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D&C try and put in a career-worst performace to get a deal with the Sox

Dec 5, 2012|

John and Gerry open the show by slamming the Red Sox signing another role player for $39 million over three years after having the worst season of his career? The Red Sox are looking for people that are coming off of a down year? John and Gerry can do that.

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Okay let me -- I have a straight one day after signing Mike Napoli. 283 year 39 million dollar contract Napoli coming off his career worst year. The Red Sox signed Shane Victorian all to a three year 39 million dollar contract after he is coming off his worst career year. And although Boston College athletic director Brad Bates did not divulge the details I can only assume. The new head coach Steve industrial got three years and 39 million dollars coming off his career worst here you -- here's the deal we're trying to identify people who -- the worst years of her career and had a three years at 39 million dollar. Is that the game plan yes it was. And that's -- Merck says -- take -- 39 I'm not sure that Carl Crawford would be willing to take the -- yeah probably not make small that are ready to -- to your point is good data. Line up there were just lines up it's like you know a union scale. Ressam had a -- worst year pretty close to -- -- years 39 million bucks. -- makes that make more sense to me than the most dramatic. I'm I'm gonna assumed you know that Curt Schilling and buster role only right that this is all part of a bigger bigger plan. It had better because it's what they're doing is just. Stockpiling. Mediocre players in -- like stars. And -- -- you know I know the Red Sox media and the Boston media applauding it because they're just starving and analysts and you read these. Analysis and and reviews of these movies and you hear about dirt dogs -- here about gamers and you hear a club dog mean it just right. You know at what point does it look for good players and not just good guys I mean how many good guys. Can you do you have the unique is that Serena in that category garrido was absolute -- the big guy. Wonderful guy awesome guys seized tweet last night they signed him can't wait to work with kids. And in the Boston area can't wait to get his charity work started -- that I applaud them. But he's at right fielder. Who. Had eleven home runs and hit the two Big -- writings by it. Right. He's a switch hitter right -- -- not exactly like Europe corner outfield power produced correct quarter a corner outfield and no power. And can't get right eighties -- talking to society gets right eighties he didn't 295 OBP against. Right amount of assured me he's not a switch hitter never trust a guy who was doubly laps yet that's too bad look yes it looks like bat boy yet. Are all getting aside in terms of when are they going to start signing good players as opposed to good guys. Does this not really speak to what appears to be the central for. Of what this baseball team this organization. -- -- was wrong in that clubhouse for the last two or three years sure they are absolutely bending over backwards maybe to be. To the point of of of redundancy. And idiocy. To find people who will be good clubhouse guys so my guess is they have decided somehow internally and Larry and John and Tom. That we have to put together and yeah no question we have to be and they worrying about -- team we don't want a little click over here in the pitchers over here in the -- guys in the chicken guys and the catchers and Gary -- in this coach not -- that manager and that bench coach not talking about bullpen coach. They're looking for cohesion that yes or -- they're looking for 8888. Team approach that apparently. Probably worst that we thought was -- looking well outside when they're. Idiots. What else did they have decides it needs to have players. He had out stars yeah you know David Ortiz in his prime Manny Ramirez. Curt Schilling Pedro Martinez had stars. You can't have a team of idiots -- can't have a team. A good guy may be clubhouse guy maybe I think Jacoby Ellsbury is that guy although he probably or may not be here based on everything I'm reading. They think Dustin Pedroia is the star and a great player I think based on how they paid him beefing David Ortiz is a star. They think. I guess we'll middle Brooks is going to be one man this year. I would say maybe those are your stars I guess I Roy yet they think they even have stars they've got stars in there. The these -- the glue makers these are the the the the deal makers who who pulled his club house together. And make it different that's been in the last affidavit is Jonny Gomes is your left fielder yeah. You have these these character guys these dirt dog guys these idiots. At first right and left. These guys they just signed right they just spent 31 million dollars on three guys at first it was not the first baseman in right just now. And and left. That's where your stars disposed of it that's where you know Manny Ramirez's -- can be. I mean I hate me but he was a great -- he was a for eagle a clean up -- run producer a guy who could carry the team they don't have one of those. If I mean if you're. If you follow the Boston media obviously -- -- that the wonderful guys and -- just wanted some but there -- so important to look at it in a bust rolling these guys. They're stunned. There was one club one GM quarter by Boston who said he thought that that their team thought the good pitching in Victor -- for one year and seven million bucks. Red Sox game three years and 39. Million that the the Texas Rangers. Didn't want to take a chance that they would be stuck. -- Mike Napoli for one year in thirteen million Gregg did not Andrew and he didn't wanna pay him one year of thirteen so let's -- Graham talked brilliance at. At thirteen per year. I mean around baseball play a role in their eyes is Keith law and I know have my issues with a MVP voting. Quote this move was as mad as pants doesn't mean mad as fast as pants and AT and and yet never -- that either into. Calls the worst the work the victory you know. -- move on from Mike Napoli in