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Have the Patriots met their match in the well-balanced Houston Texans?

Dec 4, 2012|

Michael and Glenn break down the match-ups of what can we expect to see this coming Monday Night.

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You've talked about. Seems an NFL being flawed. And how no one scares you and it of course all the teams upon all of -- Atlanta San Francisco. Patriots Houston but I think Houston is the least flawed. Of all of the problem with Houston is -- -- -- major injuries to their linebackers. But if you just look at that's a full output but if you look at if you look at what they do. They do everything pretty well. They don't. Accept that if you can control the run easier said than done. Because as we know foster's one of the better running backs in the lake and they've got some depth at that position as well. That you put the ball in to. -- stance I would rather it be jobs and even with the patriots second. I think if you can control the -- you have a much better chance of beaten I just finished just helmet area -- has -- some tough games this year Mike. -- much commentary like that doesn't quite work. Because let's -- Green Bay did against him you remember what happened and I do remember that went added but I also saw what Houston did the Baltimore -- they are. And they're pretty they can be. A ferocious. And they can -- her -- are stopping the run. That's great except that they're running back is also great in the passing game. So let's -- you stopped aryan Foster from running the ball from taking hand -- income from taking pitches well. You still have to worry about him as a receiver and he's very good as a receiver. And speaking of receivers he's -- deal with Andre Johnson -- terrific receive. So. And then if you do what they're offered to got to deal with their defense I just I just think there there one of these teams. That -- you see this from a couple of a couple of dome teams this year. Houston. And Atlanta they're dome teams. They play well in the dome obviously at home they play well outside to. Houston really really impressed me. When they went to Chicago and not just going to Chicago in the fall which is miserable but going to Chicago. When it was rainy it was cold it still had Jay Cutler for the first half at least until Houston took him out of the game. In -- Al bared the bears. They can play any style they can play anywhere they are they are a handful. And and and with all that said if the patriots when this game. Have people here I go but I bet crazy rightfully so because they're the best the Houston Texans are the best team of football. And if you beat them I don't care protect home. Regular season game you beat the Houston Texas you have done something out pretty impressed I. Not been that impressed over the last three weeks I felt this way probably five or six weeks ago. But I do believe that the the injuries they've had on defense in the fact that shop has not been as sharp as he was earlier in the year. It has been an issue for the -- And I just looked it up the last few games at Tennessee twenty Forte and they win that game the week before that is the Thanksgiving overtime game. That really Detroit got screwed in that game a 3431. They -- extra I'd add that should -- -- -- -- -- end the week before that and hold against Jacksonville. 43 to 37 that was an overtime games and look at the points but teams have scored here in the last three weeks before that. You're talking about that. Chicago game that was a thirteen to six game neither team scored much in the weather was was an issue and that in that game. But even earlier in the year they gave up 42 to Green -- They've given up some points if you could throw the ball against them I think the patriots are gonna have a big night through the year against. The secondary are that they can have a big night and you you -- what the point that teams scored against the if you don't play well and win. That does that that shows that you are pretty good team coming at the game on Sunday for the patriots. But that was a great game for them they were off. They were down players. Offensive line wasn't quite right Tom Brady I had some his communications with Wes Welker could run the ball in the first half. Yet when they absolutely need to get it done they came up with a brilliant seven minute plus drive. Exhausted all of Miami's time -- estimated at two score game one that one themselves AFC east not the best game the patriots to play but they want so. Houston assailant only won by three they won by six but the continue to win they know how to win Detroit. So that they should've won again only certain of this that's what Detroit always -- got a -- games but they don't know how to finish games I don't know how to win. Well again. It's a -- in the heat of the season. And it's not a Houston Texas the Texans team. That has been there many times before meta fictional was their -- you when they were in the playoffs so it's not a team that has gone deep into the playoffs. It's all new for that have much -- that they're not talented they are extremely talented team even what the injuries that we have right now the white tank. Are the Johnathan Joseph injury has hurt them I think the bright crushing injury has hurt him -- that a couple of other injuries in the offensive line. So good that the couple little that. -- You still dealing with a guy like Brady who understands what it's like in December and against the secondary you can throw a football. Against Houston and if you look at the hype I don't -- I like what I what teams have done so -- not that they they can't do it. The way that that that New England could I disagree with. I do not think they can't really think that they need to -- -- you know at the Houston Texans can draw on the paper any interest in a terrible and that's the -- strength of this defense you can look at this defense and find flaws. In the Patriots defense we've talked about a ball sits alone in that second. OK you can argue whether they've gotten better or not. The one thing they've done a really good job with the season. Is have been able to contain the rock. And that's one thing I think they can do against this against