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Dino and Gerry analyze the gruesome and disturbing details surrounding the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide

Dec 4, 2012|

As new details emerge, John and Gerry examine the events that occurred last Saturday in Kansas City. The guys go over the deteriorating mental state of Belcher leading up to the murder of Kasandra Perkins and his suicide in front of Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli and Coach Romeo Crennel. Reports detail that the Chiefs were aware of Belcher’s actions when they encountered him at the facility that morning.

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We rarely. You -- on inside radio secrets in all the -- behind the scenes look at the Dennis and Callahan program. But I think I shall do -- -- this morning church just off air discussion about a minute and a half ago. It's not a joke -- this a serious we're trying to decide whether we should be given the status Tuesday morning. With rehashing the details of the Napoli acquisition a an acquisition you learned about yesterday and talk about his little BP in 2011 was a much better season yeah 1012 and -- Surplus of catchers and it's almost over just aux sports type of thing. Or do we go to the newly released details. You're 24 unheard of details about Belcher in Kansas City and the murder suicide out there. What we live it up the Kirk Douglas. The deciding vote and then there which what you -- ago it was at radio mean well -- Carlson. And probably wants to do Kate Middleton pregnancy Austria and whether -- rewards and -- their. Currency. When he said preceding Middleton I think maybe Steve -- breaking news in to lock out yet that -- in the view as that happened yet here we're we're we're awaiting that no listen that this this Kansas City Star report this -- I'm sure Napoli was talked about forever yesterday -- just out right now. Is unbelievable I mean this is an unbelievable -- I would start with that -- I like I think Kirk maybe on the so yup that's -- good nose for news because I mean when I. Of this this morning ideas. I mean I I hopefully you know Troy Brown still -- pass judgment on -- but we found out. More details of just what now this monster did and -- What -- -- his trip to. Arrow -- I really do what is player and it accused a great job as an analyst but I think he. Fell short yesterday. Hello short now I'm I'm I'm what do you think he's excellent analyst and he innings. Come along I mean he's Thabeet like him for -- and often right where I want to ask. I mean he Stoops like Falk says it's not just just the -- I want -- right I mean I -- -- I can't figure it's a -- I remember what -- start when -- wrestler formerly played it yet obvious. Excellent very excellent I look forward east appointment listening and viewing after game capsule or he says things. You know -- -- limit times he criticizes players as you know he's he's he's really good -- was perhaps no filter which is perhaps why yesterday wasn't such stark contrast. To. Come to expect it which I don't get me why do you need that filter which he doesn't happen anymore when he analysts games. What does he put that up is analyzing I don't know murder. I don't understand this idea that you don't wanna pass judge pass judgment on other people's mean it wasn't agree with them completely but -- was like. Talking about those guys in the morning called him a murderer. What else to call blow from -- -- ten and then I heard you know on the big show they said they don't -- demonized. Like I hurt. That's exactly what I think it was Michael who said. He doesn't want to demonize. Belcher. Demonized. What would that -- in a civilized society. If you can't demonize. A guy who committed cold blooded murder. You lost your way and you have lost your way if you can't quote pass judgment. On a guy who committed right murder. I was I was a -- job as a town yesterday -- here you guys probably in on this mean the one guy nationally who you never give credit to economics on Jack -- I'd stepped up big time and called him when -- listening watching you know we've done watching -- against -- I was wait for that saying who's to Schenectady whose students a year. And stop put this nonsense about not paths and we don't know all the facts is that that's the and to do it -- said it. Once he said it fifty times I'm not gonna be the guy to pass judgment. Because we don't know the facts well we don't know all the facts we're gonna go a lot more facts going forward including this. Remarkable report by Christine vendetta on the Kansas City Star -- we don't. All the facts. I agree the fact about one worse which. Facts mean there's things that I'd like to know and we're learning more today he'll learn much more. For everybody for you me and Troy and everybody will learn much more today. What facts are we waiting for what facts. -- agree there are things we don't know sure what what is -- Relevant facts that you waiting for before you quote unquote past judge and what -- could you hear that would make you back off of your demonization. Of this guy. I guess she thought -- -- -- -- -- them PPI WUS. As we were Tanya has that I was you'll hear it and we we have we have the most remarkable caller we have ever had to the auto. Who said she. Started that she basically she provoked him. Cassandra -- vote Belcher. And and shares the blame -- beyond that was a call to us Steve from Maine play it later I understand when you feel like. It's a little confusing and you wanna know more but what exactly do you wanna know that you that before you pass judgment and this is always to me not slick. It's that the notion that the Christian thing not to pass judgment. Because the Bible does say judged not that you'd be -- does that mean murder. Does that play number. I mean. That if I mean that's so in other words if you're on a jury. And it was a murder on the stay. On trial you'd say no I'm a Christian. The Bible says not to judge so I'm not gonna judge him. It is you know. This all big picture here but. Civilized society requires you to -- as you have to pass judgment if you don't pass judgment you have chaos you have lawlessness. Ideally -- this guy committed cold blooded murder and you wanna. Withhold judgment or maybe never. A judge that guy because. -- and up -- lord is insane. It's not wrong it's in saint. Christine -- Kansas City Star the an explosive. Dare I say fascinating. Insight into what happened she must have some tremendous sources in the amount of detail that she has here stick turns -- we will during go back and -- closest. Troubles at home simmered chiefs tried to help. Jovan Belcher sub headline police said the team meaning the chiefs. Was providing counseling to Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Cassandra Perkins but Belcher. Before taking his own life in the parking lot of the chiefs' practice facility said it wasn't enough to fix their problems. That's the leak them but what's called after the call after the in in newspaper business which is the headline got the lead in the new at the the body of water or -- the second paragraph what