a big. Burly. Catcher who's not your first baseman. And by the way these guys are young -- -- 3132. They're they're they're on the downside especially your speed guy like Victorino. A key block calls it the worst. Signing so far this of season. And their hand I'm like stocks look to to see that Justin Upton deal that might happen with Philly Justin Upton. Is on the hook he signed news for three years and 38. Spoke Victor Reno and Napoli both make it more than just up and check out their comparative threat. Mean there there it could just not that kind of player and that's not that big upside -- not the -- -- carried the team. Here again is. He lost three years total against right handers this switch hitter whose plan right -- As a average of 244. And will be PO 311 in the -- -- 39. Assists and a big market team play and right. And you know set the table. For Dustin Pedroia David Ortiz Mike Napoli and he doesn't really get on base. Analyze what we think bench Harrington and the baseball ops people and the hierarchy are thinking over there I think -- launcher he has. As I said a team of cohesion. And they're talking about -- contracts all seem similar to you. And thank them while via I'm and I'm -- debacle I mean Ortiz two years Victor Reno three years Napoli three years -- editor Gerri. Look at two things we're looking at 8802 or three year to call. Something that extends beyond a bridge year called a three year bridge -- a bridge -- and a bridge Europe a bridge moments when the case may be channel. Channel channel channel that's good yes that Charlie -- era. I bet this is this they have they they they want to maintain some form of flexibility and maybe there's going to be next year the year after that some major. Alex Rodriguez. Josh Hamilton should pop Prince Fielder acquisition. And then finally see -- They have the money they have the flexibility Jacoby is god this guy is almost done David's done we have one year left of the -- we have one year left of of Napoli. I I I I think are fashioning everything they're doing based on. What Dan -- in the Orioles did you look at that team is acting -- you always have a bunch of stars in a bunch of positions no but it SI bunch of jobs -- -- -- and -- and a bunch of mediocre pitchers but why but the when out there and a great great bullpen I think. They are using as example as their template if you can believe that the Red Sox are fashioning himself -- after what Dan Duquette. And the or Eagles pull off last year that's I think look at -- I mean I think they're taken with the league yet. You know that it did not there they'll -- to fill these holes through free agency clearly are going -- through free agency these are the only guys out there. It's not some great master plan. Just like what's up there does not first baseman but there's a catcher who will play first base. Okay he's righty hitting his mind to me -- -- overpay him to be built because and and I'm telling ya bin would now they've got to Seattle on a bet on Twitter I guess amid. -- -- Oh text in a couple minutes ago on. Why they paid victory you know Cleveland offered for years and 44. Well two things if it's someone like Shane Victorino a platoon player what do you keep law gets four years of forty quickly when you say good luck to you and move on. Secondly that's. Not as much money per year is there it's excerpt in a Red Sox -- -- three years and 39. And it if they do way overpay in these guys. And here's the philosophy and -- talent. Not only the Boston media largely on board but the fans they just keep telling me I've criticized these these moves on Twitter and just keep your. They got the money. That's the logic they got the money might as well blow it that's might. That's the theme the motto of the Boston Red Sox in this hot stove season we got the money let's blow. That's a totally into that they're Michael Jackson in the in the in a gift shop buy in the base I got the money -- Might as well. And they offered Napoli. Three years and point nine million dollars but he said no. Maybe if they offered Napoli three years and I guess 35 and I I think he said no. I think bench Eric and is making some really questionable moves but I don't think he's. That clueless that he's paying guys you know. Ten million more men hit the apps that -- people in baseball say he does well I'm there's the -- here's what you gonna find out Cleveland as mean as soon as they -- victory at this same deal. You heard this. Cleveland rumor and you mentioned the Seattle Romo would Napoli right. That's part of their part of the job -- is floating these rumors to friendly media types. And that will talk -- Rob Bradford about it at 9 o'clock Hampshire -- Seattle was in on Napoli and William was in on I'm Victor Reno. It just does it seem like in -- victory is essentially a center fielder and a in a two hole hitter do you seem like that's. The plan all along -- right field may happily was the plan for first base maybe the next big step in this is what everybody's talking about is this paves the way. Right for Jacoby Ellsbury to get -- bum rush out of town craziest pants whatever that means. -- pants that is ams -- going to be Google yet I haven't got in front of me Victor Reno. Is Keith law -- baseball insider former Toronto -- of total want total. You know still achieves -- silver. Victory you know as a platoon. Outfielder at this point. Paying him thirteen million a year even with the rapid salary escalation. Is mad as pants. His bat speed I was gonna I -- you might know I'd never heard of a tweet that said I didn't take it his bat speed was noticeably slower in 2012 especially later in the season. And despite being a switch hitter. He doesn't really hit right handed pitching and he goes to the numbers. The last three years against -- -- to 44. Averaged 311 OBP. -- This is a stat keep this is they want this is not. Steve from Fall River just not made Steve from -- I'll speak from -- practices. -- cold calculating baseball analyst who's not kill them for every move the edges but he's just baffled. By this move what are Victor Reno weren't agree that would if he weren't looking forward to do and charity work what if he didn't help young