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Tuesday, December 4th Whiner Line

Dec 4, 2012|

This guy reminds me of Rajon Rondo!

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My life these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- And now. -- your life. Everybody out there who calls us spoiled because we play a game they can all kiss grew. And now they cannot kiss my. Because we have tried so hard to get his game back on the ice but WEEI. -- -- that it is totally. Not about to cocky you spoil. Hockey players make millions of dollars that say one thing I've I have given. Seven have eight million dollars out of my pocket to -- it came back from unions and allowing guys have lost. Dial 7793535. And I will say personally. Personally to everybody who calls us. -- You guys. Jealous and who act as we have tried this so hard to try to get his game back and yet whiner line weird try to make it better for everybody can play. Period and the sentence we are trying to get skin back from the ice make it better for the fans and now if you don't realize that and don't. We don't want you in the rink we don't want you and stadium we don't watch you watch talk about WEP guys in the lying near a lot and both of them that was. Were some reports of this hockey thing might straighten out. Another slice. Apparently did that. Work. -- run numbness. Great laugh in his. Alias like birds and he. So let me ask you you think you'll see this year at all yet win march. Just time to play 32 game season something like oh -- thirty games he's and the third to. Put an amateur and asked him -- struggles are now I don't I don't see how they can afford well. I look at it this way there's going to be some logic can afford to be where they are right now yet there there so I don't think -- it's not -- -- it's not over yet if you cancel the entire season Michael. Popular sport that is at best right now the fourth. Most popular majors where if you are right how can this team to of these things. To this season's complete. And that. I -- they've done 170. That is an entire season. They lost one -- -- about a partial partial. Part one all season are how could they do that again -- seconds. That's -- I usually finalized powered by AT ETW I bet you -- on your Blackberry device. Brought you by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was. And that -- three G. And tanks pastor. AT&T -- bonds at W -- through. It and it. The greatest -- he -- ever was when we had -- Amman telling. Yes -- -- programs and Burton was laughing so hard he was cracking. Max's mom he was -- our. -- keys to give back -- he. And that was -- that -- -- -- ourselves it. These -- And you know I'm living ability knowledge that is wrong. And it whenever deeper and -- something like that problem but hey you know it can't support and break but I couldn't do you know. And that message and I -- broken the -- I need to -- this guy that's wrong that's obvious -- Portis had a couple rooms. I. Look at -- but I didn't understand make fun of any of that Javon -- tragedy. I guess today but we've got these pretty quick comment that we talked about got a problem variety Billy goat and -- go. They probably don't have media attack that if you want to talk about that made the -- the Bennett 37 under through seven. Back. Yeah. I mean. I've done quite a bit right and rod -- about a possible. Body that was good news article vocal caught off -- -- the way. According -- the -- and I don't know what these millions. That's primary on something called. Ball over a decade can -- months have been a good idea that we believe it. I don't -- I'm not a doctor and I heard him play one on the radio. I could tell last July if there. That he needed surgery for that I -- sorry why are they waiting to do the surgery until January. And then they say he could be out for like six months. They're -- if they're gonna pull a Michael Corleone you protect him in the hospital casement in the that's a good question he is short for most of right the Yankees and yet as and so the big part -- help that's never. Obsessing and Emeka gives me every time. Europe and Europe it's great it's a great. Thing if -- -- -- right -- when you -- you -- doctor. I know would -- intelligent radio. You're a doctor and we Guiding Light. It was general hospital Regis and it is not doctor Bruce Corbin previously. There inequality. If they're kind of wild. -- -- thought. We're. Remember. Merry little more than lately. Given the fact that the guy that -- quite that bad today the lack of payment like no law that hit. And last game. Leave it about -- -- oxygen can crank it. I don't have. Sometimes it was good why remotely actively try. The owner jokes would. Awkward is on. Defense and don't do rock. I'll vote for awhile but I just admit though I believe that could cause in the Arab discipline. I. Come out. It's an actual point there -- and you know it's the was -- every. -- has characters -- -- -- out Saturday Night Live didn't keep you know. -- characters. Like he's passed away. -- and we don't want liquid love them. There they would demand it was great he's popped in everyone's that'll be great -- you -- this group in this -- but I enjoyed the year. Mean and it is we have a lot of miners impressions but that's OK did you -- I guess you -- with them you worked with them just part of the one village on about the guys -- and have -- the Jimmy Tingle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- should be -- Season shipments. That growth and a. And the wind. One the pink and all quiet now granted they -- -- back. If you have a special area we get involved I -- dull to watch. The beta -- little. Positive we -- and aren't all snow on. Old fat. Cats. What you mentioned that the commercials. -- an actor and I wonder if he's. -- Can't respond. Cheering your honeymoon and act like at restaurants -- guy you know they committed somebody's rest for the but after what territory over forgot what you are we still have the -- don't tell me. And not worrying about. -- Oh I have heard it's rob. It's a breaking -- we can masturbation and what mr. go faster and. -- I think I would I would think. I'm glad I have thought I thought I'm black. Yeah yeah my. I'd expect