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Jeremy Roenick on the NHL Lockout and his new book, live in-studio with the Big Show

Dec 4, 2012|

We check in with the always outspoken JR, Jeremy Roenick as he sits down with us live in studio to talk NHL lockout, and his many NHL memories over the years, some of which are featured in his new book "JR", available in bookstores now.

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-- -- -- -- -- on court playing Michael Holley. Jeremy Roenick one of our guys from Massachusetts guy even though. He made his bones elsewhere in the national hockey league of course play for five different teams Phoenix obviously. The numbers are off the charge written brand new book it's cold JR my life. As the most outspoken. Fearless. And hard hitting man in hockey works in sports talk radio outspoken and fearless at if this -- Going on here JR were in serious -- it's -- great to be on there really appreciate you have me I'd be back from Boston is phenomenal to me it's near and dear to my heartened. No better place to -- to do book to the manual count. -- be outspoken run out of the gate what's going on with the NHL what is happening here you were really outspoken. The last time oh yeah naturally we are -- so we actually play those -- played well every once I want a lot of people assume that they said can -- Google with the salary cap on this go visit note there we can't really at the league's been pretty good since so. We lost a whole year frightens some that we were gonna get. I feel that the players really really gave a lot in this in this block out we gave a 5050 split as early as they did really surprise me. I think the owners have won in this battle. I believe the owners needed to go do something to bring that revenue -- A lot closer than it was before but he can't tell me in 2004 this -- someone couldn't foresee. That 43% in 2012 wasn't going to be enough revenue here at the time. The should have been done in 2004 the fact were going through this is very irritating to me and and you see through the social network we you can see and understand how mad fans are the people game and it's the game that really worry about but. Until the game should be on the -- right now because of what the players have given -- -- owners. I've continued want more and and I think it has a time when the game is more important. We have a -- in the media Steve Burton who came out with a report then you know it was a secret meeting and that this thing could be resolved. Tomorrow. Today or tomorrow do you -- forces that I thought he knows somebody I don't know. I really hope he has better friends and in in the league that I have or in the PA that I have today has different opinions. I would love for Steve Byrd B rate I just think it's that low it's irresponsible throat story out there that that could be. I'm hearsay -- could be a full story I just in the media. They wanna get their story and we've got cracked the cracks that -- our -- -- reports -- -- obviously he can't be irresponsible -- -- -- if you don't have real solid solid knowledge and I -- It still remains to be seen because they're meeting today maybe Steve knows something that we don't. If something doesn't happen in the next week and they've -- to be -- -- about that but he languages. Too stubborn sides and special Donald -- now representing the players he's got some history obviously. In doing baseball but I think you just -- on that you know the owners misjudged the business model the last and they did the deal and Allison is adamant. Again we can't make organic honey you don't -- that but now you've got the players the best players in the game or playing overseas playing in Russia playing in Europe. So the plan right now and having a black and having a -- -- -- 60% of their pay they get plenty of money the players that are three years and under are back playing Minor League Hockey right now. So why should you decide counts -- the table where is that we is that the need to come to the table of the. I think the players are are really proud of themselves for what they've given up I think they really feel that they've given a really good our contract coverage and have conceded a lot that. They probably didn't wanna do for the good of the game so I think they're really comfortable on their own skin. Which is why it's probably continue to go on because the owners is -- going after. In the arbitration rights the you know the armed the free agency the amount of years all the little contract stuff that that they want done. And the argument how much money it's gonna take to meet the contracts that are already in place that the GMs of -- signed. To -- coal it to to make sure that those are honored and there's a big discrepancy and how much money that's gonna take to pay off those. Are those contracts and start 5050 right when the puck drops hopefully this year. -- we should be playing. There's no question in my mind we should be playing right now I think and I understand the -- -- you know Gary -- it's not that he's not that apple. You know Don fears not the -- these guys are businessmen the bulls marked. People have big egos which maybe isn't so bad but -- like the fact the players are in there with just the owners and their conversing back and forth. Maybe if you leave those two out of it there might be a little bit of progress on today. But I'm and no matter how I'll take word I don't usually use arm and a quandary -- we're