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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings: Pats jump to No. 3

Dec 4, 2012|

Mut, Merloni, and Zarbano discuss the latest edition of the WEEI NFL Power Rankings and talk about the Patriots moving up to the No. 3 spot.

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A power rankings economy becomes the National Football League is every single Tuesday. Our guy -- are -- or producer. Puts together the NFL power rankings. We have some losses towards the top MIT in the 49ers went up the best team in football. They lost. Joey had a last week in his top five they were number three week ago I was going to be some movement. And here come -- England patriots. Once in the middle of the pack. In the power rankings at WEEI. Once somewhere down below. Some of the teams that with a drags and now all of a sudden week thirteen comes around 93. Patriots -- back to number three. Behind just the falcons at number two. And that Texans at number one don't call to come back. But the pats are back in the top three. 49ers dropped to number four. After their loss to the rams. And the Broncos weigh in at number five. Rounding out the top five ravens Packers their back in the mix giants. Bears and Steelers. You're top ten. Pretty good top -- there. Only got to feel a little bit differently about the giants after last night and -- said they keep make this a tidy and Emeka -- most -- their penalties -- last night. They're offense and make Iran. And RG three beat him and -- keeps the cowboys in the wrecked him in the playoff race of four games to go in the NFC. With the fourth quarter comeback from your -- He -- inevitably some terrible don't. Of those with the penalties wrongful death today at three or four penalties if they -- holding person attendance person twenty. Double kick -- ended up with first and ten from the ten to the twenty yard line. Nine penalties total -- last night for the giants undisciplined. That's a like a Tom Coughlin team. And the Redskins by virtue of that what -- spots. That number thirteen your power rankings. Any issues with this week -- thirteen -- I think it's I think it's all there and I have no problem at all. You know Redskins us they've won three straight owner to businesses at six and 615. Last week to put him at thirteen. Got -- Britain though between the colts in the Bengals. Deductible right now -- the biggest news here is the end of the power rankings we checked every week. Old -- number 32. Smelly stir in the plentiful who's the worst team in football. It have been achieved for how long of six weeks -- is that fair yeah I'd say at least the votes okay. The chiefs beat the Panthers an emotional game they are out of that the stinky spot there are the thirty. -- stay at 31 they still -- And it's the Jacksonville Jaguars. To -- ten this year -- Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne formally number thirty. In your top in your power rankings. They fall to number 32 and -- feels about right by the way. -- so that when dessert would be out of the evil Hillary. At the jets oh. Yeah BM 25 Lester get she bumped them up the point two from -- net miserable. Arizona team that awful offense. Get through the jets did a good job to be bumped opening to the -- behind -- -- -- played so badly that larger -- the bills the titans chargers I'd. Out of Arctic all those teams over the jets or another mess. Complete mess but accurate like it that's it three will seek they've beaten Houston Texans that they LeapFrog Atlanta. That's that they're already in your mind right now -- immediately wins next week you know if they win next week and the pats beat Houston -- leap frog is like BCS stuff -- going to happen -- strength of schedule. I had the -- -- the top of two of the top three teams play each other in that Monday night game then you'll have teams three of four potential the following week. I'd like this is not a little or so -- it and -- BCS like with jumping up and down in a sneak into the Mac team. In these top 25 and I needed to direct access to this. WEEI dot com slash NFL power rankings. You go right there you comment. You read you pick threes you Wear the jets are through the saints are two of the cowboys are for the cowboy fans out there. You -- your own comments there as well about where you think these teams are. I can't wait wide problem on a football and what their plan passed in Texas tonight the wait six more days that's stupid game. The talk of the town around here. And just is as quick comparison. Top three for WE yeah I duck congress Texans falcons' forty not to Texans falcons patriots. ESPN's top three Texans -- patriots. NFL dot com's top three Texans talk and patriots. So WEEI dot com nfl.com and ESPN all in favor of that top three in all of the two of the top three teams played each other on Monday night. We get a final break come back take what's on tap the big show comes to wait 2 o'clock right here in 937 WEE.

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