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Alex Speier gives the benefits of the Mike Napoli signing

Dec 3, 2012|

Alex joins Mikey and talks about the Mike Napoli signing, how it will benefit the Red Sox and what the team will do now that have four catchers signed to the club. Alex thinks Napoli can add some much needed power to the Red Sox offense and can play multiple positions. They also talk about the rumors that have been circling the team surrounding Nick Swisher, Asdrubal Cabrera and other players.

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We -- back on the planet Mikey program. Got a lot of interest in -- coming at him -- get to all of them. But first let's talk a little bit about the latest developments out of Red Sox Nation to do that we go to the one generally Alex -- WBI and our common. He's in Nashville. Nashville Tennessee. As -- -- cowboy boots on him. You anywhere on tablet let's let the -- that. You go to Hollywood yet. I wish I'd -- opryland hotel Gaylord opryland hotel. Is located about twenty or thirty minutes from -- from down -- Nashville where which critical. That you're stuck in -- note -- all -- We -- appellate and there are a dominant of course it's it's really super weird chamber probably more lighting anything. This side of the New York city's skyline. So very festive Christmas -- -- electric as you know upbeat gambling. Or the or beat on him on the present -- in. I've never been a national solemn account -- curious about it. Called out there and I've heard of that and I haven't had a crush that had a crush on Dolly Parton and 35 years so. If she's she's definitely she's lost a loved luster. You know well articulated here but Europe and unrequited dynamic at brilliant. He's at hang around if you -- -- -- said Mike Napoli big news today Red Sox made a low. You're let's get your first of all your thoughts on it and then we'll give you ours you can tell us what you think of ours. I -- well I think that they were very I think that they've they've done a pretty good job of constructing. A reconstructing a lineup it needed a lot of repair. Napoli took the profile someone able to have. A lot of -- grinding at bats the end result of -- and I'm better strikeouts walks -- a camera he'd done the walks and home run part of it -- not. It he's a pretty damn good hitter by somebody who you know is not. Certainly Josh Beckett years years -- the -- name. But. You know Egypt but you're like original lineup particularly a lot of -- -- options. Someone -- -- obviously is a great fit for Fenway Park. -- -- they were able -- to their lineup. Had a legitimate middle of the order power threat. Out without jeopardizing any of their future that it -- trade any of their top prospects did not give up a draft they were pretty agent who would have merited. I'm would have merited traffic compensation spell -- -- -- its corporate sector tried to do without jeopardizing anything else but they're trying to. Did Texas mishandled that as far as getting that draft pick by by not giving him -- offer. Their -- is gonna take it. They thought he might take it I think they underestimated how aggressive the market for a might be. Just I think they should have appreciated more. Beyond the absence of real option of first -- market. But then again maybe -- that you probably doesn't get this deal. If she had a draft it adds to spell out it's a little bit difficult to all of them but if they have a legitimate interest -- bringing him back. That it wouldn't have been it would have been a pretty comfortable you -- you have to think if you ever turned on a one year thirteen point three million dollar contract but you can get reservations about. About a leg injury but he soccer last year that limited his availability down the stretch but catcher. But some Red Sox it mostly the first base and I think that's what they're about. Alex thirteen million dollars a year is that too much I think -- does summer comfortable with the -- years on the deal that they didn't go for years and part two I guess is defensively at first base and other some questions about him defensively. So getting to the upper part of the question. I mean the market of the market so technically whatever a month's time or is never -- and put too much I had to put our bid aggressively and probably more than other team. Except for the Mariners bit -- I would I think today they were willing to pay more than you know say the Rangers. -- in order to life in order for not happily arm but I don't think it's not okay because Brett talks to report that salary structure. So you know even if it's not necessarily. You know eat it -- let's say that they are competing against the opera eleven million or twelve million dollars a year. It's still something that's very affordable for them and it was ridiculous. -- So and again the priority for the -- are not messing up anything else they're trying to -- And Utley -- that structured it probably. Talking system out -- -- Paramount above earth facing a jerk and it is. Fine at first they achieved not a technical and vehicle but Albert guy would you let Adrian Gonzales was so the -- are. -- he'd taken a bit of its opposition only defensively but he's also discarded not being a butcher which. So you know he's he's due to adequate in the -- and you know the up and -- -- Did that they're willing to accept. The the you know a slight hit they're taking -- I like it but they had to their take -- -- Mean now he he had two years ago we had his best -- ever last year -- certainly his average was way below what it was the prior year however. In among all those stats are his ridiculous numbers against the Red Sox and -- slash at Fenway Park. Is there more value in this guy just based on the fact that he won't be able to hurt -- I mean really he got a bunch of six home runs or something he has a Red Sox last. Yeah you've just been I mean you're gonna be Easter play -- how many times you EB. You know the buttons I'd happily -- got to try to scream but I'm a bad way problem I don't think -- The idea of preventing him from hurting the Red Sox was. I would