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Kevin Youkilis to the Yankees?

Dec 4, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk about the reports that the Yankees are interested in signing Kevin Youkilis now that A-Rod is out for 6 months.

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-- -- not a 37 WEEI big show comes your way at 2 o'clock. So the Yankees are down Alex Rodriguez they say he's off four to six months you have a associate chief of joint replacement surgery saying that in her opinion. The expectation takes six to twelve months the come back from that so we felt for awhile. Today given wanna mind to fill that void for Iran at third base for a couple months man. Jack Carey Jack curry routes are the yes network weeded out that with -- run out. The yanks have spoken with Kevin Youkilis is agent. In -- is that you could consider a one year deal perfect if the money was at a premium amount Red Sox first baseman Kevin you'd kill us. How would that goal over that would be interesting. Kevin Youkilis. Career here in Boston signing a deal with the New York Yankees. Returning to Fenway Park. OK. I don't think it's an interest in what what's interesting about. At this point we some comeback in a White Sox uniform some Red Sox fans -- epic. Abolished it way to the -- just fall over each other you know to kiss you courses that asks -- -- Fenway -- don't think it makes a difference to replace the it. What's actually you know so he'd be joined the guys like them Johnny Damon and others have come back after playing knickers -- the rights. Yes. You playing for the New York Yankees. If you say it's nice they'll understand it's the Yankees but thank you were slowing down I guess that means nothing will be go to school on what it's the end of his cup career thank you. But what. What it's in base I guess maybe I'm just numb to the idea that guys are gonna not play but with the Red Sox and go play for the Yankees play for chief rival. We saw David -- came back all. Youkilis got a great cheer at the white sock how it's how -- don't react and we yankees back with the Yankees brutal -- Kevin Youkilis comes back as a comeback from the -- And -- at this helmet that a crowd of playing next Tokyo video for Kevin Youkilis is the dietary yes the uniform know I've. I didn't get this why would get the same response to Johnny Damon got that I guess that's what my point is it. You White Sox uniform Red Sox fans are very quick to say how great Youkilis wasn't a call after call text after text originally it was going to that we hit a robust through 38. The minute he -- but yankees uniform on UB the other. Mean isn't it assumed it be interesting if they give me good. Reaction here I should ignore shop the minute you put that uniform on in that ball mark. It'll be Damon version 2.0 and don't happen for any Red Sox player if you know if David Ortiz. It silent the Yankees wouldn't get married because back in a Yankee uniform. Any of these guys now because of the hatred between the two organizations. Do the same way about patriots jets it Wes Welker and company jets uniform. They're gonna -- the crowd I didn't think it was actually begun that the Kevin Youkilis whose career here in Boston where he you know joining the New York Yankees -- one year deal. Making that decision to play for the Yankees. I think it's always interest when you talk about guys that have been you know parts of this rivalry over the course of the last decade. You know Olympia Mariano Rivera the Red Sox you know make an offer for Rivera get a modern New York anytime you take. That type of play it's part of this robbery and put him on the team now personally I do I think that isn't. Do you believe that the tangible thing that the Red Sox fans might be torn as to what to how to respond to Kevin Youkilis. I think -- be slam dunk that they would booed Helen. Community puts that uniform on it be the exact opposite. The spot that he got any White Sox uniform from a playing standpoint -- it was. Italy was traded. Right yeah out of here Johnny took one more year to more money one more year. Duke traded to freeagent. -- time tomorrow. Well let the Red Sox coming after like Ray Allen offering a more money yet he goes takes less money to go to the Yankees -- -- freeagent carpet baseball for the year -- best spot. I don't begrudge report by the way I just think from August China based having grown up here. I want -- for guys come back and played for uniforms what their response is going to be. I think there would be very little question. That they will they would who Youkilis those -- -- -- you looks to you but they would bull because of the uniform from a playing standpoint. Is that an acknowledgment to Kevin Youkilis he saying it's only dealing get as a one year deal to go back and play -- -- -- healthy and NB a part time player. That will be interest. His response though from the Red Sox fans I think kill pats in a -- talking about this iPad. Hey guys I just wanted to that you are contrast to -- situation we are Youkilis in game. But -- any it's contract expired. And he made a conscious choice. To go away indirect -- go to the in your closest cases -- basically hired -- accurate shots. They they try to hit close he didn't make short so I don't think he's gonna get a bigger reaction. It. That's -- -- it is -- thing that is different from. -- game -- -- screwed that whole thing anyway it's me you know again at that before whether it's out offered immediately went back and said this is -- from getting. And -- next year. They basically said you're lying. Just trying to -- either try to get us to give you know the years and on being that serious. And -- they called his bluff and so -- got the football we -- the Yankees while. Soul you know duke left he was traded. It always look for tropic. In ultimately sort of the Yankees. You both again we'll be able to tell people -- that's all he looks. Yet -- -- seem to agree Theo. You have this locked in one side it's tough no off the Sox the man needs a job. A -- was any good it might be an issue says the text of the six point seven but he sucks and don't care. I'm of the may put the Yankee uniform doesn't it escalated a little bit over -- the Yankee Red Sox eight. Texas has pulled the other -- -- outlets which are silent the Red Sox will then you don't happen. Experts -- -- standing ovation amenities that ticket now is one of ours I think he's talking about Pia and manually go back to New York to I think -- probably could -- you get booed big time you get a huge blue. I just assume back and forth those two rivalries Mets as human Mets yankees yankees Red Sox jets patriots. No matter who it is. Up -- like the it never happened but Jeter ends up at a Red Sox uniform that's the one god might never get booed back Yankee Stadium Pedro Martinez. If you -- Yankee uniform seven met uniform but he ever get booted in Boston. Maybe not but you Kalus. At that point replacing Iran making the decision consciously to go there I had the fans -- -- pretty good. Those jets fans know how to -- that's for sure.

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