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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe on Pats-Texans and Edelman's season-ending injury

Dec 5, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with Globe football guru Greg Bedard as they preview Monday night's matchup against Houston as well as how they offense will adapt to the loss of Julian Edelman. They discuss the lack of physicality that Brandon Lloyd brings to the game and the defensive force that Texans DL J.J. Watt presents.

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Welcome back. Dennis and Callahan. Did show mid week. One thing and one thing only. In the Boston Globe on football columnist the football writer -- all right Greg a Bedard joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T. Forgy LTE good morning Greg aria. What are the ramifications what all the dominos that fall after element gets put on the IR ice balls first and foremost. Wes Welker is going to be more at risk to be asked to return bounces at Curtis -- I think that's. Goes -- -- ago I mean I haven't really. Right remember the last person might result. -- practice on in this team. You know would have has done it home. You know I think marine can do it on occasion. But I think that the patriots are more -- well. Ball security than anything else so I think it's going to be wet so I think they're gonna -- Jews are spots I think that -- You know they're really need a little bit desperate they want a little bit more punch in the return. Problem you know maybe they put me in the area stalwart ten do some of this even -- viewers war. Kick returner when he was here current training camps so. About who they aren't terms. Can you envision a scenario where bill -- the special teams coach would either imply or suggest that may be because of the value of west. He just while -- in fair catch pretty much everything. Vick could I mean I know they do -- occasion com. Depending on on you know some situations but. I would have a hard time seeing them doing for an entire game. Yeah especially in light of the whole gronkowski. Permitted to speak. Completely hypocritical of bill -- checked Tuesday. You know look we don't take guys off the special teams in. Football players play. Which I totally agreed with. Bomb then to turn -- around in day. Well you know west just bearcats are going -- -- have. You know Brandon -- circuit that you re past you know I mean if you would just be hypocritical like it and doing. Or who gets the snaps on offense who gets the targets that normally went settlement. Well. -- you question I think gum. I think what they do is signal to -- -- they have they have Walker's lawyer in their early runs too tight -- offense out of that I mean that's. That's her bread and butter -- is very good son Aaron Hernandez looked much healthier. Disparate scheme. Even though he couldn't walk or -- dog in the Robert -- game. But. He's. A look easy step -- rather than it was the week prior. But I think they just you know what we saw -- there and we -- -- it would work counts he. Look they're just gonna directorate change things and I can reinvent the wheel they are they are especially at this point in the season. So they are too tight -- offense that continued beat -- offenses that have. Avoid losing some of it's Napster cattlemen for. Calm reasoned that should be apparent to anybody that. You know Lloyd -- much after the catch. Settlements. -- run in the ball. After the catch. That you know bet you know now what -- those -- back -- he's gonna have to be more productive in the short passing game. And it's I think they'll probably talked about that this week we did he change couple weeks ago work. He was actually looking to run after the catch them just going down to the ground. You don't get other guys in the mix in the you know Pope. But I I. They do what they do. You break broken down a new study that probably closer than anybody Lloyd's and the lack of production is he afraid of contact in your opinion Greg. I haven't seen him be flat out afraid of contact lately you know he -- -- Guys and alligator arms and things like that. IQ think unity he does not like contact. The end he's not very physical and I you know for a while there are one when that was gonna become a problem for the team. Because. Outside of really moss who you know -- you would you pick your spot for you know when traffic got things. Intentional which fear during the -- like contact -- much either. Well Deion Deion Branch avoids it as well as anybody am and I don't blame me small only does -- get killed. It seems to me that it's more than just avoiding contact. With Lloyd. Yeah I agree I think that you know a guy like the on -- mark -- -- loose -- contact. He knows how to preserve the body like look at that it was a no win situation. Just go down on the ground would lawyer he would. As soon as accessible boat -- on -- care who's around me that nobody around me I'm still on now or. The ball a mile away on the way to me I'm gonna. I'm going to the ground and trying to catch the ball lower numbers here I'm number one type he just popped out of bounds when there was really no need for whatsoever. After catching a pass play like it was. Under two minutes but it was really like the middle of the first quarter. So you know I think that's the problem I think he obviously got to talking to because couple weeks ago. He was much better not regard. And he's gonna have to do better because you need to be well rounded in this game you know offense where you know -- it's. It's. It's a short horizontal passing game where you know the quarterbacks to play an -- gonna throw the slopes during two year. Just just a quick little pass from Brady and you have to be able to. -- -- many yards as possible because everybody else is doing on the offense nobody else should be an exception. Greg has the patriots go about the business of shoring up their protections for Brady against JJ what Antonio Smith on Monday night. A little back to the dolphins game I'm wondering but the Ford dolphins sacks a product of Miami's great defense led by Cameron Wake and Johnston and is it is that is that might see studies say -- name. -- where -- -- failures by the patriots offensive line the got Brady's smacked four times. Just put him in notes. You know if ever are our number is -- the red zone -- acted Donald Thomas gave up I think it's -- Or that someone might have been. It's split between my season. Jones. Yeah I brake job. That that was the case -- we operate in hold the ball over respected in the -- mean it's just came out against that at the defense. -- a lot of it was just. It was physical breakdown -- Sebastian Vollmer played. Not well -- adults and you know it can't wait. He's very good player. Last year or numbers season opener junger and salivating about Nate Silver -- Cameron -- and and he did -- tremendous job in the first half against wake. Awake