dispositive here you know that's only going to affect a couple of game a year maybe not even bat in. You know maybe you end up in the National League -- -- on item. But I think that it's more about you know think about where did the damage a lot of it came at the -- part because that is a place where. You know where as his ability to just. Smashed the ball in a nice little -- To left field. I mean should people meaning that hatred. At the various slaughtering all across the street and -- are in danger when he -- took place. Yeah well you know he's got that swing and I eagle back in time there's a lot of guys -- -- Rico practice I have the old days Felix red tip had it. Nick this ASCII eight at what they call the the perfect Fenway swing. My my biggest concern -- him though is that is there's gotta be some value protesters' ability catch and if that injury was something that precluded him from. It behind the plate last year how winds that injury and will he be able to hit it if necessary do eighty games or so. I don't think Brett art project him to be an eighty game type of catcher I think you -- Primarily to be a first -- got their area of most glaring need they have David Ross may have. A lot of other -- in the -- on their roster. There can handle the catching the catching you -- parties some of the equivalent to watching debate deal that. He's more than capable physically you know everything checked out fine interpret his leg. So I think there's a comfort level on the part of the Red Sox. With regards to the fact that he didn't take on whatever catching them they have them by. US side primarily to be a first -- that's what you are some really interesting additional versatility. Some game options with regards to like let's say that your Saltalamacchia is our starting catcher. Are on a given day direct -- can pinch hit for spoke well about yeah. Against a left handed pitcher in the late inning right and then have happily move from first base their -- -- -- Someone -- playing surely. Barry is saying that you out and -- Even if if if if it or whatever -- or whatever happens but it's Saltalamacchia even walked you could pitch Ron Foreman a close game -- men have the same option available today. Yeah yeah exactly so you can you can you have very sitting in controlling option did governor opened up. Are based on your hypothetical assault you -- Yes and Bush's -- hardly ever happens Alex had no -- weigh his options of so he could start the season of Pawtucket but to you. Saltalamacchia there's been a lot of trade rumors there. -- -- -- should be I mean there are they're going to be invariably -- attached to -- the Red Sox. In the blue jays because both of them have a surplus of achievements -- my feeling is that or what I have been told is -- You know AJ Pierzynski is the only real starting catcher were -- on the market. There about our team in the market for at age hippie era and he signed and then the rest are are pretty good shape strike a deal using some of that surplus inventory it. To sign anywhere you they don't have to trade anyone could hardly have the option -- and down to minors. Up by nonetheless you know their position where OK we have -- -- barn where we have church all Lamotte yup. Either of those guys could be dealt. For the right try to obviously -- comprise. I'm partly because he's young and cheap and a lot of control would be higher metal Saltalamacchia -- just at the one year left before you create. You know -- away weirdly let -- -- but I some two years ago he -- one of the few guys that said September from held that that actually looked okay. A -- hero when I saw him on the big club he didn't look okay to me at all he really didn't make much solid contact. Lamar. As bad as in the Major League last year and fell -- admit that in order but it kind of after the mine because that's the guy absolutely at at every level of his career. At every point to their career. Basically I think that he got two point Lester were also first year -- US and everyday catcher while it. You know he cut he -- shattered the previous career high which was around between seventy and eighty games caught -- by the army got called up. By the Red -- He was closing in on ninety a hundred games caught. So I think that the guy I would just. We're just exhausted and that's part of the apprenticeship are part of being a catcher that's part of the reason why. Developmental -- what catcher in the somewhat different than that other position. It's what's -- today about asked -- Cabrera and an agreement in -- me today regulate and nice that our -- I thought that you have a that you like -- name that made IQ. Pat pat pat pat. I I mean I'd be leading the chairs you know I'd be -- -- -- -- -- last look I don't know anybody needs our ballpark. No chances are its -- get somebody like that for the shortstop it's situation. They're going to explore the option available on both bit on both betrayed market and free agent market what George sub they'll. Think it likes even through a probably check in with Indian prime minister or Cabrera even though I don't think it. I think -- -- prize would be too much for them. Ultimately to make a deal by -- the require. Cabrera came up is because he -- he has a sixteen no trade clause. Our infrastructure one of the sixteen but he but I I just kind of a confirmation from someone bid that you wouldn't prevent a trade from the Red Sox. You might try to -- respect our. Get a little more money problem but you'd be perfectly happy in Austin. So. So there are going to explore what's out there and short stop by. I think based on line opened their constructing the potential that the -- they probably they you know like there's a pretty decent champ. It -- vaguely yet might be might be okay in -- -- we're -- because he's such an impact to spend our that they might be able to have you know it's kind of is. Is dark area often small lineup because their building and knocked around in particular support. Alex have plenty of talk obviously -- oppositional players what about pitchers and it is a -- RA Dickey I think that the prospects the Mets