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Dino gets called out for missing Chach's birthday ... for the symphony?

Dec 5, 2012|

Chach gets spotted in a picture in the Boston Herald. Well, the back of his head does. He and Gerry then confront John about skipping out on his 40th birthday party because he had tickets to the symphony. Who knew Dino was so cultured?

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Do so it just bought it Jerry had just bought it. Yeah there's a guy with a lovely had a hair there and that is another guy with a level head of hair is to a ago as lovely and there. This looks like a an ad for doctor Barbara -- before and after back to people. I like -- him better than Brad -- that Brad -- view -- legs to -- it's -- looks like a little bit much doesn't look likes a lot of seven asked a couple of -- -- aspect -- I think it's more like -- -- -- -- think it's more like a -- city -- look. It's page 47 Boston Herald it's a story about the Boston College Eagles. Turning to Steve a does -- you about this I am and I wanna say that and get killed you know from column that -- tweets and next thing you know -- and negative on the red -- yes. I don't I don't I. I feel reluctant to get socked in swept up by the emotional but all your resistant because I happened the past you know I didn't. I felt for the Carl Crawford thing you know that we all. I think most of us did yes and fell -- -- and we were certainly I can tell on the agent Gonzales thing I mean they precondition to us for a five year mission -- the ball that wasn't all mastered the biggest disaster ball was Bobby Valentine and I fell for that I don't now. I feel like you know Charlie Brown is it's been at least he told the ball right now but. Let me say this. I am getting sucked in with the Steve a does deal. My senate right doesn't happen at -- and obviously Stiefel. I am sucked in by this month I thought I like -- state. -- a -- will be hanging out. -- tell you why and who thinks this is a great recruiter from which is the most important thing and it's a disciplinarian and no and he gives great pregame speeches and I'm a sucker for that -- I'm a sucker for yeah you don't need Romo this guy can handle it in. And -- you read about you know some of the guys you recruited to Florida when he was -- him in the -- wondered. Stub from Connecticut men's open Florida and this is the guy who recruited him to go and on their beat up all compete on all the teams in the northeast and north and got him to go to -- tattoos. Yeah are you sure he could two but but I am and I know we had a list of younger guys he's. All these 53. We think -- some 33 year old. Would get the job that right today I am not ever consider is that. With this guy never popped up out of our mouth that would -- the -- is what we support Russia today lieutenant but -- -- -- -- from New Hampshire. Anyway I like this because. I think Brad Bates. Is like any AD -- they can win I get the opportunity to hire him big time coach. Amok and screw this is going to be my guy and he's been planning this right it is like Theo is Adrian Gonzales and you know he sees that his list for nine years yes and -- good job at temple. I hate that he bailed out on that left two years but -- temple what they do you see and calls football is -- everyone's Villanova and everyone more money there is no. Way these universities can keep these guys hold these guys in the contract ever signed him to contracts that are you know airtight that the picnic and out of they. Actually have the the contracts have stipulations that if you -- will give you more right. Those closest call likes to hang around clauses if you hang around for the extra million on top of that right well I think every day that like cal Perry shows up in the office -- -- -- -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and in -- is quickly becoming -- -- -- we should point -- the Boston -- -- football -- -- -- -- Is coming off of his career worst record. It was at temple two years nine and four in 20114. And seven. In 2012. So this -- all about we're fighting people where the the bottom. Of the of the barrel and bring in the man. Anyway to the photograph days what -- was does -- offensive coordinator temple so good now we have 82 successive pole so -- -- he's in him he. Guys like they're great and perfect cities the offense according yup. Except they don't spread that -- -- right now. -- -- And only. If you're gonna lose are struggling mark -- will make it exciting. And he runs the ball took Montel Harris down in me and on top it's much talking and acknowledgment that -- On page 47 there's a photograph at last night's Boston College basketball who the playlist. Harvard Harvard and go at Harvard owns them all -- Harvard's five inch. And there's a picture of Boston College athletic director Brad Bates looking longingly. At someone's sitting courtside. Kneecap the personal space men and I recognize that in turf from a mile away that it meters and that's okay that's producer that is Steve -- shot GO. A before picture for doctor Robert on the -- recliner thing. Why don't you sign a minute ago note on