players what we get to like. -- would tell you he's a great defensive outfielder if he sticks in right field they need somebody with the armed that he has and defensive ability that he has. But it gives that hears that word again flexibility to move Jacoby Ellsbury put him in center field. Now you had your center fielder and he is -- go again at the bridge which -- channel channel channel. Yet to launch the channel. As a -- -- miles there's a bridge in Virginia the public for a five miles that's the one and the vision is what. 25 miles while. And one on Melissa long is the -- -- -- like the Chesapeake something or other it was -- Is in France to England are being with the French channel like 21 miles English Channel when he won I think so. Although the Bridget Virginia's long longer -- -- -- such talk a tunnel shuttle so that's more complicated to tunnel under the channel now. Before we talk about a bridge. Evidently about a really long -- said the bridge it's more than one year's 33 years some -- belong. Russia what might be longer than the show. The shuttle though is definitely more involved yes you have to -- and this is the shuttle the Jackie Bradley -- -- Yeah but three years is too many well you never know Dre and -- they might keep them down there for a Tom blood. There it's almost like you want to withhold judgment. And that's not what we do here enough but if they do trade Ellsbury if they do make a deal if -- -- Hamilton. If -- and Hamilton for three years and like ninety million yeah I guess that means victory in a sling it right wouldn't you say. When you say then that. And Atlanta funny a matter of -- muzzle spend it -- blow it because we have the money let's blow that's. You mentioned to indicate pomerantz an -- GM I'm gonna blame another again. Former consortium. If Theo Epstein wasn't so break -- bad at this job in the final year or two and you would have Josh Redick and right. For about million bucks. Instead of any better than Victor you know. Is that a victory for thirteen million it's almost like the damaged Lanka. In of the damage that. It's in some criminals that that you like Bernie Madoff in Dayton -- fall all -- chemicals of news is evil scheme and they you know it is almost all the organizations that he the lawyers and right families in the mean. With field. It's gonna be years before they recover from the damage Theo did in this is a good example. If if they -- didn't absolutely screw this organization upped on as well the door. First base could be Adrian Gonzales and they had to trade him to get -- Crawford and and Beckett. Two dreadful signings and Theo made -- had. If they hadn't. Made the deal for Gonzales you have Anthony Rizzo really could have Lars Anderson -- even though you know what. Woody's. How good he could be you could have stability at shortstop Scutaro who just -- you could have. And yet Anthony Rizzo could be a first Josh rhetoric of being right two of them combined. Make about as much as -- Victor Reno is gonna make -- a month. Instead of victory -- own right. And I'll a guy who don't have beaten platoon guy and then you know platoon guy first was really catcher. So this is all damaged how I'll say it's collateral damage from the those -- and -- and and withhold judgment on -- first of season but to me if you if you get passed in on the that the fan boys. Who won a belief -- just wanna believe whatever he -- Think he did. -- applaud because they want to believe in this team again would you agree -- a sense of hope. Sets of optimism and anything he does what does go back -- little stupid phrase do so but even this wrong. You know go to stand there and do something even have a strong right just do something to make a splash and and there are great guys in the big charity work will be like. Out in the public in the media and interviews you'll say what on the big dirty and that'll be fun maybe we're under estimating -- -- maybe we're under estimating the ability and the productivity that a team concept that guys that get along that the team that cares about each other. Going back to -- imagery may be -- underestimating what the Red Sox I think of dump all their eggs in this particular basket. Team building that probably go to outward bound up in the pals and I will -- I should go to get there and camp out at night with no food. It would go to in elect fox -- like one -- -- there you go how -- that team flooding. I think we should go January 3 of the that's when I'm there I don't know how much that spent January 3 in the fifth and you have like three nights -- capsule wow good for you you're headline on in the middle. In the middle its who owns a -- national headliner Greg Warren. You know you're better and I couldn't shoot in New Year's evil but for Ron white I don't know. You know -- no -- get this done for you -- -- yeah we know we you know guys it brought white New Year's Eve party talks would absolutely. Well you know if I don't know the total number -- so far this offseason well at every deal it's -- thirty -- -- -- on the back it's on on right center and left its 31 only five million for Gomes. Care yet but these off field but it's got an awesome goatee -- Mattel made -- Ortiz is probably best public teams are in the daily basis is still fun idea. Are -- not still the fifth press room. It plants until further notice I suppose Toronto's thing's gonna blow apart some say the fourth -- I think it made the move Dina they've made their move their cravings are orbit the fourth. And you know depends what happens in -- group that they might get to that do you look at them now a playoff team. Look at -- anything right now. More questions and answers. 6177797937. Greg Bedard Boston -- Jonas talks in football. Will be 8 o'clock hour out rob Bradford from is east Nashville. And yes he's still a natural rob Bradford WEEI dot com Slaton is sweet for the limo yes to the private terminal. In the 9 o'clock hour and we come back 92 from now. How bad do things have to get. Between. Baseball players baseball people the hall of fame baseball player whose name everybody knows. Shoots. A Major League manager. -- really all of.

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