it and I don't have to I don't you I think I've I don't expect it flat like AB flat and I. And -- Was very friendly us it was a friendly did -- come off that came off from -- six -- were ridiculous. But we reject gassing us the masters here. Okay big. Aren't big and -- it. Bobble head. I set. Out before. Bobble head doll could not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad it back Mike Napoli. But let me. Was my third act that -- -- -- bit -- -- that -- credit but might -- it might have bombarded. Always bad debt. My career right now I'm. -- -- -- Is right I thought that RG history reminds him Rhonda -- -- -- Texas' Indy summit though they need writers who's going to great question for you is don't you. And I work a pro Bono. -- -- -- Monday Night Football game last night. Andre 3000 -- quiet back there -- kids. That guy reminds me a great -- I'm now and just -- Tobacco but because -- Daniel Snyder's comments after the game did you see those. He's been on the right is all com. I hate that we simply didn't lead the team and it was very very well now bombs but so you know the problem is what the giants. You the back stories the giants. Where apparently the -- wanted to really further this. And that the rescue should lose 36 million dollars the next two years off the cap. Because of their violations they -- and so on and not necessarily come. And I don't show but -- -- Went above and beyond the call -- lose their money cattle tails off topic -- -- -- I totally handled and -- spy -- that the pitcher you only want it should be panel I don't know loans. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well my thought. And it. And you and and now. And men star is trying to be creative. And give the same old cliches. I feel great I'm and that's what we give -- -- I. I've -- I didn't know what -- It up -- I have not. And I pray that Robert Griffin the third that maybe a quarterback about. -- haven't played with Arab -- that are recorded history. Obviously I've made a living American -- going to be back to back out next Monday night when they have that battle but Tom -- It. Like them defected you have to go through that -- Robert Griffin the third too long. To Israel don't. If he's there has been another Robert Griffin that we all familiar with -- just go grip polygraph -- -- -- I have I'm sure I'm sure his dad is a great guy. Robert Griffin in Britain but we don't know anything about football -- product. And it grip -- -- awesome -- But urged congress. -- two point one Q we just call congress. Should go you'll. And Rajon Rondo. Definitely David Stern take over the NFL because even if their children that didn't let let the ripped into the guys. I don't BS flag today at the thought it -- to regain momentum. I'm just lagged it is like a slow and rest and lots of wonderful sleeping giant defensive end. Little side today. And you noticed on council was not shy about the bringing them he does -- -- point. It was -- that giants and he's. I know you like LeBron and the post last night. Cry about officials when he brings a spike get all the time ends at seven and five I love the game that is it was a great game -- in the terrific game to Washington Dallas when the division of -- and I'm not sure I -- run out of Washington debate the blood counts. The end credits crappy division mediocre giants pretty good you know either make the playoffs. Because of Robert Griffin the and the -- -- We already know. -- Once again. It's a crazy old guy who released Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps on going to rip on him any way the. Opening -- -- operated -- during half time about my game. And made a lot of it Clinton by bay nobody knows that. And the. He said pre faced -- art art -- caught that support that too crazy easily impressed by the quickest times given the same cliche answers that includes us and Jim doesn't. Yeah well. Interest large FitzGerald does not he has -- -- Gerald -- of course the -- -- -- quarterback for the 49ers to just all the Alex Smith he's got to be the quarterback better. And you know no lose situation. It's -- quick release and Kevin medical he has got a new home run call. Kevin you call it is you go to his. And that message. Had come out with something. Did they ever went it's. Yes because I guess worshippers confidence actually it was a victory knowing out of its sources. I got the first -- like Aussie got much much swisher was time for. If it's less than thirteen million. -- you can bring up that argument about are -- assuring her 375. Swisher will get. -- -- -- -- -- -- Think it's got a great helmet by the way -- that Justin Tuck. Not really freaky helmet down like that. Michael good our parent I just got a question -- The fact. Have been kind of gotten it can break Erica got under -- Q where can we got potential can work -- he could never handle pressure near techtag. I'm pretty sure that settlement mean Brad dial in so long forgotten -- then -- it could be hit it. Put money well. And out for the season. Who. Animal out yet and his dad I've budgets and -- -- is he trying to call. Settlement schmuck. That -- don't. It's. Like Bob Kraft called -- watched. Michael you said that Atlanta. Put the hammer Red Sox have that element they cut off certain that we think could be that good and all. Man could be passed this to be patterns. -- you get better at GM Matt -- last two seasons of all the Red Sox view that it was -- -- external wide receivers -- take pictures Atlantic pitching pitching in addition to our readers are so important -- a single girl I wish shortstop a -- company somewhere between you know the pitcher let's see oh man. Andrew frequent out -- an epic. -- in this room it's. Feel as you blow -- fictional characters and does Tony -- played. You know you be sure to deal with the calves. And your -- And every Christmas magic actually help. From. Max length from -- -- -- to Adams he sent Mikey. And so -- Like this. The start of the biggest thing right. Well Chris. It's like he needs. A special -- to the. As a -- well -- awesome. -- -- a wildlife for the death followed by AT&T AT&T forgy LT east ten times faster three G. AT&T U rethink my house.

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