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Red Sox acquire Shane Victorino

Dec 4, 2012|

As WEEI.com's Alex Speier first reported, the Red Sox have signed Shane Victorino. Michael and Glenn react.

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According to the boys at WEEI. Dot com rob Bradford Alex spear the Red Sox have just added another player. To their 2013. Lineup. They have worked out a deal with shame Victor Reno it is a three year deal. 437. Point five. Million dollars so you got. David -- Jonny Gomes Mike Napoli. And Shane Victorino -- short crash change. Obviously switch -- 32 years you'll turn 32 last week he had 255. Of this past year eleven homers 39 steals in 45 attempts a 321 on base percentage. He was traded in the in the middle of the season -- -- so therefore no draft -- Going from the Red Sox to the Dodgers -- this is the worst full season he said. In the big -- he is a switch hitter. When I say that cautiously because I'm looking up his numbers here. Against lefthanded. Pitchers in 2000 and well. Hitting from the right side he batted 229. On base percentage through 96. Right handed against right handed. Against lefty CC career 301. 373. On base percent. So against lefties hitting from the right side but once again even though he's a switch hitter he's better from the right side. And they already have guys right now that they're loaded with with. Right handed. That he's terrific defensive. Player rolls right center field is great yeah great terrific. Without -- up. And down. He can play right field obviously which you need somebody to be able to cover the pastor out there he can do you also gives you. Armed some insurance at that Senator Obama will tell you this based on looking at the numbers that they're spending. If you Scott Boras I don't care Jacoby Ellsbury totally sucks this year he's still going to be were thirteen and I want us we were more. -- -- -- -- Jacoby Ellsbury. And chain victory know. I don't think Victor Reno has ever gotten himself into MVP. Voting the way that Ellsbury DiNardo you know he's been good and and -- -- to play -- -- -- doesn't ever finish on an MVP voting thirteenth. So. -- just based on last year's performance. Is worth more than any one of these guys per year. Now this three year -- they're signing all these guys are three years they'll they'll be good but the Roman authorities -- he'll be ready to have other young players take over three years. That's it so I look at the Red Sox today Bogart's. -- Webster. -- Bradley yeah I think they'll all be ready to do some damage in three years -- again. You know but like anything my grandma -- -- like -- -- Michael to a -- probably real be real good -- -- will Peter out but nothing. And one will be -- That's what happened. When we did -- when young talent every thinks that all of -- -- -- the back -- the -- as it was this described you earlier we do this every Oprah someone broke your heart to a as a player. The player -- -- thought it was going to be giving you -- form really there is in somebody. You opener at this abhorrent thing -- and we don't see him at all. For example if it's a good exam -- -- near the bill let's government that it halts. But you're -- it is. Our Brian -- -- -- One. I mean go through hole but given tons of yours you know my favorite -- -- -- I have -- free dot. I thought Doc Sadler -- going to be great. -- exciting. In the short yeah it's vast and in case you frosts. Robert Casey and Donnie Sadler recently of it's my joke is that duke at the moment that Donnie Sadler. In news. Jamie boxes are always. Real. Okay back to all of us have had agreed to. Start a -- there's about a moment -- -- -- okay. Going back to before maturity in August I know that I know they're not done again because I haven't seen any pitching and watch the steam as he has. And a pitching Sox in the audience -- pitching. They're they're not better than they were before that your. As bad as they were during the course of the summer right now they're not better than they were before they made that artistry. With the -- Now you're striking Gloucester rank. -- -- -- -- -- I looked and I sort caller dark we'll direct our place I would prefer to actually collecting ignore right now to tread softly you know and not quiet guy. And more Margaret page and make a -- well actually it in the earlier. That's what they're doing now you know -- you know what the differences it if you waste the money. On Boller went about cheap I totally or whether you wasted in the in the lecturing. I mean there's a difference what's the difference. You spent -- time you spend it and why in Kmart or you go to Nordstrom. In light went -- there isn't bad you know. That they need to explore flashing and you're like I -- all I want to Alter. So what is that it makes you articulate -- -- -- on Cuba. Yeah Obama said when asked about this it's this elaborate on that Frankie -- If they tread softly that do better because. I don't know I don't know I'm not read and understand and meet maiden name which are likely you know they -- -- victory at all. There hadn't played -- slow pace I thought saying. They're overpaying. Guys that are not merely is good the players. That we have seen you play over the last day. I know what are you -- more than ten million. Should Pedro Martinez they paid him a lot of money out of that work out work out quick. I'll really Curt Schilling did Brad -- at some awful lot of money to make billion dollars he did nothing one -- how -- that work out. What are you if you've got the right guy he's. Then you're doing the proper shopping you're evaluating the talent properly and they -- win for you. No. Let me ask you does that many under sixty million bucks you have any regrets. We went crazy you know he did but -- -- bizarre stuff when he was misty and all of that you have any regrets. 160 million was he -- Don't. Even more lives but he let your ass he was -- and it was it. I mean you know -- -- want they -- final -- they wanted to know seventh highest payroll of any team in baseball and everybody's gone. Does that meant -- look at it. Market -- to bring in a huge revenue charging you the highest. Of any team ball. And everybody's on I don't want Josh gambled and he does. Dexter the second second -- 63. Q but you can't say. -- have a lot of others. Are about certain things you can do and there's certain things you can't do I think. You afterwards would think it's a good line but we we can't we can't -- that he's and he's doing that anymore.

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