and I'm not a big fan enough he'd been here.

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