pretty much -- in the second. He's really good player Sebastien have. But bars were scheme currencies and you hope it was because of wake of previous government tremendous year. Should be of our pro consideration. But there's also the concern that. It was because of injury or a little bit ball in hand. That would be extremely bad for. For the pitchers especially don't want them this game because. That -- -- subtle line is going to be extremely tested. Webber's out there against JJ -- especially beaten -- you know a lot of over the dark over the and I mean -- opera companies mostly on the right side of the offensive line. And they cannot afford have a game like -- just hitting the ball went against the Texans they'll never -- removable. I mean they're they're defensive pass rush will bring more pressure that he and the dolphins did with JJ watt and Smith correct. Absolutely I mean they they don't have that many bolts in the arsenal. As. You know they they used to book war all the secondary injuries because I mean they're just that made it back there and wait till the guy who does a lot of you know fire -- in a lot of blitzes but he's -- he's playing -- Nobody's in in the secondary. You know there. The starters and their safety and they're okay but they're not recovered guys so you really scaled back is split things so easily been a lot. The four down linemen and they're pretty good I mean -- The rookie is. He's not very impressive on film I mean he's -- -- -- breakdown but you know outside that those -- overall are borrowing and why. It Torrey Smith. Those guys broke good in them. There to -- analyst. I'm reading -- Rex Ryan just this morning announced to his team the Sanchez is going to return as the starter does that surprise issue. I'm Sicilian but Beckett -- summit self. You know a little bit mentally you know what what the point I mean. This budget bit there don't anywhere Sanchez and I actually wanna game but I do. See their point in that you know -- matters I don't know what you're doing. For example against the cardinals are very good defense is sound like -- terrible. But in the games leading up the -- and at. Including give the patriots outside. What -- -- and you know -- a couple of other strange place. In the Gregory interception he had been playing pretty well. In my opinion in Macon. He'd he'd he'd definitely improved from where it was last year. Soul I can understand them going with Sanchez but. And now they know that Mac -- You know one of those hot hand at the guys were changes and doing anything they can go to him. Greg and feels like day in a playoff time around here we've been looking forward to these two games for a long time to prime time night games. And Foxboro in your mind I know which games more important the conference came -- which game presents the toughest test of the -- is Houston or San Fran. Without questions at Cisco. Just because you know they're relatively healthy. They have wanted to be a league's best offensive line they have extremely count at running back Frank Gore. They have. You know receivers that have made progress over the courses season you know -- -- guys -- -- moss and Manningham. Opera in Davis is one of the league's best tight end. And then. Then you go to their defense and there are -- You know they're they're spectacular. In their physical and the bat and misses that IKEA. Mean detectives tonight at all but you know this is the team hasn't accomplished very much. But that but they niners can't beat the rams. Well you know divisional games aren't you go look at the dolphins camp I mean the bit. The pitchers can barely get by in a buffalo. Or -- that the dolphins. If the dolphins will remain a few more plays. They would want Mac game I mean he says Bryant divisional games are different and days you guys get up forum. Com. You know they know each other so well I mean these these. Inter divisional or. In divisional and for proper games because he beat each other so infrequently that a lot of parties gained about am I mean you'll get -- -- look at the papers that the rams. Ball. The rams haven't seen the patriots in like forever so you know maybe don't stand teams beaters this -- that of the patriot by. They know darn well exactly. What the forty niners are likened to prepare for and make clear. Up better than anybody with a divisional opponents so I added I would I had. I would not play be impaired -- team at all. I'm not amid do you think that that Harbaugh is ready to go back to Alex Smith of camper next struggles is it that kind of deal now or is he committed to captain nick in your mind. And it request to come out. I I think that he's. Unless the guys just totally terrible. In -- team I think -- can stick it out with them you did that thing is like you know -- gets you behind. -- has not exactly the guy you want to bring off the bench to rally the troops mean he's. Applauding -- -- decisions soon on the part Obama -- with the you know it's one of those guys I mean he didn't alleviate spot. If -- behind. He's been extremely limited so it's not like cabinet all behind. The patriots. You know seventeen victory in the third quarter that Alex it is that there -- extremely confident -- -- Aggregate your estimation as -- Foster going to be the best running back the patriots have had to deal with or will have to deal with this year I mean you got -- -- Johnson back in week one. Ray Rice Stephen Jackson you mentioned gore later on is often the best group. And move applies to workers I mean -- I think I think every race. It's probably the best all around back the group I -- fox is pretty good. If he's. His line has been. You know if he -- did Dwayne brown left Sakhalin and the senator Chris Myers. Also. The other guys so so and -- in. Us -- ladies has been okay. But you know I'd really like rice. Trying to think well Stevens stands out meet Johnson a terrible line first game of the -- I I do you think that. I think this is the guy. I think that braces begat the boss is pretty. Has Andre Johnson lost a step. Yet of injuries but I know I don't know maybe it happens that record the step. But he's still extremely dangerous instrument in the air he makes very topic is very physical. He's just it is extremely polished. What you just wonder if the Texans are a little bit. Limited. Window with a weapon until like the colts commitment here with. Umbrage when you know Walters is. Very good -- Owen Daniels is extremely good but you know losing Gallic. The other -- -- Graham. It's a big blow for Batman and is they they could really use a few more targets. Well it's taken twelve games thirteen weeks are finally in the meat of the schedule we've all been waiting for should be fun the next couple weeks -- we'll talk to you next Wednesday. Greg Bedard Boston Globe with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T got like AT&T forgy LTE.

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