the Houston. It shows the locals go to Joseph Stroud and around Jones. And that should ultimately told you guys. -- Wanted to talk about the game is on the Monday night and this is why India is going to be no one but the but the wide. The patriots are going to be used -- -- and one week at a court. More experience in play Johnson and and tight games. That match. -- to get a better coach now. And three all well we've got Wes Welker NATO where Wes Welker is a -- to. It opened. And I do think it's going to be a -- -- game it's going to be wouldn't reports like -- all Arctic. And in out this -- one well at all. Oh let me ask you a -- nobody where joke because they're what I. When asked about a couple things. You talk about the better the better coach and clearly have a better -- to have the better quarterback now Wes Welker -- workers. Wes Welker is great. And in in the red in -- that the -- the patriots need him not only now but going forward need to come back here next year but. They have the better. Coach and the better quarterback and probably 25 of -- 25 better players and Arizona Cardinals at home they lost to them. They had a better quarterback against the ravens. Better coach against the ravens. They lost to them. Had a better quarterback than the Seahawks better -- in the Seahawks you know that better than anybody. Joseph had a better -- in the Seahawks. And better players they lost on so I I don't know if that's it now -- Is supporting your argument but from a different angles of Texas as the patriots. Are dominant in December since 2003. And that's of factors so maybe that's a factor that there are at home and play good games in December but if it's just not that well they have better personnel. Are better a better coach and a better quarterback. Right but what I'd like to add to that the issue bring appellate court remember all those losses. Were in the beginning of the season. Defense and quite -- And I think with the addition to lead and in you know art art seeing you over where he really block. Six obviously the loop the -- they don't learn from it. And they already are right away and lay -- in two -- And you can't put a price on that play out the. Now all those things are error error are accurate but here's borrower agree with Michael win with Houston. And then they they can't throw the football okay and he can't run the football -- you talk about his defense getting banner. Is -- getting better or is it facing weaker offensive team I think -- I think it is getting better. And I think obviously you prefers to write -- mail on Sunday this is gonna be a little bit of Tracey and Aaron Rodgers right -- -- -- -- -- But but they are proving she I think the the the defense. Then I wanna see on Monday night. She got to stop that if Houston can establish the run they become so well balanced debts were people talk about him being such a balanced team. I because they they can date they use the running game to set up their passing game once you what's your take that running game away from them. And you force job to throw the ball without ineffective play action. And without the the defense having to worry any no longer about the running game that's where you have the advantage. Is Foster. A Foster. You know all the coaches talk about in the players and you -- running backs and this has got to be patient and got in a week from my -- from our blocks and take what's. Where they're forming. It does that better than anybody. He really does agree we want to run you -- he's got nothing. He's got a bailout and just wait and wait and if it's the two yard gain that's fine. Or that looks like it's about about the -- two yard game he somehow. Turns to into force or I think you get to the right idea. You know stop the run with Foster it's more difficult than it looks because he's just so he's so clever. And so slippery. Well when he's running really tough got to stop. Really it the least go to talk about patient running -- he's definition of -- the epitome. Just looked it up this is the first this will be the first. Cold weather game of the season for used. Was not that cold in Chicago so this will be the first. COLT. Whether game they -- there wasn't called Chicago are -- sure yet what has stated -- -- 230 something I was. Mormons well what can it as you look it up protection says Michael what do we never mentioned that the early season losses. Of of of a few points were partially due to replacement officials. Losing control of those games. And I don't know. I don't know. A quick game which are may be the Baltimore game yeah no it was poorly officiated all the way around. The Baltimore game one it was a poorly officiated over the ravens threw for both sides yes was bad. And it's. Tonys and war. And Arizona were -- pretty good pretty good first and cola. Although I did one at the local -- the patriot defense a little bit. Hello there. Are all. I'm going to be at -- Miami Dolphins and so might -- if you could be a little altered. But I think I McCardell overeating that defense and that still a little bit on I watched Sunday's game and I think at least he tried stone that Ryan and -- -- Easily in the UK and you know average to above average quarterback should make it true. So hotline one where he overthrew home and he had to lead our homes -- pretty good and then -- was when we're under a true home home and yet they're. Actually opted to grow and run back towards on us. All but -- I gotta tell you Tony that this is the first this year. Sports Radio you may be a urged. First caller. Who says. The Patriots defense is overrated. So you gotta you gotta gold star for that nobody has said that all year that the Patriots defense is overrated. We think McGill the patriot defense or you're nobody's saying great things about it great defense. Well it's -- told -- yes the defense is improving. At a lot last caller that you know is it. Is the Patriots defense improving or is it a matter of who they're facing as both. I don't think -- Janet hill is very good right now. But defense has improved and it's not just tallied the other part of it is Gregory. Help Gregory he looks a lot better now than he did the beginning of the year old -- I think I can understand is that you know what I heard on the