playing. Ortiz -- normal -- who -- -- want to let -- -- I get the sound like I like they I would that there academy down South Shore bosh and that's a pretty big school right down their site and make sure I learn something -- we -- -- you want to I mean you said before the interview starting to get the bleep button ready so. -- there's anything that. Do what you do don't well if if if somebody's really quick on the button then you better do that way because I do. -- -- Hey guys hey you know what thank you very much Carol for allowing us it's just out of buttons to you haven't been there -- got tested a body in a long. I don't like it don't use your words like quandary -- -- I'd ask -- I do remember kissed my house regional yeah people say your jealous said. Well. There's one thing you said that Gary Bettman is not the double OK let's let's let's agree on that if not they'll. But do you think he cares about hockey is he does now it's a great question is he now a hockey guys because everybody says he's not by -- this is my own weaknesses in my opinion and you can take it as you want I do think he hears about hockey I I think he really likes the game. Is the passionate like I am. Easier -- is the of basketball guy. More than a hockey guy. Maybe but he understands the business part of he's they're represented thirty owners is that -- represented the 752 players. That are there he's there to make sure that the owners in the best position to make money in that the league thrives. In the revenue aspect. But it. Do I think he likes the game I absolutely he likes the game I know he likes the game. I sat with Gary Bettman is close to you I mean I put my armor and I've talked to him he's good guy he he doesn't come over and over as the nicest guy. You know it comes overs and the may be too arrogant little pompous know. He does. I do too which doesn't it's not a bad thing you know it would mean sometimes -- am I'm -- all come across like that. It doesn't make Gary a bad guy he's got a -- he's got a big big job as does Donald -- at a big big job. And he's got to make sure he does that job -- correctly for the people that he's working for or you're gonna find another job there's no question about it. A lot of fans won't agree with that because that you placing he's killed in the game but the thirty owners that he works for our -- saying that because again they -- 2004. And they are gonna win again in 2000. There's no question about it it's just making sure that the game is safe in my opinion players are gonna make the money. There's no question the players and make them and it's a healthy league it's gonna get better. I just won a seat on now so we can enjoy it if that -- talk about it again. Ripped all the way through the news media through the social network -- just talk about the safety of the game because there are a lot of the players right now. Who are. Not playing because they have concussions and the league is recognizing those concussions. That was not always the case would you you had a situation with the flyers yet in which flyers didn't believe. It's. He didn't believe me I just I think it was a couple our mistakes one IE. -- help a lot in that one play. Announced passion about winning and -- another thing that where I know I left the camp still having the same. Recurring problems and then kept coming back in and we just didn't do enough as as a unit to. The fix those injuries are gonna happen in. The party not stop there you're not stop is fierce speed sport arm. Physical sport like hockey is going to be head injuries. To me you can do everything with the equipment. Until the players start respecting each other more. And now people really difficult situations really dangerous situations. Try to hit to name. Until that respect comes back amongst the players that are fighting with each other right now. And in that respect comes back on the ice you're gonna have to -- and they can -- keep coming. A lot companies -- have you know I had thirteen that for team that was that was documented but you know when you play hockey probably get another 220. Little little jolts and bangs -- and repercussions so. Who knows you know. You call me by any name responds I guarantee. -- do you have any fear at all now. And sentenced really want I'm wondering if this things tunnel effect while already have any facts are right effects of mental effects that my body's really did I mean. Obviously the knees start shut down a little bit bodies were waking up in the morning and still really good shape and still trying to. Work out as much as I possibly -- I'm afraid of what happens if I don't work out where my -- ago the concussion aspect. When I'm 5055 I don't know you know nobody knows that's the thing about -- nobody really knows the answers to these things as they move along as you get older. Lou Gehrig's disease that is a perfect example in the -- geared a lot of it was it was deemed to have concussions -- twenty concussions in his career. Playing baseball a lot of happen leaders was because if that happens. So -- -- I had held life points. Trust -- -- enjoyed every part of my life if I go if something happens in 55 because of the way I live my life atrium back and look back and say you know which I didn't do anything different. Been good right. How to get the point you said earlier you know players at the start taken care of each -- don't treating each other with respect. You said that -- Derek Anderson here dirt and since I remember. With -- hit in the playoffs of Nathan Horton in. In the Vancouver series. I think -- yourself. Our revolves that it beware what could start to start in glory Arabs and another phenomenal question hey -- government. They've got a question and numbing in my opinion like it was -- The game really didn't start to change that way until two things happen. Number one you had more Europeans and Russians and Czechoslovak. Since Finns come over to leak -- you've had an influx. Of the European players -- should come over is that some of the best players in the world but then when you have that different cultures that different mentality in a different styles. And different friendships. That -- our become a big melting pot all of a sudden that that camaraderie of what the -- used to be -- which was mostly Canadian big -- Start to change a little bit. And that it was the big money and beat him a big money game big salaries in the competition for other spots in the fighting for that spot it's like you know it. Screw you. On the take your head off so I can do your job like you make your money and that's when things start to change rate around midnight. -- we get to corporate welcome back we get more hopefully good questions. For Turkey -- her it was okay capital grandpa -- and. I care of the big shelf -- way and colleague judge today in studio by Jeremy Roenick his new book called JR my life is the most outspoken fearless and hard hitting man. In hockey I must tell you I I love it on the on NBC broadcast when you and -- brigade together because. Talk about -- being outspoken. Holes being probably the -- party be very hard headed territorial and everything else. -- goes from my Euro trash gain to the motion where you're counter where you broke down. A tier and up to -- Dustin Brown hit. So what do we start with you in and Melbourne it's like urinal merry go. I think number one we'd love each other market that's that's let's start there were good friends. We respect each other immensely. No question. But we definitely when we get into an argument when we disagree with something. Better clear the room because there is it's going to be a whirlwind of F bombs and this and that and year don't know what you're talking about when you're in eighty and JR bead it now be like go -- -- Shirley Temple you're losing your mind your it was. It's just that it's a plethora of of just. Banter back and the nation each other down began sent off -- to break through the break I only it's you know it's it's. They'll stop that'll stop me go to commercial and then and that's when that's when un censored this comes because every cents on television so it's you know it's all. You know you don't know -- talking about you don't know and then -- and we cut to commercials like you. That is life you know. -- up a stick it's. It's just crazy but. You know what's great about you know what's great about Mike as he speaks his mind and I really respect that about -- -- opinion he's not afraid to speak it. He's not afraid to tell people you know what he's feeling at that particular moment in its sister rear it's a rare quality to have in and broadcast. I think it adds to the broadcast oh and I'd like that stuff but man no question it's more like sports talk but it you know it is it's great wrapped around -- game because. What happens yeah controversies during the course of again and it's great controversies. As you are the people semis volume of people in the studio and Mike and I are the perfect you to do it has. Literally we we are really good friends and we really love each other and you know in in the partnership type in on the on -- Oh win when NBC does plan to put us together and does put his together. I usually the fireworks pretty much every night malice which is very we're deftly got talk about the book I want -- at least some space to talk about the book but I -- to listen to something and then give us the back story. Of this. That's what we have to continue to try to get to unfortunately partly usually on both you guys his head wasn't hit his chin might have been -- his -- was not -- -- the shoulder. An elbow hit the chest I saw on five or six different plays different angles several times. Did he -- them more than shoulder on the hand right here whether it's targeted or not is not for me to say I'm not in his head but he didn't go on with the intention of play in the park fresh hardball. And all the players play and then at the end of and that that cut the most contact that was hit is to the chest and that's what's gonna be seen and you know what we should just take hot hitting. Got a -- iPad JR and -- me ambience off the blazers you know me you know marshmallow. Soft music so this has been great manager it's on the door hit you only. -- -- At least. I don't -- -- you know what on earth does a guy on you know on -- -- -- little -- Democrats and Republicans it's never gonna saw. Got -- -- lot of yeah. Yeah yeah Craig got excellent what you did here is as I'm gonna go buy your Shirley Temple right now these obvious that she uses that. And and you know you -- funny or an argument with with Mike after he says. That a year -- when he -- -- anymore to -- -- -- I was right by the way because there's no suspension of course I called right. I saw it right I have better eyes than Mike Gilbert is IC better than Mike Gilbert does and I was right on that one sorry Mike you're probably listing there back there in Newton and then hanging out the family it. I