are asking foreign return somewhat outrageous but. What about filling that starting pitching -- That one would. Yeah I think about what has -- kind of going to beat the out the last few all what ensuring just told us told them writers. On the including myself were bad -- asking price for. For young per pitching particularly for our young controllable pitching is really really high as it as it should be if -- -- offering that. So you know right now there probably isn't a match that exists even though there encountering a lot of a lot of interest. In their prospects you know spoke with the match they're better you know there are some interesting parts of the dynamics. Our web nerds were -- quite -- less likely that. For a guy like a left hander like the job and yeah yeah given that the match you are one of the team -- to -- catching help. -- and way it would be someone who academically would appeal to them. Along with it would have been more than just aren't -- but you know put the Red Sox -- there there could be. A potential match there remains to be seen by another are exploring whatever it out there and dot. They can either move aggressively and maybe make a trade war you know our guys will be young controllable for number here. Or they could maybe sit back wait out the market incredibly about this year Hiroki Kuroda Edwin Jackson. To become available on pretty nice he'll come January February 13 GAAP financial flexibility and Red Sox are going to have financial flexibility. You don't us they have a lot of doing -- they got left handed me this stuff Morales -- that they made -- late last year putting human as a starter I was kind of impressed -- with him intermittently but pretty impressed overall. When what he did I'd do brought of course was a very quiet. Highlight in a crappy year for the Red Sox and let's not forget Lester. Is or possibly the -- size could give a left handed to a team like the Cleveland Indians who might need lefthander and take Astro bull. But I think it is that possible there are so. I think it's printed though. You know their open basically open to doing just about anyone. For the first time the -- doctor position where. You know they can have a conversation about guys like John Muster who for years through basically been. And untouchable the right point to know what would even ask about them different this year the reps are. Are actually engaged in conversation about the team. And figured out what market value of this guy. Because you know they're coming from a very different position to make it in him in recent years so with all of those guys that think it certainly derby. They were ever going to rule anyone out in term view on them I think it. You know I I think that you brought it would be more difficult to deal a guy like you brought that it would be like Lester some respect. Because were brought up that many years of inexpensive control of it that you know where is Lester yesteryear -- have a really tough decision to make. About him when he's freeagent eligible sure. I didn't PO IBC yell -- him more information that we had and then I'd be a little bit afraid of Lester because -- born you know you trade him away becomes the same guy was three years ago. And then year old bombed out yourself. But what about if it was up and would lets us be willing to relax this attitude of we don't want make long term commitments from big money if the guy involved. Building huge -- Foreman was -- bonafide star like Tulowitzki. Oh yeah I mean look for Red Sox are going to have. It's an exaggeration to say that the Red Sox aren't going to make long term commitment to look upon as a matter of policy just as has been the case up to this point I mean. Early embryo might think that changed -- we had a a cluster of those kind of -- and Acosta has the good word over the over a period of about two or three years. I don't for the -- promote our threats are really good about largely just having the kind of you know. 234 year commitment everyone's wild an extension of a five year guy especially with the younger guys like the Pedroia of the world. You know that's a long term Gilbert the team plans to -- having been -- that's all so it will expand the right. Player in the right age bracket -- the right performance track record but they're going to do it you know peregrine to Stewart. Which anyone it has to be the right -- Alex said to the Red Sox have to Alter your -- that I just think it's great if they get him. I would cheer for that duty and Aussie show me some of the last few years he can hit the clutch. Alex. To the Red -- -- would Nick Swisher and is that a possibility and -- it's they see also aware of the Yankees have been acquired or. We're gonna meet with Cody Ross. Yeah I think we're sure it's certainly someone who should be in play for the red -- Is put up very good numbers because he's a switch hitter. To me rappers are very good compliment to what they're doing. I think the hardest part about maturity is what you circular issue of torture what you know gold Glover in right field. Or lefty went eagle -- left field Alex started dropped to their would need you could have cover right field and play first -- -- the Yankees are improper right fielder and why you. You might be adequate fair and kind of give them some protection look like right current ready but I think about what are really looking at right -- right now. I infrastructure. You know we're sure would be -- interpreter -- and -- -- yeah. Yeah up -- you by and atop the future. Well I do think that the -- talk -- our interest and and you have interest there because. I use whichever was very productive from both sides of play they do need someone who's going to be good against right handed pitching you fit that bill you have a very. Excellent demonstrated track record. Very consistent success of the Major League level you get big market so yeah they should explore them by India and I'd do in Tibet. Now he has kind of -- -- -- current record of all on that -- line of what discipline and what's not. Yeah plus he's got that laundry issued that would meet. You know that -- -- I mean I'm always I'm always really really very wary of anybody and it happened to start with Mike Torres -- -- still think it was a Steinbrenner spy -- plant here. As -- -- waiting for that moment that he could screw the rest Sox on the last day today of the season if these guys Basra so much I -- these wishers what how many teams and I know but I don't trust him. Let me ask you this Alex by the way is -- live from Nashville Tennessee and I'm Alex spear on our radio program tonight sponsored by the beaches of Fort Myers in -- ability probably wishes he was there instead of in national. I think it would. Have been out of the opryland -- that's that's terrible I find your island today at Fort Myers said about that count. I gotta throw of the Josh Hamilton. Saga. This offseason story on the table for you to get and I know you know you you can address this on the hot stove show on Thursday nights at seven when you're here. When you're here for -- sometimes you have to do other stuff is on assignment once but that Josh Hamilton thing right now I'm thinking. If there's a way that they can overpay him for three years. -- but some people think they might have done here with Napoli just a slight overpayment problem. To get him in here and you -- got 123456. Locked up I mean at that point in time Napoli could bat seventh if you've got to. If you've got to Hamilton in the lineup somehow is is still a possibility in your estimation. I think that directs our you know certainly after remain kind of engaged on on Hamilton and you know and the continuously follow follow it market. I I will admit candidly I haven't really -- -- the payroll structure that are out -- for -- year trying to make sense of what kind of position the Red Sox would. -- by that point that you I have let's say like. 20 X 20 72830. Million dollar a year contract on the books from mail from -- text in. -- -- -- remind -- if you can find an elite premium you know making bat. Four -- you know for. Two or three years out obviously it was comparable by you know three in the case of a superstar like animals and seem like a somewhat rare opportunity then you know and I'm -- that is that that has to be intriguing. As something worth pursuing and still possibility that. I wouldn't rule it out just because respect you have you know quite a bit of financial flexibility but. At the same time I really cute hinted at some point some teams that opened you know. How rare is it that we have a chance to get a judge in open -- or a year and try to make supply and I got you right over -- what the Red Sox was yet took a. Because you know -- that that the -- Gonzales money. I you're you're kind of as far as the back goes you'd be exchanging that money at least toward the Josh Hamilton money because you left handed power rating guide. You light up is which are replacing their. Most people agree that he was the one thing but it's I might of wanted to retain out of the players they sent to the Dodgers so we can replace at a number three hole that kind of bad. -- Josh Hamilton and yet you say OK well that's going to be more money than Gonzales -- but -- corporate money to burn. Doubt that at the same time you know if you start igniting a lot of money advantage suddenly all that you can't fire right. It's it's contagious. And the Red Sox have committed a fair amount of term out of that that liberated money. Due to guys like you know like Napoli like even in the smallest -- by -- don't like. -- did -- I think the one thing or undressed meeting is to desire the Red Sox. To diversify their investments. Rather than to kind of put all the chips on -- straight number eighteen on the roulette wheel right you know at least -- at least increase -- -- by adding red or black. In May be just like that on ton of different marks. I think -- you know they are really really wary of China too much of their payroll. In individuals that that wasn't the formula that worked for them that was out of formula they avoided when they were at their best yet open 2004. Ended 2007 and I think it's one. If they are really quite wary of of a following now. -- allowed me it is and that's fine if you if -- goal with a if you over the seven year deal I understand that even six or five -- you get at least through three fours and you know you're more apt to have somebody be able pick up the of the backed candidate and you're also more -- have does that mean we look at what what's going on now with -- A-Rod for God's sake. I -- at that long giants' 32 million dump whatever is a year 27 a year average. Contract now the only way to be more useless that he was for the Yankees Lester is is what's going on out to have another -- -- surgery. Yeah you -- certain about that and I talked to a dot. You know to kind of like just kind of shooting better off with with people in the lobby from executive. You know they would -- Iraq War create right now might get a one year one billion dollar really. With some incentive. I the he -- won't even go one -- two million. Yeah very -- eat healthy. And then I can do IQA rod is I'm a Turkey signed with the Rangers were actually one of the most efficient. Nine figure contract in baseball history. Contract signed in Italy in my mind but worse so worse and -- contractor Majorly in sports history could argue. Yeah haven't -- haven't thought much about about you know. Soccer much the -- well when he. It's -- recovering from his hip surgery he could have Cameron Diaz are ordered to remove the pop -- corn kernels from his lap form exactly but the way they won't we won't seem to have -- recorded this. What a joke when it. I could happen or nicer guy. Well. A much earlier -- implemented could happen to rest 200 no we gotta get him man Alex if something happens -- would you call us right away let us know. UB you'll be first -- the -- Mike. Alex beer are good buddies had WB Idec counties in -- have fun down near death saying hello to Dolly okay. ORO. All knew him are real secure well we both eyes open thanks Alex COX take care. Alex Alex -- he's done in Nashville.

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