peace -- hooked up at Mikey Mikey Mikey -- -- -- Key West where it. Great -- this conduct a great spokesman yet. Very mean Mike he's the best but less likely. How much money he gets but we'd like it was enough to make -- -- -- keep quiet about it and with the money that he hit his second nine million a year to -- -- -- -- in 1986. It. Your job you really do you realize this earth that show much turned forty the other day. I would turn it forward. And it was a big celebration on it was he went through so much it is close friends and colleagues showed up others and those things -- -- via the again this -- Jamaica course made the ultimate. -- joke meter or not he -- meters. Later and I don't. You know it's funny touches we nobody nobody expected either show no one knew you'd do well there was a bad. Attitude that the party invitation out -- To handle this is all column that I I heard a month it's been an honor code. This. -- that you -- off your longtime colleague you're close friends. Fortieth birthday upon yet echoed this in for expensive symphony. To symphony that. Diploma you know to do what's -- -- ticket and you you know to do -- rip them up here that's the second one does Theriot party you're now we made a list of the parties -- -- -- -- thirtieth touch his fortieth yeah. My fortieth. -- is thirty. Is consistent so in prison as a party thing by going to one now but it was good that we have somebody talk about -- actually two people of color meter so we're sending me nasty text. Meter is soulful voices I couldn't get babies. One. -- Come and almost as bad as saying in essence what the system you're winning you're. This is -- that's a good excuse to this year yes it was a great actually go to simply awesome. To go to the symphony you missed -- -- and by your side working for you clean thermos. Like hovering around. A fifteen years he has his big moment. As one puts on a surprise party were you surprised out completely and Saturday unveiled itself to -- -- Hi my son had a game -- the game house expected to pick up my nephew to babysit my children. Iowa and a friend of mine was following me to their house my brother in -- house asked me to go -- get my nephew I went in and surprises on and you didn't realize all the cars that drive -- I thought I recognized one but I didn't recognize the car. Themselves you know he still has the politics until Hillary did note for it was it was not know this it was weird because the street it was one way in named after you and me one way yeah if you. And we all parked around the corner this -- big house nice yes in the -- And all kinds of rooms -- was 88. If he was there could make it and that -- good friend in action and on and we laugh and you told -- she might come later -- there in Africa a couple later. It the symphony -- devil you know so you would rather go to the symphony and -- Buddies forty expert that is correct -- note to self that is eightieth invitation comes around that is correct. I went to your to your surprise brought upon recent shots wasn't there -- in -- chosen -- hasn't waited. That was -- did you think he was invited deeply love I'd probably off now I would notably you know -- he was -- you know anxiety and reminds them yeah Franklin target audience is trying to change this uncomfortable subject Peter. Lot Peter. You know. Really about consciously and you know. -- Via the world. In Italy in May they called courageous and look behind him in the back up in -- All of the athletes. That are run around that field in December at the nations that. There is. Upwards of 97%. Of those people that are our performance in. Ballard cycle back to -- -- to come to mind you know obviously Jean de L. Go back a little more that was senator open rated -- Stand in -- Robbins well with a border right what was the point. Of employers -- I think is more. Of a correlation between performance enhancing drugs. And head Robert and in the pilot of that or attributed to the -- at the professional athletes. -- -- -- that you know you look years yet you look at all the publications that are red. And they're not. Tying those two things there. Performance enhancing drugs and had I I agree go back you know blown off to a party -- what do you think let's Greg's. Of Saudia impartial. Independent mediator who had a better excuse the you know -- of the symphony. Or meters -- couldn't get the babies. Isn't it better yet because I would this money would do that so what undated and -- don't say that -- the policy could come after -- get to that he's going to be that for the surprise backwards outlook oh all right she let them before and massaging and believe it was command on lab knows him and it was it was over by them but anyway what candidate. I'm sure it wouldn't call this shot into the night you know some models today -- -- relieved that it's time -- -- what -- -- -- -- -- His whole family was there a moment that girl was fifteen I get asked that question. For big box there -- your partner is that the I will say this. One little thing and he -- the -- issue should be ashamed blows party but. Mean who said he could get a babysitter my first question is will