was -- you were. Our. Period if you had an unbelievable. Career one of the highest scoring American non hockey players of all time. He certainly. I've got phenomenal highlights and and accolades over the years. We haven't disturbed by any of the the gambling charges against you when they are determined not to let the dead body did at the stigma at all. No not at all because it's my life it's my money and I wasn't doing anything illegal. I was doing something illegal then the question I would feel I did it feel really bad that's why I talk about in my book. And I talk about a pretty freely because if I did something that was illegal obviously -- -- talk about in my book but I would feel bad about it. I was having fun being an athlete I was having fun having a lot of money. And I was having fun being able to do things to enjoy the other sports never within my sport. But you know the problem was is I would be bed and -- or game playing in the game. That night and looking at the scoreboard and -- about. The problems you know. And you know I think I ever had an addiction I gambled with and the means that I. That and you can afford. You know I still gamble today I go to Vegas I'd I'd I'd love going to the sports book at love Conan but I gamble to where I'm getting better. I'm not leave a casino Wednesday and be so angry that lost this much money that I'm not going to be able to sleep that night. And I've seen people lose their their house I've seen people lose their fortunate people not have anything -- continue to gamble but never had a problem. I enjoyed it I still. Know I don't think it's like yeah everybody gets you you have some professional athletes and it's a big thing now and I think. There was a thirty for thirty documentary on athletes who who lost a lot of money were you ever afraid of being one of those guys. Had millions of dollars Monday and then this happened. I'm in debt. But of course but that's. You can say I have a wife do that could have the same thing with my wife. She spent all my money -- -- -- the mile high and dry. There's a lot of ways that you listen I guess I don't like I can I would make a bad investment and some didn't lose a -- in the bad investment. I'm not gonna lose all my money by gambling and and and I never will. When that when the league innuendo and obviously be part of this investigation. When the -- does stuff like this. You know I wonder where where that line is drawn because they're looking and -- and well if if he has. The ability to go out and bet on other sports what's the saying that he's not gonna look for the quick fix fix one of his own games. And bet on the game so that he can make my because it's a lot easier yet they try to pick a basketball game. It's just passion it it's a love for something that is so deep. It's a love for team and so that's a respect for game it's the respect of of your peers and respect of of what's right in the world of gambling or even just pro sports. My passion for the game is far above what most people's passion is. And never never ever once would even consider. Considered. Doing something in any game whether it was playing. Or any of my friends are playing it wouldn't even be when he -- factor money is not that important to me. I get a rush out of playing in the game and winning for my team went from city. When Bachmann is it is a total it is the people that do a phobia but not me -- -- him too much tell us about the literary life I mean how did you get to the point where you were gonna write a book was there was there any kind of I hesitation on your part to tell some of the story to tell in the book. Let's just say I had ninety hours worth of of interview time back and forth Kevin Allen who by the way did a great job and I'm writing this book and making it sound. You know putting my words on paper make it sound like me. I'd say about 75% of the floor I told story after story after story. A two hour session that we are gonna -- with turn to a six Ers three hour session. We just kept on stories and stories and and there are times countdown was in years literal years. He he you know he had -- he depressed laws on the on the recorder just to gather himself and think -- hear that rate and them. He did -- job and I don't throw anybody in the -- Nolan and names of people that maybe the stories we get the control room. You know -- talk about a lot of different if I talk about guys that didn't that I -- name names but for the most part I've tried to bring people into the -- room. Tried to bring people into my life and know things they did did good things the bad things the positive things the coaches the these bands and Tanya. I I think I grabbed from the first page and take your right to the end it's quick read and so it's on one tiger your best seller in in Canada to bestselling -- I'm really happy and and so far you know in the states were pretty much almost sold out of books than. -- -- and do and reprint here in the states though very I'm very fortunate. He's not shy in this book it's called the JR and you can check it out at bookstores. Everywhere triumph. Books. Great seeing you again and I appreciated Google and Amazon too so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As they're really appreciate having me honest and true pleasure holocaust look forward to seeing you back and NBC sports wants anarchy thank you I appreciate -- -- Jeremy Roenick right -- -- -- -- show.

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