big notebook and -- -- job and all of that Texans offense not really be -- agree on not being there would pout on the patriots. You know I like -- satellite antenna elements three you touched down and I don't being shot misses the our home so I will just. To -- to -- got burned on that on that one play actually it was Gregory's fault. It's Talib made it clear degrade you know it's right right right but failure but it was a it was Saturday he was out of bounds on our line. Don't you just McNulty they toward the ends. There was there was a throw to the end zone where heart line caught it and he's right any -- sold out short but was out about how this was on the ten annual overthrew. And -- without -- -- talk a ball if you are all intent and no checked out of the bottle in the -- is wide open for a -- That's not just in a little player like I don't think good quarterbacks he met. You know also. I take the patriots are really good I would supplies surprise that Miami was he able to play and I'm not. All I'm not all of our -- public surprise because you know Miami. Miami's defense special their run defense is pretty good it's very good and they got a man. Got a man on the defensive line in Cameron Wake. Moves alternately to for the Lila back whatever. Yeah he's all right he's he's one of the top five to me my top five pass rushes of. That that's where becomes deceiving you know you look at the office -- and sputtered a little bit during the course of that game. That's good defense that Miami -- out there now offensively I would agree with you. Danielle shows signs every once and a while he teases you every once in awhile. But he doesn't give you a good consistent game. I don't robot over rating. The defense I just don't know what they are yet I don't want it I think that they're pretty good out. And that's where I liked him and his game is I think they've been very good a pretty good stop the run this year containing the run. I'm I'm still not convinced that a good quarterbacks not gonna commit here and -- that defense support. You get a playoff game would that with a Peyton Manning I would be concerned about something like that. I can begin this confuse you guys and set me straight -- Probably that Tammy hill went to college as a quarterback -- a wide receiver browsers so it became a quarterback. While he was that there's only -- a quarterback and thanks for two years is not instinctive. For example not instinctive and he's not accurate. And we saw that now he comes up with some some big plays got big arm he's these fast. But his throws are are are way off so he's not a he's got a great quarterback and he may never become one -- like he was it that you like these. That's why it's difficult -- good game. And say well the defense and a lot of people have done a deep and they look at school. As defense did a much better job at the defense that a lot of good things in the course of the game but how much they game was a real good barometer. To be able to come out of that game and say OK now I really feel comfortable about the secondary -- Gregory's back there at -- is figuring it -- I certainly get burned twice. He was just lucky. That he didn't have a good quarterback throw the ball and accurate quarterback on a ball. You ought to get -- for couple touchdowns and -- guarantee and to remember Eric Harrington. And get Arrington came out of it having a pretty good game. Because the quarterback wasn't was an accurate. -- It this this will be upgrade now this what is not a great quarterback but this guy's pretty steady he managed -- game well and he can make some of the. And he's done this is what he needs is running game this is the test they'll be tested the next couple weeks even though they have young Colin -- predict. And one of those games you just look at good quarterbacks. On on good teams in the accuracy ball from the game last night -- So Robert Griffin the third young quarterback. He's got a lot to learn some of his passes. Right on the money Eli is especially in the first half some of his passes were sick. So. You can see that at all on Sunday from Ryan Janet hill where he is able to wherever it is just a little window where you can put the ball. In only your guy can get it. Nobody else can touch it you I was doing that consistently in the first half I think it was off a little bit. In the second half and that's what the patriots are gonna deal with I think they've got to deal with it certainly. On Monday. Vs the Texans a -- That's the only test for the rest of the regular season when they get into the playoffs I think every quarterback they face. We'll have that ability to accurately hit their. You ask you about RG three because the more CO RG three. And Andrew -- they are so different in the way that they quarterback one. You're basically seeing in the old fashioned option triple option at times as you saw last night. Would RG three basically -- the system that you ran. College -- -- handset I think he's comfortable in the system so wouldn't change our entire offense and we're gonna work around what he didn't college and it seems to work to this point. They're actually getting better with -- and you would think by now. Some teams would figure it out. He is he reads the field that -- one. And you've got to be able to do that obviously for what he does though you're differently than -- way you do. With -- in -- intra bloc is more RB in the week of probable. He's more of that old fashioned pocket quarterback. Of devised a scheme. Only one I'm gonna do and this is sound gonna run. RG three. They look like broken plays they're not always broken placed -- designed to do exactly that to get the full Bill Archer wants all sides except that follow up like a bumblebee was lucky that was a lucky break. On the on the phone but yet a look at three times to find what -- is actually. Whether he's actually handing the ball lofted -- maybe. -- lateral back -- they're so different I'm wondering. If the NFL doesn't catch up with -- RG three if they don't start figuring this thing out and he's got to expand the game. Got more thoughts on on that and a line. The acquisition of RG three in the first place after the break how about that.

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