just bring kids or come without your wife. Not just come make sense happy birthday given when they give a dollar hug and activists in the musical arts. To some of did did you like my -- he opened the pipes when people out there that's another and now it to -- someone -- gift in the finals later this project thanks for the letter opener but why didn't it opened gifts from people. Could do I was you know mingling with did you get like rubber legged. In the and remember Lotta time. The consumer. -- showed up with Graham. At 103011. We will -- union received huge show also -- -- -- -- annual. -- how ones it was excellent less. Better than usual. Detonated the French and followed the only game and it just said it was the name. That's the French can proceed fourteen times and I don't know what's the name pumped -- nothing -- -- excuse -- -- -- But -- so what you know get a babysitter you bring the kids York -- it was there it was area. Home skits just pretty much yes and hung with him pushing that kid that. Bartender when -- asked them. Was -- attending the note that there was no let us and now now would it get shot by the way great food to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The jurors in ruins cheers and me on the do you have one of those and I don't it's shockingly teachers and a real one not like I was gonna get a joke camps like it did for you for your -- -- gonna go dispenses get the joke as you know. I thought jets would like this could use so yeah from the Lucic -- ingenious mix and here come bringing in and it's select go to the store go to sports authorities get two -- How much these we put things constantly. Under us again 220. -- again. 160. Bucks and they're on strike but it locked out. I see I walked over the woman and I say I think this is mistake here at least things except I bought football jurors about a hundred. Not a hundred put when he doesn't. And the like 75 bucks eighty bucks or something real like the official -- BJ raji Jersey Wisconsin at one of these sporting goods stores. Like semifinal but that's what you -- what was important was their sweat. That's good quest to be dominant on smell and he tried and have they debated now I raised excellent sixty for Spencer gifts and get -- I -- but I enough time I thought the bottom I stated you know it is crappy teacher yes -- Bruins on camera. And had the pajama bottoms. Out. Of Tony and I sin. And then I said. I said judge has been a loyal. Loyal and a and a good area rendering the -- and a good friend I can't -- touch would you give them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought I had a couple you know ideas in my stupid little whenever they penis in America thing was and -- have those let. Did you get a lot of joke it's. Really analog of -- forty -- About it a few accounts one of the year audience quickly enough -- it was a coal loading now. But the -- that it is important. For her audio and everything came in -- iPod Apple's full of -- Candies lollipops everything at forty in this forty or forty years breast implants to be like a forty. But it by breast implant no left left the price tag on that and the Giffords and the bad guys. Go that you like -- for two whole Fam got symphony tickets do but I believe it was a -- -- off the shelf and said Kent. 106 and he's sure it's not so sure so much I'm sure too shallow and are currently game which currently -- -- -- -- and apparently -- salute you know watching. Is that an actual hockey sure that you we -- play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But he got them. -- morning I'm Mike Jerry you know light -- and on to make the body I don't care much I'm like maybe that Jerry. On the collapse. Isn't that what about it and so that -- pants would have been X symphonies the worst excuse ever -- symphony. Eight that is. That's culture the symphony. -- high rises to lie and say you might. Along the trees -- from the symptoms like -- I missed in the intermission. -- just to prove it one cello playing them the message going on lights events and it's halftime deficit but he. Barroso. Who aren't so. That and at -- up there and it is. And -- a lot of practice. -- was guys and Jewish sushi in Cuba. I think maybe it party needs to be ready eager. Even auctions of the guy who you know that happens -- is oh yeah that's maybe that'll be much. That was that -- -- be missing from. France France France French Villa manager for such that you should lights didn't feel good and heading couldn't get ABC -- -- got a flat Meister. -- had a headache. Ultimate -- right did you say anything about Mike Tyson. When you watched him perform his goal in hangover. I just don't want to. He told me to wasn't that good it was great UNC one. So while I love politics but sent over to its typical sequel or relate to exactly the same thing right is different but it was so funny the first time I'm not saying it was good one it's not yeah. It was good it was fun with Tyson -- -- yeah yeah -- for a while saying well I don't know about what Toobin did you at all about. Odd about Mike Tyson during the filming of -- --

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