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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, on the signing of Mike Napoli

Dec 4, 2012|

Bradford joins Mut and Merloni from Nashville to talk about the signing of Mike Napoli and the potential of R.A. Dickey being traded to the Sox.

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Final hour Butler not a three point seven WE yeah I've been having on the baseball hot stove. Talk to Jim Duquette in Nashville rob Bradford Alex beer. WEEI dot com got this thing on lock. The baseball winter meetings in rob Bradford joins us brought you by the beaches of Fort Myers and -- Annabel. Bijur island today Fort Myers this -- -- come. Rob but little power you. But they were at all tied up in -- brewery live -- UST I'm ready to go view there is confirmed time 215. That's just part of a concerted confirmed. WPI dot com there are totally government run -- -- Christine we -- I've seen I've seen multiple coffee spilled in this this. Studio that was running the computer for Lou yeah -- he's not running himself there's no way our -- are. You don't yet however the donut tell you'll like it if in the -- means very unique thing and I was reminded that when I was on the treadmill for a half hour back to Scott. Course. You know -- you standing still while he was running. We don't we Alexi running. But the last thing right so you don't wanna talk to someone when you're running by you don't -- you don't want you know. Annoy him so. In sporadic -- -- -- feathers but that's when the puck became a lot of -- basically they wanted to -- like like swisher like Hamilton. What have these other guys they want to drag -- out and he with a market kind of fell but it's been a lot of entrapped in victory you know and and he's he's he's obviously cheaper than Hamilton he he's a switch hitter would be in place that are field which. -- -- the consideration here because I think Jackie Bradley junior happened down here in the -- lingo mobile very well -- you have to have an option there. That and so I think that that that have to weigh in though I think Victor Reno might be it's still. Politics and one you want to keep going for years and they're not going to be comfortable that they're comfortable with three years but not for speculative the really interesting one to me because. Right now all the teams want Obama's short term deal. Also it again all it takes is one team to break off from the -- -- given closer what you want but if no team does the red part of the -- chances that. I'll fall our men how far do you go watch it before two years would be a deal would be an issue with me I do that in a heartbeat. But I thought we know it's not gonna take that I mean three years to the gulf fours at the kind of sticking point. I don't think big gulf war I think that they still had a parade and it. Maybe the if they get down to the and in and they can get a little bit creative by. I still think three years. Read on the terms they're comfortable wisdom and and it's it's interesting move because. You know if you do get to that point and you have a lot of these teams who are thinking along the same line is that we're not comfortable gone beyond three or even four. Then the Red Sox might have the advantage because we know what they're doing we know what their strategy is which is to overpay on -- shorter terms. They've done it with all the create and so far so if we get to that point with Hamilton they certainly I think I have -- -- positioned himself pretty well. I just don't I can't imagine that something he doesn't jump in here and give him the 56 year contract. In terms of the outfield iguana guys you'd include there was just -- -- the -- considered more left fielder but the report that there are now aggressively -- an interested in moving him. -- is there any chance the Red Sox get a ball with Justin Upton and would there be -- -- there with the Diamondbacks. I think that -- -- I'm I think it's an interesting guys certainly we talked to though the defensive abilities that yes and what they're looking for a guy you can. Patrol right field and in also play center field. So yeah I didn't you know I know there is a righty you're Mike hill right you have the -- still. You're looking for good players every week we talked about righty hitters and Justin -- just a good players and so. Unless he's really really over price you get in the conversation let them another. I think could I wrote this I think Cody Ross that it might be the best value at all but the problem that they're gonna have them visit -- righty -- And if you must do applications so. And they're tied up and you know they he wants three years they want -- Given to give yourself but the go back out there and I think that you data into the conversation with -- but to this point over the last few years they're gonna just about for too much. Daryn -- parent rather seems like the perfect fit right when you at thirteen minute to the nationals here but. You gotta believe this some red flags there nobody knows that player better than the angels they don't. Offer they don't pick up the option they'll probably gonna lose that Greinke who Dodgers they -- in law disturbances candidates searching for starting help and if they don't bring Beckett Dan Haren on the surface it looks of it has got to be something going on there. -- there's a lot of concern about the back. You go back to that that trade they thought they had done with the cubs and and -- that the -- because of the back and I heard the Red Sox had some concerns about his well. So but still lose you know one year at -- he militant. It is it worth picketed take a -- this short term deal throw around a little bit of that money I don't know I don't know how bad the back is how much the concern of the back is by. You know it's I know that if they were looking at the one year deal -- rather have a Kuroda. But that is still kind of the interesting -- who are they what pitcher are they going to be able to get on a short short term deal. Pay a little bit more money and that kind of slide into the middle that rotation. Kyle Lohse demeans you seems like the National League pitchers probably unfair just Aziz Stallworth Ben there's only on -- don't. What what what are the thoughts on him as far as a deal. That we -- for -- Kyle Lohse. Well I think that you again you get into uncomfortable. Range with any of these guys because teams might need a guy like that more than the Red Sox but. Carlos is an interesting guy to one of the things that -- that they want to prioritize let's. Pounding the strike zone and throwing more strikes and getting ahead well nobody does that -- among -- of the free agent pitchers think Carlos. And Anibal Sanchez the number two. So but you know still you'll give these all of the production of the National League pitcher. Maybe paying too much because those other teams involved I'm not a big fan I rather go another route. -- -- them I met you look at the Minnesota years and he came on -- when he got the National League you know those early in his career but. It just curious at his age you know what kind of deal would would be out there lengthwise that's. Yeah yeah I mean they are useful if you're the -- -- are -- eating they say hey you know what you give a three year deal Carla I don't wanna do that right and and to be happy we talk about Anibal Sanchez and other parts of interest but again. I don't wanna do for five years for Anibal Sanchez either. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com joining us so in the midst of I agree with you guys pitching is absolutely top analyst. We had -- we did the stream -- -- scenario and and lose tell me that he would still trade Jon Lester potentially. In a deal to Kansas City might bring you back Alex Gordon you won the first people that. But it talked about that potential deal rob is there and we'll Myers. Percolating well Alex Gordon. I get -- us too low but the just the overall general opinion of Jon Lester. A possible trade chip for the Red Sox this offseason any of the health percolating with trading. Argue with a top of the rotation guy right now. Now we haven't heard anything about Lester down here and had been terms of that those talks advancing you do all you do go to Kansas City really really really. Want to get a popular vacation -- one way the other and you hear the -- named Billy Butler. Floated around a lot. But you know the thing about last year is obviously you'd report -- most important parts of this the question for this team going into 2013. But if you're ever gonna deal John laughter this might be the partly -- because. You can get it seems like in this city interrupted you get the next year both teams are bankrupted because you won your last. So so I I don't begrudge them for kicking the tires on it but still I mean he's remains one of the most important part is seen. They -- when he look at the pitching to retard will bring in guys in. Do they think they have guys in their miners that would be just as good anywhere in ruby Della Rosa Alan Webster is how far off is Matt Barnes. Well I think they'll -- is a little ahead of the Barnes in the Webster. But he it's not like you can say OK you know what you've got a good view lockdown got you got and be better than Franklin -- you just don't know that. Where it becomes instructed me to go back -- -- -- conversation. Is that Cleveland really need that type of guy so if if you wanna go out and get too which is a really good bit. Even one year left in the Boris I understand but still if he performs like people think he will be you can -- the qualifying offer and feel comfortable about it. So would you be OK with allocating one of those three guys forward to. It's an interesting conversation of that and I know you've got the part about this. Also and that's what you can do directly -- you've got these two other guys you were three legitimate chips to trade war the company is going to be very valuable. Line at Seattle I like Cuba -- running at the same scenario as Jacoby Ellsbury. The exact same scenario with Boris one year left did not sign an extension he's gonna walk and you to straightaway prospered for one year rental we don't really know 2013 -- look like. Well yeah a buy it again and I agree and I don't and that's the reason while they do well I think if the conversation going to be had. And the reason -- he can't devalue the traffic. It the -- but you have to -- if you're gonna feel comfortable are offered a qualifying -- to after next year. And if if he accepted is that OK great now you comfort you years if -- If he does except that you get up very very valuable piece and that tropics are not paid tribute valuable as the -- you give up. But I have to into the into the conversation. And there are five catchers on the forty man roster -- -- five captured -- treasure talked about private jet which edition in Napoli here at some point that'll be six quote unquote catchers when you. When he talked to Red Sox people amidst the cocktails lobby and everything -- today. They really try to tell you that they're not trained Saltalamacchia -- -- there's got to be -- knowledge meant that we got a catcher to too many and yes -- trade one these guys before the opening day 2000 -- Hunted down and make smoking jacket -- top that would -- -- -- mr. just sitting back pocket baseball solid. The U I think that addictive because you know. -- -- Well their names out there to get through the catchy names out this -- market or Hardaway at Berkeley couple mock him he talked about. Spectacularly poor environment in Major League Baseball valuable this guy could potentially be. But I do believe from what they say. If we don't get the right field for these guys will go into spring training -- all -- now please and the catcher Napoli is the catcher in case you have to pinch run for the second -- -- -- in look at a few a handful of games but -- the importance of staying in the lineup. And getting that bad and as so I think they're gonna wait and get about stocks are -- very not panic about it. And I understand whether it's up to San Jose police -- to be comfortable with him being a stern -- the -- don't believe it. And I am having drew withdrawal is there any chance through. I'm simply short for the state. I picked up its -- you know talking to different people in the lobby here about Stephen Drew it it. You hear some people say he's terrible defense -- terribly defensively Oakland is not a short stop. Then you hear other people there in Oakland say though you can bet that the that you have to get well if you made for Boston. But for what he is he might yet not a bad -- because so there beside the play he hit from. Because -- what kind of year you're talking about. So I think -- it might be different and I agree -- Lou I think it's gone under the radar. Government assistance ultimately contribute stories were I think they're looking and that might not -- -- come February. When you look at the rest this week do you feel like there's another big move coming for the Red Sox -- You know I I I don't know of Eddie's gonna say you WAI. Said that the Carl Crawford year. And that it at the time and time again that you don't we hear about a unique -- we hear about Jose Reyes didn't hear about the Kansas City thing. All of this -- by surprise we focus so much on the created. I'll say that that I don't think -- him and delegates I mean my regular rock -- -- judge Hilton mixed with target to get side before we leave here. I doubt that Cody Ross's. Victory you know might. But other than that -- I can't predict I mean. Our rob Bradford W week yet are common as he mentioned 215 today. All our our little Maloney going to be chatting cement -- -- UPI dot com all the -- be easy to find rob. That's all he'll put up the big one big forget our web site going to be one big point to -- chat. Beautiful rob thank you would you rather austere -- sniffing there. Now rob Bradford WEEI dot com is joining us live from nationals out of baseball winter meetings and he does he's brought -- you by the beaches of Fort Myers -- -- find your island today. At Fort Myers -- dot com 6177797937. We'll get to Robbins -- -- all your phone call and before 2 o'clock. Tuesday means power rankings right the National Football League WE -- comes -- -- bottle that year.

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