would previous. Seconds after fatally shooting his longtime girlfriend Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Joseph -- presently. Had headlines and the real confused that's the headline -- that the -- now that's that that's the other but at least another had the longest I've never -- that's some -- yes Iraq is long a little weird but that's that this is the -- are about to read delete seconds after fatally shooting his longtime girlfriend Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher leaned over her. In their master bedroom. Said he was sorry. Mr. on the forehead. His -- there after a popular nine bullets and right cast. His mother who heard gunfire as she stood in the kitchen rushed to her son's bedroom. And watched -- remorseful goodbye. Belcher apologized to his mother. Kissed his three month old daughter and let his rented home in the 5400 block of Chrysler avenue in his -- Star learned those details and others from multiple police sources Monday. As officers continued their investigation into why adulterer -- live in girlfriend Cassandra Perkins on Saturday morning. Arguments over relationships and financial issues that simmered for months between them. According to the sources pick up their you're lucky go Keiko. Bob -- -- mother who came from your live with her son so the couple could work through their issues didn't hear much of the argument. But just before 8 AM she hurt her some say something to the effect of you can't talk to me like that. Then she heard gunfire. Afterward -- drove the only place he felt safe to his other family at Arrowhead Stadium. As he covered the five miles from his home to the stadium is violent act weighed on him police believe. He probably realized he had done something and he couldn't go back that police sergeant Richard sharp. In the parking lot of -- practice facility at one errant drive. Belcher encountered chiefs general manager Scott -- Belcher stepped out of his Bentley with a gun pointed at his own head police say. I did it Belcher said I killed. What officials knew about the couple's problems the chiefs have provided counseling and were bending over backward that in quotations. Were bending over backwards to help sharp said. But Belcher told he'll leave -- the assistance wasn't enough to fix their problems and now. Quote it's too late. When another chief employee arrive -- told him to stay back. Meanwhile he'll be tried to persuade Belcher to lay down the weapon. Belcher thanks purely for everything he had done. He asked if he and Clark Hunt. Would take care of his daughter. She -- coach Romeo and L linebacker coach Gary -- arrived in the parking lot and Belcher reportedly announced guys. I have to do this. Cornell tried to dissuade him. Renault told the star I was trying to get him to understand that life is not over he still has that chance and let's get this worked out. As pioli and Cornell tried to reason with Belcher the -- heard police sirens closing in. -- that walked a few steps away with the gun still pointed at his head. I gotta go Belcher reportedly said I can't be here. Belcher then knelt behind a vehicle. Made the sign of the cross across his chest for firing a single bullet into his head. -- He cared about her police spokesman sharp said I don't think he could live with himself. The night before the killings Perkins had attended a concert downtown with friends and Belcher had party. At the power and light district police say. It was unclear when they -- told we're vultures my mother was watching the baby. Woman who entered cultures mother's cellphone Monday declined to comment. Partied Belcher by the way partied with another woman. According to Sports Illustrated some in some of the other great. -- surged on here. But. This is not put go lie to the idea that no one saw this coming correct. We find though. Is it in critic Chris teams or in the it is -- -- In this piece the team was providing counsel. They saw a problem here -- and you got to find -- more in the coming days. That's what generally happens that's why it was hazardous say -- -- everybody they say. It NC come and I certainly don't think that he's gonna killer. Important what you know a couple things that they got problem issues here. He's a very temperamental explosive and he loves his guns coming it ain't it. It doesn't add up to murderer in most cases but. I think it is I I think -- -- teammates friends family members say hey. We never saw this common are. Are I mean. Being a little dissension well they. Probably didn't see this coming but I think most people who were close to him certainly Cornell and pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs were providing this counseling there were serious issues right. Because how how serious does -- have to get. Great team to get involved to help couple. Fairly serious I would it's a stroke is every marriage has you know issues to work about maybe go to counseling and the team ever knows about right in the private and a lot of players still are explosive and emotional and a lot of players like their guns in fact they still do -- the story. A New York Daily News has a story with a -- the teammates and sales got guns and keeping them and -- and one woman I think you know. -- everyone should have won. One of his teammates said. Bob Costas turn this into. -- national debate -- -- gun control issue. Of course you know the guts to do it himself he would lay off on Jason whitlock. -- the guts to say you know repeal the Second Amendment like Jason whitlock does he just that is typical man BP MB Bob Costas in our. I'm older than now holier than -- and -- above the fray here but he did get. The debate go -- and I guess it is a debate. In a relevant to this story but the guns -- legal programs registered. I believe so far we far as we know. His guns discovered the murder weapon yes correct there was all the guns out of the house legally -- yes he has and he loved them he loves guns but. It doesn't seem like it was a complete shock to everybody family friends teammates coaches. -- again it's a shock murder is always going to be shocked this kind of reaction to shock but the guy was a ticking time bomb going back -- you made by the way another. Disingenuous. Characterization of the I think would be from his coach. Cosgrove of their -- that the models at a model citizens he will not not not necessarily the case now that we learn more. And it said the -- to New York papers -- on a post daily news news day because he's from Long Island. You know the national SI would get that SI story about him -- Passing out but it passed out in some -- apartment and in the cops found him sleeping in his Bentley. And let him drive home. There's a lot. It will not a lot -- 6177797937. -- to start with that new details from Kansas City as opposed to the nap times story. Out of Fenway Park will get to that will get to you crystal whiskey on the and mourning after the largest CT EU report ever issue. By the -- brain trauma study group. Outlook talked to us Campbell -- we can tie all of it in your phone calls next with -- Santelli.

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